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and illustrated with ample notes, contents, additional discourses, and
a complete index. By Francis Peck
A new ed., greatly cor-


rected, with some memoirs of the life and writings of Mr. Peck. London, 1779. 2 v. in I. front. (port.) pl.

These papers relate to the period 1558-1660.

Paged continuously.

Cited as Peck, Desiderata.

52. THE PHENIX: or, A revival of scarce and valuable pieces from the remotest antiquity down to the present times. Being a collection of manuscripts and printed tracts, no where to be found but in the closets of the curious London, 1707-8. 2 v.

v 2. has title: The second volume of The Phenix: or, A revival of scarce and valuable pieces nowhere to be found but in the closets of the curious.

Cited as Phenix.

53. POLLARD, ALBERT FREDERICK, ed. Political pamphlets. Selected and arranged by A. F. Pollard. With an introduction and explanatory notes. London, 1897. vi p., I l., 9-345, [1] p.

The pamphlet library.


CONTENTS.-I. Sexby's Killing no murder. 11. Halifax's Rough draft of a new model at III. Halifax's Cautions for choice of members of Parliament. IV. Arbuthnot's Art of political lying. v. Steele's Crisis. VI. Swift's Thoughts on the present state of affairs. VII. Bolingbroke's State of parties at the accession of George 1. VIII. Swift's Drapier's letters no. IV. IX. Junius's letter no. 1. x. Junius's letter to the Duke of Bedford. xi. Junius's letter to the king. XII. Burke's Thoughts on the cause of present discontents. XIII. Burke's Letters on a regicide peace, no. III.


53a. SMEETON, [GEORGE] ed. Smeeton's historical and biographical tracts Westminster, 1820. 2 v. front., pl., port. CONTENTS.-V. 1 Clarke, Samuel. England's remembrancer 1657. Reprinted, 1819.-Clarke, Samuel. The fatal vespers 1657. Reprinted, 1817.-[Williams, John, 1679. Reprinted, 1819.-The



bp. of Chichester] History of the gunpowder treason
King's Maiesties declaration to his subjects, concerning lawful sports to be used. 1618. Re-
printed, 1817.-W[eldon], Sir A. The court and character of King James
1650. Re-
printed, 1817.-[Scott, Thomas] A choice narrative of Count Gondamor's transactions during
his embassy in England. By Sir Robert Cotton
1659. Reprinted, 1820.-Historical


and biographical memoirs of George Villiers 1. duke of Buckingham. 1819.-The life and
death of Henrietta Maria de Bourbon
1685. Reprinted, 1820.-Remarks on the life
Reprinted, 1817.


and death of the fam'd Mr. Blood. 1680.


v. 2. An historical account of the heroick life and magnanimous actions of ... James, duke of Monmouth 1683. Reprinted, 1820.-[Vicars, John] England's worthies 1647. Reprinted, 1819.-[Harris, William] An historical and critical account of Hugh Peters. After the manner of Mr. Bayle ... 1751. Reprinted, 1818.-[Cotton, Sir R. B.] A short view of the long life and reign of Henry the Third 1627. Reprinted, 1820.-[Defoe, Daniel] The dumb philosopher 1719. Reprinted, 1818.-No jest like a true jest 1674. Reprinted, 1817.-Second Captain Hind. [n.d.] Reprinted, 1817. Cited as Smeeton.




54. SOMERS TRACTS. A collection of scarce and valuable tracts, on the most interesting and entertaining subjects: but chiefly such as relate to the history and constitution of these kingdoms. Selected from an infinite number in print and manuscript, in the Royal, Cotton, Sion, and other public as well as private, libraries; particularly that of the late Lord. Somers. 2d ed., rev., augm. and arranged by Walter Scott, Esq. ... London, 1809-15. 13 v. fold. pl.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. Prior to the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
v. 2-3. Reign of King James I. v. 4-5.
v. 7-8. Reign of King Charles II. v. 9.
William III. V. 12-13.
Cited as Somers.

Reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Reign of King Charles 1. v. 6-7. Commonwealth.
Reign of King James II. v. 9-12. Reign of King
Reign of Queen Anne. v. 13. Reign of King George 1.


The miscellany of the Spalding club.

V. I-5. Aberdeen, 1841-52. 5 v. facsims.

Ed. by John Stuart.

56. STATE TRACTS: being a collection of several treatises relating to the government. Privately printed in the reign of K. Charles II. London, 1689. 2 p. 1., 240, 367-468 p.

Many errors in paging.

28 tracts, mostly anonymous.

Cited as State Tracts, Charles II.

57- STATE TRACTS: being a farther collection of several choice treatises relating to the government. From the year 1660, to 1689. Now published in a body, to shew the necessity, and clear the legality of the late revolution, and our present happy settlement, under the auspicious reign of Their Majesties, King William and Queen Mary. London, 1692. 4 p. l., 499 p.

Several errors in paging.

Cited as State tracts, 1660-89.

58. TRACTS (Chiefly rare and curious reprints) relating to Northamptonshire. ... Northampton, [Eng.] 1870-81. 2 v. fronts., illus.

Each tract has a special t.-p. and separate paging.

Pref. signed: John Taylor.

Cited as Tracts relating to Northamptonshire.

59. [WASHBOURN, JOHN] ed. Bibliotheca gloucestrensis: a collection of scarce and curious tracts, relating to the county and city of Gloucester; illustrative of, and published during the civil war; with an historical introduction, notes, and an appendix. Gloucester, 1825. I p. 1., ccv, viii, [6], 456 p. front. (port.) I pl., map, plan.

Each tract has reprint of original t.-p.




CONTENTS.-Historical introduction (cev p.) by Rev. John Webb.-Historical relation of the military government of Gloucester. By John Corbet.-A true relation of the late attempt made upon the town of Ciceter -A particular relation of the action before Cyrencester -A relation of the taking of Ciceter -The petition of the inhabitants of Cyrencester... presented to His Majesty at Oxford; with His Majestie's answer thereunto. The victoriovs and fortunate proceedings of Sir William Waller ... with the true manner of his taking Highnam.—A true relation of the late fight betweene Sir William Waller's forces and those sent from Oxford.-A briefe and exact relation of the siege laid before the city of Glocester. Collected by John Dorney.-A true relation of the late expedition of His Excellency Robert, earle of Essex, for the relief of Gloucester.-A true coppy of a paper delivered to His Excellency upon the heath neer Newberry.-A true and exact relation of the marchings of the two regiments of the trained bands for the reliefe of the city of Glocester.-A true relation of the severall passages which have happened to our army since it advanced towards Glocester with the manner of the reliefe of the same.-A true relation of a wicked plot intended and still on foot against the city of Glocester to betray the same into the hands of the cavaliers.-Eben-Ezer. A full and exact relation of the severall remarkable and victorious proceedings of the ever-renowned Colonell Massy.-A great victory obtained by Collonel Massey at the storming of Sir John Winter's house.-Fovre ordinances of Parliament.-An ordinance of Parliament for uniting certain churches, and for maintenance of preaching-ministers in the city of Glocester.-Appendix. Cited as Washbourn, Bibliotheca glocestrensis.





59a. ANDREWES, LANCELOT, bp. of Winchester. Ninety-six sermons Pub. by His Majesty's special command. [Ed. by J. P. Wilson] Oxford, 1841-43. 5 v. front. (port.)

Library of Anglo-Catholic theology [no. 1]

60. ANDREWES, LANCELOT, bp. of Winchester. Opuscula quaedam posthuma Accedit in opera ejus latina index copiosissimus. Oxonii, 1852. 216, 69 p.


Library of Anglo-Catholic theology [no. 6]

Contains reprints of original t.-p. "Index auctorum quibus usi sumus."


61. ANDREWES, LANCELOT, bp. of Winchester. A pattern of catechistical doctrine, and other minor works. Oxford, 1846. 18, 431 p. Library of Anglo-Catholic theology [no. 2]

CONTENTS.-A pattern of catechistical doctrine.-Judgment of the Lambeth articles.Form of consecration of a church and churchyard.-View of the government of the Old and New Testament.-Discourse of ceremonies retained and used in Christian churches.

62. ANDREWES, LANCELOT, bp. of Winchester. Two answers to Cardinal Perron, and other miscellaneous works. Oxford, 1854. 122, 463 p. fold. table.

Library of Anglo-Catholic theology [no. 7]

Ed. by J. Bliss.

CONTENTS.-Isaacson, H. Life of Bp. Andrewes.-Harington, Sir J. Memoir of Bp. Andrewes.-List of works by Bp. Andrewes.-Two answers to Cardinal Perron.-A discourse against second marriage.—Visitation articles.-Notes on the Book of common prayer.-Form for consecrating church plate.-Form of induction.-Manual for the sick.-Manual of private devotions and meditations.-Index to texts of sermons.-General index to sermons.

63. BACON, FRANCIS, viscount St. Albans. The works of Francis Bacon. collected and ed. by James Spedding. ... Robert Leslie Ellis and Douglas Denon Heath ... Boston, [190-?] 15 v. fronts.



Includes a few reproductions of early title-pages; v. x contains index to first 10 vol.
"Life of
Francis Bacon." by William Rawley: v. 1, p. 33-58.


CONTENTS.-V. 1-7. Philosophical works.-v. 8-10. Translations of the philosophical works. v. 11-15. Literary and professional works.

64. BACON, FRANCIS. Resuscitatio, or, Bringing into publick light severall pieces, of the works, civil, historical, philosophical, & theological, hitherto sleeping; of the Right Honourable Francis Bacon, baron of Verulam, viscount Saint Alban. According to the best corrected


coppies. Together, with his lordships life. By William Rawley London, 1657. 12 p. 1., 282 p., 2 l., 122 (i.e. 124), [2] p. front. (port.) Each part has special t.-p.

CONTENTS.-The life of the honourable author.-Speeches in Parliament.-Certain treatises written, or referring, to Queen Elizabeths times.-Severall discourses written, in the dayes of King Iames.-Several letters written to Queen Elizabeth, King Iames, divers lords, and others.-Other letters ... written in the dayes of Queen Elizabeth.A confession of the faith.


65. BACON, FRANCIS. A confession of faith; written by the Right Honourable Francis Bacon, baron of Verulam, viscount St. Alban. London, 1657.

pp. 115-22 of Rawley's ed. of Bacon, entitled Resuscitatio.

66. BACON, FRANCIS. Several letters written by this honorable author to Queen Elizabeth, King James, divers lords and others. London, 1657. 113 P.

66a. BALFOUR, SIR JAMES. The historical works of Sir James Balfour ... Published from the original manuscripts preserved in the library of the Faculty of Advocates ... Edinburgh, 1824-25. 4 v. front.

Running title: Annales of Scotland.

Covers the period 1057-1652.

Dedication signed by the editor, James Haig.

The "Prefatory memoir" is taken from the Memoria Balfouriana of Sir Robert Sibbald.

66b. BARCLAY, ROBERT. Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay. London, 1692. 38, 16, 908, 16 p. 67. BARLOW, THOMAS, bp. of Lincoln. The genuine remains of the learned prelate, Dr. Thomas Barlow, late Lord Bishop of Lincoln. Containing divers discourses theological, philosophical, historical, &c. In letters to several persons of honour and quality. To which is added the resolution of many abstruse points. As also directions to a young divine With great variety of other subjects. Publish'd from

his lordship's original papers. London, 1693. 643 p.

68. BAXTER, RICHARD. The practical works ... with a life of the author, and a critical examination of his writings by the Rev. William Orme London, 1830. 23 v. front. (v. 1, port.)


69. BROWNE, SIR THOMAS. Sir Thomas Browne's works, including his life and correspondence, ed. by Simon Wilkin London, 1835-36.

4 v. front.


CONTENTS.-1. Memoirs.-Domestic correspondence, journals, etc.-Miscellaneous cor



2. Religio medici, etc.-Pseudodoxia epidemica, books 1-3.

3. Pseudodoxia epidemica, books 4-7.-The garden of Cyrus.-Hydriotaphia.-Brampton

4. Repertorium, etc.-A letter to a friend, etc.-Christian morals.-Certain miscellany tracts, also miscellanies, etc.-Unpublished papers.

escaped the wrack and
Reliquiae Carolinae, or
In two books, the first
The second, unto those

70. CHARLES I. Bibliotheca regia, or, The royal library, containing a collection of such of the papers of His late Maiesty King Charls, the second monarch of Great Britain, as have ruines of these times. Not extent in the the Exact collection of Edward Husbands. relating to the concernments of the church. of the civil state. With some occasional observations for the better understanding and coherence of some parts thereof. London, 1659. 27, 380, [203]-600, [2] p. front. (port.)


Many errors in paging.

Half-titles of parts: Bibliotheca regia, or, The royal library, containing a second col


Attributed to Peter Heylyn, by Anthony à Wood, who says "Heylin's name is not set to it, but 'tis generally known to be his collection." cf. Ath. Oxon, v. 3, col. 559, where the dates of publication are given as "1649, 50, and 59."

71. CHARLES I. ... The works of King Charles the Martyr: with a collection of declarations, treaties, and other papers concerning the

differences betwixt His said Majesty and his two houses of Parliament. With the history of his life, as also of his tryal and martyrdome. 2d. ed. London, 1687. 6, 720, 4 p. front., pl.

Added t.-p., engr.

Life of King Charles signed: Richard Perrinchiefe.

"Perrinchief completed the edition prepared by William Fulman and compiled a life for it from Fulman's notes and some materials of Silius Titus."-Dict. of nat. biog.

72. COSIN, JOHN, bp. of Durham. ... Works

Oxford, 1843-55. 5 v. front. (port., v. 2)
Library of Anglo-Catholic theology no. 14.
Bibliographical references in v. 3, 5.

Ed. by J. Sansom.

.. now first collected.


CONTENTS.-v. 1. Sermons. v. 2. Miscellaneous works. v.

3. A scholastical history

of the canon of the Holy Scripture. v. 4. Miscellaneous works. 5. Notes and collections on the Book of common prayer.

73. COSIN, JOHN, bp. of Durham. The correspondence of John Cosin, D.D. Lord Bishop of Durham: together with other papers illustrative of his life and times. Durham, 1809-72. 2 v.

Surtees soc. 52, 55.

74. COTTON, SIR ROBERT BRUCE. Cottoni posthuma: divers choice pieces. of that renowned antiquary, Sir Robert Cotton Preserved from


the injury of time, and exposed to publick light, for the benefit of posterity, by J[ames,] H[owell] London, 1679. 6, 353 P.


CONTENTS.-1. A relation of proceedings against ambassadors who have miscarried themselves, and exceeded their commission. 2. That the kings of England have been pleased to consult with their peers in Parliament for marriage of their children, and touching peace and war, &c. 3. That the soveraigns person is required in Parliament in all consultations and conclusions. 4. A discourse of the legality of combats, duels, or camp-fight. 5. Touching questions of precedency between England and Spain. 6. Touching the alliances and amity which have intervened betwixt the houses of Austria and England. 7. A discourse touching popish recusants, Jesuits and seminaries. 8. The manner and means how the kings of England have supported and improved their states. 9. An answer to certain arguments urged by a member of the House of commons, and raised from supposed antiquity, to prove that ecclesiastical laws ought to be enacted by temporal men. 10. The arguments produc'd by the House of commons concerning the priviledge of every free-born subject. 11. A speech delivered in the House of commons assembled at Oxford in the first year of the king. 12. A speech delivered before the Council table, touching the alteration of coin. 13. The danger wherein this kingdom now standeth, and the remedy. 14. Valour anatomized in a fancy, by Sir Phillip Sidney. 15. Honesty, ambition and fortitude anatomized by Sir Francis Walsingham. 16. A brief discourse concerning the power of the Peers and Commons of Parliament, in point of judicature.

75. DAVIES, SIR JOHN. ... The complete prose works (including hitherto unpublished mss.) of Sir John Davies: for the first time collected and edited; with facsimiles, memorial-introduction and notes by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart n.p., 1876.


2 v.

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