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and for which he is now a prisoner in New-Gate. Thirdly, the forms of the inditement which is laid against him, by the Kings sergeants at law, and his learned counsell. Fourthly, his conviction by the iury. Fifthly, his recantation, and sorrow for the publicke wrong he hath done His Majesty and the whole kingdome. London, July 12, 1642.

14 P.

Hindley 3: no. 22.

1369. A THREE-FOLD DISCOURSE betweene three neighbours, Algate, Bishopsgate, and John Heyden the late cobler of Hounsditch, a professed Brownist. Whereunto is added a true relation (by way of dittie) of a lamentable fire which happened at Oxford two nights before Christtide last, in a religious brothers shop, knowne by the name of Iohn of all-trades. London, 1642. 12 p.

Hindley 3: no. 18.

Another copy, Ashbee 2: no. 23.

1370. TO THE KINGS most excellent Majesty, the humble petition of divers recusants and others in the county of Lancaster, that they may be received into His Majesties protection, and have their armes re-delivered to them for the defence of His Majesties person and their families. London, Sept. 27, 1642.

Chetham soc. 2:38-44.

1371. A TRUE AND EXACT RELATION of the Kings entertainment in the city of Chester, with the recorders speech at his entering the city. Sent from a citizen of note in Chester, on purpose to be printed, to prevent false copies. London, Oct. 4, 1641?. [1642]

Chetham soc. n.s. 65:65-67.

1372. A TRUE AND EXACT RELATION of the manner of His Majesties setting up his standard at Nottingham, on Monday the 22d of August, 1642. Somers 4:471-76.

1373. A TRUE AND EXACT RELATION of the proceedings of His Majesties army in Cheshire. Together with what hath happened to the late Lord Strange now Earl of Derby, before Manchester. London, Oct. 5, 1642.

Chetham soc. n.s. 65:73-75.


1374. A TRUE AND FAITHFULL RELATION of the besieging of the towne of Manchester in Lancashire, upon Saturday, the 24 of September Also a declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament to the inhabitants of the said towne. And lastly, the manner of the raising of the said siege, having continued until Saturday the 1 of October. [1642]

Chetham soc. 2:49-63.

1375. TRUE AND HAPPIE NEWES from Yorkshire declaring the resolution of the lords, knights, and gentry of the county of York, agreed upon at

... Together with the London, Sept. 30, 1642.

the last assizes holden and kept at the said city.
House of commons answer to the same
6 p.


1376. A true aND PERFECT DIURNALL of all the chiefe passages in Lancashire from the 3 July to the 9. Sent to five shopkeepers in London from a friend, July 9, 1642. London, 1642.

Chetham soc. 2:20-24.

1377. A TRUE AND PERFECT RELATION of the seizing the house of one Master William Barnes, a cavalier, and apprehending him neer Wollage in Kent, by Captaine Willoughby and his company of volunteers ... And likewise of the seizing of threescore and fifteene peeces of ordnance, by the said Captain and his company in the woodyard at Wollage, and bringing them to the Tower of London, on Friday the 26 of August, 1642 ... London, September 2, 1642. 6 p.

1378. A TRUE COPPY of a letter from Oxford, sent from a private friend to a merchant of good worth in the citty of London and by him presented to the honorable House of commons, and read there, setting forth the state of affaires at Oxford, and the present condition of the cavalliers. London, Dec. 21, 1642. 8 p.

1379. A TRUE COPY of a letter from Chester, concerning divers passages of the Lord Strange there. Sent to a worthy gentleman, and read in the House of commons. Ordered that this letter be forthwith printed and published. [London, Sept. 20, 1642]

Chetham soc. n.s. 65:58-59.

1380. A TRUE COPY of the petition of the gentle-women and trades-men wives in, and about the city of London. Delivered to the honourable, the knights, citizens and burgesses of the House of commons, assembled in Parliament, Feb. 4, 1641. Together with their severall reasons, why their sex ought thus to petition as well as the men, and the manner how both their petitions and reasons were delivered. Likewise the answer which the honourable assembly sent to them by Mr. Pym, as they stood at the house doore. London, 1642. 5, I p. Another copy, Harleian misc. 5:268-72.

1381. THE TRUE RELATION of a wonderfull and strange passage, that was lately like to befall certaine souldiers at St. Albans in Hartfordshire Together with the true relation how Sir John Winter ... made a wicked assault on certaine souldiers that were commanded to search his house; with the store of ammunition was found therein. Also Colonell Mericks brave exploit at Portsmouth. London, [Sept. 15] 1642. 5 P.

1382. A TRUE RELATION of His Majesties coming to the town of Shrewsbury, on the 20 of this instant September, and his passage from thence

the 23 day, to the city of Chester, with the manner of his entertainment there. Together with the L: Grandisons surprizing Nantwich, and the plundering of divers houses in the town and country thereabouts, of such as stood well-affected to the King and Parliament. London, Sept. 29, 1642.

Chetham soc. n.s. 65:59-64.

1383. A TRUE RELATION of the late expedition into Kent by the appointment of both houses of Parliament, as it was expressed in a letter from a man of good credit, who was in the action, dated from Dover the 29 of August 1642 ... [London] Sept. 2, 1642.

1384. Two LETTERS, the one from Henrietta Maria, queen of England, in 1642, and the other from Elizabeth, queen of Bohemia, in 1655, to John, lord Finch of Fordwich.

Archaeologia 21:474-77.

1385. A VERIE TRUE and credible relation of the severall passages at Manchester on the 15th of July last 1642, wherein is specified an invitation of the Lord Strange unto a banquet, whose life was afterwards much endangered by Sir Thomas Stanley, baronet, John Holcroft, esquire, Thomas Birch, gentleman. London, 1642.

Chetham soc. 2:31-35.

1386. THE VINDICATION of the Parliament, and their proceedings: or, Their military design proved loyal and legal. [Oct. 15] 1642.

Harleian misc. 5:272-301.

1387. VOX POPULI: or, The peoples humble discovery of their own loyaltie and His Majesties ungrounded iealousie. London, [Aug. 17] 1642. 5 p.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 5:264-68.

1388. A WARNING FOR ENGLAND, especially for London; in the famous history of the frantick anabaptists, their wild preachings and practices in Germany. Feb., 1642.

Harleian misc. 5:253-64.

1389. WHARTON, NEHEMIAH. Letters from a subaltan officer of the Earl of Essex's army 1642, detailing the early movements of that por


tion of the Parliament forces which was formed of the volunteers of the metropolis.

Archaeologia 35:310-34.

1390. WHAT KINDE of Parliament will please the King; and how well he is affected to this present Parliament. Gathered out of his owne papers, by A. J. B. London, [July] 1642. 6 p.

1391. WHITE, JOHN. Mr. VVhites speech in Parliament on Monday, the 17th of January, concerning the triall of the XII bishops, an. Dom. 1641. London, 1641. i.e. 1642. 5 p.

1392. [WIDMERPOLE, JOSEPH.] A true relation of some remarkeable passages concerning Nottingham-shire petition, and His Majesties answer. Also the ill usage of the Linconshire gentlemen of York, who delivered their petition. London, [April 1] 1642. 6 p.

1393. THE WONDERFULL effects of a true and a religious fast or an exhortation to our monethly fasting and prayer for England and Ireland. London, [March] 1642. 5 p.

1394. WOTTON, SIR HENRY. A short view of the life and death of George Villiers, duke of Buckingham. [Oct. 22] 1642.

Harleian misc. 5:307-23.

1395. WRIGHT, ROBERT, bp. of Litchfield and Coventry. A speech spoken in the House of commons, by the Reverend Father in God, Robert, lord bishop of Coventry and Litchfield; being brought to the bar to answer for himself. 1641. [Feb., 1642.]

Somers 4:171-73.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 4:44-46.


1396. AN ACCOUNT of the burning of Lancaster, storming of Preston by Lord Derby, and Major Brewyers defeat of the Parliamentarians (Royalist's account) from Mercurius aulicus, March 26-April 2, 1642-3.

Chetham soc. 2:84-86.

1397. THE ACTORS REMONSTRANCE, or complaint: for the silencing of their profession, and banishment from their severall play-houses. In which is fully set down their grievances, for their restraint; especialy since stage-playes, only of all publike recreations are prohibited. London, Jan. 24, 1643. 10 p.

Hindley 3:no. 19.

Another copy, Ashbee 1:no. 4.

1398. ADVERTISEMENTS concerning the impeachment of the Queene's Majestie of high treason, by the prevayling partie of the Lords and Commons, which remain at Westminster, May 23, 1643.

Somers 4:499-501.

1399. [ANGIER, JOHN?] Lancashires valley of Achor is Englands doore of hope: set wide open, in a brief history, of the wise, good, and powerfull hand of divine providence, ordering and managing the militia of Lancashire. London, Sept. 23, 1643.

Chetham soc. 2:107-42.

1400. AN ANSWER to Prince Rvperts declaration. n. p. Feb. 16, 1643. 6 p. 1401. AN ANSWER to the Lord George Digbies apology for himself; published Jan. 4. Anno. Dom. 1642. Put into the great Court of equity, otherwise called the Court of conscience, upon the 28th of the

same moneth, by Theophilus Philanax Gerusiphilus Philalethes Decius. London, [Mar. 2] 1642, i.e. 1643. 73 p.

1402. ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES. A letter from the Assembly of divines in England, to the Generall assembly in Scotland. Together with the answer of the Generall assembly of Scotland thereunto. London, 1643. 13 p. The Westminster letter is dated Aug. 4 and the reply Aug. 19. Received in the Commons on Sept. 12. 1403. BLAND, PETER. An argument in justification of the five members fomerly, and so virtually clearing the four men now accused by His Majesty; wherein is proved, that the raising of this present army by authority of Parliament is not treason; by which it likewise appeareth, that never any king of England received loss or damage by any Parliament. London, [Jan. 14] 1642, i.e. 1643.

Somers 4:373-79.

1404. THE BLOODY PARLIAMENT, in the reign of an unhappy prince. [Richard II] [Feb. 9] 1643.

Harleian misc. 5:323-28.

1405. [BOWLES, EDWARD.] Plaine English: or, A discourse concerning the accommodation, the armie, the association. [London, Jan. 12] 1643.

28 p.

1406. BRIDGES, WILLIAM. A sermon preached at a fast [at St. Margarets, Westminster, February [22] 1642, i.e. 1643, before the House of Commons.]

Somers 4:57-70.

1407. A BRIEFE DECLARATION of all the penall statuts now in force against the recusants of this kingdome. Made and enacted by severall parliaments in the reignes of Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles for the suppressing of popery in this realme. London, [Jan. 20] 1643. 7 p. 1408. A BRIEFE NARRATION of the carriage and successe of the English affairs, in the hands of the commissioners for Scotland. London, 1643.

8 p.

t.-p. wanting. Caption title.

1409. A BRIEFE NARRATION of the late treacherous and horrid design which ... hath been lately discovered; and for which publike thanksgiving is, by order of both houses of Parliament, apppointed on Thursday the 15th of June, 1643; together with a true copie of the commission under the great seal sent from Oxford to severall persons in the citie of London ... London, 1643. 16 p.

1410. BRISTOL, GEORGE DIGBY, 2nd earl. The Lord George Digbies apologie for himselfe, published the fourth of January, anno Dom. 1642. Oxford, 1642, i.e. 1643. 14 p.

1411. BRITISH LIGHTNING; or, Suddaine tumults in England, Scotland, and Ireland, to warne the United Provinces to understand the dangers and

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