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John Seaton, on Thursday, the ninth day of February 1642, i.e. 1643.

Chetham soc. 2:73-76. 1499. THE PETITION of the inhabitants of Cyrencester, whose names are

hereunto subscribed, presented to His Majesty at Oxford; with His Majestie's answer thereunto. Oxford, Feb. 25, 1642, i.e. 1643.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 187-92. 1500. THE POPE NUNTIOES; or, The negotiation of Seignior Panzani,

Seignior Con, &c. resident here in England with the Queen, and treating about the alteration of religion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and his adherents, in the yeares of our Lord, 1634, 1635, 1636, &c. Together with a letter to a nobleman of this kingdome; concerning the same. London, (April 17] 1643. 16 p.

Another copy, Somers 4:50-57. 1501. THE POWER of the laws of a kingdom over the will of a misled king.

[Jan. 26] 1643.

Harleian misc. 5:336-39. 1502. A PRESENT ANSWER to the late complaint unto the House of com

mons, by divers members of the said House. n. p. [Feb. 11) 1642,

i.e. 1643. 5 P. 1503. THE PRIVILEDGES OF PARLIAMENT; or, A modest answer to these three

questions. 1. Whether it be in the power of Parliament ... to alter pre-established state-government. II ... to alter church government. III ... to take up armes in the defence of themselves and the whole

kingdome. London, (Feb. 15) 1643. 6 p. 1504. THE PROCEEDINGS in the late treaty of peace. Together with severall

letters of His Majesty to the Queen, and of Prince Rupert to the Earle of Northampton, which were intercepted and brought to the Parliament. With a declaration of the Lords and Commons upon those proceedings and letters. London, (May 18] 1643. 104 p.

. 1505. A PROCLAMATION concerning a cessation of arms, agreed and con

cluded on at Siggings-town, in the county of Kildare, the fifteenth day of September, in the nineteenth yeer of His Majesties raign, by and between James, marquesse of Ormonde ... and Donogh, vicecount Muskkerry, Sir Lucas Dillon, knight, Nicholas Plunket, esquire; Sir Robert Talbot, baronet; Sir Richard Barnwell, baronet; Torlogh O'Neale, Geoffrey Brown, Ever MacGennis and John Walsh, es

quires. London, October 21, 1643. 19 p. 1506. A PROCLAMATION to all of all sorts by moving a loving question for

triall of all spirits by a well-wisher to all mens soules. W. C.

London, (Jan. 6] 1643. 23 1507. THE PROTESTATION of the two and twenty divines for the setling of

the Church: and the particulars by them excepted again in the liturgie. London, (Mar. 10] 1643. 6 p.

1508. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. The doome of cowardize and treachery, or, A

looking-glasse for cowardly or corrupt governours, and souldiers, who through pusillanimity or bribery, betray their trusts ... Containing certaine domestick lawes, heretofore, lately made, and judgements given against such timorous and treacherous persons ... By William

Prynne ... London, (Nov. 3] 1643. 20 p. 1509. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. The opening of the great seal of England; con

taining certain brief, historical, and legal observations, touching the original antiquity, progress, use, necessity of the great seal of the kings and kingdom of England, in respect of charters, patents, writs, commissions, and other process; together with the kings, kingdoms, Parliaments several interests in and power over the same, and over the lord-chancellor, and the lords and keepers of it, both in regard of its new-making, custody, administration for the better execution of publick justice, the republicks necessary safety and utility. Occasioned by the overrash censures of such who enveigh against the Parliament, for ordering a new great seal to be engraven, to supply the wilful absence, defects, abuses of the old, unduly withdrawn and detained from them. London, Sept. 15, 1643.

Somers 4:551-80. 1510. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. The popish royall favourite: or, A full discovery

of His Majesties extraordinary favours to, and protections of notorious papists, priests, Jesuits, against all prosecutions and penalties of the laws enacted against them; notwithstanding his many royall proclamations, declarations, and protestations to the contrary. As likewise of

designe to set up popery, and extirpate the protestant religion by degrees, in ... England, and all His Majesties dominions. Manifested by sundry letters of grace, warrants, and other writings under the kings owne signe-manuall ... Collected and published by authority of Parliament: by William Prynne ... London, [Dec. 11.) 1643.

4, 76 p. 1511. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. A revindication of the anoynting and priviledges

of faithfull subjects, or, A briefe reply to an idle pamphlet, intituled, An answer and confutation of that groundlesse vindication of Psal.

105.15. n. p. (Jan. 6] 1643. 7 p. 1512. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. Romes master-peece: or, The grand conspiracy

of the pope and his Iesuited instruments, to extirpate the Protestant religion, re-establish popery, subvert lawes, liberties, peace, parliaments, by kindling a civill war in Scotland, and all His Majesties realmes, and to poyson the King himselfe in case hee comply not with them in these their execrable designes. Revealed ... to Andreas ab Habernfeld, by an agent sent from Rome who discovered it to Sir William Boswell ... He ... to the Arch-bishop of Canterbury ... who communicated it to the King ... Pub. by authority of Parliament, by William Prynne ... The 2d ed. London, 1644. 3, 36, [1] P.

Originally published May 31, 1643. 1513.. PrynNE, WILLIAM. The soveraigne power of parliaments and king

domes : divided into fovre parts ... Together with an appendix. By William Prynne ... London, 1643. [620] p.

Each part has separate t.-P. and pagination. 1514. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. The treachery and disloyalty of papists to their

soverajgnes ... with the soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes ... 2d ed. enl. By William Prynne ... London, 1643. (pt.

I] 2, 112 p. 1515. THE PUBLIQUE CONFIDER. Oxford, (Jan. 17] 1643. 8 p. 1516. Pym, John. A declaration and vindication of John Pym, esquire:

Concerning the divers aspersions which have been cast upon him by sundry base and scandalous pamphlets, and by divers malignants, and people ill affected to the good of the common-wealth. Shewing his continuall fidelitie and integritie towards His Majestie, and the high court of Parliament for the good of this kingdome, and other His

Majesties dominions. London, March 4, 1643. 8 p. 1517. Pym, John. A discovery of the great plot for the utter ruine of the

city of London and the Parliament. As it was at large made known by John Pym, esquire, on Thursday being the eighth of June, 1643 ... London, 1643. 8 p.

Another ed. London, 1643. 14 p. 1518. RECORDS of things done in Parliament (without the kings consent) of

higher consequence then have yet been done by this Parliament. London, 1643. 6 p.

Cites cases from Edward 111 to Henry VI. 1519. A RELATION of the taking of Ciceter in the covnty of Glocester, on

Thursday, Febru. 2. 1642. [i.e. 1643] London, 1642.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 175-85. 1520. A REMONSTRANCE of the commons of England to the House of com

mons, assembled in Parliament. 1643.

Somers 4:519-25. 1521. A REMONSTRANCE for the republique. Shewing who are the lying lips

of the Prince. By many knowing, godly, well affected, and substantiall citizens of London, presented to the high and honourable houses

of Parliament for a reformation. London, (Jan. 27] 1643. 6 p. 1522. A REMONSTRANCE presented to the high and mighty lords the States

of Zealand by the deputies of the foure classes of Zealand. Concerning

the welfare of the Church of England. Sent over by Walter Strickland, esquire, now in Holland, imployed for the affaires of the Parliament. London, May 29, 1643. 8 p.

Signed by Gulielmus Appolonij, Johannes Rogiers, Philippus Lansbergius.

1523. RIGBY, ALEXANDER. A true relation of the great victory obtained by Gods providence by the Parliaments forces in Lancashire against the forces raised by the King in the counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland. London. Nov. 20, 1643.

Chetham soc. 2:148-54.

1524. SALTMARSH, JOHN. A peace but no pacification: or, An answer to that new designe of the oath of pacification and accommodation. London, [Oct. 23] 1643. 12 p.

1525. SCOTLANDS ALARME; or, Some considerations tending to demonstrate the necesitie of our speedie marching to the assistance of our brethren in England notwithstanding all difficulties and necessities, reall or pretended. London, [Dec. 11.] 1643. 14 p.

1526. SCRIPTURE and reason pleaded for defensive armes: or, The whole controversie about subjects taking up armes, wherein besides other pamphlets an answer is punctually directed to Dr. Fernes booke, entituled, Resolving of conscience ... Published by divers reverend and learned divines ... London, [April 14] 1643. 80 p.

1527. SECRETS DISCOVERED in Englands complaint; or, Outcry against the high and mighty lords, the States generall of the United provinces, for their perfidious, deceitfull, and unthankfull proceedings against the welfare of this kingdom. Clearly laid open in a letter transmitted to a friend who is a subject to the said states of Holland. London, [Feb.] 1643. 30 p.

1528. SETON, SIR JOHN. Letter from Sir John Seton, Manchester ye 25 M'ch, 1643. Edited by Thomas Heywood, Esq. 1862. 15 p. Chetham soc. 57.

1529. [SMITH, GEORGE.] Great Britains misery: with the causes and cure .. by G. S., gent ... London, [Aug. 21] 1643. 64 p.

1530. [SMITH, GEORGE.] The three kingdomes healing-plaister: or, The solemne covenant of reformation and defence explained, by G. S., gent. London, [Oct. 17] 1643. 14 p.

1531. SPELMAN, SIR JOHN. Certain considerations upon the duties both of prince and people. Jan. 14, 1643.

Somers 4:316-30.

1532. [SPELMAN, SIR JOHN.] A view of a printed book [by H. Parker] intituled Observations upon His Majesties late answers and expresses. Oxford, [Jan. 26.] 1643. 45 p.

1533. SWIFT, DANIEL. A pious president to both kingdomes, for a sacred covenant. London, [Oct. 16.] 1643. 48 p.

1534. A SYNOPSIS, or contract view of the life of John Armand, Cardinal

Richlieu, great favourite and minister of state to Lewis the 13th, king
of France. To be engraven on his tombe. (Feb. 21) 1643.
Somers 5:538-41.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 5:332-36. 1535. Thims, GREGORY. The protestant informer; or, Information to all

protestants : shewing the causes and end, of this unjust warre, plotted by Romish Jesuites, and now managed by English papists. London,

[March 1) 1643. 22 p. 1536. THIRTY-FIVE ARTICLES made and established by the rebells, the lords,

and the rest of the general assembly of that part of the kingdome of Ireland (now in rebellion) met at the citie of Kilkenny. Anno Dom.

1642. [London, Mar. 6, 1643] 8 p. 1537. THREE LETTERS: the first, from an officer in His Majesties army to a

gentleman in Glocestershire. Upon occasion of certain querees scattered about that country. The second, a letter from a grave gentleman once a member of the House of commons, to his friend, (remaining a member of the same House) in London, concerning his reason why he left the House, and concerning the late treaty. The third, a letter to a gentleman of Leicestershire, shewing, that all the overtures, which have been made for peace and accommodation have proceeded from

His Majesty onely. Oxford, May 24, 1643. 60 p. 1538. THREE TRACTS relative to the battle of Birmingham, A.D. (April 3]

1643 ... Birmingham, (Eng.) 1815. 32 p.

Reprints, with t..p. of tracts printed in London in 1643.
The first tract is in two letters of which the first is signed R. P., the second, R. G.

CONTENTS.-1. A true relation of Prince Rupert's barbarous cruelty against the towne of Brumingham. 2. A letter written from Walshall by a worthy gentleman to his friend in Oxford concerning Burmingham. 3. Prince Rupert's burning love to England, discovered

in Birmingham's flame. 1539. [TILSLEY, John.] A true relation of the taking of the town of Pres

ton by Colonell Seaton's forces from Manchester, sent in a letter from a worthy minister (an eye-witness thereof) to an emminent divine in London. Feb. 14, 1642, i.e. 1643.

Chetham soc. 2:71-73. 1540. TOLSON, JOHN. Master Vice-Chancellors speech to His sacred

Majestie, at his entertainment at Christ church, in Oxford, on New-
Yeers day. 1643.

Somers 4:484-86. 1541. TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL. The whole confession and speech of Mr.

Nathaniel Tompkins, made upon the ladder at the time of his execution on Wednesday the fifth of July; 1643. Together with the manner

of his coming to execution. London, (July 5] 1643. 8 p. 1542. TOUCHING THE FUNDAMENTALL LAWES; or, Politique constitution of

this kingdome, the king's negative voice, and the power of parliaments.

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