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To which is annexed, The priviledge and power of the Parliament

touching the militia. London, (Feb. 24) 1643. 13 p.
1543. A TRUE AND MOST SAD RELATION of the hard usage and extreme

cruelty used on Captain Wingate, Captaine Vivers, Captaine Austin,
Capt. Lidcott, Capt. Walton, Capt. Catsby, Capt. Lilbourne, Master
Franklin, Master Freeman, Edward Chillendon, Master John Bayley
and his father, with others of the Parliament souldiers, etc., prisoners
at Oxford, under the custody of one Smith provost-generall to the
Kings Army. Written by one of the same prisoners ... Dated 9th of

February 1642. London, Feb. 13, 1642, i.e. 1643. 8 p.
1544. A TRUE RELATION of a great and wonderfull victory obtained by Cap-

tain Ashton and the Parliaments forces against the Earl of Derby at
Whalley in Lancashire. As it was certified in a letter from a gentle-
man there, to a member of the House of commons. May 8, 1643.

Chetham soc. 2:95-102.
1545. A TRUE RELATION of a great victory obtained by the Parliaments forces

against the cavaliers neere Chester; with the number of colonels, ser-
geant-majors, captaines, lieutenants, that were slaine at Wem and at
Lee-Bridge in this fight by the Parliaments forces. As it was sent in a
letter from one that was in the fight to M. James Waters in Newgate
Market, and received the 24 of November, 1643.

Chetham soc. n. s. 65:112-15.
1546. A TRUE RELATION of Colonell Cromwels proceedings against the Cava-

liers ... sent in a letter from a gentleman in his army (dated July 24,
1643.) to a friend in London. London, 1643. 5 P.

Tracts relating to Northamptonshire, no. 14.
1547. A TRUE RELATION of the late attempt made upon the town of Ciceter,

in the County of Glouc', the seventh day of January, 1642. [i.e. 1643]
by the Lord Marquesse Hartford. London, 1642.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 151-58.
1548. A TRUE RELATION of the late expedition of His excellency, Robert,

earle of Essex, for the relief of Gloucester; with the description of the
fight at Newbury. London, Aug. 26, 1643.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 233-50.
1549. A TRUE RELATION of the late fight betweene Sir William Waller's

forces, and those sent from Oxford. With the manner of Sir William
Waller's retreat to Bristoll, and the condition of his army at this present.
London, (July 13] 1643.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 199-203.
1550. A TRUE RELATION of the severall passages which have happened to

our army since it advanced towards Glocester with the manner of the
reliefe of the same. London, Sept. 14, 1643.
Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 273-81.


1551. A TRUE RELATION of the taking of Cirencester, and the cruell dealing

of the merciles Cavaliers towards the prisoners they there took in their passage, as they went to Oxon, and at Oxon. [Feb. 2) 1643.

Somers 4:510-19. 1552. A TRUE REMONSTRANCE of the upright apprentices of London, shew

ing their good affections to the King and Parliament, and the reason of their dislike of the Malignants petition for peace. With a full copy

of their honest petition. London, (Jan.) 1642, i.e. 1643. 8 p. 1553. TWENTY LOOKES over all the Rovndheads that ever lived in the world.

n. p. (Jan. 19] 1643. 9 p.

Clarendon historical soc. reprints 2: no. 9. 1554. Two PETITIONS, lately presented by noblemen, barons, gentlemen,

burgesses and ministers, of the kingdome of Scotland. To the right honourable the Commissioners for the conservation of peace betweene the two kingdomes. For prevention of mis-prisions, jealousies and inconveniences, that might arise by printing His Majesties late letter to the lords of His Majesties Privie counsell of Scotland, concerning

the Parliament of England. London, (Jan. 24) 1643. 8 p. 1555. The VN-DECEIVER. London, 1643. 15 P.

An examination of the court covenant and the Parliamentary covenant. 1556. THE SECOND PART of the Un-deceiver: tending to the discovery of

some prelaticall and antinomian errovrs; and the clearing of that part of the late covenant of the three kingdoms which concerns both. Lon

don, (Oct. 26] 1643. 24 p. 1557. THE UNFAITHFULNESSE of the cavaliers and commissioners of array

in keeping their covenants. By which may be discerned the issue of all future treaties and agreements with them; fully discovered in a true narration of the inhumaine carriages of the Earle Rivers, Lord Cholmondeley, Collonell Hastings, and their partie during the treatie of pacification in Cheshire, and after it was concluded; in their plundering at Torpley, and the parts adjacent. London, Jan. II, 1643.

Chetham soc. n. s. 65:89-97. 1558. WALKER, CLEMENT. Articles of impeachment and accusation ex

hibited in Parliament against Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes, touching his dishonourable surrender of the city and castle of Bristol, by Clement Walker and William Prynne ... together with a letter from Mr.

Prynne to Colonell Fiennes. London, (Nov. 15) 1643. 16 p. 1559. WALLER, SIR WILLIAM. The victoriovs and fortunate proceedings of

Sir William Waller and his forces in Wales, and other places since they
left Malmsbury ... sent in a letter from Sir William Waller, and
Arthur Haslerig, and read in both houses of Parliament, Aprill 15,
1643. London, 1643.
Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 193-97.

1560. WARD, RICHARD. The analysis, explication and application, of the

sacred and solemne league and covenant. London, (July 7] 1643. 7 p. 1561. A WARNING-PIECE to all His Majesties subjects of England. Being

the lamentable complaint of them that were brought prisoners from Cycester being eleven hundred sixty and odde, told in the view of all for their misguided zeale. Conteining the motives by which they have bin drawne into rebellion against their lawfull King ... Oxford,

(Feb. 20] 1642, i.e. 1643. 6 p. 1562. A WHISPER in the eare: or, A discourse between the Kings Majesty

and the high court of Parliament, concerning a pacification and conditions of peace, by a scholler of Oxford and a citizen of London. Oxford, (Jan. 9] 1642, i.e. 1643.

Somers 4:491-96. 1563. WILTSHIRE, COUNTY OF. [Instructions to constables regarding the

sequestration of the estates of papists.] circa, 1643. S. sh. 1564. WIRLEY, EDWARD. The prisoners report: or, A true relation of the

cruell usage of the prisoners in Oxford. Together with the strange deliverance of about fourtie men out of the dungeon in Bridewell in Oxford, March the 5 and 6. Written by Edward Wirley, Master of Arts, and Minister, who was himself a prisoner in the Castle and afterwards in the same dungeon. [London, Mar. 23, 1643. 8 p.)

Caption title. 1565. WITHER, GEORGE. Campo-musae: or, The field-musings of Captain

George Wither, touching his military ingagement for the King and Parliament, the justnesse of the same, and the present distractions of these islands. London, (Dec. 5] 1643. 2, 74 P.

Spenser soc. ser. 1. v. 12. 1566. (WOMOCK, LAWRENCE, bp. of St. Davids.) Sober sadnes: or, Histori

cal observations upon the proceedings, pretences, & designs of a prevailing party in both houses of Parliament. [Oxford, April 3] 1643.

2, 47 p. 1567. (WOODWARD HEZEKIAH.] The solemne league and covenant of three

kingdomes, cleared to the conscience of every man, who is not willingly blinde, or wilfully obstinate. By E. W. London, (Oct. 17] 1643. 16 p.

1644 1568. [ARGYLL, ARCHIBALD CAMPELL.) 8th earl and marquis. A letter

from the commissioners and committees of both kingdoms, to Sir
Thomas Glenham, and the rest of the commanders. n. p. (1644?]
7-13 p.

Caption title.
Letter signed: Argyle, W. Armyne.

Contains “Sir Thomas Glenham's answer” and “A declaration of the committees for billeting the souldiers."

1569. ARTICLES and ordinances of war, for the present expedition of the

army of the kingdom of Scotland. By the Committee of estates, and His Excellency, the Lord General of the army. (Jan. 30] 1643, i.e. 1644.

Harleian misc. 5:422-28. 1570. ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES. A letter from the Assembly of divines in

England, and the commissioners of the Church of Scotland, ... to the
Belgick, French, Helvetian, and other reformed churches. London,

(Jan. 29] 1644. 15 p. 1571. ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES. Literae a conventu theologorum in Anglia,

et ecclesiae Scoticanae delegatis, ad ecclesias in Belgio, Gallia, Helvetia, ,

aliasque reformatas. London, (Jan. 29) 1644. II p. 1572. BALFOUR, SIR William. Sir William Balfores letter of March 30.

1644. to His Excellency the Earl of Essex, ld. generall. London, 1644. 6 p.

Clarendon hist. soc. reprints 1: no. 4. 1573. THE BISHOP OF CANTERBURY his confession. Wherein is declared

his constant resolution, his plots, and indeavours, to intraduce popery into England, and to advance the Roman catholick religion ... Lon

don, (Feb. 3) 1644. 6 p. 1574. BOLTON, SAMUEL. A tossed ship making to safe harbor; or, A word

in season to a sinking kingdome. Wherein Englands case, and cure; her burthens, and comforts; her pressures, and duties are opened, and applyed, in diverse sermons, preached upon the publick days of humilia

tion ... London, 1644. 22, 294 p. 1575. [BOOKER, John.] Mercurius coelicus; or, A caveat to all the people

of the kingdome, that now have, or shall hereafter happen to reade the counterfeit and most pernicious pamphlet written under the name of Naworth: (George Wharton) or, A new almanack and prognostication for the yeer of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1644. Lon

don, (Jan. 25, 1644] 6 p. 1576. (BOUGHEN, EDWARD.) Observations upon the ordinance of the Lords

and Commons at Westminster. After advice had with their Assembly of divines, for the ordination of ministers pro tempore, according to their directory for ordination, and rules for examination, therein ex

pressed. Oxford, Oct. 2, 1644. 30 p. 1577. THE CATHOLIKES petition to Prince Rupert shewing: the ground

of their griefe, the force of their constancie, and their hopes of recovery. With a draught of a proclamation presented to his Highnesse, for the more speedy recruting his army, destroying the protestants, and gaining a crowne. London, Aug. 1, 1644. 8 p.

A satire.

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1578. CHARLES I. On a draft of a letter from King Charles I to his Queen,

Henrietta Maria, December 3, 1644; and on a vow made by the King
on April 13, 1646. By W. Sparrow Simpson.

Archaeologia 53:155-60.
1579. A COPIE OF A LETTER sent to the most illustrious and high borne prince

Rupert by the grace of God, count palatine of the Rhine, duke of
Bavaria, etc. Translated out of high Dutch. London, Aug. 12, 1644

1580. A COPIE of the Kings message sent by the Duke of Lennox. Also

the copie of a petition to the King from the inhabitants of Somerset-
shire ... A declaration by the committee of Dorsetshire, against the
cavaliers in those parts ... also how a gentleman at Oxford was
cruelly tortured in irons ... and how they would have burnt down an
ale-house at the Brill, because the woman refused farthing tokens; and
other cruelties of the cavaliers, manifested to the kingdome. London,
1644. 8 p.

Clarendon hist. soc. reprints r: no. I.
1581. A CUNNING PLOT to divide and destroy the Parliament and city of

London. Made knowne (at a common hall) by the Earle of Northum-
berland, master solliciter, and Sir. Henry Vane. London, January 16,

1643, i.e. 1644. 56 p.
1582. DERING, SIR EDWARD. A declaration by Sir Edward Dering, knight

and baronet, with his petition to the honourable House of commons

assembled in Parliament. London, April 1, 1644. 12 p.
1583. DIGGES, SIR DUDLEY. The unlawfulnesse of subjects taking up armes

against their soveraigne, in what case soever. Together with an
answer to all objections scattered in their severall bookes. And a
proofe that notwithstanding such resistance as they plead for, were
not damnable, yet the present warre made upon the King is so, because
those cases, in which onely some men have dared to excuse it, are
evidently not now ... London, (March 25] 1647.

The first edition is dated by Thomason, Jan. 15, 1644.
1584. EBEN-EZER. A full and exact relation of the severall remarkable and

victorious proceedings of the ever-renowned Colonell Massy, governour
of Gloucester, from May 7, to May 25, 1644. London, June 7, 1644.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 325-37.
1585. THE EQVITY of the Solemne leagve and covenant iustified, against an

infectious and libellous pamphlet : intitvled The iniqvity of the late

Solemne league and covenant discovered. n. p. [Mar. 29.) 1644. 12 p. 1586. AN EXACT RELATION of the bloody and barbarous massacre at Bolton

in the Moors in Lancashire, May 28, by Prince Rupert, being penned
by an eye-witness admirably preserved by the gracious and mighty

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