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and then to April 12, 1660, by Nedham."-Williams, J. B., History of English journalism. p. 247.

163. MERCURIUS PRAGMATICUS, communicating intelligence from all parts, touching all affaires, designes, humors, and conditions throughout the kingdome. Especially from Westminster, and the head quarters. Nos. 1-28, Sept. 14, 1647-Mar. 28, 1648; Nos. 1-5, 7-11, 13-17, Mar. 28June 25, 1648. London, 1647-48.

Pub. from 14 Sept. 1647 to 28 May 1650.

"By John Cleiveland and Samuel Sheppard, by Marchamont Nedham during 1648, various writers in 1649 and to the end."-Williams, J. B., A History of English journalism, p. 234. The gift of Herschell V. Jones.

163a. MERCURIUS PUBLICUS: comprising the sum of forraign intelligence; with the affairs now in agitation in England, Scotland and Ireland. For information of the people. Nos. 16-54 (no. 52 skipped) April 12-Dec. 27, 1660; Nos. 1-53 (no. 43 skipped and 5, 11 and 20 each lack a leaf), 1661; no. 1-12 (no. 2 lacks a leaf) Jan. 2-Mar. 27, 1662. London, 1660-62.

By Henry Muddiman and Giles Dury. The gift of Herschell V. Jones.

164. THE MODERATE: impartially communicating martial affaires to the kingdom of England. No. 24-25, 27. Dec. 19, 1648-Jan. 2, 1649, Jan. 9-16, 1649. London, 1648-1649. 3 nos.

Published from 29 June 1648 to 25 Sept. 1649.

By Gilbert Mabbott.

165. THE MODERATE INTELLIGENCER: impartially communicating martiall affaires to the kingdome of England. No. 16, 44-45, 48, 50, 52-54, 57-58, 62, 80, 82, 86-87, 90-91, 93-97, 100-102, 106-108, 110-113, 116, 125, 134-144, 146-150, 153-155, 157, 160-165, 168, 170-172, 179, 185, 188, 190-194, 197, 200-201, 203-211, 213, 217-218, 221-223, 225, 227, 230-231, 233-234, 236. June 12, 1645, Jan. 1, 1646-Sept. 27, 1649 (except dates of missing nos.) London, 1645-49. 97 nos.

Caption title. By John Dilingham. Pub. from 27 Feb. 1645 to 4 Oct. 1649. Nos. 91, 97, 101, 112, 139, 150, 217, imperfect. 166. THE OBSERVATOR, in dialogue


By Roger L'Estrange

Apr. 13, 1681-March 9, 1687. London, 1684-87.

3 v. in 2. fronts. (v. 1, 2, ports.)


V. I-3,

167. A PERFECT DIURNALL of some passages in Parliament: and from other parts of this kingdome. Nos. 1-140, June 26, 1643-Mar. (i.e. Apr.) 4, 1646; nos. 191-200, Mar. 22-May 28, 1647; nos. 211-220, Aug. 9Oct. 16, 1647; nos. 231-240, Dec. 27, 1647-Mar. 4, 1647. (i.e. 1648). London, 1645-48.

By Samuel Pecke.

Published from 26 June 1643 to 8 Oct. 1649.

The gift of Herschell V. Jones.

168. THE PROTESTANT (DOMESTICK) INTELLIGENCE; or, News both from city and country.

See Domestick intelligence; or, News both from city and country.

169. THE PUBLICK INTELLIGENCER. Communicating the chief occurrences and proceedings within the dominions of England, Scotland, and Ire

land: together with an account of affaires from severall parts of Europe. Feb. 2-9, Dec. 28, 1657-Mar. 9, 1659 (except Apr. 26-May 3, June 21-28, Nov. 22-29, 1658); May 23-30, 1659. [London, Printed by T. Newcomb] 1657-59.

Pub. weekly on Mondays, alternating with Mercurius publicus pub. on Thursdays under the same management, and forming with it a biweekly newspaper with alternative names. cf. Masson, Life of Milton, v. 5, p. 52.

Numbering irregular; dates are consecutive.
Marchamont Needham, editor.

The gift of Herschell V. Jones.


Sept. 23, 1652. London, 1649-52.

Nos. 2-156, Oct. 9, 1649

Published from Sept. 25, 1649 to April 21, 1653. Followed by: General proceedings of state affairs April 21, 1653-Sept. 7, 1654; Several proceedings of state affairs Sept. 28, 1654-Jan. 25, 1655 and Perfect proceedings of state affairs Feb. 22-Sept. 27, 1655. By Henry Scobell and beginning 1650 Henry Walker.

The gift of Herschell V. Jones.

171. SMITH'S CURRANT INTELLIGENCE; or, An impartial account of transactions both foraign and domestick. No. 24. May 1, 1680. London, Printed for John Smith, 1680. I no. semiweekly.

Continued by The currant intelligencer.

172. SMITH'S PROTESTANT INTELLIGENCE: domestick & forein, Published for the information of all true English-men. Nos. 7-8, 11-13, 16-18, 20-22. Feb. 18-Mar. 24, 1680/1-Apr. 14, 1681 (except dates of missing nos.) London, 1681. 11 nos. semiweekly.

173. SOME SPECIALL PASSAGES from London Westmister [sic] Yorke, Hull, Ireland and other partes. No. 1. May 24-June 2, 1642.

174. THE TRUE PROTESTANT MERCURY: or, Occurrences foreign and domestick. [London, Printed for L. Curtiss, 1681-82] 109 nos. in 3 v. semiweekly.

Nos. 1-32 "Printed for H. T. & L. V. and sold by L. Curtiss."

Nos. 7, 11-12, 14, 16-17, 19, 21-27, 29-50, 52-62, 64-108, 110-119, 121-127,

1680/1-Mar. 25, 1682 (except dates of missing nos.)

Jan. 15.

Not to be confused with journal of same name, printed for H. V. and T. C. Pub. by R. Janeway.

175. WEEKLY memorials for the ingenious: or, An account of books lately set forth in several languages. With other accounts relating to arts and sciences. [No. 1-50; Jan. 16, 1681/2-Jan. 15, 1683] London, 1683. 4 p. 1., 390 (i.e. 392), [8] p. illus., 2 pl.

Paging irregular: no. 172-173 repeated.

176. THE WEEKLY POST, truly communicating the chief occurrences and proceedings, within the common-wealth of England, Scotland and Ireland: and an account of affairs from several Christian princes and common-wealths in Europe No. 42. Feb. 14-21, 1660. Lon


don, 1660. I no.


176a. AITZEMA, Lieuwe van. Saken van staet en oorlogh, in, ende omtrent de Vereenigde Nederlanden ... Door d'Heer Lieuwe van Aitzema .. 's Graven-Haghe, 1669-72. 9 v. in 6. port., tables (partly fold.)

V. I has added t.-p., engr.

CONTENTS.-I. deel. 1621-32. 2. deel. 1633-44. 3. deel. 1645-56. 4. deel. 1657-63. 5. deel. 1664-66. 6. deel, [1. stuk.] 1667-68. 6. deel 2. stuk. Verhael vande Nederlandsche vrede-handeling. Herstelde leeuw, ofte Discours, over het gepasseerde in de Vereenichde Nederlanden in't jaer 1650. ende 1651. Generael register over alle de ses deelen der Saken van staet en oorlogh.


Continued in Historien onses tyds, behelzende saken van staat en oorlogh [by Lambert van der Bos] Amsterdam, 1685.

176b. [Bos, LAMBERT VAN DEN.] Historien onses tyds, behelzende saken van staat en oorlogh, voorgevallen in, en omtrent de Vereenigde Nederlanden, en door geheel Europa, mitsgaders in meest alle de andere deelen des werelds. Beginnende met het jaar 1669. daar het de Heer L. van Aitzema heeft gelaten; en eyndigende na het jaar 1679 ... Door L. Sylvius [pseud.] Amsterdam, 1685. 4 pts. in 1 v. pl., port.

Added t.-p., engr.

For a continuation see the author's Vervolgh van Saken van staat en oorlogh sterdam, 1688-99.

[blocks in formation]

176c. [BOS, LAMBERT VAN DEN.] Vervolgh van Saken van staat en oorlogh, in, en omtrent de Vereenigde Nederlanden, en door geheel Europa voorgevallen ... Zijnde het 2.-[4.] stuck van het vervolgh op de historie van de Heer Lieuwe van Aitzema Amsterdam, 1688-99. 3 v.

v. I has added t.-p., engr.



A continuation of the author's Historien onses tyds Amsterdam, 1685.
"Vreedens tractaten, verhandeld tot Ryswyck" 56 p. at end of v. 3.
CONTENTS. [1] 1679-86. II. 1687-92. III. 1692-97.


177. AKERMAN, JOHN YONGE. Tradesmen's tokens, current in London and its vicinity between the years 1648 and 1672. Described from the originals in the British museum, and in several private collections. By John Yonge Akerman ... London, 1849. 14, 257 p. illus. 178. ANGLESEY, ARTHUR [ANNESLEY] Ist earl. Memoirs of the Right Honourable Arthur, earl of Anglesey, late lord privy seal. Intermixt, with moral, political and historical observations, by way of discourse in a letter. To which is prefixt a letter written by his lordship during his retirement from court, in the year 1683. Published by Sir Peter Pett... London, 1693. 16, 351, [1] p.

A letter on politics and theology, written by Lord Anglesey to Sir Peter Pett, and published after the earl's death. 179. ARCANA parliamentaria: or, Precedents concerning elections, proceedings, privileges, and punishments in Parliament. Faithfully collected

out of the common and statute-law of this realm. With particular

quotations of the authors in each case. By R. C. of the Middle Temple, esq. To which is added, The authority, form, and manner of holding parliaments. By the learned Sir Tho. Smith, doctor of laws. London, 1685. 2 p. 1., 116 p.

180. AUBREY, JOHN. 'Brief lives,' chiefly of contemporaries, set down by John Aubrey, between the years 1669 & 1696; ed. from the author's mss. by Andrew Clark ... Oxford, 1898. 2 v. illus., pl.

181. AUBREY, JOHN. Miscellanies upon various subjects. ed. 4. London, 1857. 16, 227 p.

Library of old authors.

182. BACON, FRANCIS, viscount St. Albans. The elements of the common lavves of England, branched into a double tract: the one containing A collection of some principall rules and maximes of the common law, with their latitude and extent. Explicated for the more facile introduction of such as are studiously addicted to that noble profession. The other The use of the common law, for preservation of our persons, goods, and good names. According to the lawes and customes of this land. By the late Sir Francis Bacon ... London, 1639. 10, 94 (i.e. 90), [8], 72 p.

Each tract has separate t.-p. and paging.

Numbers 45-48 in first tract, omitted in paging; text and signatures continuous.

183. BACON, SIR NATHANIEL. The official papers of Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Norfolk, as justice of the peace, 1580-1620. Selected and ed. for the Royal historical society from original papers formerly in the collection of the Marquess Townshend, by H. W. Saunders, M. A. ... London, 1915. 42, 255 p., I 1.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 26.

184. BACON, NATHANIEL. An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England, from the first times to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. With a vindication of the antient way of parliaments in England. Collected from some manuscript notes of John Selden, esq; by Nathaniel Bacon ... 5th ed., cor. and improved by a gentleman of the Middle-Temple. London, 1760. 2 pt. in I v.

Pt. 2 has title: The second part, or a continuation of the historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England. Viz. from the beginning of the reign of King Edward III. until the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. To which is prefix'd, A vindication of the antient way of parliaments in England.

185. BAILLIE, ROBERT. Letters and journals of Robert Baillie, A.M., principal of the University of Glasgow, MDCXXXVII-MDCLXII. Edited from the author's manuscripts by David Laing. Edinburgh, 1842. 3 v. Bannatyne club.

186. BAKER, SIR RICHARD. A chronicle of the kings of England, from the time of the Romans government, unto the death of King James the First ... Faithfully collected out of authors ancient and modern;

and digested into a method. By Sir Richard Baker, knight. Where-
unto is added The reign of King Charles the First, and King Charles
the Second ... 9th impression ... London, 1696.
London, 1696. 39, 796, [44] p.

Added t.-p., engr.

Marginal notes.

"A catalogue of the nobility" with "Appendix": prelim. leaves 7-38.

"A catalogue of writers

following epistle to the reader.

out of whom this chronicle hath been collected": 3 p.

Epistle to the reader signed: E. Phillips.

"The reign of King Charles the First, and King Charles the Second" is by Edward Phillips, Milton's nephew.

"The account of the restoration given in the fourth and succeeding editions is attributed to Sir Thomas Clarges, Monck's brother-in-law."-Dict. nat. biog.

186a. BARWICK, PETER. Vita Johannis Barwick, S. T. P., ecclesiae Christi & S. Mariae Dunelmensis primum, S. Pauli postea Londinensis decani, et Collegii Sancti Johannis Evangelistae apud Cantabrigienses aliquando socii. Londini, 1721. [64], 464, [43] p. ports.

187. BASIRE, ISAAC. The correspondence of Isaac Basire, D.D., archdeacon of Northumberland and prebendary of Durham, in the reigns of Charles I and Charles II, with a memoir of his life, by W. N. Darnell ... London, 1831. 10, 393 p. geneal. table.

Title vignette.

188. BAXTER, RICHARD. Reliquiae Baxterianae: or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times. Faithfully publish'd from his own original manuscript, by Matthew Sylvester London, 1696. 448, 500, 132 p. front. (port.)


189. BEDELL, WILLIAM. A true relation of the life and death of ... William Bedell, Lord Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland. Ed. from a ms. in the Bodleian library, Oxford, and amplified with genealogical and historical chapters, compiled from original scources, by ... Thomas Wharton Jones ... London, 1872. 17, 268 p. table.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 4.


Index to wills proved and administrations granted in the court of the archdeacon of Berks, 1508 to 1652. Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore ... London, 1893. viii, 199 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 8.

191. BERNARD, NICHOLAS. The life and death of the most reverend and learned father of our church, Dr. James Usher, late arch-bishop of Armagh, and primate of all Ireland. Published in a sermon at his funeral at the abby of Westminster, Aprill 17. 1656, and now reviewed... London, 1656.

"A catalogue of the works of

192. BLAIR, ROBERT. The life


119 p.

James Usher" at end.

of ... Robert Blair ... containing his autobiography, from 1593 to 1636, with Supplement to his life, and Continuation of the history of the times to 1680, by


William Row

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