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2759. WITHER, GEORGE. The prisoners plea: humbly offered in a remonstrance; with a petition annexed, to the Commons of England in Parliament assembled; ... falsely charged to have composed a lybel against the said Commons, and therefore now prisoner in Newgate. London, 1661. 62 p.

Spenser soc. ser. 1. v. 18.

2760. WITHER, GEORGE. Speculum speculativum: or, A considering glass; being an inspection into the present and late sad condition of these nations. London, Feb. 1660, i.e. 1661. 164 p.

Spenser soc. ser. I. v. 22.

2761. WOMOCK, LAURENCE. The Solemn league and covenant arraigned and condemned by the sentence of the divines of London and Cheshire. London, 1661. 4, 62 p.


2762. [BAGSHAW, EDWARD.] A letter unto a person of honour & quality, containing some animadversions upon the Bishop of Worcester's letter. London, 1662. 13 p.

Signed D.E. and dated Jan. 21.

2763. [BOREMAN, ROBERT.] 'Avтokaтákρiтos; or, Hypocrisie unvailed, and Jesuitisme unmaskt. In a letter to Mr. R. Baxter, by one that is a lover of unity, peace, and concord, and his well-wisher. London, [Mar. 10], 1662. 34 p.

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2764. CHARLES II. His Majesty's most gracious speech, together with the Lord Chancellor's, to the two houses of Parliament, at their prorogation, on Monday the 19th of May, 1662. Somers 7:546-52.

2765. CHECK: OR, INQUIRY into the late act of the Roman-inquisition: busily and pressingly disperst over all England by the Jesuits. London, 1662.

20 p.

2766. THE DECLARATION and remonstrance of the earls, lords, viscounts, barons, knights, colonels, lieutenant-colonels and gentlemen of the Roman Catholic religion in the kingdom of Ireland: with their protestation to the King's most excellent Majesty; and a list of the names of the subscribers that have openly disclaimed and renounced the Pope of Rome, and all other foreign powers. 1662.

Somers 7:544-45.

2767. FOR THE KING and both houses of Parliament; being a brief, plain, and true relation of some of the late sad sufferings of the people of God called Quakers, for worshipping God and exercising a good conscience towards God and man.

Somers 7:243-47



2768. FULLER, THOMAS. The history of the worthies of England together with an historical narrative of the native commodities and rarities in each county ... London, 1662. 386, 354, 232, 60, 12 p. front. (port.)

First ed., published posthumously.

2769. FULLER, THOMAS. The history of the worthies of England

... a new

edition. containing brief notices of the most celebrated worthies of England who have flourished since the time of Fuller; with explanatory notes and copious indexes, by P. Austin Nuttall ... London, 1840. 3 v. front. (port. v. 1)

Vol. 1 contains Memoirs of the author.

2770. [GLANVILLE, JOSEPH.] Lux orientalis; or, An enquiry into the opinion of the eastern sages concerning the praeexistence of souls. Being a key to unlock the grand mysteries of providence, in relation to mans sin and misery. London, 1662. 38, 192 p.

2771. [HILL, WILLIAM.] A brief narrative of that stupendious tragedie late intended to be acted by the satanical saints of these reforming times. Humbly presented to the King's most excellent Majesty. Also an impartial account of the indictment, arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Thomas Tonge, George Phillips, Francis Stubbs, James Hind, John Sallers and Nathaniel Gibbs ... Decemb. 11, 1662. Together with the confessions, speeches and prayers of Geo. Phillips, Thomas Tonge, Nathaniel Gibbs, Francis Stubbs, at the place of execution, on Munday, Decemb. 22, 1662. London, 1662. 6, 48 p. Another ed. London, 1662. 12, 80 p.

2772. [HOLDEN, SAMUEL.] D. E. defeated: or, A reply to a late scurrilious pamphlet vented against the Lord Bishop of Worcester's letter, whereby he vindicated himself from Mr. Baxter's misreports, by S. H. London, 1662. 2, 31 p.

2773. HOPKINS, EZEKIEL, bp. of Derry. A sermon preached at the funeralls of the Honourable Algernon Grevil ... who departed this life, July 21, at Magdalen colledge, Oxon, and was buried at Warwick the 6th of August, 1662 ... London, 1663. 4, 48 p.

Contains also obituary poems.

2774. THE HUMBLE ADDRESSES of several close prisoners in the Gatehouse, Westminster, to the King's most excellent Majesty and Council, to the Lord High Chancellor, and the Lord Chief Justice and judges of the King's bench; to manifest their innocency, and to obtain their liberty. [Feb.] 1662.

Somers 7:530-37.

2775. THE JESUITE'S REASONS unreasonable: or, Doubts proposed to the Jesuits upon their paper presented to divers persons of honour, for

non-exception from the common favour voted to Catholicks. London, 1662. 4, 21 p.

2776. KING, HENRY, bp. of Chichester. A sermon preached at the funeral of the R'Reverend father in God Bryan, lord bp. of Winchester, at the Abby church in Westminster, April 24, 1662 ... London, 1662. 44 P. Irregular paging.


Truth and loyalty vindicated from the reproches and clamours of Mr. Edward Bagshaw, together with a further discovery of the libeller, himself, and his seditious confederates. London, [June 7] 1662. 64 p.

2778. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. A whipp a whipp for the schismaticall animadverter upon the Bishop of Worcester's [George Morley] letter. London, Feb. 7, 1662. 2, 54 p.

2779. MORLEY, GEORGE, bp. of Worcester. The Bishop of Worcester's letter to a friend for vindication of himself from Mr. Baxter's calumny. London, 1662. 4, 45 P.

A reply to Baxter's The mischiefs of self-ignorance.

2780. [PATRICK, SIMON, bp. of Ely.] A brief account of the new sect of latitude-men: Together with some reflections upon the new philosophy, by S. P. of Cambridge. 1662.

Phenix 2:499-518.

2781. REASONS OFFERED in order to the passing an act of Parliament against imprisonment by arrests upon the writs of capias, bills of Middlesex, and latitates.


Somers 7:523-30.


Proofes for the Skynners right in cutting

conny woole. 1662? 3 p.

Contemporary ms.

2783. THE SPEECHES, discourses, and prayers, of Col. John Barkstead, Col. John Okey, and Mr. Miles Corbet; upon the 19th of April, being the day of their suffering at Tyburn. Together with an account of the occasion and manner of their taking in Holland: as also their several occasional speeches, discourses, and letters, both before, and in the time of their late imprisonment. London, 1662. 4, 71 p.

2784. WITHER, GEORGE. Paralellogrammaton. An epistle to the three nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland; whereby their sins being parallel'd with those of Judah and Israel, they are forewarned and exhorted to a timely repentance, lest they incur the like condemnation. 1662. 138 p.

Spenser soc. ser. I. v. 33.

2785. WITHER, GEORGE. A proclamation in the name of the King of Kings, to all the inhabitants of the isles of Great Brittain : summoning them to repentance, by denouncing God's judgements, and declaring


his mercy, offered in the everlasting Gospel. London, 1662. 71 p. Spenser soc. ser. I. v. 13.

2786. [YELVERTON, SIR HENRY.] A vindication of my Lord Bishop of Worcester, [George Morley's] letter touching Mr. Baxter from the animadversions of D. E. [i.e. Edward Bagshaw.] London, 1662. 14 p.


2787. [ASSHETON, WILLIAM.] Evangelium armatum; or, The Scripture abus'd. Being a collection of several doctrines and positions, destructive of our government, both civil and ecclesiastical ... The second edition. London, 1682.

Originally published, 1663.

2788. [BIRKENHEAD, SIR JOHN.] Cabala, or, An impartial account of the non-conformists' private designs, actings, and wayes, from August 24, 1662, to December 25, in the same year. London, 1663. 37 p. Another copy, Somers 7:567-86.

2789. BRISTOL, GEORGE DIGBY, 2nd earl. Letter of apology to Charles II on account of the charges brought against Clarendon. 1663. 3 p. Contemporary ms.

2790. BRISTOL, George Digby, 2nd earl. Speech before the House of commons, July 1, 1663, concerning the petition of Sir Richard Temple.

4 P.

Another draft-7 p.

Contemporary ms.

Reported in Hansard, IV, 270-76.

2791. CHARLES II. Message in reply to the petition of Sir Richard Temple, June 26, 1663. 2 p.

Contemporary ms.

Reported in Hansard, IV, 269.

2792. CHARLES II. Speech made to the House of commons, June 12, 1663. 3 p.

Contemporary ms.

Reported in Hansard, IV, 266.

2793. [CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, Ist earl.] Second thoughts; or, The case of a limited toleration stated according to the present exigence of the affairs in church and state. n. p. 1663. 10 p. Caption title.


[blocks in formation]

improvement, 1663. [Baltimore, Md., 1907] 41 p.

A reprint of economic tracts.

2795. THE HISTORY of the life and death of Oliver Cromwell, the late usurper, and pretended protector of England. 1663. Harleian misc. 7:273-83.


Heads of a charge upon

the act of 15 Car. 2 for 4 subsidies. 1663. 14 p.

Contemporary ms.

2797. PHILIPPS, FABIAN. The antiquity, legality, right use, and ancient usage of fines, paid in chancery upon the suing out, or obtaining some sorts of original writs returnable into the court of Common pleas at Westminster. 1663.

Somers 8:482-99.

2798. A PROPOSAL humbly offered for the farming of liberty of conscience. [London] 1663. 16 p.

2799. A SCHOLASTICALL DISCOURSE, demonstrating this conclusion; that, (admitting Erastus Senior's reasons for true) neither the Pope, nor those called bishops of the Church of Rome, are bishops either in order or jurisdiction by R. C. London, 1663. 27 p.


Imprimatur, Nov. 27, 1662.

2800. A SHORT SURVEIGH of the grand case of the present ministry. Whether they may lawfully subscribe and declare as by the late act of uniformity is required. And the several cases thence arising, especially about the covenant. By some comformable non-conformists. n. p. 1663. 47 P.

Dated Oct. 16, 1662.

2801. WORCESTER, EDWARD SOMERSET, 2nd marquis. A century of the names and scantlings of such inventions, as at present I can call to mind to have tried and perfected, which, my former notes being lost, I have, at the instance of a powerful friend, endeavoured now, in the year 1655, to set these down in such a way as may sufficiently instruct me to put any of them in practice. 1663.

Harleian misc. 6:405-20.

2802. YONGE, WILLIAM. Englands shame: or, The unmasking of a politick atheist being a full and faithful relation of the life and death of that grand imposter Hugh Peters ... London, 1663. [29], 88 p.

Imperfect: frontispiece wanting.


2803. AN ABSTRACT of the rate of the severall countyes in England and Wales by the 400,000 pound royall subsidy, the shiprate in 1639, the 1,260,000 pound assesment, the 2 first of the 4 last subsidies and the 2 first of the subsidies of 4 Carol. Dec. 1664. II p.

Contemporary ms.

2804. ALLEN, JOSEPH. A call to Archippus; or, An humble and earnest motion to some ejected ministers, (by way of letter) to take heed to their ministry that they fulfil it. London, 1664. 31 p.

2805. ARTICLES OF PEACE between His sacred Majesty, Charles the Second, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, &c., and the city and kingdom of Algiers; concluded by Thomas Allen, esq, admiral of his said Majesty of Great Britain's ships in the Mediterranean seas, 1664. Somers 7:554-57.

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