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2806. AN ASSESSMENT made upon offices chargeable toward the paymt of the royall ayde within the county of Middlesex and city of Westminister by virtue of an act ... 25th of December, 1664. 7 p.

Contemporary ms.

2807. CHARLES II. His Majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Monday the twenty-first of March, 1663-4.

Somers 7:552-54.

2808. Clarke, SAMUEL. The life and death of Cyrus the Great, the first founder of the empire of the Medes and Persians; represented by the breast and arms of silver, in that image, Dan. ii. 32. and by a bear, Dan. vii. 5. and by a ram with two horns, Dan. viii. 3, 20. and the deliverer of the Israelites out of Babylon, the seventy years of their captivity being expired. 1664.

Somers 7:356-67.

2809. CLARKE, SAMUEL. The life and death of Nebuchadnezzar the Great, the first Emperor of the Chaldeans, who was represented by the golden head of that image, Dan. ii. 32. and by the lion with eagle's wings, Dan. viii. 4. 1664.

Somers 7:344-56.

2810. THE EXAMINATION and trial of Margaret Fell and George Fox, (at the several assizes held at Lancaster, the fourteenth and sixteenth days of the first month, 1663-4; and the twenty-ninth of the sixth month, 1664.)

Harleian misc. 7:296-319.

2811. HAMMOND, CHARLES. Truth's discovery; or, The cavaliers case clearly stated by conscience and plain-dealing. Presented to the honourable commissioners, and all the truly loyal and indigent officers and soldiers. 1664.

Somers 7:557-67.

2812. HUTCHINSON, JOHN. A narrative of the imprisonment and usage of Colonel John Hutchinson, of Owthorp, in the county of Nottingham, esq. now close prisoner in the Tower of London. Written by himself, on the sixth of April, 1664.

Harleian misc. 7:284-90.

2813. MUN, THOMAS. England's treasure by forraign trade, by Thomas Mun. 1664. New York and London, 1895. 16, 119 p. incl. facsim. Economic classics.

1st ed., London, 1664.

Contains facsim. of original t.-p.

2814. PRYNNE, WILLIAM. The heads of a bill Mr. Prin brought in 16 Car. 2. 1664, for reforming legal abuses. 3 p.

Contemporary ms.

2815. WITHER, GEORGE. Tuba-pacifica. Seasonable praecautions, whereby is sounded forth a retreat from the war intended between England and the United-Provinces of lower Germany. 1664. 32 p.

Spenser soc. ser. 1. v. 16.

2816. WITHERINGS, JOHN. The orders, laws, and ancient customs of swans. 1664.

Harleian misc. 7:291-95.

2817. [WOMOCK, LAURENCE.] Conformity re-asserted in a echo to R.S., or, A return of his word to Doctor Womock's asserting, I. That modification of public worship by personal abilities is not the formal act of the ministerial office. 2. That the ministers of the Church of England ought to submit to the use of an imposed liturgy. And dissolving the objections of Mr. Crofton and R. S. to the contrary. London, 1664. 2, 50 p.

Imprimatur Mar. 9, 1664.


2818. ALLEN, JOHN. Notices of the last great plague 1665-6 from the letter of John Allen.

Archaeologia 37:1-22.

2819. BENDIXEN, Bendix EDVARD REUTZ. Beskrivelser og dokumenter vedkommende kampen paa Bergens vaag 1665. Bergen, 1896. 78 p. plate. Skrifter udgivne af Bergens historiske forening. No. 2.

This contains Thomas Gilbertsen Thamsons Beskrivelse over den engelske flodes angreb paa Bergen m. v. anno 1665. p. 21-41.

2820. DUDLEY, DUD. Dud Dudley's Mettalum Martis: or, Iron made with pit-coale, sea-coale, &c. And with the same fuell to melt and fine imperfect mettals, and refine perfect mettals. London, 1665. 17, 119 p.

Reprinted, 1854, and ed. by John N. Bagnall.

2821. GLANVILL, JOSEPH. Scepsis scientifica; or, Confest ignorance, the way to science; in an essay on the vanity of dogmatizing and confident opinion; edited, with introductory essay, by John Owen. London, 1885. 70, 218 p.

Originally pub. 1665.

2822. GRAUNT, JOHN. Natural and political observations mentioned in a following index, and made upon the bills of mortality. By Capt. John Graunt, fellow of the Royal society. With reference to the government, religion, trade, growth, air, diseases, and the several changes of the said city 4th impression. Oxford, 1665. 14 p. I., 205 p. 2 tab. (1 fold.)


5th ed. much enlarged. London, 1676.

By some authorities the authorship has been attributed to Sir William Petty.


Reprint. In Petty, Sir William. The economic writings 1899. v. 2, p. [315]-435

"Graunt's life": v. 1, p. xxxiv-xxxviii.

Bibliography of the Natural and political observations: v. 2, p. [658]-60.

2823. LONDON'S LORD have mercy upon us: A true relation of seven modern plagues or visitations in London, with the number of those that were buried of all diseases, viz. The first in the year of Queen Elizabeth, anno. 1592. The second in the year 1603. The third in (that never to be forgotten year) 1625. The fourth in anno 1630. The fifth in the year 1636. The sixth in the years 1637 and 1638. The seventh this present year, 1665. Printed 1665. Somers 8:433-38.


Sommiere aenteyckeninge ende deductie ingestelt by de gedeputeerden van de Ho. Mog. heeren Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden. Op de lest ingediende memorie van den Heere George Downing, extraordinaris envoyé van den koningh van Groot Brittannien. S'Gravenhage, 1665. 32 p. 2825. OXFORD, UNIVERSITY. Academiae oxoniensis notitia. Oxoniae, 1665. 56 p.

2826. SCOTT, REGINALD. The discovery of witchcraft: proving that the compacts and contracts of witches with devils and all infernal spirits or familiars are but erroneous novelties and imaginary conceptions By Reginald Scot, esquire. Whereunto is added an excellent discourse of the nature and substance of devils and spirits ... Third edition... London, 1665. 16, 292, 11, 73 P.

The "Discourse" has a separate t.-p. Originally pub. 1584.

2827. TALBOT, SIR GILBERT. Sir Gilbert Talbot's narrative of the Earl of Sandwich's attempt upon Berghen in 1665.

Archaeologia 22:33-48.

2828. WHITEHEAD, JOHN. A small treatise wherein is briefly declared some of those things which I have heard, and seen, and learn't of the Father... Here is also the calling and work of that ministry of ... the people of God called Quakers in short spoken of. The second edition. London, 1665. 24 p.

"Writ in Prison house in Alisbury, the 3. month. 1661.


2829. ATKYNS, SIR EDWARD. Copy of a letter to Sir Robert Atkyns from his brother Sir Edward Atkyns ... Written from London during the fire, 1666.

Archaeologia 19:105-8.

2830. THE BLOODY ALMANACK for the year, 1666. And the fiery trigon; Wherein is set forth, the great changes and revolutions ... .. [London] 1666. 6 p.

2831. CANARY COMPANY. To the honourable the Commons of England the humble petition of diverse merchants on behalf of themselves and others formerly trading in the Canary islands. Oct. 1, 1666. Together with the report of the committee thereon. 2 p.

Contemporary ms.

2832. CHARLES II. A proclamation [regarding the great fire at London.] 1666.

Somers 7:659-60. 2833. FORD, SIR EDWARD. Experimented proposals how the King may have money to pay and maintain his fleets, with ease to his people; London may be rebuilt, and all proprietors satisfied; money to be lent at six per cent on pawns; and the fishing-trade set up, which alone is able and sure to inrich us all. And all this without altering, straining, or thwarting any of our laws or customs now in use. 1666. Harleian misc. 7:341-43.

2834. LONDON'S FLAMES revivd: or, An account of several informations exhibited to a committee appointed by Parliament, September the 25th, 1666, to inquire into the burning of London. 1689.

State tracts 1660-89:27-48.

2835. OBSERVATIONS both historical and moral upon the burning of London, September, 1666. With an account of the losses... by Rege Sincera. 1667.

Harleian misc. 7:324-41.

2836. OF THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS, or, Politick constitution of this kingdom. [1666?]

State tracts 1660-89:22-26.


Note concerning the action on the impeachment of

Lord Mordaunt. Dec. 29, 1666. 1 p.

Contemporary ms.

2838. PARLIAMENT. Resolution of the House of commons relating to the suppression of the papists. Oct. 26, 1666. 2 p.

Contemporary ms.

Printed in Commons journal, VIII, 641.

2839. PARLIAMENT. A true and faithful account of the several informations exhibited to the honourable committee appointed by the Parliament to inquire into the late dreadful burning of the city of London. Together with other informations touching the insolency of popish priests and Jesuits... n. p. 1667. 35 p.

2840. A PROTESTANT MONUMENT, erected to the immortal glory of the Whigs and the Dutch, it being a full and satisfactory relation of the late mysterious plot and firing of London. 1712.

Somers 7:634-58.

2841. STILLINGFLEET, EDWARD, bp. of Worcester. A sermon preached before the honourable House of commons, at St. Margarets Westminster Octob. 10, being the fast-day appointed for the late dreadfull fire in the city of London. London, 1666. 36 p.

2842. WITHER, GEORGE. Sigh for the pitchers: breathed out in a personal contribution to the national humiliation the last of May, 1666, in the

cities of London and Westminster, upon the near approaching engagement then expected, between the English and Dutch navies. 1666. 46 p.

Spenser soc. ser. I. v. 16.


2843. BATES, WILLIAM. Dr Bates's congratulatory speech to the King, November 22, 1667. In the name of the dissenting ministers in and about London.

Somers 8:11-12.

2844. BRUCE, JOHN. Observations upon William Penn's imprisonment in the Tower of London. A. D. 1668.

Archaeologia 35:70-90.

2845. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, 1st earl. The humble petition and address of Edward, earl of Clarendon to the right honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled. Dec. 2, 1667.

Harleian misc. 7:343-47.

Another copy, State tracts, Charles 11. 377-79.

Copy in Phillips mss. 6 p.

2846. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, Ist earl. News from Dunkirk-house: or, Clarendon's farewel to England, in his seditious adress to the right honourable the House of peers, December 3, 1667; which was afterwards, according to the sentence and judgment of both houses of Parliament, burnt by the hand of the common hangman, in the presence of the two sheriffs, with a great and signal applause of the people, December 12, 1667.

Somers 8:7-11.

2847. [CORBET, JOHN.] A discourse of the religion of England asserting, that reformed Christianity setled in its due latitude, is the stability and advancement of this kingdom. London, 1667. 6, 48 p.

2848. HALIFAX, GEORGE SAVILE, Ist marquis. A rough draft of a new model at sea. 1694.

Pollard, Political pamphlets, 37-57.

Written in 1667.

2849. [LLOYD, WILLIAM, bp. of Worcester.] The late apology in behalf of the Papists [by Roger Palmer, earl of Castlemaine] re-printed and answered, in behalf of the royallists. London, 1667. 46 p.

2850. LONDONS FLAMES discovered by informations taken before the committee, appointed to enquire after the burning of the city of London, and after the insolency of the Papists. London, 1667. 14 p.

2851. AN OCCASIONAL DIALOGUE at a coffee-house between Philanax Britannicus and Galophilus Anglus, two loyal English gentlemen, sincere lovers of justice, truth, and their nations honour. Authore, CoffoPhilo. n. p. 1667. 28 p.

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