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... Ed... by Thomas M'Crie ... Edinburgh, 1848. 24, 627 p. illus., facsim.

Wodrow soc.

193. BRAMSTON, SIR JOHN. The autobiography of Sir John Bramston, K. B., of Skreens, in the hundred of Chelmsford; now first printed from the original ms. in the possession of his lineal descendant Thomas William Bramston, esq. London, 1845. 20, 443 p. geneal. tables. Camden soc. v. 32.




A calendar of wills proved in the Consistory court (city and deanery of Bristol division) of the bishop of Bristol, 1572-1792. And also a calendar of wills in the Great orphan books preserved in the Council house, Bristol, 1379-1674. Ed. by E. A. Fry. London, 1897. x, 136 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 17.

Half-title: Bristol wills, 1572-1792; and wills in the Great orphan books, 1379-1674.

195. BRISTOL DIOCESE, Eng. A calendar of wills and administrations relating to the county of Dorset, proved in the Consistory court (Dorsetshire division) of the late diocese of Bristol, 1681-1792, and in the Archdeaconry court of Dorset, 1568-1792, and in the several Peculiars, 1660-1799, all now preserved at the probate registry, Blandford. Ed. by E. A. Fry. London, 1900. x, 271 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 22.

Half-title: Dorset wills and administrations, 1568-1799.

196. BRITTON, JOHN. Memoir of John Aubrey, F. R. S., embracing his auto-biographical sketches, a brief review of his personal and literary merits, and an account of his works; with extracts from his correspondence, anecdotes of some of his contemporaries, and of the times in which he lived. London, 1845. 12, 131 p. front.

197. BROMLEY, SIR GEORGE. A collection of original royal letters, written by King Charles the First and Second, King James the Second, and the king and queen of Bohemia; together with original letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis, count palatine, the Duchess of Hanover, and several other distinguished persons; from the year 1619 to 1665 By Sir George Bromley ... London, 1787. 40, 320 p.


4 port. (incl. front.) facsim., fold. geneal. tab.

198. BROOKE, RALPH. [Ralph Brooke] York [herald] his answer and opinion to the question of the Lord Maiors, knights and aldermen of London for the precedency above ancienter knights than themselves, not aldermen of London; and to their misconceit, that in ancient time the citizens of London were known and called by the name of barons. Gutch 1:95-119.

199. BROWN, THOMAS. Miscellanea aulica: or A collection of state treatises never before published. London, 1702. 14, 440 p.

200. BRUCE, JOHN, ed. Letters and papers of the Verney family down to the end of the year 1639. Printed from the original mss. in the possession of Sir Henry Verney Ed. by John Bruce ... London, 1853. 14, 308 p. table.

Camden soc. v. 56.


201. BRUCE, JOHN. Observations upon certain documents relating to William, first Earl of Gowrie and Patrick Ruthven, his fifth and last surviving son.

Archaeologia 34:190-224.

202. BULSTRODE, SIR RICHARD. Memoirs and reflections upon the reign and government of King Charles the Ist. and K. Charles the id ... wherein the character of the royal martyr, and of King Charles II. are vindicated from fanatical aspersions. Written by Sir Richard Bulstrode ... Now first published from his original manuscript. London, 1721. II p. 1., 439 p. front.

p. [213] is a special t.-p.: Memoirs and reflections upon the reign and government of K. Charles the rid ... 1720. 203. BURNET, GILBERT, bp. of Salisbury. The lives of Sir Matthew Hale and John, earl of Rochester ... London, 1820. 9, 130, 14, 137 p.

Also special t.-p. for each pt. with title-vignettes (ports.).

204. Burnet, GILBERT, bp. of Salisbury. The life and death of Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. sometime Lord Chief Justice of his Majesties court of Kings bench. London, 1682. 12, 128 p.

205. BURNET, GILBERT, bp. of Salisbury. The memoires of the lives and actions of James and William, dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, &c. In which an account is given of the rise and progress of the civil wars of Scotland ... With many letters, instructions, and other papers, written by King Charles the I. never before published. All drawn out of, or copied from the originals. By Gilbert Burnet London, 1677. 11, 436, [16] p. 2 port. (incl. front.).


Half-title: The history of the church and state of Scotland, the 11. part. 206. BURRAGE, CHAMPLIN. The early English dissenters in the light of recent research (1550-1641) by Champlin Burrage ... Cambridge, 1912. 2 v. fronts., facsims.

CONTENTS.-I. History and criticism. 11. Illustrative documents.

207. CABALA, mysteries of state, in letters of the great ministers of K. James and K. Charles. Wherein much of the publique manage of affaires is related. Faithfully collected by a noble hand. London, 1654. 7 p. 1., 347, [19] p.

"This is a duplicate of Part 1 of the 'Cabala: sive Scrinia sacra,' etc., 1654, without the collective title-page, which was not supplied until the publication of the second part."British museum Catalogue.

208. CALDERWOOD, DAVID. The history of the Kirk of Scotland ... Ed. from the original manuscript preserved in the British museum, by the Rev. Thomas Thomson. Edinburgh, 1842-49. 8 v. geneal. tab.

Wodrow soc. 5.

"Life," p. i-xxxvi at end of v. 8.

With reprint of original t.-p. in v. 8.

209. CANTERBURY. ... Calendar of marriage licences issued by the Faculty office. 1632-1714. Ed. by Geo. E. Cokayne ... and Edw. Alexander Fry. London, 1905. 4 p. l., 427 p., I 1. British record soc. The Index library. v. 33.


210. CANTERBURY. Index of wills proved in the Prerogative court of Canterbury And now preserved in the principal probate registry, Somerset house, London

double pl.



v. 1-6. London, 1893-1912. 6 v.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 10, 11, 18, 25, 43, 44.

V. 1-2, paged continuously.

v. 1-2, comp. by J. Challenor C. Smith; v. 3, comp. by S. A. Smith and ed. by Leland L. Duncan; v. 4, comp. by S. A. Smith, and ed. by E. A. Fry; v. 5, comp. by E. Stokes; v. 6, ed. by R. H. Ernest Hill.

Index locorum, v. 2


CONTENTS.-V. 1-2. 1383-1558. V. 3. 1558-83. v. 4. 1584-1604. v. 5. 1605-19. v. 6. 211. CARDWELL, EDWARD. Documentary annals of the reformed Church of England; being a collection of injunctions, declarations, orders, articles of inquiry, &c. From the year 1546 to the year 1716; with notes historical and explanatory ... Oxford, 1839. 2 v. 2 fold. facsims. (v. 2.).

212. Cardwell, EDWARD. A history of conferences and other proceedings connected with the Book of common prayer; from the year 1558 to the year 1690 ... Oxford, 1840. 13, 464 p.

Contains many documents.

213. CARTE, THOMAS. An history of the life of James, duke of Ormonde, from his birth in 1610, to his death in 1688. Wherein is contained an account of the most remarkable affairs of his time, and particularly of Ireland, under his government. In two volumes. To which is added. ... in another volume, a very valuable collection of letters, written either by His Grace, or by the king, the secretaries of state, and other great men in his time ... By Thomas Carte, M.A. London, 1735-36. 3 v.

v. 3 was published in 1735 under title: A collection of letters [etc.]. 214. [CHAMBERLAYNE, EDWARD.] Magnae Britanniae notitia: or, The present state of Great-Britain; with diverse remarks upon the ancient state thereof. By John Chamberlayne ... The thirty-eighth ed. of the south part, called England; and the seventeenth of the north part, called Scotland. To which is added, A general list of all the offices and officers employed in ... the government ... London, 1755. 10, 288, 156, 286, 71 p.

Consists, pt. 1, of the original work, "Angliae notitia or, The present state of England," by Edward Chamberlayne, [originally pub. 1667], with additions, and, pt. 2, the continuation by his son, John Chamberlayne.

Appended is: A general list, or catalogue, of all the offices and officers employ'd in the several branches of His Majesty's government ... I. In South Britain or England. II. In North Britain, or Scotland London, 1755.


215. CHESTERFIELD, PHILIP STANHOPE, 2d earl. Letters ... to several celebrated individuals of the time of Charles II., James II., William III.,

and Queen Anne, with some of their replies. London, 1837. 387 p. front. (port.)


216. CHICHESTER. Calendar of wills in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Chichester. 1482-1800. Ed. by Edward Alexander Fry. London, 1915. 8, 414, [1] p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 49.

217. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. Selections from the records of the kirk session, presbytery, and synod of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 1846. 95, 353 P. Spalding club. [Publications no. 15.]

Edited by John Stuart.

Period covered: 1562-1681.

Extracts from "A short account of Scotland," by the Rev. Thomas Morer, 1715.Appendix, p. lxv-lxix.


218. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, Ist earl. The life of Edward, earl of Clarendon Containing, 1. An account of the chancellor's life from his birth to the restoration in 1660. 2. A continuation of the same, and of his History of the grand rebellion, from the restoration to his banishment in 1667 ... Printed from his original manuscripts Oxford, 1759. 3 v.

v. 2, 3, paged continuously; v. 2, 539 p.; v. 3, 541-993 P.


219. CLIFFORD, ARTHUR. Tixall letters; or the correspondence of the Aston family and their friends during the seventeenth century. London, 1815. 2 v.

220. COKE, SIR EDWARD. The compleat copy-holder, wherein is contained a learned discourse of the antiquity and nature of mannors and copyholds being a guide and direction for surrenders. presentments. admittances. forfeitures. customes, &c. By Sir Edward Coke, knight. Whereunto is newly added The relation between the lord of a mannor and the copy-holder his tenant: by that worthy lawyer Charles Calthrop ... together, with The forme of keeping of a copy-hold court and court baron: also, two tables newly added. London, 1650. 4 p. 1., 179 p.

221. [COKE, ROGER.] A detection of the court and state of England during the four last reigns and the inter-regnum. Consisting of private memoirs, &c. with observations and reflections, and an appendix, discovering the present state of the nation ... 3d ed., very much corrected: with an alphabetical table. London, 1697. 682, 20 p.

222. COLLIER, JEREMY. An ecclesiastical history of Great Britain, chiefly of England, from the first planting of Christianity, to the end of the reign of King Charles the Second; with a brief account of the affairs of religion in Ireland ... New ed. ... London, 1845-46. 9 v.



223. COLLINS, ARTHUR, ed. Letters and memorials of state, in the reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, part of the reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's usurpation. Written and collected by Sir Henry Sydney the famous Sir Philip Sydney, and his brother Sir Robert Sydney Robert, the second earl of Leicester ... Philip, lord viscount Lisle ... and of his brother, Colonel Algernon Sydney Together with letters of the other ministers of state, with whom they held a correspondence. The whole containing the antient state of Ireland; with characters and private memoirs. Also, the antient government of the principality of Wales. The wars between the Spaniards, and the States-General in the Netherlands. Negotiations between the courts of England, France, &c. The intriegues of the several courts of Queen Elizabeth, King James, and King Charles the First. With other remarkable transactions, both at home and abroad, during those times, not hitherto known. Faithfully transcribed from the originals ... Whereunto is added, genealogical and historical observations: also memoirs of the lives and actions of the Sydneys, and their noble ancestors, the Dudleys, Grey, Talbot, Beauchamp, Berkley, and Lisle; and a defence of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, wrote by Sir Philip Sydney. Collected from records, their last wills and testaments, original papers, authentick manuscripts, and our most approved historians. By Arthur Collins, esq. London, 1746. 2 v. front. (port.)

Binder's title: The Sydney letters and memorials of state.

224. COMMON RIGHTS at Cottenham & Stretham in Cambridgeshire. Edited for the Royal historical society by W. Cunningham. London, 1910. Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 18, p. 169-296.

224a. A COMPLETE COLLECTION of all the protests made in the House of lords from the original in the year 1641 to the present year 1745 ... London, 1745. [12] 477 P.

225. COURTHOP, SIR GEORGE. The memoirs of Sir George Courthop 16161685. Edited ... for the Royal Historical society by Mrs. S. C. Lomas. London, 1907.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 13, p. 93-157.

226. Courts. ... Index of chancery proceedings (Reynardson's division) preserved in the Public record office ... 1649-1714. Ed. by Edw. Alexander Fry. London, 1903-4. 2 v.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 29, 32.

227. COURTS. ... Select cases concerning the law merchant A.D. 12701638. Ed. for the Selden society by Charles Gross ... London, 1908

Selden soc. ... v. 23.

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