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stock. v. That the East India trade is more profitable and necessary to the kingdom of England,, than to any other kingdom or nation in Europe. 1681.

Somers 8:455-72.

3138. A CIVIL CORRECTION of a sawcy, impudent pamphlet lately published entitled A brief account of the designs which the papists have had against the Earl of Shaftsbury, &c. London, 1681. 4 p.

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3139. COLLEGE, STEPHEN. The last speech and confession of Mr. Stephen Colledge, who was executed at Oxford on Wednesday, August 31, 1681. London, 1681. 2 p.

3140. COLLEGE, STEPHEN. The speech and carriage of Stephen Colledge before the castle at Oxford, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1681. Taken exactly from his mouth at the place of execution. London, 1681. 2 p. Another copy, State tracts, 1680-89:255-62.

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3141. THE COMPLAINT of liberty and property against arbitrary government; dedicated to all true Englishmen, and lovers of liberty, laws, and religion, 1681.

Somers 8:276-81.

3142. CROMWELL'S COMPLAINT of injustice: or, His dispute with Pope Alexander the Sixth, for precedency in Hell. 1681.

Harleian misc. 6:529-31.

3143. A DIALOGUE at Oxford between a tutor and a gentleman, formerly his pupil, concerning government. London, 1681. 21 p.

3144. A DIALOGUE between Monmouth-shire and York-shire. About cutting religion according to fashion. London, 1681. 2 p. 3145. A DIALOGUE between the pope concerning affairs in England. country. London, 1681. 20 p.

[Innocent XI pseud.] and a phanatick By a hearty lover of his prince and

3146. A SECOND DIALOGUE between the pope and a phanatick concerning affairs in England. By the author of the first who is a hearty lover of his prince and country. London, 1681. 14 p.

3147. A DIALOGUE betwixt Philautus and Timotheus, in defence of Dr. [Francis] Fullwood's Leges angliae: against the Vindicator of naked truth, stiling himself Phil. Hickeringill. London, 1681. 32 p.

3148. A DIALOGUE betwixt Sam. the ferriman of Dochet, Will. a waterman of London, and Tom. a bargeman of Oxford. Upon the Kings calling a Parliament to meet at Oxford. London, 1681. 31 p.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 8:488-508.

3149. DISCOURSES upon the modern affairs of Europe, tending to prove that the illustrious French monarchy may be reduced to terms of greater moderation. 1680. [Feb. 1681]

Harleian misc. 8:336-53.

3150. ENGLAND BOUGHT AND SOLD; or, A discovery of a horrid design to destroy the antient liberty of all the free-holders in England in the choice of members to serve in the honourable House of commons in Parliament, by a late libel entituled The certain way to save England, &c. London, 1681. 12 p.

3151. ESSEX, ARTHUR CAPEL, Ist earl. The Earl of Essex, his speech at the delivery of the petition. [London, 1681] 2 p.

Another ed. London, 1681. 2 p.

3152. [FERGUSON, ROBERT.] No protestant-plot: or, The present pretended conspiracy of protestants against the King and government, discovered to be a conspiracy of the papists against the King and his protestantsubjects. London, 1681. 37 p.

3153. A FEW WORDS among many about the touchy point of succession ... [London, 1681] 8 p.

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3154. GLANVILL, JOSEPH. The zealous and impartial protestant shewing some great but less heeded dangers of popery, in order to thorough and effectual security against it, in a letter to a member of Parliament London, 1681. 60, 3 p.


3155. THE GREAT CASE put home in some modest queries humbly proposed and tendred to consideration, by a true lover of the protestant religion. and English loyalty. Oxford, 1681. 15 p.

3156. GRIMALKIN, or, The rebel-cat: A novell representing the unwearied attempts of the beasts of his faction against sovereignty and succession since the death of the lyons in the Tower. London, 1681. 13 p.

A satire on Shaftesbury.

3157. [GROVE, ROBERT, bp. of Chichester.] A short defence of the church. and clergy of England wherein some of the common objections against both are answered: and the means of union briefly considered. London, 1681. 91 p.

3158. HAINES, RICHARD. England's weal & prosperity proposed: or, Reasons for erecting publick work-houses in every county, for the speedy promoting of industry and the woollen manufactory, shewing how the wealth of the nation may be encreased, many hundred thousand pounds per annum ... By R. Haines. To which is added a model of government for such works houses prepared by the same author, and printed in the year (79) ... Pursuant to A breviate of proposals for the promoting of industry by him formerly published. London, 1681.

16 p.


3159. [HALIFAX, George Savile, 1st marquis.] A seasonable address to both houses of Parliament concerning the succession, the fears of popery, and arbitrary government. London, 1681. 18 p. Another copy, Somers 8:222-36.

3160. A HELP to discourse, a dialogue between a popish successour, and a protestant Parliament. London, 1681. s. sh.

3161. HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS of the Church of Ireland, during the reigns of King Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Queen Mary. 1681. Harleian misc. 8:534-48.

3162. THE HONOUR and courage of our English Parliaments, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, of ever blessed memory, in defending of her, and the protestant religion. Expressed in some of the preambles of the acts for subsides, granted to that famous princess. 1681. Harleian misc. 8:560-73.

3163. [HUMFREY, JOHN.] Materials for union, proposed to publick consideration, with indifferency to all parties. Oxford, 1681. 7 p. 3164. AN IMPARTIAL ACCOUNT of the nature and tendency of the late addresses, in a letter to a gentleman in the country. London, 1681. 40 p. Another copy, State tracts, Charles 11. 425-38.

3165. A JUSTIFICATION of the paper, entituled, A short history of the life and death of the act made in the 35th of Eliz. Cap. 1, &c. containing some observations on that part of the Gazett (published 21th of April last) which asserts the contrary by the same author. London, 1681. 5 p.


3166. [KENNETT, WHITE, bp. of Peterborough.] A letter from a student at Oxford to a friend in the country, concerning the approaching Parliament, in vindication of His Majesty, the Church of England and University. London, 1681. 22 p.

3167. THE LAST MEMORIAL of the Spanish ambassador. Faithfully translated into English. London, 1681. 2 p.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 8:530-33.

3168. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. The character of a Papist in masqueradie supported by authority and experience. In answer to the Character of a popish successor. London, 1681. 85 p.

3169. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. The dissenter's sayings, in requital for L'Estrange's sayings, published in their own words, for the information of the people ... 2d ed. London, 1681. 6, 46 p.

3170. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. The dissenter's sayings. The second part published in their own words for the information of the people, and dedicated to the grand-jury of London, Aug. 29, 1681. London, 1681. 12, 79 p.

3171. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. Notes upon Stephen College, grounded principally upon his own declarations and confessions and freely submitted to publique censure ... London, 1681. 48 p.

3172. [L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER.] The reformation reform'd: or, A short history of new-fashioned Christians: occasioned by Franck Smith's

yesterdays Paper of votes. September 2, 1681. London, 1681. 36 p. 3173. [L'ESTRange, Sir RogeR.] The relaps'd apostate: or, Notes upon a presbyterian pamphlet, entituled, A petition for peace, &c. The third edition. London, 1681. 70 p.

3174. L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER. The shammer shamm'd; in a plain discovery under young Tong's own hand of a designe to trepann L'Estrange into a pretended subornation against the popish plot ... London, 1681. 41 p.

3175. A letter from a person of quality in Scotland to a person of honour in London, concerning His Royal Highness James, duke of York. 1681.

Somers 8:291-95.

3176. A LETTER to a noble peer of the realm [Essex] about his late speech and petition to His Majesty, 1681. [Signed L. S.]

Somers 8:282-86.

3177. MEADOWS, SIR PHILIP. A brief enquiry into leagues and confedera-
cies made betwixt princes and nations, with the nature of their obliga-
tion. Composed in the year 1673, when England and France were
confederates in a common war against Holland; and England made a
separate peace with Holland, leaving France engaged in the war. 1681.
Somers 8:21-28.

3178. MEMOIRS of Queen Mary's days; wherein the Church of England, and
all the inhabitants may plainly see ... the sad effects which follow a
popish successor enjoying the crown of England. 1681.
Harleian misc. 8:482-87.

3179. THE MEMORABLE CASE of Denzil Onslow, esq. tried at the assize in
Surry, July 20, 1681, touching his election at Haselmere, in Surry;
wherein is much good matter and direction touching the due ordering
of elections for Parliament.

Somers 8:270-76.

3180. THE MISCHIEFS and unreasonableness of endeavoring to deprive His Majesty of the affections of his subjects, by misrepresenting him and his ministers. 1681.

Harleian misc. v. I. 50-54.

3181. THE MONSIEUR: or, A letter from a French catholick at London to his friend at Paris, concerning the present state of the English nation. London, 1681. 2 p.

3182. A PARTICULAR ACCOUNT of the proceedings of the Old Bayly, the 17 & 18 of this instant October, with relation to the Earl of Shaftsbury, and others, prisoners in the Tower; and Mr. Rouse, who was indicted of high treason, etc. London, 1681. 2 p.

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3183. PLUNKET, OLIVER. The last speech of ... Oliver Plunket, titular primate of Ireland, who was executed at Tyburn ... the 1st of this instant July, 1681. 4 p.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 8:548-53.

3184. THE POPE'S DREADFUL CURSE, being the form of excommunication of the Church of Rome. Taken out of the leger-book of the church of Rochester, now in the custody of the dean and chapter there. Writ by Ernulfus, the bishop. 1681.

Harleian misc. 8:553-55

3185. THE POWER and privilege of juries asserted ... Published for the information of Heraclytus Ridens and the doting Observator. London, 1681. 12 p.

3186. THE PROCEEDINGS about Mr. [Edward] Fitz-Harris, concerning his plea to the indictment of high treason at the Kings-Bench-Bar in Westminster-Hall, on Wednesday, May the 11th, 1681. London, 1681.

2 p.

3187. THE PROCEEDINGS at the Sessions House in the Old-Baily, London, on the 24th of November, 1681, before His Majesties Commissioners of oyer and terminer, upon the bill of indictment for high treason against Anthony, earl of Shaftsbury. London, 1681. 48 p. 3188. PURVES, SIR WILLIAM. Revenue of the Scottish crown, 1681, by Sir William Purves. Edited by D. Murray Rose. Edinburgh, 1897. 52, 200 p.

Contains a reprint of "An accompt of his Majesties propper rentes." 1681. 3189. RELIGION and loyalty supporting each other: or, A rational account how the loyal addressors maintaining the lineal descent of the crown is very consistent with their affection to the established protestant religion. By a true son of the Church of England ... London, 1681. 69 p.

3190. [SETTLE, ELKANAH.] The character of a popish successour, and what England may expect from such a one. Humbly offered to the consideration of both houses of Parliament, appointed to meet at Oxford, on the one and twentieth of March, 1680-1.

State tracts, Charles 11. 148-64.

3191. A SHORT HISTORY of the life and death of the act made the 35th of Elizabeth, Cap. I. intituled, an act to retain the Queen's Majesties subjects in their due obedience. As also, the act commonly called the conventicle act ... By E. W. London, 1681. 9 p.

3192. SOME MEMOIRS; or, A sober essay for a just vindication of the ... Earl of Shaftsbury. Containing the most material remarques and the principal passages of his publick life, most memorably transacted hitherto. London, 1681. 18 p.

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