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228. CRAIG, SIR THOMAS. De unione regnorum Britanniæ tractatus, by Sir Thomas Craig, ed. from the manuscript in the Advocates' library, with a translation and notes, by C. Sanford Terry Edinburgh, 1909. 12, 497, [1], 7, 8 p. front (port.)

Scottish history soc. v. 60.


229. CRATFIELD, Eng. Cratfield: a transcript of the accounts of the parish, from A.D. 1490 to A.D. 1642, with notes, by the late Rev. William Holland ... with a brief memoir of the author, by his widow. Ed., with an introduction, by John James Raven ... London, [1895?]. 194 p. front. (port.)

230. CRAWFORD, JAMES LUDOVIC LINDSAY, 26th earl. Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Hand-list of proclamations. Tables of the regnal years of the sovereigns of England and Scotland, Henry VIII.-Victoria. [n. p.] 1891. 29 p.

Contains only the tables.

Printed on one side of the leaf only.



With this is bound his: Bibliotheca Lindesiana First provisional hand-list of procla mations, Henry VIII. 22 April, 1509 [Anne, 1 August, 1714]. 2302. CROUCH, NATHANIEL. The wars in England, Scotland, & Ireland. Containing an account of all the battles, seiges, state intrigues, revolution, accidents, and other remarkable transactions, during the reign of King Charles the First. Being an impartial view of his life and actions. With his tryal at large before the pretended High court of justice. And his last speech at his death, Jan. 30, 1648. Also an appendix containing a succinct relation of all publick affairs till the restoration of K. Charles II. 1660 1660 ... By R. B. [pseud.] The 6th ed., rev. and cor. London, 1697. 184 p. front., illus., port. 231. DAY, WILLIAM ANSELL, ed. The Pythouse papers: correspondence concerning the civil war, the Popish plot, and a contested election in 1680. Transcribed from mss. in the possession of V. F. BenettStanford ... Ed., and with an introduction, by William Ansell Day London, 1879. 7, 98, 105 p.


Contains, among others, letters from Charles I to Prince Rupert, from Lord Percy to the King and Prince Rupert, and from William Bennett to Colonel Benett. 232. DEVEREUX, WALTER BOURCHIER. Lives and letters of the Devereux, earls of Essex, in the reigns of Elizabeth, James I., and Charles I., 1540-1646. By the Honorable Walter Bourchier Devereux ... London, 1853. 2 v. illus. (incl. coat of arms) 2 pl., 3 port. (incl. fronts.) 233. D'EWES, SIR SIMONDS. The autobiography and correspondence of Sir Simonds D'Ewes, bart., during the reigns of James I. and Charles I. Ed. by James Orchard Halliwell ... London, 1845. 2 v. fronts. (ports.)

"Journey of the Prince's servants into Spain," v. 2, p. 413-58, by Sir Richard Wynne.

234. D'EWES, SIR SIMONDS. College life in the time of James the First, as illustrated by an unpublished diary ... London, 1851. 8, 125 p.

Ed. by John Howard Marsden.

235. D'EWES, SIR SIMONDS. The diary of Sir Simonds D'Ewes, deciphered, for the period Jan. 1622-April 1624; with an index and introduction, and with notes for the year 1622 by Gladys A. Harrison. Minneapolis, 1915. 23, 306 p. typewritten.

Thesis. Minnesota. M.A.





Private memoirs of Sir Kenelm Digby written by himself with an introductory memoir [by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas]. London, 1827. 86, [2], 328 p. front. (port.) 237. D'OYLY, GEORGE. The life of William Sancroft, archbishop of Canterbury, comp. principally from original and scarce documents. With an appendix, containing Fur praedestinatus, Modern policies, and three sermons by Archbishop Sancroft. Also, a life of ... Henry Wharton; and two letters of Dr. Sanderson, now first published from the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth palace ... London, 1821. front. (port.) geneal. table.

2 v.

237a. [DRUMMOND, JOHN.] Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Locheill, chief of the clan Cameron. With an introductory account of the history and antiquities of that family and of the neighbouring clans. Edinburgh, 1842. 57, 30 p., I 1., 412 p. incl. front. (port.) Abbotsford club. Publications. no. 24.

Edited by James Macknight from an incomplete ms., supposed to be the original, supplemented by several ms. copies. Presented to the Abbotsford club by Bindon Blood and James Macknight. Pub. also as no. 59 of the Maitland club publications.

238. DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. The history of Saint Paul's cathedral, in London, from its foundation: extracted out of original charters, records, leiger-books, and other manuscripts, by Sir William Dugdale ... With a continuation and additions, including the republication of Sir William Dugdale's life from his own manuscript; by Henry Ellis ... London, 1818. 31, 500 p. illus., LXIX pl. (incl. front.: port.) 239. DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. The life, diary, and correspondence of Sir William Dugdale, knight, sometime Garter principal king of arms. With an appendix, containing an account of his published works, an index to his manuscript collections, copies of monumental inscriptions to the memory of the Dugdale family, and heraldic grants and pedi grees. Ed. by William Hamper ... London, 1827. 8, 529 p. 2 port. (incl. front.) facsim., geneal. tables.

"Account of Sir Wm. Dugdale's published works": p. [475]-498.

240. DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. Monasticon anglicanum; a history of the abbies and other monasteries, hospitals, frieries, and cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies in England and Wales; also of such Scotch, Irish and French monasteries as were in any

manner connected with religious houses in England ... London, 1846. 6 v. in 8. front. illus., pl., plans.


v. I has added t.-p. Half-title: Monasticon anglicanum: a new ed.
Sir Henry Ellis and ... Bulkeley Bandinel.


[blocks in formation]

241. DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. A perfect copy of all summons of the nobility to the great councils and parliaments of this realm, from the XLIX. of King Henry the III.d until these present times... Extracted from publick records, by Sir William Dugdale ... London, 1685. 6, 580, [26] p.


The acts and ordinances of the Eastland company; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the original muniments of the Gild of merchant adventurers of York, by Maud Sellers ... London, 1906. 88, 175 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. II.

243. ECHARD, LAURENCE. The history of England ... With a compleat index. By Laurence Echard ... London, 1718. 3 v. fronts., port.

V. I: 2d ed.

CONTENTS. V. I. From the first entrance of Julius Cæsar, to the end of the reign of King James the First. v. 2. From the beginning of the reign of King Charles the First to the restoration of King Charles the Second. v. 3. From the restoration of King Charles the Second, to the conclusion of the reign of King James the Second, and establishment of King William and Queen Mary.

244. ELLIS, SIR HENRY, ed. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters: from autographs in the British museum, and one or two other collections. With notes and illustrations by Henry Ellis ... 2d ed. London, 1825. 3 v. fronts.

CONTENTS.-V. I. 1418-1529. v. 2. To 1586. v. 3. To 1726.

245. ELLIS, SIR HENRY. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters; from autographs in the British museum, and one or two other collections. With notes and illustrations ... Second series ... London, 1827. 4 v. fronts.

Frontispiece to v. 1, fold. facsim.; v. 2, fold. pl.; v. 3, port.; v. 4, facsim.
CONTENTS.-V. I. 1400-1526. v. 2. To 1571. v. 3. To 1657. v. 4. To 1795.

246. ELLIS, SIR HENRY. Original letters, illustrative of English history; including numerous royal letters: from autographs in the British museum, the State paper office, and one or two other collections. With notes and illustrations Third series .. London, 1846. 4 v.

fronts. (ports.)



247. ELLIS, SIR HENRY. Original letters of eminent literary men of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries: with notes, and illustrations by Sir Henry Ellis ... London, 1843. 7, 460 p. front. (facsim.)

Camden soc. v. 23.

248. ELLWOOD, THOMAS. The history of the life ... London, 1829. 214 p. Autobiography, a collection of the most instructive and amusing lives ever published v. II.

"Sequel to the Life of Thomas Ellwood" p. 207-11.

"List of T. Ellwood's writings" p. 212-14.

249. THE ERROLL PAPERS 1188-1727. [Ed. by John Stuart.]

Spalding club miscellany 2:211-349.

250. EVELYN, JOHN. Memoirs illustrative of the life and writings of John Evelyn ... comprising his diary from the year 1641 to 1705-6 and a selection of his familiar letters. To which is subjoined, The private correspondence between King Charles I and ... Sir Edward Nicholas .. also between Sir Edward Hyde, afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard Browne Ed. by William Bray 2d ed. London, 1819. 2 v. fronts. pl. (partly fold.) ports.




251. EVELYN, JOHN. The life of Mrs. Godolphin. ... New ed. edited by Edward William Harcourt ... London, 1888. 24, 287 p. front. (port.)

Introduction, p. XIII-XXIV by Bishop Wilberforce.

252. EXETER.


Calendar of wills and administrations relating to the counties of Devon and Cornwall, proved in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Exeter, 1532-1800. Now preserved in the Probate registry at Exeter. Ed. by E. A. Fry. London, 1914. 6, 324 p. British record soc. The Index library. v. 46.

Half-title: Devonshire wills and administrations.

253. EXETER.


V. II.

Calendars of wills and administrations relating to the counties of Devon and Cornwall, proved in the Court of the Principal registry of the Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799. And of Devon only, proved in the Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter, 1540-1799. All now in the Probate registry at Exeter. Ed. by Edw. Alex. Fry. London, 1908. 23, 878 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 35.

254. EXTRACTS from the manuscript collections of the Reverend Robert Wodrow. 1605-1697. [ed. by John Stuart.]

Spalding club miscellany 2:149-73.

255. FAIRFAX, THOMAS FAIRFAX, 3rd baron. Short memorials of Thomas, Lord Fairfax. London, 1699.

Somers 5:374-98.

Another copy, Maseres, Select tracts 2:409-53.

Another copy, Stuart tracts: 351-402.

256. FANSHAWe, Anne (HARRISON) lady. The memoirs ... 1600-72; reprinted from the original manuscript ... with four photogravure portraits & twenty-nine other reproductions. London, etc., 1907. 42, 617 p. front., pl. (partly col.) ports., facsims.

257. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING, comp. Notes on the diplomatic relations of England and France 1603-1688; lists of ambassadors from England to France and from France to England, comp. by C. H. Firth and S. C. Lomas ... Oxford, 1906. iv, [5]-47 p.

258. FLETA, seu Commentarius juris anglicani sic nuncupatus, sub Edwardo rege primo, seu circa annos abhinc CCCXL. ab anonymo conscriptus, atque è codice veteri, autore ipso ipso aliquantulùm recentiori, nunc primùm typis editus. Accedit tractatulus vetus de agendi excipiendiq. formulis gallicanus, Fet assavoir dictus. Subjungitur etiam Joan. Seldeni ad Fletam dissertatio historica. Ed. 2., multis erroribus purgata. Londini, 1685. 4 p. 1., 553 (i.e. 555) p. 1 illus.

259. FORTH AND Brentford, PATRICK RUTHVEN, earl of. Ruthven correspondence. Letters and papers of Patrick Ruthven, earl of Forth and Brentford, and of his family: A.D. 1615-A.D. 1662. With an appendix of papers relating to Sir John Urry. Ed., from the original mss., by the Rev. William Dunn Macray ... London, 1868. 68, 182 p. Roxburghe club.

260. Fox, GEORGE. A journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that ancient, eminent and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox ... The first volume... London, 1694. 25, 18, 632 (i.e. 729), [16] p.

Preface by William Penn: 24 p. 1.
"Testimony of Margaret Fox”: p. i-ix.

Paging irregular: no. 188-288 repeated, 424-27 omitted.

The present work is regarded as v. 1 of the author's Collection of many select and Christian epistles... London, 1698.

261. [FRANKLAND, THOMAS.] The annals of King James and King Charles the First. Both of happy memory. Containing a faithful history, and impartial account of the great affairs of state, and transactions of parliaments in England, from the tenth of King James, M.DC.XII. to the eighteenth of King Charles, M.DC.XL.II. Wherein several material passages, relating to the late civil wars, (omitted in former histories) are made known ... London, 1681. I p. 1., [8], 913, [14] p.

Published anonymously.

In double columns, with marginal notes. Many errors in paging.

262. FRASER, JAMES. Chronicles of the Frasers; the Wardlaw manuscript entitled 'Polichronicon seu policratica temporum, or, The true genealogy of the Frasers.' 916-1674. By Master James Fraser ... ed. from the original manuscript, with notes and introduction, by William Mackay. Edinburgh, 1905. 15, 557 p. illus., facsim. Scottish history soc. v. 47.

263. [FULLER, THOMAS.] Abel redevivus: or, The dead yet speaking. The lives and deaths of the moderne divines, written by several able and learned men ... and now digested into one volume ... London, 1651. 10, 599 p. front. ports.

Fuller contributed some of the lives. Cf. Dict. of Nat. Biog.

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