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3669. [PHILLIPS, JOHN.] Sam. [Parker] ld. bp. of Oxon, his celebrated reasons for abrogating the test and notion of idolatry, answered by Samuel archdeacon of Canterbury. London, 1688. 22 p.

Another copy, Somers 9:160-67.

3670. [PIERCE, THOMAS.] A prophylactick from disloyalty in these perilous times. In a letter to... Herbert [Croft]...lord bishop of Hereford. To which (at some distance) will be added, A short discourse upon the anchor of the soul of the said lord bishop. London, 1688. 6 p.

Signed. Theophilus Philobasileus.

3671. A PLAIN ACCOUNT of the persecution, now laid to the charge of the Church of England. 1688.

Somers 9:167-73.

Another copy, State tracts 1660-89:322-26.

3672. [PONET, JOHN, bp. of Winchester.] Diallacticon viri boni et literati, de veritate, natura, atque substantia corporis et sanguinis Christi in eucharistia. London, 1688. 82 p.

3673. POPERY not founded on Scripture; or, The texts which papists cite out of the Bible, for the proof of the points of their religion, examin'd and shew'd to be alledged without ground. London, 1688. 879 p.

For the authorship of the various parts see Gee, Catalogue, (no. 4) p. 30.

3674. PRAYERS to be used in all cathedral, collegiate, and parochial churches and chapels, within this kingdom, during this time of publick apprehensions from the danger of His Majesties special command. n. p. [Oct. 11, 1688] 3 p.

3675. THE PRIMITIVE RULE of reformation according to the first liturgy of K. Edward VI. 1549. Containing an extract of the same, so far as it is popishly affected, together with several honourable testimonials thereof from church and state, of that, and of succeeding ages. As also the wishes of several churches and churchmen of the reformation, for reforming the said Liturgy. London, 1688. 8, 40 p.

3676. THE PROCEEDINGS and tryal in the case of the most reverend father in God, William, [Sancroft] lord archbishop of Canterbury and the right reverend fathers in God, William, [Lloyd] lord bishop of St. Asaph, Francis, [Turner] lord bishop of Ely, John, [Lake] lord bishop of Chichester, Thomas, [Ken] lord bishop of Bath and Wells, Thomas, [White] lord bishop of Peterborough and Jonathan, [Trelawny] lord bishop of Bristol, in the Court of Kings-Bench...1688. London, 1689. 4, 140 p. front.

3677. THE PROTESTANTS DOOM in popish times. 1688.

Somers 9:64-68.

Another copy, Harleian misc. 1:36-41.

3678. [PULTON, ANDREW.] A full and clear exposition of the protest-rule of faith, with an excellent dialogue laying forth the large extent of

Caption title.

true protestant charity against the uncharitable papists. [London, 1688?] 3679. PULTON, ANDREW. Some reflections upon the author and licenser of a scandalous pamphlet; called, The missioners arts discover'd. With the reply of A. Pulton to a challenge made him in a letter prefix'd to the said pamphlet. London, 1688. 14 p.

3680. THE REASONABLENESS of the Church of Englands test, and justness of her reformation, asserted; in answer to the Bishop of Oxon's fallacious reasons, and precarious assertions against it. n. p. 1688. 22 p. 3681. REFLEXIONS on Monsieur Fagel's letter. 1688.

State tracts 1660-89. 338-42.

3682. RIDLEY, NICHOLAS, bp. of London. An account of a disputation at Oxford, anno. Dom. 1554, with a treatise of the blessed sacrament: Both written by Bishop Ridley, martyr. To which is added a letter written by Mr. John Bradford, never before printed. All taken out of an original manuscript. Oxford, 1688, 22, 40, 12 p. 3682a. RIDLEY, NICHOLAS, bp. of London. A brief declaration of the Lords supper, written by Dr. Nicholas Ridley, bishop of London, during his imprisonment; with some other determinations and disputations concerning the same argument, by the same author. To which is annexed an extract of several passages to the same purpose... London, 1688. 7, 68 p. 3683. [SABRAN, LEWIS.] An answer to Dr. Sherlock's Preservative against popery. Shewing that protestancy cannot be defended, nor catholic faith opposed, but by principles which make void all reason, faith, fathers, councils, scripture, moral honesty. London, 1688. 8 p. 3684. SABRAN, LEWIS. The challenge of R. F. Lewis Sabran, of the Society of Jesus, made out against the historical discourse concerning invocation of saints. London, 1688. 8 p.

3685. [SABRAN, LEWIS.] Sherlock's Preservative considered. The first part, and its Defence, [by W. Giles] proved to contain principles which destroy all right use of reason, fathers, councils, undermine divine faith, and abuse moral honesty. In the second part forty malicious calumnies and forged untruths laid open; besides several fanatical principles which destroy all church-discipline, and oppose Christs divine authority. London, 1688. 2, 88 p.

3686. [SABRAN, LEWIS.] A letter to a peer of the Church of England clearing a point, touched in a sermon preached at Chester, before His most sacred Majesty, on the 28th of August. In answer to a postscript joyned unto the answer to Nubes testium. London, 1687. 10 p. 3687. [SABRAN, LEWIS.] A letter to Dr. William Needham, in answer to the third letter by him licensed written to Father Lewis Sabran of the

Society of Jesus. Wherein the said letter is examined and confuted.
London, 1688. 23 p.

3688. SABRAN, LEWIS. A reply of Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus,
to the answer to his Letter written to a peer of the Church of England,
by a nameless member of the same. [Gee.]
[Gee.] [London, 1687.] 8 p.

Caption title.

3689. SANCROFT, WILLIAM, abp. of Canterbury. The articles recommended by the Archbishop of Canterbury to all the bishops within his metropolitan jurisdiction, the 16th of July, 1688.

Somers 9:132-34.

3690. SANDERSON, ROBERT, bp. of Lincoln. A discourse concerning the church in these following particulars.

I. Concerning the visibility of the true church.

II. Concerning the Church of Rome.

III. Concerning protestant churches.

IV. An answer to this question; Where was your church before
Luther? London, 1688. 4, 27 p.

3691. [SAYWELL, WILLIAM.] The reformation of the Church of England justified, according to the canons of the council of Nice and other general councils, and the tradition of the Catholick church. Being an answer to a paper reprinted at Oxford, called (The schisme of the Church of England) demonstrated in four arguments. London, 1688. 4, 33 P.

3692. SCHELSTRATE, EMANUEL. A dissertation concerning patriarchal & metropolitical authority; in answer to what Edw. Stillingfleet, dean of St. Pauls, hath written in his book of the British antiquities. London, 1688. 7, 23, 128, 7 p.

3693. [SERGEANT, JOHN.] The schism of the Church of England &c. demonstrated in four arguments. Formerly props'd to Dr. Gunning and Dr. Pearson the late bishops of Ely and Chester, by two catholick disputants, in a celebrated conference upon that point. Oxon, 1688.


3694. THE SEVERAL DECLARATIONS together with the several depositions made in Council on Monday, the 22d of October 1688, concerning the birth of the Prince of Wales. London, [1688] 30 p. Clarendon hist. soc. reprints 2: no. 4.

3695. [SHERLOCK, WILLIAM.] A letter from a gentleman in the city, to his friend in the country. Containing his reasons for not reading the declaration. 1688.

State tracts 1660-89. 309-13.

3696. SHERLOCK, WILLIAM. A preservative against popery: Being some plain directions to unlearned protestants, how to dispute with Romish priests. The first part. London, 1688. 90 p.

3697. SHERLOCK, WILLIAM. The second part of the Preservative against popery: Shewing how contrary popery is to the true ends of the Christian religion. Fitted for the instruction of unlearned protestants. London, 1688. 91 p.

3698. SHERLOCK, WILLIAM. A sermon preached before the right honorable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London at Guild-HallChappel, on Sunday, Nov. 4, 1688. London, 1689. 2, 29 p.

3699. SHERLOCK, WILLIAM. A vindication of both parts of the Preservative against popery: In an answer to the cavils of Lewis Sabran, jesuit. London, 1688, 2, 111 p.

3700. SOME CONSIDERATIONS about the New test of the Church of England's loyalty in a letter from a country gentleman; occasioned by the present invasion. 1688.

Somers 9:198-203.

3701. SOME OBSERVATIONS concerning the regulating of elections for Parliament, found among the Earl of Shaftsbury's papers after his death, and now recommended to the consideration of this present Parliament. 1688.

Somers 8:396-403.

3702. SOME REFLECTIONS on a discourse [by William Penn] called, Good advice to the Church of England. 1688.

State tracts 1660-89. 363-71.

3703. SOME REFLECTIONS upon the additional libel, intituled, An instance of the Church of England's loyalty. 1688.

Somers 9:212-15.

3704. SPRAT, THOMAS, bp. of Rochester. A letter from the Bishop of Rochester to the Right honourable, the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, lord chamberlain of His Majesties household, concerning his sitting in the late ecclesiastical commission. London, 1688. 20 p.

3705. [STRATFORD, NICHOLAS.] A discourse of the pope's supremacy. Part I. In answer to a treatise intituled St. Peter's supremacy faithfully discuss'd according to Holy Scripture, and Greek and Latin fathers. And to a sermon of S. Peter, preached before Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, on St. Peter and St. Paul's day, by Thomas Godden, D. D. London, 1688. 128 p.

3706. [TENISON, THOMAS, abp. of Canterbury.] An answer to the letter of the Roman Catholick souldier, (as he calls himself). In a letter from C. D. to A. B., the examiner of his Speculum. The soldiers letter is added at the end. London, 1688. 10 p.

Attributed also to Henry Wharton.

3707. [TENISON, THOMAS, abp. of Canterbury.] A friendly debate between a Roman catholick and a protestant, concerning the doctrine of transubstantiation; wherein the said doctrine is utterly confuted, and

antichrist is clearly and fully described: With a challenge to all the Romish doctors, that preach and teach the said doctrine, to answer it. London, 1688. 44 p.

3708. THE THOUGHTS of a private person, about the justice of the gentlemens undertaking at York, Nov. 1688. Wherein is shewed, that it is neither against Scripture, not moral honesty, to defend their just and legal rights, against the illegal invaders of them. n. p. 1689. 2, 26 p. Another copy, State tracts 1660-89. 461-82.

3709. THREE CONSIDERATIONS proposed to Mr. William Pen, concerning the validity and security of his new Magna Charta for liberty of conscience. By a Baptist. [London, 1688.] 4 p.

Caption title.

3710. THREE DOUBTS proposed to the reverend bishops, which if resolved, all dissenters readily comply in all things with the Church of England. London, 1688, 5 p.

3711. THREE LETTERS. [1. From a Jesuit at Liege to a Jesuit at Fribourg. 2. From Father Petre to Father LaChaise. 3. The answer of Father LaChaise.] [London, 1688.] 8 p.

Caption title.

Probably forgeries.

Another copy. Somers 9:75-86.

3712. THREE LETTERS. II. A letter from a Jesuit of Liege, to a Jesuit of Friburg giving an account of the happy progress of religion in England. n. p. [1688] 24 p.

Caption title.

3713. THREE QUERIES and answers to them. [London, 1688.] 4 p.

Caption title.

3714. TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY; The humble address of the atheists, or the sect of the Epicurians. 1688. Somers 9:46-47.

3715. [TULLY, GEORGE.] An answer to a discourse [by A Woodhead] concerning the celibacy of the clergy, printed at Oxford. Oxford. 1688. 4, 96, 2 p:

3716. TWENTY-ONE CONCLUSIONS further demonstrating the schism of the church of England &c. Formerly offer'd in confutation of Dr. Hammond, and Bishop Bramhall. To which are added, some reasons tender'd to impartial people, why Dr. H. Maurice, chaplain to his grace of Canterbury, ought not to be traduc'd as the licenser of the pamphlet, entituled, A plain answer to a popish priest. Oxon, 1688. 15 P.

3717. VERTUE'S TRIUMPH at the suppression of vice. Being a discourse occasioned by His Majesty's royal proclamation against prophaneness and debauchery, June the twenty ninth, 1688. For the promoting and

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