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3813. SPRAT, THOMAS, bp. of Rochester. The Bishop of Rochester's second letter to the Right honourable, the Earl of Dorset and Middlesex, lordchamberlain of His Majesty's household. London, 1689. 64 p. 3814. [STEPHENS, EDWARD.] Reflections upon the occurences of the last year, from 5. Nov. 1688 to 5. Nov. 1689. Wherein the happy progress of the late revolution and the unhappy progress of affairs since, are considered, the original of the latter discovered, and the proper means for remedy proposed and recommended. London, 1689. 36 p. 3815. [STILLINGFLEET, EDWARD.] A discourse concerning the unreasonableness of a new separation on account of the oaths. With an answer to the History of passive obedience, so far as relates to them. London, 1689. 2, 42 p.

3816. [TENISON, THOMAS, abp. of Canterbury.] A discourse concerning the ecclesiastical commission open'd in the Jerusalem-Chamber, October the 10th, 1689. London, 1689. 27 p.

3816a. [WagstafFE, THOMAS.] A letter to the author of the late Letter out of the countrey, occasioned by a former Letter to a member of the House of commons concerning the bishops lately in the Tower and now under suspension. London, 1689. 8 p.

3817. WAKE, WILLIAM. An exhortation to a mutual charity and union. among protestants. In a sermon preach'd before the king and queen at Hampton-Court, May 21, 1689. London, 1689. 34 p.

3818. WELLWOOD, JAMES. A vindication of the present great revolution in England; in five letters pass'd betwixt James Welwood...and Mr. John March...occasion'd by a sermon preach'd by him on January 30, 1688-9, before the mayor and aldermen, for passive obedience and non-resistance... London, 1689. 2, 36 p.

3819. WHY the Rector of P

William and Queen Mary. 1689.

Somers 10:283-96.

took the oath of allegiance to King

3820. WILLIAM III. His Highness the Prince of Orange, his letter to the lords spiritual and temporal, assembled at Westminster in this present convention, January 22, 1688/9. London, 1689. 2 p.

3821. WILLIAM III. His Majesties most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Saturday, the sixteenth of March, 1688. [i. e. 1689.] London, 1688/9. 4 p.

3822. WILLIAM III. His Majesties most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Friday, the 21th of March, 1689. London, 1689. 4 p. 3823. WILLIAM III. His Majesty's most gracious speech in the House of lords, to the lords and commons, assembled at Westminster the eighteenth of February, 1688/9. London, 1689. 2 p.

3824. WILSON, JOHN.] The reduction of episcopacy unto the form of synodical government, received in the ancient church, proposed in the

year 1641 as an expedient for the prevention of those troubles which
afterwards did arise about the matter of church government episcopal
and presbyterial government conjoyned. n. p. 1689. 5 p.

1690 and later.

3825. COKE, ROGER. A detection of the court and state of England during the four last reigns, and the inter-regnum. Consisting of private memoirs, &c. with observations and reflections; also an appendix discovering the present state of the nation. London, 1694. 2 v.

See no. 221 for ed. 3. 1697.

3826. HOLLINGWORTH, RICHARD. A defence of King Charles I. occasion'd by the lyes and scandals of many bad men of this age. London, 1692. 36 p.

3827. HOLLINGWORTH, RICHARD. Dr. Hollingworth's defence of K. Charles the First's holy and divine book, called "Ekor Baσiλiký against the rude and undutiful assaults of the late Dr. Walker, of Essex. Proving, by living and unquestionable evidences, the aforesaid book to be that royal martyr's and not Dr. Gauden's. London, May 2 1692. 2, 27 p.

3828. LUDLOW, EDMUND. A letter from General Ludlow to Dr. Holling-
worth...defending his former letter to Sir E[dward] S[eymour]
which compared the tyranny of the first four years of King Charles
the martyr, with the tyranny of the four years of the late abdicated
King. And vindicating the Parliament which began in Novemb. 1640.
Amsterdam, 1692. 6, 72 p.

3829. LUDLOW, EDMUND. Ludlow no lyar; or, A detection of Dr. Holling-
worth's disingenuity in his second defence of King Charles 1. and a
further vindication of the Parliament of the 3d of Novemb. 1640, with
exact copies of the Pope's letter to K. Charles the First, and of his
answer to the Pope. Amsterdam, 1692. 64 p.
3830. LUDLOW, EDMUND. Truth brought to light; or, The gross forgeries
of Dr. Hollingworth, in his pamphlet intituled, The character of King
Charles the First, from the declaration of Mr. Alexander Henderson,
etc. detected. Being a vindication of Mr. Henderson and Dr. Walker,
from the Algate chaplain's vile scandals. To which is annex'd, a mani-
fest proof that Dr. Gauden (not King Charles I.) was the author of
Icon basilice, by a late happy discovery of his original papers upon
that occasion. London, 1693. 40 p.

3831. MANLEY, THOMAS. The present state of Europe briefly examined,
and found languishing; occasioned by the greatness of the French
monarchy; for cure whereof, a remedy (from former examples) is
humbly proposed. 1689.

Harleian misc. 9:233-44.

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3832. [MAURICE, HENRY.] Remarks from the country, upon the two letters relating to the convocation and alterations in the liturgy. London, 1689-90. 18 p.

3833. MEMOIRS of the Chevalier de St. George, with some private passages of the life of the late King James II. never before published. London, 1712. 52 p.

Clarendon hist. soc. reprints 2: no. 5.

3834. A MODEST VINDICATION of Oliver Cromwell from the unjust accusations of Lieutenant-General Ludlow, in his memoirs. Together with some observations on the memoirs in general. 1698.

Somers 6:416-42.

3835. A NEW HISTORY of the succession of the crown of England, and more particularly from the time of King Egbert till Henry the Eighth, collected generally from those historians who wrote of their own times... London, 1690. 6, 64 p.

3836. PARKER, SAMUEL, bp. of Oxford. A discourse sent to the late King James to pursuade him to embrace the Protestant religion... Το which is prefixed two letters; the first, from Sir Leolyn Jenkins, the second, from the said bishop, with the discourse. London, 1690. 32 p. 3837. PETTY, SIR WILLIAM. Political arithmetic, or a discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings; husbandry, manufactur[s], commerce, fishery, artizans, seamen, soldiers, public revenues, interest, taxes, superlucration, registries, banks; valuation of men, increasing of seamen; of militias, harbours, situation, shipping, power at sea, &c. London, 1690.

English garner 6:323-88.

Another copy, Later Stuart tracts. 1-66.

3838. [PETYT, GEORGE.] Lex parliamentaria: or, A treatise of the law and custom of parliaments. Shewing their antiquity, names, kind, and qualities... With an appendix of a case in Parliament between Sir Francis Goodwyn and Sir John Fortescue, for the knights place for the county of Bucks, 1. Jac. 1. The 2d ed., with large additions. London, [1690] 4 p. 1., 434 p.

3839. THE PLAIN DEALER. An essay, wherein are some remarks upon Mr. Thomas Long; but more particularly upon Dr. Hollingworth's book, where the character of the King Charles the First is inserted from the declaration of Mr. Alexander Henderson: which book he calls, A further defence of the King's holy book. London, 1692. 16 p.

3840. [SOMERS, JOHN SOMERS, 1st baron.] A vindication of the proceedings of the late Parliament of England, an. dom. 1689, being the first in the reign of their present majesties, King William and Queen Mary. London, 1690. 25 p.

Another copy, Somers 10:257-68.

3841. TOLAND, JOHN. The life of John Milton; containing, beside the history of his works, several extraordinary characters of men and books, sects, parties and opinions; with Amyntor; or, A defence of Milton's life... London, 1761. 259 p.

Originally pub. 1699.

3842. TRENCHARD, JOHN. A short history of standing armies in England. London, 1698. 8, 46 p.

3843. [WAGSTAFFE, THOMAS.] A defence of the vindication of K. Charles the martyr; justifying His Majesty's title to "Ekov Baσidik. In answer to a late pamphlet [by John Toland] intituled Amyntor. By the author of the Vindication. London, 1699. 90 p.

3844. [WALKER, ANTHONY.] A true account of the author of a book entituled "Eikov Baσıdıkη. . . . with an answer to all objections made by Dr. Hollingsworth and others, in defence of the said book. London, 1692. 37 P.

3845. WHITE AGAINST KENNET: or, Dr. Kennet's panegyrick upon the late King James... London, 1704. 16, 15 p.



Albemarle, George Monk, 1st duke

3846. CORBETT, JULIAN STAFFORD. Monk, by Julian Corbett. London, 1889. 6, 221, [1] p. front. (port.)

English men of action.

3847. GUIZOT, [FRANÇOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME] Memoirs of George Monk, duke of Albemarle. From the French of M. Guizot. Tr. and ed., with additional notes and illustrations, by the Hon. J. Stuart Wortley. London, 1838. 26, 321 p. incl. front. (port.)

First published without the author's name in Revue française in 1837, with title: Monk. Etude historique.

3848. GUIZOT, FRANCOIS, PIERRE GUILLAUME. Monk: or, The fall of the republic and the restoration of the monarchy in England, in 1660 ... Tr. from the Franch by Andrew R. Scoble. London, 1851. 16, 256 p. front. (port)

Alexander, Sir Jerome

3849. ROGERS, CHARLES. Notes in the history of Sir Jerome Alexander, second justice of the Court of common pleas, and founder of the Alexander Library, Trinity college, Dublin.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. I ser. 2:94-141.

Alleine, Joseph

3850. STANFORD, CHARLES. Joseph Alleine: his companions & times; a memorial of "Black Bartholomew," 1662. London, [1861] 8, 406 p. front.

Argyll, Archibald Campbell, 8th earl

3851. WILLCOCK, JOHN. The great marquess; life and times of Archibald, 8th earl, and Ist (and only) marquess of Argyll (1607-1661). Edinburgh and London, 1903. 23, 396 p. front., pl., port., facsim.

Appendices: 1. Particulars of family history. 11. Ballads connected with the Marquess of Argyll. 111. Letters from members of the Argyll family. IV. A letter from the Marquess of Argyll in 1642. v. A further examination of the charge against the Marquess of Argyll in Deeds of Montrose (Murdoch and Simpson), p. 277. VI. The famous six letters sent by Monck to secure Argyll's condemnation. VII. A contemporary broad-sheet describing the battle of Philiphaugh.

Argyll, Archibald Campbell, 9th earl

3852. WILLCOCK, JOHN. A Scots earl in Covenanting times: being life and times of Archibald, 9th earl of Argyll (1629-1685) ... Edinburgh, 1907. 448 p. front., 5 pl., 7 port., map, facsim.

Arlington, Henry Bennet, 1st earl

3853. BARBOUR, VIOLET. Henry Bennet, earl of Arlington, secretary of state to Charles II, by Violet Barbour ... Washington, 1914. XII, 303 p. Prize essays of the American historical association. 1913.

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