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Atkine, James, bp. of Galloway

A seventeenth century bishop: James

Atkine, bishop of Galloway, 1680-87.
Scottish hist. soc. 12:135-44.

Bacon, Francis

Bacon and Essex; a sketch of Bacon's 8, 229, 9 p.

earlier life. London, 1877.
works. London, 1885. 39, 508 p.

Francis Bacon, an account of his life and

3857. BACON, FRANCIS. The letters and the life of Francis Bacon including all his occasional works, namely letters, speeches, tracts, state papers, memorials, devises and all authentic writings not already printed among his philosophical, literary, or professional works, newly collected and set forth in chronological order with a commentary, biographical and historical, by James Spedding ... London, 1861-74. 7 v. front. (port.)

3858. CHURCH, RICHARD WILLIAM. Bacon ... London, 1884. 8, 227 p. English men of letters.

3859. DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH. Personal history of Lord Bacon. From unpublished papers. Boston, 1861. 424 P.

3860. DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH. The story of Lord Bacon's life. With portrait of Bacon, and vignette of old York house, by E. M. Ward. London, 1862. 6, 484 p. front. port.

3861. FOARD, J. F. The life and correspondence of Francis Bacon, viscount St. Albans, Lord chancellor of England ... London, 1861. 24, 568 p. front. (port.)

3862. RÉMUSAT, CHARLES DE. Bacon; sa vie, son temps, sa philosophie et de son influence jusqu'à nos jours. 2. ed. Paris, 1858. 15, 464 p. 3863. SPEDDING, JAMES. An account of the life and times of Francis Bacon. Extracted from the ed. of his occasional writings Boston, 1880. 2 v. front. (v. I, port)


3864. SPEEDING, JAMES. Evenings with a reviewer; or, Macaulay and Bacon ... With a prefatory notice by G. S. Venables ... London, 1881. 2 v.

Baxter, Richard

3865. DAVIES, JOHN HAMILTON. The life of Richard Baxter, of Kidderminster, preacher and prisoner ... London, 1887. 8, 447 p. front. (port.)

3866. ORME, WILLIAM. The life and times of Richard Baxter. London, 1830. 16, 820 p. front. (port.)

In Baxter, Richard. The practical works, v. I.

Blake, Martin

3867. CHANTER, JOHN FREDERICK. The life and times of Martin Blake, B. D. (1593-1673) vicar of Barnstaple and prebendary of Exeter cathedral, with some account of his conflicts with the Puritan lecturers and persecutions. By John Frederick Chanter ... London, 1910. 13, 179, [1] p. front., 3 pl., port.


Blake, Robert


3868. HANNAY, DAVID. Admiral Blake. London, 1888. 6, 194 p. English worthies.

Buckingham, George Villiers, 1st duke

3869. GIBBS, PHILIP H. The romance of George Villiers, first duke of Buckingham, and some men and women of the Stuart court. With twenty illustrations. London, [1908] 14, 402 p., 1 1. front., ports.

"List of authorities”: p. xiii-xiv.

3870. HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS of George Villiers 1. Duke of Buckingham. London, 1819. 54 p.

Smeeton 1: no. 7.

Buckingham, George Villiers, 2nd duke 3871. BURGHCLERE, WINIFRED ANNE HENRIETTA CHRISTINE (HERBERT) GARDNER, baroness. George Villiers, second duke of Buckingham, 1628-1687; a study in the history of the restoration, by Winifred, lady Burghclere ... London, 1903. vii p., 2 1., 414 p. 9 port. (incl. front.) fold. facsim.

Bunyan, John

3872. BROWN, JOHN. John Bunyan: his life, times and work ... With illustrations by Whymper. [3d ed.] Boston, 1888. 16, 504 p. front. (port.) illus., fold. facsim.

"Chronological list of Bunyan's works": p. [483]-488.

3873. CHEEVER, GEORGE BARRELL. Lectures on the Pilgrim's progress, and on the life and times of John Bunyan. Glasgow, 1846. 326 p. front. (port.)

3874. FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY. Bunyan. New York, 1880. 6, 178 p. English men of letters.

3875. VenableS, EDMUND. Life of John Bunyan

195 P.

Great writers.

Burnet, Gilbert, bp. of Salisbury


London, 1888.

3876. CLARKE, T. E. S. A life of Gilbert Burnet, bishop of Salisbury. 1. Scotland, 1643-1674, by T. E. S. Clarke ... 11. England, 16741715, with bibliographical appendixes, by H. C. Foxcroft ... With an introduction by C. H. Firth ... Cambridge, 1907.

Bibliography of Burnet's works: p. [522]-556; "List of letters from Gilbert Burnet known to be extant": p. [557]-566.

Carstares, William

3877. STORY, Robert HERBERT. William Carstares: a character and career of the revolutionary epoch. 1649-1715. ... London, 1874. 12 385 p. incl. front. (port.)

Clarendon, Edward Hyde, 1st earl

3878. CRAIK, SIR HENRY. The life of Edward, earl of Clarendon, lord high chancellor of England ... London, 1911. 2 v. fronts., ports.

3879. DAVIES, G. The date of Clarendon's first marriage.

Eng. hist. rev. 32:405-7.

3880. ELLIS, GEORGE AGAR. Historical inquiries respecting the character of Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon, lord chancellor of England. London, 1827. 182 p.

3881. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Clarendon's History of the rebellion. Eng. hist. rev. 19:26-54, 246-62, 464-83.

3882. REVIEW OF LISTER'S LIFE of Clarendon.

Quarterly rev. 62:505-66.

For the Life, see 311.

Coke, Sir Edward

220, 557, 773, 867 2927, 3883, 3884

3883. JOHNSON, CUTHBERT, WILLIAM. The life of Sir Edward Coke, lord chief justice of England in the reign of James I; with memoirs of his contemporaries... London, 1837. 2 v. front, (port.)

3884. TURNER, JESSE. Concerning divers notable stirs between Sir Edward Coke and his lady.

Amer. law rev. 51:883-93.

Colston, Edward

3885. GARRARD, THOMAS. Edward Colston, the philanthropist, his life and times; including a Memoir of his father; the result of a laborious investigation into the archives of the city, by Thomas Garrard. Ed. by Samuel Griffiths Tovey ... Bristol, 1852. 11, 507, [2] p. front. (port.)

Cork, Richard Boyle, 1st earl

3886. TOWNSHEND, DOROTHEA. The life and letters of the great Earl of Cork, by Dorothea Townshend ... London, 1904. xvi, 531, [1] p. 2 pl., 8 port. (incl. front.) map.

Cromwell, Oliver

3887. ABBOTT, WILBUR CORTEZ. The fame of Cromwell.

Yale rev. n. s. 2:315-49.

3888. ANDREWS, J[OHN] R[ICHARD] Life of Oliver Cromwell, to the death of Charles the First ... London, 1870 [1869] 15, 426 p. 3889. BALDOCK, THOMAS STANFORD. Cromwell as a soldier, by Lieut.-Col. T. S. Baldock ... London, 1899. 15, 538 p., fold, maps.

The Wolseley series.

3890. BANKS, JOHN. A short critical review of the political life of Oliver Cromwell, lord-protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Containing his descent, alliances, and first advances to popularity .. His military exploits .. His civil government and a summary of his character 5th ed. London, 1769. 4,




330 p. 3891. BISCHOFFSHAUSEN, SIGISMUND, FREIHERR VON. Die politik des protectors Oliver Cromwell in der auffassung und thätigkeit seines ministers des staatssecretärs John Thurloe, von dr. Sigismund freiherrn von Bischoffshausen. Im anhang die briefe John Thurloes an Bulstrode Whitelocke und sein bericht über die Cromwell'sche politik für Edward Hyde. Innsbruck, 1899. 15, 224 pp., 1 1. front. (port.) 3892. BOWMAN, JACOB N. The Protestant interest in Cromwells foreign relations ... Heidelberg, 1900. 8, 94 p.

3893. BRABOURNE, EDWARD HUGESSEN KNATCH BULL-HUGESSEN, 1st baron. The life, times, and character of Oliver Cromwell. By the Rt. Hon. E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen, M. P. New York, 1877. 108 p. 3894. BROSCH, MORITZ. Oliver Cromwell und die puritanische revolution. Frankfurt a. M., 1886. 10, 526 p.

3895. CHURCH, SAMUEL HARDEN. Oliver Cromwell, a history; comprising a narrative of his life, with extracts from his letters and speeches, and an account of the political, religious, and military affairs of England during his time ... New York, etc., 1894. 17, 524 p. front. (port.) fold. pl., plan.

3896. Clark, GEORGE HENRY.

Oliver Cromwell, with illustrations from
Boston, 1893. 9, 258, [5] p. front.,

old paintings and prints ...

3897. CROMWELL, THOMAS KITSON. Oliver Cromwell and his times, ed. 2. London, 1822. 16, 588 p. front. (port.)

3898. DOUGLAS, W[ILLIAM] S[COTT]. Cromwell's Scotch campaigns: 165051. London, 1898. 10, 308 p., I 1.

3899. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. The court of Cromwell.

Cornhill mag. n.s. 3:349-64.

3900. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Oliver Cromwell and the rule of the Puritans in England ... New York, 1900. 13, 496 p. front., illus., plates, ports, maps (1 fold.) plans, facsim.

Heroes of the nation.

3901. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Unpublished letters of Oliver Cromwell. Eng. hist. rev. 2:148-52.

3902. FORSTER, JOHN. Oliver Cromwell. Daniel De Foe. Sir Richard Steele. Charles Churchill. Samuel Foote. Biographical essays ... 3d. ed. London, 1860. 31, 487 p.

3903. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. Cromwell's constitutional aims. Contemporary rev. 77:133-42.


Cromwell's place in history. Founded on six lectures delivered in the University of Oxford, by Samuel Rawson Gardiner ... 3d ed. London, 1897. 4, 120 p.

3905. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. Mr. John Morley's Cromwell.

Contemporary rev. 78:821-34.

3906. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. Oliver Cromwell ... London, 1901. 4 p. 1, 319 p. front. (port.)

3907. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. Oliver Cromwell. Von Samuel Rawson Gardiner ... Autorisierte übersetzung aus dem englischen von E. Kirchner. Mit einem vorwort von professor A. Stern, Zürich. München, 1903. 6, 228 p.

Historische bibliothek. 17. bd.

3908. GUINEY, LOUISE IMOGEN. Cromwell's nickname: "The Brewer."

[blocks in formation]

3911. HAZLITT, WILLIAM. Oliver Cromwell: a biography compiled from contemporary and other sources. London, 1857. 375 p.

3912. HEADLEY, JOEL TYLER. The life of Oliver Cromwell. New York, 1888. 15, 446 p. front. (port.)

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3914. KIMBER, ISAAC. The life of Oliver Cromwell, lord protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland. Impartially collected from the best historians and several original manuscripts. ed. 4, with additions. London, 1741. 22, 408 p. front. (port)

See no. 297 for ed. 1. 1724.

3915. MERLE D'AUBIGNÉ, JEAN HENRI. The protector: a vindication ... New York, 1847. 281 p.


3916. MICHAEL, WOLFGANG. Cromwell, von Wolfgang Michael ... drei abbildungen ... Berlin, 1907. 2 v. fronts. (v. I port.) port. Geisteshelden (Führende geister)

3917. MORLEY, JOHN MORLEY, Ist viscount.

Oliver Cromwell, by John Morley, M. P. Fully illustrated with carefully authenticated portraits in public and private galleries, and with reproductions of contemporaneous prints in the British museum and the University of Oxford. New York, 1900. 8, 486 p. front., illus. (facsim.) plates, ports.

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