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Brief selections from a large number of authorities, chiefly contemporary.
Continued, in a later vol., to the rebellion of 1745.

CONTENTS.-v. 1. 1561-1625.-v. 2. 1625-1688.
4084. CHAMBERS, ROBERT. History of the rebellions in Scotland, under the

Marquis of Montrose, and others, from 1638 till 1660. Edinburgh,
1828. 2 v.

Constable's miscellany, v. 31-32.
4085. CHAMBERS, ROBERT. History of the rebellions in Scotland, under the

Viscount of Dundee, and the Earl of Mar, in 1689 and 1715. ...
Edinburgh, 1829. 10, (4), (15)-332 p.

Constable's miscellany, v. 42.
4086. CHEYNEY, EDWARD POTTS. The Court of Star chamber.

Amer. hist. rev. 18:727-50
4087. COLLIBER, SAMUEL. Columna rostrata: or, A critical history of the

English sea-affairs: wherein all the remarkable actions of the English
nation at sea are described, and the most considerable events (especially
in the account of the three Dutch wars) are proved, either from original
pieces, or from the testimonies of the best foreign historians. London,

1727. 6, 7-312, [8] p.
4088. COURTENAY, Thomas PEREGRINE. Lives of eminent British states-

men, v. 5. London, 1838. 14, 375 p.
Lardner, Cabinet cyclopaedia.

CONTENTS.—Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury. Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby. 4089. Cust, SIR EDWARD, bart. Lives of the warriors of the civil wars of

France and England. Warriors of the seventeenth century. London,
1867. 2 v. fold. map.

Paged continuously.

CONTENTS.—v. 1. Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte de Turenne. Louis 11 de Bourbon, prince de Condé. King Charles the First, of Great Britain. Robert Devereux, earl of Essex.—v. 2. Prince Rupert von Pfalz. Sir Thomas Lord Fairfax. James Graham,

marquis of Montrose. Oliver Cromwell. Appendix.
4090. Dale, ROBERT WILLIAM. History of English Congregationalism, by

R. W. Dale Completed and edited by A. W. W. Dale. 2d ed.
London, 1907. 12, 787 p.

“Appendix of authors": p. 751-67.
4091. DELBRÜCK, Hans. Ueber den politischen charakter der englischen

kirchenspaltung im siebzehnten jahrhundert.

Histor. zeit. 36:83-106. 4092. DEVERELL, WILLIAM TRAPNELL. The Pilgrims and the Anglican

church ... London, 1887. 328 p.
4093. EDMUNDSON, GEORGE. Anglo-Dutch rivalry during the first half of

the seventeenth century, being the Ford lectures delivered at Oxford
in 1910 ... Oxford, 1911. 176 p.

Bibliography: p. (1757-76.

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4094. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Ballads illustrating the relations of Eng

land and Scotland during the seventeenth century.

Scottish hist. rev. 6:113-28. 4095. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Naval songs and ballads, selected and

edited by C. H. Firth ... (London) 1908. 123, 387, 4 p.
Publications of the Navy records society. vol. 33.

A collection of ballads illustrating the history of the British navy from the sixteenth

to the middle of the nineteenth century." 4096. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Some seventeenth century diaries and


Scottish hist. rev. 10:329-46. 4097. FORSTER, John. Lives of eminent British statesmen, v. 2-4, 6, 7.

London, 1836-39.
Lardner, Cabinet cyclopaedia.

CONTENTS.-v. 2. Sir John Eliot, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford v. 3. John
Pym, John Hampden. v. 4. Sir Henry Vane, the younger. Henry Marten. v. 6. Oliver

Cromwell. v. 7. Oliver Cromwell. 4098. FORSTER, John. The statesmen of the commonwealth of England;

with a treatise on the popular progress in English history. Ed. by J. O. Choules. New-York, 1846. 42 p., 1 l., 647 p. front., pl., ports.

CONTENTS.-Sir John Eliot.—Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford.—John Pym.

John Hampden.-Sir Henry Vane, the younger.-Henry Marten.--Oliver Cromwell. 4099. FRASER, J. Puritanism.

Macmillan's mag. 58:72-80. 4100. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson. The first two Stuarts and the Puritan

revolution, 1603-1660 ... New York, 1890. 21, 222 p. 4 fold. maps (incl. front.)

Epochs of modern history. 4101. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson. History of England from the accession

of James 1. to the outbreak of the civil war, 1603-1642 ... New ed. London, 1894-96. 10 v. maps.

These volumes contain a republication of the material included in Gardiner's earlier History of England from the accession of James 1. to the disgrace of Chief Justice Coke, 1603-1616. London, 1863. 2 v.

Prince Charles and the Spanish marriage, 1617-1623. London, 1869.

History of England under the Duke of Buckingham and Charles 1., 1624-1628. Lon. don, 1875.

The personal government of Charles 1. from the death of Buckingham to the declaration of the judges in favour of ship-money, 1628-1637. London, 1877.

The fall of the monarchy of Charles 1, 1637-1642. London, 1881.

An interesting discussion of Gardiner's historical method is to be found in the Literary supplement of the London Times.

Sept. 25, 1919, by "Historian;" Oct. 2, by G. F. Abbott; Oct. 9, by A. P. Newton and X. Y. Z.; Oct. 16, by A. F. Pollard; Oct. 23, by “Historian;" Nov. 6, by C. H. Firth; Nov. 13, by Bertha M. Gardiner; Nov. 20, by “Historian"; and G. F. Abbott; Nov. 27, by C. H. Firth and W. Flinders Petrie; Dec. 4, by "Historian" and Bertha M. Gardiner; Dec. 18,

by C. H. Firth. 4102. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson. History of the great civil war, 1642

1649. London, 1893. 4 v. maps.

The original ed., in three vols., was pub. 1886-91.

2 V.

2 v.

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2 V.

2 V.

4103. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson. History of the commonwealth and

protectorate, 1649-1656. New ed. London, 1903. 4 v. maps.

It was Gardiner's intention to complete the history to 1660, and the title of the first ed., London, 1894-1903, carries this date, but his death occurred before the work was

finished. 4104. GEORGE, EDWARD AUGUSTUS. Seventeenth century men of latitude;

forerunners of the new theology ... New York, 1908. 18, 2 l., 3-199 p. 7 port. (incl. front.)

CONTENTS.-Men of latitude in a century of narrowness.—John Hales.-William Chillingworth.–Benjamin Whichcote.- John Smith.-Henry More.-Jeremy Taylor.-Sir Thomas

Browne.-Richard Baxter. Conclusion. 4105. GODWIN, WILLIAM. History of the commonwealth of England. From

its commencement, to the restoration of Charles the Second. ... London, 1824-28. 4 v.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. The civil war.-V. 2. To the death of Charles 1.-V. 3. From the death

of Charles I. to the protectorate.-V. 4. Oliver, lord protector. 4106. GONNER, EDWARD CARTER KERSEY. The progress of inclosure during

the seventeenth century.

Eng. hist. rev. 23:477-501. 4107. GOODMAN, WILLIAM. The social history of Great Britain during the

reigns of the Stuarts, beginning with the seventeenth century, being the period of settling the United States ... 3d ed. New York, 1847. 2 v.

front., illus. 4108. GRAHAM, JOHN. Annals of Ireland, ecclesiastical, civil and military,

from the 19th of March, 1535 to the 12th of July, 1691 ... London,

1817-18. 2 v. 4109. GREY, ZACHARY. A defence of our antient and modern historians

against the frivolous cavils of a late pretender to critical history (John Oldmixon). In which the false quotations and unjust inferences of the anonymous author are confuted and exposed in the manner they deserve ...

2d ed. To which is added an appendix by way of answer to the critical historian's review, &c. ... London, 1725. 6, 212, 36 p. 4110. GRIFFIS, WILLIAM Elliot. The influence of the Netherlands in the

making of the English commonwealth and the American republic, with notice of what the Pilgrims learned in Holland, their treatment by the government and people, and answers to criticisms made upon the proposed Delfshaven memorial. A paper read before the Boston Congregational club, Monday evening ... Oct. 26, 1891, by Wm. Elliot Griffis Boston, (1891) 40 p.

Map on cover. 4111. HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN. The English church from the accession

of Charles 1. to the death of Anne, (1625-1714) ... London, 1903.

9,368 p. front. (fold. map). 4112. INDERWICK, F[REDERICK] A[NDREW]. Side-lights on the. Stuarts;

... 2d ed. London, 1891. 4 p. 1., 434 p., 1 l. 4 pl. (incl. col. front.) 7 port., 6 facsim.

4113. JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE. Memoirs of the court of England during the

reign of the Stuarts, including the protectorate. London, 1840. 4 v.

fronts. 4114. KEITH, THEODORA. The economic causes of the Scottish union.

Eng. hist. rev. 24:44-60. 4115. KEITH, THEODORA. The influence of the Convention of the royal

burghs of Scotland on the economic development of Scotland before 1707.

Scottish hist. rev. 10:250-71. 4116. Keith, THEODORA. Scottish trade with the plantations before 1707.

Scottish hist. rev. 8:32-48. 4117. LAING, Malcolm. The history of Scotland, from the union of the

crowns on the accession of James vi. to the throne of England, to the union of the kingdoms in the reign of Queen Anne. The 3d ed., cor. With a preliminary dissertation on the participation of Mary, queen of Scots, in the murder of Darnley ... London, 1819. 4 v.

The “preliminary dissertation," with its appendix, occupies all of the first two volumes.

Vol. 4, p. [427)-522: Dissertation on the supposed authenticity of Ossian's poems. 4118. LEWIS, LADY MARIA THERESA (VILLIERS) LISTER. Lives of the

friends and contemporaries of Lord Chancellor Clarendon : illustrative of portraits in his gallery London, 1852. 3 v. fronts. (ports.)

"Descriptive catalogue of the collection of portraits at the Grove”: v. 3, p. 239-435.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. Lord Falkland. Lord Capell.-v. 2. Lord Capell (cont'd) William Seymour, marquis of Hertford, afterwards duke of Somerset. -v. 3. William Seymour,

marquis of Hertford, afterwards duke of Somerset (cont'd) 4119. LOMAS, SOPHIA CRAWFORD. The state papers of the early Stuarts and

the interregnum.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 16:97-132. 4120. LUBIMEN KO, INNA. Letters illustrating the relations of England and

Russia in the seventeenth century.

Eng. hist. rev. 32:92-103. 4121. MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY, ist baron. Miscel

laneous works. Ed. by his sister, Lady Trevelyan. Philadelphia, n. d. 10 v. front. plates.

Works relating to the Seventeenth century are the following: v. 1. Milton; v. 2. Hampden; v. 4. Lord Bacon.-Sir William Temple; v. 7. Francis Atterbury.-John Bunyan; v. 8. A conversation between Mr. Abraham Cowley and Mr. John Milton touching the great

civil war. 4122. MACDIARMID, John. Lives of British statesmen. A new ed. London,

1838. 14, 514 p. 4 port.

CONTENTS.—Sir Thomas More,-William Cecil, lord Burleigh.Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford.-Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon. 4123. MARSDEN, JOHN BUXTON. The history of the early Puritans; from

the reformation to the opening of the civil war in 1642. 2nd. ed. London, 1853. 16, 460 p.

4124. MARSDEN, John Buxton. The history of the later Puritans; from

the opening of the civil war in 1642, to the ejection of the non-conform

ing clergy in 1662 ... 2d ed. London, 1854. 8, 473 p. 4125. Matthew, TOBY, abp. of York. Collections for the lives of Toby

Mathew, archbishop of York, temp. Elizth. & Jas: 1, and of his son,
Sir Toby Mathew, knt: temp. Jas. 1 & Chas. I. 40 p.

Nineteenth cent. manuscript 4126. MATHIESON, WILLIAM Law. The Scottish Parliament, 1560-1707.

Scottish hist. rev. 4:49-62. 4127. MEYER, ARNOLD OSKAR. Der toleranzgedanke im England der Stuarts.

Histor. zeit. 108:255-94. 4128. MONTAGUE, FRANCIS CHARLES. The history of England from the

accession of James 1. to the restoration (1603-1660). London, 1907. 19, 514 p. 3 fold. maps.

The political history of England. 4129. NEAL, DANIEL. The history of the Puritans or protestant noncon

formists; from the reformation in 1517, to the revolution in 1688; comprising an account of their principles; their attempts for a farther reformation in the church; their sufferings and the lives and characters of their most considerable divines. New ed. Reprinted from the text of Dr. Toulmin's edition; with the life of the author and account of

his writings. Rev. cor. and enl. London, 1837. 3 v. 4130. NEWDIGATE-NEWDEGATE, ANNE EMILY (GARNIER) lady. Cavalier

and Puritan in the days of the Stuarts; compiled from the private papers and diary of Sir Richard Newdigate, second baronet, with extracts from ms. news-letters addressed to him between 1675 and 1686. By Lady Newdigate-Newdegate London, 1901. 15, 367, !1] p.

front. (port.) 4131. NotESTEIN, WALLACE. A history of witchcraft in England from 1558

to 1718 ... Washington, 1911. 14, 442 p. 4132. NOTESTEIN, WALLACE. The Stuart period: unsolved problems.

Amer. hist. asso. Annual report, 1916:391-99. 4133. (OLDMIXON, John.] The history of England, during the reigns of the

royal house of Stuart. Wherein the errors of late histories are discover'd and corrected; with proper reflections, and several original letters from King Charles II. King James II. Oliver Cromwell, &c. As also the Lord Saville's famous forg'd letter of invitation, which brought the Scots into England in the year 1640, and gave occasion to the beginning of the civil wars .. To all which is prefix'd, some account of the liberties taken with Clarendon's history before it came to the press, such liberties as make it doubtful what part of it is Clarendon's, and what not. The whole collected from the most authentick memoirs, manuscript and printed. By the author of the Critical history of England. London, 1730. 21, [1], 781, [22] p.

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