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4134. [OLDMIXON, JOHN]. Clarendon and Whitlock compar'd. To which is occasionally added, A comparison between the History of the rebellion and other histories of the civil war. Proving very plainly, that the editors of the Lord Clarendon's History, have hardly left one fact, or one character on the Parliament side, fairly represented; that the characters are all satire, or panegyrick, and the facts adapted to the one, or the other, as suited best with their design By the author of


the Critical history of England, &c. London, 1727. 39, 344 P., 9 1. 4135. OPEL, JULIUS OTTO. Elisabeth Stuart, königen von Böhmen, kur

fürsten von der Pfalz.

Histor. zeit. 23:289-328.

41 36. PAGET, JOHN. The new "Examen"; or, An inquiry into the evidence relating to certain passages in Lord Macaulay's History concerning 1. The Duke of Marlborough; II. The massacre of Glencoe; III. The Highlands of Scotland; IV. Viscount Dundee; v. William Penn.

Edinburgh, 1861. 15, 400 p.

4137. PALMER, JAMES FOSTER. Development of the fine arts under the Puritans.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 5:205-28.

4138. PERRY, GEORGE GRESLEY. A history of the Church of England, from the accession of Henry VIII to the silencing of Convocation in the eighteenth century. New York, 1878. 14, 690 p.


4139. THE PROGRESSES and court of James I.

Quarterly rev. 41:54-85.

4140. RAIT, ROBERT SANGSTER, ed. Five Stuart princesses: Margaret of Scotland, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Mary of Orange, Henrietta of Orleans, Sophia of Hanover, ed. by Robert S. Rait ... .. Westminster, 1902.

9 p. 2 1., 348 p. front., pl., ports.

CONTENTS.-Margaret, daughter of James 1. of Scotland, dauphine of France, by H. E. Butler.-Elizabeth of Bohemia, daughter of James 1. and VI., by R. H. Hodgkin.-Mary of Orange, daughter of Charles 1. and mother of William 111., by A. Cecil.-Henrietta of Orleans, daughter of Charles 1., by J. S. C. Bridge.-Sophia of Hanover, grand-daughter of James 1. and vi., and mother of George 1., by the editor. 4141. RANKE, LEOPOLD VON.

seventeenth century ...

A history of England principally in the Oxford, 1875. 6 v.

4142. ROUTH, ENID M. G. The attempts to establish a balance of power in Europe during the second half of the seventeenth century.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 18:33-76.


4143. RYAN, P. F. WILLIAM. Stuart life and manners, with twelve illustrations. London, [1912]. II, 345, [1] p. front., ports. 4144. SAYOUS, ÉDOUARD. ... Les deux révolutions d'Angleterre (16031689) et la nation anglaise au XVIe siècle ... Paris, 1891. 256 p. illus. ports.

Bibliothèque d'histoire illustrée.

4145. SEALY, Lucy. The champions of the crown. With twelve illustra-
tions. London, [1911]. 5 p. 1., 329, [1] p. front., ports.

CONTENTS.-Two champions of the north: The Marquis of Newcastle; Sir Marmaduke
Langdale.-Two champions of the west: The Marquis of Hertford; Sir Ralph Hopton.-
A champion of the Fens: The Earl of Lindsey.-A champion from the midlands: Sir Jacob
Astley. The champion of the blood royal: Prince Rupert.-A champion of the constitution:
Lucius Cary, viscount Falkland.-A champion of adventure: George, lord Digby.-The
champion of Scotland: The Marquis of Montrose.-Index.

4146. SKEEL, CAROLINE A. J. The council in the Marches of Wales; a study
in local government during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, by
Caroline A. J. Skeel ... Thesis approved for the degree of Doctor
of literature in the University of London... London, 1904. 16, 308 p.
Girton college studies. II.

List of authorities: Manuscripts (p. ix-xii) Printed books (p. xiii-xvi)

4147. SKEEL, CAROLINE A. J. The council of the Marches in the seventeenth century.

Eng. hist. rev.30:19-27.



Three English statesmen: a course of lectures on the political history of England. London, 1867. 3, 112 p. CONTENTS.-Pym.-Cromwell.-Pitt.-Appendix: The ancient freeholders of England. 4149. SPEDDING, JAMES. Evenings with a reviewer; or, Macaulay and Bacon with a prefatory notice by G. S. Venables... London, 1881. 2 v. 4150. STERN, ALFRED. Ueber die politische poesie Englands zur zeit der ersten revolution (1640-1660).






Histor. zeit. 26:401-22.


4151. STOUGHTON, JOHN. History of religion in England from the opening

of the long Parliament to 1850 ... ed. 5. London, 1901. 8 v.


4152. SWAINE, S. A. The English acquisition and loss of Dunkirk.

v. 1-5 relate to the Seventeenth century.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 1:93-118.

4153. TAYLOR, ADAM. The history of the English Baptists. In two parts. London, 1818. 2 v.

Pt. 1. The English general Baptists of the Seventeenth century.

4154. TEALE, WILLIAM HENRY. Lives of English divines: Bishop Andrewes,
Doctor Hammond, Bishop Bull, Bishop Wilson, Jones of Nayland...
London, 1848. 15, 419 p. front., ports.

4155. TEMPERLEY, HAROLD WILLIAM VAZEILLE. Documents illustrative of
the powers of the Privy council in the seventeenth century.
Eng. hist. rev. 28:127-31.

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and procedure 1603-1707; with an appendix of documents... Glasgow,
1905. 10, 228 p.

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A history of England, ed. C. W. C. Oman.



4158. Usher, ROLAND GREENE. Critical study of the historical method of Samuel Rawson Gardiner. St. Louis, 1915. 159 p.

Washington univ. studies.


The reconstruction of the English

church, by Roland G. Usher ... New York and London, D. Appleton

and company, 1910. 2 v. illus. (maps.)

Bibliography: v. 2, p. 370-414.

4158 b. USHER, ROLAND GREENE. mission, by Roland G. Usher 380 p.

The rise and fall of the High com-
Oxford, Clarendon press, 1913.


Appendix 1. Clauses from statutes and letters patent: p. [335]-344.-Appendix 11. A list of the commissioners for causes ecclesiastical in the province of Canterbury, 1549-1641: p. 345-61.-Appendix 111. Bibliography: p. 361-73.

4158 c. USHER, Roland GREENE. Some critical notes on the works of S. R. Gardiner.

Amer. hist. asso. Annual report, 1910. p. 123-32.

4158 d. USHER, Roland GreenE. Unsolved legal and institutional problems in the Stuart period.

Amer. hist. asso. Annual report, 1916:401-4.

4159. WAKEMAN, HENRY OFFLEY. The church and the Puritans, 1570-1660. 3rd. ed. London, 1892. 10, 208 p.

Epochs of church history.

4160. WEINGARTEN, HERMANN. Die revolutionskirchen Englands; ein beitrag zur inneren geschichte der englischen kirche und der reformation...

12, 451 p.


Memorials of the English affairs: or, An historical account of what passed from the beginning of the reign of King Charles the First, to King Charles the Second his happy restauration. Containing the publick transactions, civil and military. Together with the private consultations and secrets of the cabinet. London, 1682. 4 p. 1., 704, [15] p.

See 516.

"Published by Arthur, earl of Anglesea, who took considerable liberties with the ms."— Lowndes, Bibliographer's manual.

4162. WILLIAMS, BASIL. A note on the export trade of Ireland in 1641, 1665 and 1669.

Eng. hist. rev. 22:754-58.

4163. WILLIAMS, J. B. A history of English journalism to the foundation of the Gazette, by J. B. Williams ... London, 1908. 11, 293 p. front. (port.) 5 facsim.

Appendices: A. Royalist mercury [copy of a Royalist periodical describing events at the murder of King Charles 1] B. A newsletter. c. Some titles of "Corantos" in the Burney collection. D. Catalogue of periodicals from 1641 to 1666 inclusive, p. 218-65.

The substance of articles recently printed in the Nineteenth century and after and the English historical review. cf. Pref.

4163 a. WILLIAMS, J. B. The newsbooks and letters of news of the Restoration.

Eng. hist. rev. 23:252-76.

4164. WILLIAMSON, GEORGE CHARLES. Historical evidence and information gathered from the traders' tokens of the seventeenth century and from the minor currency.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 4:171-96.


4165. BRYDGES, SIR SAMUEL EGERTON. Memoirs of the peers of England. During the reign of James the First ... vol. I. London, 1802. 73, 545, pl., 3 port. (incl. front.).

Postscript signed S. E. B.

"No more published."-Brit. mus. Catalogue.

4166. BRISTOL, JOHN DIGBY, 1st earl. The Earl of Bristol's defence of his negotiations in Spain. Ed. from mss. in the Bodleian Library and the Public record office by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1871. 39, 56 p.

Camden soc. v. 104.

4167. CHANCELLOR, E[DWIN] BERESFORD. The life of Charles I., 1600-1625. Taken from authentic sources ... London, 1886. 13, 180 p. 9 port. (incl. front.)

"A list of the principal authorities quoted or mentioned in the foregoing pages": p. 166-69.

4168. CHRISTIE, RICHARD COPLEY. Vanini in England.

Eng. hist. rev. 10:238-65.

4169. DURHAM, FRANCES HERMIA. The relations of the crown to trade under James I.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 13:199-247.

4170. FARRER, JAMES ANSON. A royal book-burner.

Gentlemen's mag. 267:284-93.

4171. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. The ballad history of the reign of James I. Royal hist. soc. Trans. 3 ser. 5:21-61.

4172. FRERE, WALTER HOWARD. The English church in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I. (1558-1635)



London, 1904. 13, 413 p.

In the time of Sir John Eliot-three studies in English history of the seventeenth century... Northampton,

[1919.] 3, [71]-133 P.

Smith college studies in history. v. 4, no. 2.

CONTENTS. Sir John Eliot and John Nutt, the pirate.-James and the Parliament of 1621.-The Negotium posterorum.

4174. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. The thirty years' war, 1618-1648. New

York, 1889. 25, 237 p. front. (fold. map).

Epochs of history.

4175. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. What gunpowder plot was ... London, 1897. 8, 208 p. incl. front., illus.

Reply to J. Gerard's "What was the gunpowder plot?" London, 1896.

4176. GAY, EDWIN FRANCIS. The midland revolt and the inquisitions of depopulation of 1607.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 18:193-244.

4177. GERARD, JOHN. Thomas Winter's confession and the gunpowder plot. By the Very Rev. John Gerard, s. J. New York, 1898. 16, 23 p. incl. facsim.

4178. GERARD, JOHN. What was the gunpowder plot? The traditional story tested by original evidence. [2d ed.] London, 1897. 14, [2], 290 p. front., illus.

4178 a. HOWELL, JAMES. Two letters of James Howell.

Eng. hist. rev. 9:127-30.

4179. JAMES 1. The political works of James 1, reprinted from the edition of 1616; with an introduction by Charles Howard McIlwain ... Cambridge, 1918. 111, 354 p.

Half-title: Harvard political classics vol. I.


CONTENTS.-Introduction: Appendix A. The Tudor literature on church and state. Appendix B. Crowell's interpreter. Appendix c. James and the Puritans. Appendix D. A conference about the next succession to the crown of England, and other books by Robert Parsons. Appendix E. Bibliography.-The political works of James 1: Basilikon Doron. The trew law of free monarchies. An apologie for the oath of allegiance. A premonition to all Christian monarches, free princes and states. A defence of the right of kings, against Cardinall Perron. Speech of 1603-1604. Speech of 1605. Speech of 1607. Speech of 16091610. Speech in the Star chamber, 1616.-Index.

4180. JARDINE, DAVID. A narrative of the gunpowder plot. ...

1857. 20, 351 p.


4181. KEEP, ALFRED PERCIVAL PERCEVAL. Star chamber proceedings against the Earl of Suffolk and others.

Eng. hist. rev. 13:716-29.

4182. KING JAMES and the English Puritans: an unpublished document.

Blackwood's mag. 188:402-13.

4183. KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN. A case of witchcraft.

Amer. hist. rev. 23:1-19.

4184. LATHBURY, THOMAS. Guy Fawkes; or, The gunpowder treason,

A. D. 1605; with a development of the principles of the conspirators: and an appendix on the anonymous letter. 2d ed. enl. London, 1840. 8, 150 p. fold. front.

4185. MARSDEN, REGINALD GODFREY. English ships in the reign of James 1. Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser. 19:309-42.

4187. OPPENHEIM, MICHAEL. The royal navy under James I.

Eng. hist. rev. 7:471-96.

4188. PEEL, ALBERT. A Puritan survey of the church in Staffordshire in 1604.

Eng. hist. rev. 26:338-52.

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