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Sir Richard Grosvenor; critically edited, with an introduction dealing
with the general character of the Commons journals, "separates,"
parliamentary news-letters, parliamentary compilations, etc., in the
early seventeenth century. By Wallace Notestein and Frances Relf.
Minneapolis, 1921.

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bellion ... London, 1858. 6, [2], 630, [2] p. fold. pl.

CONTENT6.-From Tudor to Stuart.-Puritanism: religious and social.--Antecedents and first years of King Charles.-Early life of Oliver Cromwell.-Constitutional returns to the Long Parliament.-Strafford and Pym.-Parliamentary royalism.--The Earl of Essex.

Long-Marston moor.-Cavalier and Roundhead letters: A. D. 1645.-Appendix.
4272. SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY LAWRENCE. The genesis of the Grand

remonstrance from Parliament to King Charles 1. Urbana, (1902).
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Nugent; in reply to a letter from his Lordship touching an article in the Quarterly review, by the author of that article. London, 1833.

96 p.

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The Prince Consort prize, 1910.
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shire, 1642-1646; and the Scottish invasion of 1651 ... Birmingham,

1905. 6, 267 p. front., plates, maps, plan. 4287. WORDS WORTH, CHRISTOPHER. “Who wrote Eixùy faoideah?" consid

ered and answered, in two letters, addressed to His Grace the Arc.bishop of Canterbury. London, 1824. 8, 413, (1) P.

8 Documentary supplement to Who wrote Eiker Baoluky?" Including recently discovered letters and papers of Lord Chancellor Hyde,

and of the Gauden family ... London, 1825. 2 p. 1., 50 p. incl. i facsim. 4288. WYNDHAM, EDMUND. A royalist account of the withdrawal of the

King's forces from Taunton, 13 Dec. 1644.
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Commonwealth, 1650-51.

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Vol. 1, published in 1864, has t..p.: Omitted chapters of the history of England, from

the death of Charles 1. to the battle of Dunbar. Later ed. has title as above. 4295. BRAILSFORD, MABEL R. Cromwell's Quaker soldiers.

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Fifth monarchy men in England during the interregnum ... Washington, 1912. 12, 258 p.

Prize essay of the American historical association, 1911.
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Royal hist. soc. Trans. 2 ser.


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Blake and the battle of Santa Cruz.

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1658. London, 1909. 2 v.

The last years of the protectorate, 1656illus., plans.

"These volumes are intended to be a continuation of the 'History of the commonwealth and protectorate' which Dr. S. R. Gardiner left unfinished.”—Pref.

4317. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. A letter from Oliver Cromwell to his

son Henry.

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4332. INDERWICK, FREDERICK ANDREW. The interregnum (A. D. 16481660); studies of the commonwealth, legislative, social, and legal. London, 1891. 2 p. 1., 7, 340 p. col. front.

CONTENTS.-Experiments in legislation.-The people's compensation for the abolition of royalty. The germ of religious toleration.-The administration of justice and reforms of the law. The high courts of justice.-Celebrated trials under the commonwealth: John Lilburn for seditious libels; Christopher Love for participation in the Presbyterian plot; Major Falconer for perjury; Don Pantaleone Sa for the murder of Mr. Greenway; Miles Sindercombe for an attempt to assassinate the protector.-Cromwell.-List of the circuits during the commonwealth.

4333. JENKS, EDWARD.... The constitutional experiments of the Commonwealth. A study of the years 1649-1660. Thirlwall dissertation, 1889. Cambridge, 1890. 2 p. 1., 4 p., 2 l., 154 p.

Cambridge historical essays. no. III.

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