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Publications of the University of Manchester. Historical ser. no. xII.

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"Principal authorities consulted": v. 1, p. [xxii]-xxiv.

Bibliography: v. 2, p. [1409]-1423.

4409. OVERTON, J[OHN] H[ENRY]. Life in the English church (1660-1714). London, 1885. 14, 376 p.

"List of authorities": p. [357]-68.

4410. PAGÈS, GEORGE. À propos de la guerre anglo-hollandaise de 1665


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Bell's English history source books.

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4421. SEATON, ALEXANDER ADAM. The theory of toleration under the later Stuarts Cambridge, 1911. 7 [1], 364 p.


Cambridge historical essays.

The Prince Consort prize, 1910.

Bibliography: p. [346]-50.

No. XIX.

4422. SIDNEY, PHILIP. The eldest son of Charles II.

Westminster rev. 159:217-22.

4423. SKEEL, CAROLINE A. J. The Canary company.

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"List of works quoted": p. 449-54.

4425. TANNER, JOSEPH ROBSON. The administration of the navy from the restoration to the revolution.

Eng. hist. rev. 12:17-66; 12:679-710; 13:26-54; 14:47-70.

4426. TAYLOR, WILLIAM F. ... England under Charles II. From the restoration to the treaty of Nimeguen, 1660-1678; extracts from contemporary records, arranged and ed. by W. F. Taylor. London, [1889] II, 180 p., 1 1. front., pl., ports.

English history from contemporary writers.

4427. TEMPERLEY, HAROLD WILLIAM VAZEILLE. Inner and outer cabinet and Privy council, 1679-1783.

Eng. hist. rev. 27:682-99.

4428. TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD. The Duke of Monmouth's instructions in June, 1679.

Eng. hist. rev. 20:127-29.

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4432. BURGHCLERE, WINIFRED. A courtier of James the Second.

Quar. rev. 203:548-71.

4433. FOX, CHARLES JAMES. A history of the early part of the reign of James the Second; with an introductory chapter. To which is added an appendix. London, 1808. 40, 293 p., I l., 151 p. front. (port.) Editor's preface signed: Vassall Holland.

The appendix contains "Correspondence between Louis xiv. and M. Barillon on Eng. lish affairs, from Dec. 1584 [i.e. 1684] to Dec. 1585 [i.e. 1685]" and a few other pieces.

4434. HALE, EDWARD. The fall of the

[blocks in formation]

Epochs of modern history.

Stuarts, and western Europe from 11, [1], 240 p. incl. maps. front.,

4435. KING, HAROLD LEE. Brandenburg and the English revolution of 1688. Oberlin, 1914. 61 p.

Inaug. diss. Freiburg i. Br.

4436. LUBIMENKO, INNA. A project for the acquisition of Russia by

James II.

Eng. hist. rev. 29:246-56.

4437. MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY, 1st baron. The history of England from the accession of James the Second. London, 1849-61. 5 v.

4438. MACKINTOSH, SIR JAMES. History of the revolution in England in 1688; comprising a view of the reign of James II, from his accession to the enterprise of the Prince of Orange, and completed to the settlement of the crown. To which is prefixed a notice of the life, writings and speeches of Sir James Mackintosh. Faris, 1834. 2 v.

4439. MOORE, GEORGE. The history of the British revolution of 1688-9; recording all the events connected with that transaction in England, Scotland and Ireland, down to the capitulation of Limerick, in 1691, in the last of these kingdoms, inclusive... London, 1817. 8, 579 p. 4440. Tanner, JOSEPH RORSON. Naval preparations of James II.

Eng. hist. rev. 8:272-83.

4441. TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD. The siege of Edinburgh castle, MarchJune, 1689.

Scottish hist. rev. 2:163-72.

4442. WARD, ROBERT PLUMER. An historical essay on the real character and amount of the precedent of the revolution of 1688: in which the opinions of Mackintosh, Price, Hallam, Mr. Fox, Lord John Russell, Blackstone, Burke, and Locke, the trial of Lord Russell, and the merits of Sidney, are critically considered. London, 1838. 2 v.


Appendixes: no. 1. Copy of a letter from Col. Ambrose Norton [Nov. 1688.]—no. 11. Speech of Denzill Holles, in 1660, to King Charles 11.-no. 111. Opinions of Mackintosh and Hallam upon the debates in the Convention parliament, 1689.-no. IV-V. Opinions of Mr. Fox, and of Locke.-no. vi. Of Lord Russell, and Algernon Sidney.-no. vii. The Oxford decree.


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