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The index includes names of all authors so far as they can be identified; of all persons
mentioned in the titles; references from the title to the author in the case of anonymous and
pseudonymous works and title references for those of unknown authorship. A few of the more
important references to place and event are also given. Noblemen are entered under their titles,
with references from the family names. When a nobleman or a bishop was known under successive
designations, the last is used.


Abbey and other church-lands,
Willes, John


Abbot, George, abp. of Canterbury, 39,
808, 813

Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 3855, 3856
George Frederick, 4101

Wilbur Cortez, 3887, 4016, 4368-

Abel redevivus, see Fuller, Thomas
Abney, John Rutledge, 303

Abominations of the Church of Rome,

Absolute impossibility of transubstantia-

tion demonstrated, see Johnson, Sam-

Accompt of Scotland's grievances, 2923
Abstract of a treatise concerning the pay-
ment of tythes, 967

Abridgement of the prerogatives of St.
Ann, see Clagett, William
Account given to the Parliament, see
Cheynell, Francis

- of a disputation at Oxford, see Rid-
ley, Nicholas

-of Queen Mary's methods for intro-
ducing popery, 3124

of the bloody massacre in Ireland,

of the burial of King Charles the
First, 2521

of the coming up of Tho. earl of
Danby, 3210

- of the gains of the late speaker,
William Lenthall, 2522

of the late proposals of the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury, 3567

of the life and death of the blessed
Virgin, see Fleetwood, William

of the private league betwixt the late
King James II. and the French King,

of the private league between K.
Charles II and the French King, 3736
- of the proceedings at the sessions for
the city of Westminster, 3051

of the reasons which induced Charles
the Second, King of England, to
declare war, 2891

of what passed at the execution of
the late Duke of Monmouth, 3354

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

R. C., 4289

Anderton, James, 730

Andrewes, Lancelot, bp. of Winchester,

46, 59a-62, 716, 723, 1000, 2344, 2709,
2937, 4154

Andrews, Eusebius, 2207

John, 3212, 3213

- John Richard, 3888
Angier, John, 1399

Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, 1st earl, 178,
364, 2375, 2955, 2956, 2966, 3234
Anglia notitia, see Chamberlayne, Ed-

Animadversions on a late paper, se. Cave,

on the eight theses, see Smalridge,

on the last speech of Russel, 3265
upon a paper entitld Considerations,


upon a paper entitled, The speech
Russell, see Settle, Elkanah
upon a pretended answer to Mijn
Heer Fagel's letter, 3574

upon the armies remonstrance, 1857
upon the speech of William (late)
viscount Stafford, 3126
upon those notes, 1143

Annals of King James and King Charles,
see Frankland, Thomas
Annesley, Arthur, see Anglesey, Arthur
Annesley, 1st earl

- Sir Francis, see Valentia, Francis
Annesley, 1st viscount

Annotations upon the earle of Straffords
conclusions, 970

upon the late protestation, 1144
Another great victory obtained by the
Lord Lambert, 2376

Anstruther, Robert, 392

Answer or necessary animadversions,


- from the country, to a late letter
to a dissenter, 3449

of a minister of the Church of Eng-
land, 3450

- of some if not all the citizens of
London, 2377, 2422

to a book entituled Reason and au-
thority, see Bambridge, Thomas
to a discourse against transubstan-
tiation, see Gother, John

to a discourse concerning the celibacy
of the clergy, see Tully, George
-to a discourse intituled Papists pro-
testing, see Sherlock, William

to a late dialogue, see Sherlock, Wil-

to a late printed paper, see Wil-
liams, John, bp. of Chichester
to a letter to a dissenter, 3451
to a letter to Dr. Burnet, see Bur-
net, Gilbert, bp. of Salisbury
to a letter written by a member of
Parliament, 3005

to a paper entituled, A true narra-
tion, 2275

to a paper importing a petition, 3575
to a paper printed with allowance,
see Burnet, Gilbert

to a printed book, see Digges, Dudley
to a scandalous lying pamphlet, 1146
to a scandalous pamphlet, see Payne,

to Doctor Fernes reply, see Herle,

to Dr. Sherlock's Preservative

against popery, see Sabran, Lewis
to mis-led Doctor Fearne, see
Herle, Charles

to M. de Meaux's book, 3452
to Monsieur Talon's plea, 3576
to Prince Rupert's declaration, 1400
to some considerations, see Atter-
bury, Francis, bp. of Rochester
to some papers, lately printed, see
Stillingfleet, Edward, bp. of Worces-


to the address presented to the min-
isters, see Williams, John, bp. of

to the Amicable accommodation, see
Sherlock, William

Answer to the appeal from the country,
see L'Estrange, Sir Roger

to the author of the Letter to a
member of the convention, 3740
to the Bishop of Condom, see Gil-
bert, John

to the Bishop of Rochester's first
letter, 3741

to the Bishop of Rochester's second
letter, 3742

to the city-conformists letter, 3577
to the city ministers letter, 3578, 3763
to the compiler of the Nubes testium,
see Gee, Edward

to the eighth chapter of the Repre-
senter's second part, see Taylor,

to the letter of the Roman catholick
souldier, see Tenison, Thomas

to the letter to a dissenter, 3453

to the Lord George Digbies apology
for himself, 1401

to the Lord Digbies speech, 971
to the merchants letter, 3054

-to the order of the Middlesex jus-
tices, see Whitaker, Edward

to the rattle-heads, 1147

to the representer's reflections, see
Clagett, Nicholas

to the request to Protestants, see
Sherlock, William

to the Scots declaration, 1858
to the severall petitions, 2254

- to those questions propounded by the
Parliament, see Backwell, T.
Answerable remonstrance, 1148
Antichristian principle fully discovered,

Antidote against poison, see Shower, Sir

Antiquity of the protestant religion, see
Pelling, Edward

Antithelemite, or an answer to certain
quaeres, see Maurice, Henry

Apologie for the Church of England, see
Bohun, Edmund

Apology and advice for some of the
clergy, 2924

for the builder, 3357

for the pulpits, see Williams, John
for the royal party, see Evelyn, John
of Robert Tichborn and John Ireton,
Apostate protestant, see L'Estrange, Sir

Appeal from the country to the city, see
Blount, Charles

to the orthodox ministers, 972
-to the Parliament concerning the
poor, see Lawson, Thomas

Appeale to the world in these times of
extreame danger, 1149

Appendix to the Agreement for the peo-
ple, 2118

Aproved answer to the partiall and un-
likt of Lord Digbies speech, 973

Arber, Edward, 7, 9, 30, 39, 40, 353, 1605
Arcana parliamentaria, 179
Archaeologia, 31

Archbold, William Arthur John, 4205-


Archy's dream, see Armstrong, Archi-

Argvments for toleration, 1756

upon the writ of habeas corpus, 2119
Argyle, Archibald Campbell, 8th earl
and 1st marquis, 974, 1568, 1691a,

Archibald Campbell, 9th earl, 2694,
3219, 3230, 3348, 3852

Arlington, Henry Bennet, Ist earl, 612,
659a, 3853

Armies declaration examined and com-
pared, 2378

remembrancer, 2120
Armstrong, Archibald, 975
Sir Thomas, 3292

Army, 1757, 1859, 1860

brought to the barre, 1758
harmlesse, 1759

Arraignment and execution of the late
traitors, 702

- and impeachment of Major Generall
Massie, 1760

of Thomas Howard, Duke of Nor-
folk, 3358

Art of good husbandry, 2938

of thriving, see Powell, Thomas
Arthur, Mrs. William Henry, 607
Articles and ordinances of war, 1569

ministered by His Majesties com-
missioners, 976

of agreement between the Lord Gen-
erall, and the Kentish-men, 1861
of enquirie for surveying, see Gran-
ville, Denis

- of high crimes and grand misde-
meanors, 2379

of high treason

against the
Duchess of Portsmouth, 3055
of impeachment, 1862

of peace, 2121, 2805

of peace and commerce, 1150

Articuli pacis & confaederationis, 2710
Arundel, Thomas Howard, 2nd earl, 511
As you were, 1761

you were, see Woodward, Hezekiah
Ascham, Anthony, 2222, 2234
Ashbee, Edmund William, 32
Ashburnham, George Ashburnham, 3rd
earl, 447

- John, 447, 1768, 1863, 1870
Ashhurst, William, 1864

[blocks in formation]

Barbour, Violet, 3853
Barclay, John, 2898

- Robert, 66b, 2980, 4290
Barecroft, Charles, 3580
Barkstead, John, 2442, 2783

Barlow, Thomas, bp. of Lincoln, 67, 1866,
3007, 3581

William, bp. of Lincoln, 690

Barnard, John, 2727

Barnes, Arthur Stapylton, 4376

Baron Tomlinson's learned speech, 2380
Barrington, Michael, 3941

Bartholomew faire, 981

Bartue, Sir Peregrine, 1476
Barwick, John, 545, 1696
Peter, 186a

Basire, Isaac, 187, 2381
Basset, Joshua, 3491

Bassompierre, François de, 842

Bastwick, John, 920, 921, 922, 956, 1087,

Bate, Frank, 4377

- George, 551, 1867

Bates, William, 2843

Batten, Sir William, 1868

Baxter, Richard, 68, 188, 550, 997, 998,
2382, 2711, 2733, 2763, 2772, 2779,

2786, 2945, 2957, 3081, 3262, 3801,
3865, 3866

Bayley, A. R., 4208

Bayly, Thomas, 3214

Bayne, Peter, 4073

Baynes, Paul, 801

Be merry and wise, 2535

Beacon set on fire, see Fawne, Luke

Beacons quenched, 2255

Beaufrons, 3359

Beaulieu, Luke de, 3456

Beaven, Alfred Beaven, 4291

Bedell, William, 189

Bedford, Jessie, 3947

Beer, George Louis, 4292

Beginning of civil warres in England,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Boreman, Robert, 2256, 2257, 2763

Borgeaud, Charles, 4212
Borlase, Edmund, 520a
William, 127

Borosky, George, 3216


Borough, Sir John, 930, 931, 935, 936
Bos, Lambert van den, 176b, 176c
Boscobel tracts, 478, 627, 4213
Bossuet, Jacques Benigne, bp. of Meaux,

3361, 3413, 3424, 3432, 3441, 3442,
3452, 3457, 3458, 3476, 3504, 3519,

Boswell, Sir Alexander, 359

Sir William, 675, 1512, 3551
Boughen, Edward, 1576
Bowles, Edward, 1405
Bowman, Jacob N., 3892
Walter, 987

Boyer, Abel, 609

Boyle, Richard, see Cork, Richard Boyle,
Ist earl

Roger, see Orrery, Roger Boyle, 1st

Brabourne, Edward Hugessen Knatch-
bull-Hugessen, 1st baron, 3893
Theophilus, 2712

Braddon, Laurence, 3746, 3747
Bradshaw, John, 2385, 2386, 2446
William, 693, 693a
Bradshaw's ghost, 2385

- ultimum vale, 2386

Brady, Robert, 3127, 3330, 3748
Brailsford, Mabel R., 4295

Bramhall, John, abp. of Armagh, 46, 85,

675, 3551

Bramston, Sir John, 6, 193

Bramstone, J., 2537

Brathwaite, Richard, 985, 986

Bray, William, 250, 2387

Breefe memoriall of the lyfe ... of
Spottiswood, see Spottiswood, James,
bp. of Clogher

Brereley, John, pseud., see Anderton,

Brereton, Sir William, 449, 1190, 1282,

1311, 1599, 1617, 1697, 1723
Brerewood, Edward, 1000

Brest, Samuel, see Brett, Samuel
Brethren in iniquity, 2538

Breton, Nicholas, 780

Brett, Samuel, 2208

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