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authentic manuscripts. [Edited by Alexander Luders, Sir T. E. Tomlins, John France, W. E. Taunton and John Raithby.] [London] 1810-22. 9 v. in 10. facsims.

Published by the Record commission.

"Catalogue of printed collections, translations, and abridgements of the statutes of England and Great Britain": v. 1, p. xlix-lv.

"Charters of liberties, granted by Henry 1, Stephen, Henry 11, John, Henry III, Edward I": v. 1, 44 p. following Introd.

The alphabetical [and chronological] index to the Statutes of the realm, from Magna carta to the end of the reign of Queen Anne. [Comp. by John Raithby] [London] 182428. 2 V.

pt. 2, chronological index, edited by John Caley and William Elliot. 299. THE LAWs of Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles the First, concerning Jesuites, seminary priests, recusants, &c. and concerning the oaths of supremacy and allegiance explained by divers judgments and resolutions of the reverend judges, together with some observations upon the same laws, to which is added the statute xxv Car. II, cap. 2. for preventing dangers which may happen from popish recusants, and an alphabetical table to the whole by William Cawley ... London, 1680. 267, 36 p.


300. LEICESTER, ROBERT SIDNEY, 2d earl. Sydney papers, consisting of a journal of the Earl of Leicester, and original letters of Algernon Sydney. Ed. with notes, &c., by R. W. Blencowe ... London, 1825. 36, 284 p. 2 facsim. 301. LEICESTER. Calendars of wills and administrations relating to the county of Leicester, proved in the Archdeaconry court of Leicester, 1495-1649, and in the Peculiars of St. Margaret Leicester, Rothley, Groby, Evington, and the unproved wills, etc., previous to 1801. All now preserved in the Probate registry at Leicester. Transcribed and indexed by Henry Hartopp. London, 1902. 10 p., I 1., [2], 314 p. British record soc. The Index library. v. 27.



Leicestershire marriage licenses, being abstracts of the bonds and allegations for marriage licences, preserved in the Leicester archdeaconry registry, 1570-1729. Transcribed from the original records, edited and indexed by Henry Hartopp ... London, 1910. 7, 542 P.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 38.

303. LEICESTER. The vestry book and accounts of the churchwardens of St. Mary's, Leicester, 1652-1729. Issued with an introduction by John Rutledge Abney. Indexed by Henry Hartopp. Leicester, 1912. 17, 224 p. front., pl., plan.

The book was transcribed by Col. G. C. Bellairs, and printed in the Transactions of the Leicestershire architectural and archæological society. Reprinted with an index as a companion volume to the Register book of St. Mary's 1909. cf. Introd.

304. LE NEVE, JOHN. Fasti ecclesiae anglicanae, or A calendar of the prin

cipal ecclesiastical dignitaries in England and Wales, and of the chief

officers in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, from the earliest time to the year M.DCC.XV; comp. by J. Le Neve, cor. and continued. from M.DCC.XV to the present time, by T. D. Hardy. Oxford, 1854. 3 v.

305. LETTERS of eminent men, addressed to Ralph Thoresby


Now first

published from the originals ... London, 1832. 2 v. Appendix: An account of a tour in Scotland by Thomas Kirk, 306. LEWES. .. Calendar of wills and administrations in the Archdeaconry court of Lewes in the bishopric of Chichester, together with those in the archbishop of Canterbury's Peculiar jurisdiction of South Malling and the Peculiar of the deanery of Battle; comprising together the whole of the eastern division of the county of Sussex and the parish of Edburton in West Sussex. From the earliest extant instruments in the reign of Henry VIII to the Commonwealth. Comp. by William Hamilton Hall ... London, 1901. 19, 529 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 24.

307. LICHFIELD AND COVENTRY DIOCESE. Calendars of wills & administrations in the Consistory court of the bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1516 to 1652. Also those in the "Peculiars" now deposited in the probate registries at Lichfield, Birmingham and Derby, 1529-1652: 16751790: 1753-1790. Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore ... London, 1892. 10, 687 p., I 1.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 7.




History of his life and times ... London, 1829.

Autobiography, a collection of the most instructive and amusing lives

ever published, v. 2.

"Published from the original ms." London, 1715.

309. LINCOLN. Calendars of Lincoln wills. Ed. by C. W. Foster


London, 1902-10 2 .

British record soc. The Index library. v.28,41.

CONTENTS.-V. I. 1320-1600. v. 2. 1601-52.


310. LISTER, JOSEPH. The autobiography of Joseph Lister, of Bradford in Yorkshire, to which is added a contemporary account of the defence of Bradford and capture of Leeds by the Parliamentarians in 1642. Ed. by Thomas Wright ... London, 1842. 10, 80 p.

The "autobiography" is a reprint from a small edition issued at the close of the 18th century. "The defence of Bradford and capture of Leeds" is reprinted from a tract preserved among the king's pamphlets in the British museum. The latter reprint includes original t.-p.: The rider of the white horse and his army, their late good successe in Yorkeshiere. Or, A true and faithfull relation of that famous and wonderfull victory at Bradford and of the taking of Leeds and Wakefield ... London, Printed for Thomas Underhill, 1643.


311. LISTER, THOMAS HENRY. Life and administration of Edward, first earl of Clarendon; with original correspondence, and authentic papers

never before published.


London, 1837-38. 3 v.

front. (port.)

2 facsim., geneal. tab.

CONTENTS.-V. 1-2. The life of Clarendon, 1838. v. 3. Letters and papers, 1837.

312. [LLOYD, DAVID.] State-worthies; or, The states-men and favorites of England since the reformation: their prudence and policies, successes and miscarriages, advancements and falls; during the reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward vi, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles I. 2d ed. with additions. London, 1670. 16, 1051 p. front. (group of ports.)

The 1st ed. had title, "The statesmen and favourites of England."

313. LYNDWOOD, WILLIAM, bp. of St. Davids. Provinciale, (seu Constitutiones Angliae) continens constitutiones provinciales quatuordecim archiepiscoporum cantuariensium, viz. à Stephano Langtono ad Henricum Chichleium; cum summariis atque eruditis annotationibus, summâ. accuratione denuo revisum atque impressum Cui adjiciuntur Constitutiones legatinae D. Othonis, et D. Othoboni ... cum profundissimis annotationibus Johannis de Athona ... Oxoniae, 1679. 356, 155, 77 P.

Special t.-p. for Constitutiones legatinae.

313a. MANCHESTER, WILLIAM DROGO MONTAGU, 7th duke. Court and society from Elizabeth to Anne. Ed. from the papers at Kimbolton by the Duke of Manchester ... London, 1864. 2 v. fronts.

Contains much documentary material.

314. MANCHESTER. The constables' accounts of the manor of Manchester from the year 1612 to the year 1647, and from the year 1743 to the year 1776. Printed under the superintendence of a committee appointed by the municipal council of the city of Manchester, from the original books of accounts in their possession. Ed. by J. P. Earwaker ... Manchester, 1891-92. 3 v.

315. MANCHESTER. The court leet records of the manor of Manchester, from the year 1552 to the year 1686, and from the year 1731 to the year 1846. Printed under the superintendence of a committee appointed by the municipal council of the city of Manchester, from the original minute books in their possession ... Manchester, 1884-90.

12 V.

Ed. by J. P. Earwaker.

316. MARTINDALE, ADAM. The life of Adam Martindale written by himself and now first printed from the original manuscript in the British Museum. Ed. by R. Parkinson, 1845.

Chetham soc. 4.

317. MEMOIRS of Nathaniel, Lord Crewe. Edited by Rev. Andrew Clark.

London, 1893. 5, 42 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 53.

318. Memoirs of the life and family of the most illustrious James, late Duke of Hamilton ... London, 1717. 120 p. front. (port.)

318a. MONCKTON, SIR PHILIP. The Monckton papers, edited by Edward Peacock. 1884. 8, 204 p.

Philobilion soc. Misc. 15:no. 5.

319. MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM, comp. The Montgomery manuscripts: (1603-1706) Compiled from family papers by William Montgomery, of Rosemount, esquire; and edited, with notes, by Rev. George Hill. v. 1. Belfast, 1869. 2 p. 1., viii, 472, xix, [1] p. illus.

No more published.


First published, in part, in the Belfast News-letter, 1785-86, and reprinted 1822. first regular edition, edited by Dr. James Macknight, was pub. at Belfast, 1830. cf. Dict. nat. biog.; also Pref.

320. MORRIS, JOHN, ed.

The troubles of our Catholic forefathers related

by themselves ... London, 1872-77. 3 v. fronts. (incl. port.)

CONTENTS.-1st ser. Mother Margaret Clement and the Carthusian monks. The imprisonment of Francis Tregian. Father Tesimond's landing in England. Father Richard Blount and Scotney castle. The Babthorpes of Babthorpe. St. Monica's convent. The Venetian ambassador's chaplain. The Southcote family. The Tichbornes of Tichborne house.

ad ser. The life of Father William Weston. The fall of Anthony Tyrrell. 3d ser. An ancient editor's note book. A Yorkshire recusant's relation. Father Richard Holtby on persecution in the north. Notes by a prisoner in Ousebridge Kidcote. Mr. John Mush's Life of Margaret Clitherow. Father Pollard's recollections of the Yorkshire mission. 321. NAPIER, MARK. Montrose and the Covenanters, their characters and conduct, illustrated from private letters and other original documents hitherto unpublished, embracing the times of Charles the First, from the rise of the troubles in Scotland, to the death of Montrose. ... London, 1838. 2 v. front. (facsim.)

322. NEWCASTLE, MARGARET (LUCAS) CAVENDISH, duchess of. The lives of William Cavendishe, duke of Newcastle, and of his wife, Margaret, duchess of Newcastle. Ed. with a preface and occasional notes by Mark Antony Lower ... London, 1872. 44, 310 p. front. (port.) Library of old authors.


With reproduction of original t.-p., and also t.-p. of Kent edition of 1814.

323. NEWCOME, HENRY.. The autobiography of Henry Newcome, M.A. Ed. by Richard Parkinson

Chetham soc. 26, 27.


[Manchester], 1852. 2 v.

Paged continuously; each volume has also special t.-p.

The introduction includes a memoir of the Newcome family by the Rev. Thomas Newcome (p. iv-xxii)

324. NOBLE, MARK. Memoirs of the protectorate-house of Cromwell; deduced from an early period, and continued down to the present time: collected chiefly from original papers and records: with proofs and illustrations; together with an appendix Birmingham, 1784. 2 v.



Date of publication on t.-p. of v. 1 is incorrectly printed MDCCXXXLIV.

Title of v. 2 reads: Memoirs of several persons and families, who by females are allied to, or descended from, the protectorate-house of Cromwell to which is added, a


catalogue of such persons who were raised to honors or great employments by the Cromwells; with the lives of many of them


325. NOBLE, WILLIAM MACKRETH, comp. ... Calendars of Huntingdonshire wills. 1479-1652. Comp. by W. M. Noble ... London, 1911. xi, [1], ii, 222 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 42.

326. NORTH, ROGER. The lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, baron
Guilford; the Hon. Sir Dudley North; and the Hon. and Rev. Dr.
John North, together with the autobiography of the author. Ed. by
Augustus Jessopp, D.D. London, 1890. 3 v. fronts. (ports.)
Bohn's standard library.

327. NORTHAMPTON. ... A calendar of wills relating to the counties of Northampton and Rutland, proved in the court of the archdeacon of Northampton, 1510 to 1652. Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore ... London, 1888. 15, 210 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 1.

327a. OBSERVATIONS, rules and orders collected out of divers Journalls of the House of commons, entered in the severall reigns; King Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James the First, King Charles the First and King Charles the Second. 1722? 247 p.


A compilation of precedents made about 1722. Contains (pp. 239-47) a few precedents from the years 1693-1722.

328. Oglander, SIR J[OHN]. The Oglander memoirs: extracts from the mss. of Sir J. Oglander, kt. ... Ed., with an introduction and notes, by W. H. Long. ... London, 1888. 31, 211 p. front. (port.) 329. ORIGINAL PAPERS addressed to K. James 1. and K. Charles I. on the subject of the Duke of Buckingham, and Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset.

Archaeologia 17:280-89.

330. ORLEANS, [PIERRE] J[OSEPH] D'. The history of the revolutions in England under the family of the Stuarts, from the year 1603, to 1690. In three books; wherein are contain'd many secret memoirs relating to that family, and the last great revolution, anno 1688. By f. J. d'Orleans. ... Translated from the French original printed at Paris. To which is prefixed, an introduction to this history, by Laurence Echard... 2d ed. London, 1722. 12, 328, [12], 44 p.

Appendix: The royal family of the Stuarts vindicated, from the false imputation of illegitimacy, &c.

331. PANZANI, GREGORIO, bp. of Mileto. The history of the decline and the fall of the Roman Catholic religion in England, during a period of two hundred and forty years from the reign of Elizabeth to the present time; including the memoirs of Gregorio Panzani ... Tr. from the Italian original by Joseph Berington. London, 1813. 43, 473 p.


Originally published under title: Memoirs of Gregorio Panzani. London, 1793.

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