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Calendar of state papers relating to Ireland,
Ed. by R. P. Mahaffy. London,

Charles 1, and Commonwealth.

1900-1903. 4 v.


Calendar of state papers relating to Ireland,

Charles II. Ed. by R. P. Mahaffy. London, 1905-11. 4 V.


Calendar of state papers relating to Ireland,

James 1. Ed. by C. W. Russell and J. P. Prendergast. London, 1872

80. 5 V.


Calendar of Treasury books 1660-1680. Ed.

by W. A. Shaw. London, 1904

As yet incomplete.

V. I-6.

28. PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. Calendar of Treasury papers 1557-1728. Ed. by J. Redington. London, 1868-89. 6 v.

V. I. (1557-1696)

29. RECORD COMMISSION. Docquets of letters patent and other instruments passed under the Great seal of King Charles I. at Oxford, in the years 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645, and 1646. Ed. from original books in the Ashmolean museum, and in the office of the clerk of the patents, by William Henry Black. London, 1837. 48, 431 p.

Not published. Only a few copies printed.

In this copy pref. ends with p. 48 and appendix is wanting; of other known copies, one has pref. of 37 pages, another of 61 pages.


30. ARBER, EDWARD, comp. An English garner; ingatherings from our history and literature, by Edward Arber Westminster, 188097. 8 v.

Cited as English garner.


31. ARCHAEOLOGIA: or Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, pub. by
the Society of antiquaries of London.
An index to the first fifteen volumes

London, 1809. 2, 290 p.

An index to Archaeologia clusive



V. I- London, 1773-date.
[By Nicholas Carlisle]


volume xvi to volume xxx in

[By Nicholas Carlisle] London, 1844. 2, 309 p.

An index to the Archaeologia


sive. London, 1889. 2, [2], 806 p.

volume i to volume L inclu

32. ASHBEE, EDMUND WILLIAM, ed. Occasional fac-simile reprints of rare and curious tracts of the 16th and 17th centuries. Produced under the superintendence of Edmund Wm. Ashbee London [1868

72] 2 v.

Edition limited to 100 copies. This copy no. 87.
Cited as Ashbee.


33. ATKINSON, JAMES AUGUSTUS, ed. Tracts relating to the civil war in Cheshire, 1641-1659; including Sir George Booth's rising in that county. Ed. by Rev. James Augustus Atkinson

1909. 14, 194 p.

Chetham soc. new ser. v. 65.



34. BROADLEY, ALEXANDER MEYRICK, ed. The royal miracle; a collection of rare tracts, broadsides, letters, prints, & ballads concerning the wanderings of Charles II. after the battle of Worcester (September 3October 15, 1651). With a preface, historical introduction, appendix, bibliography, and illustrations, by A. M. Broadley ... London, 1912. 331 p. front., pl., ports., map, plans, facsims.

"Bibliography of printed matter dealing with the escape of Charles II after the battle
of Worcester": p. [303]-320.

"Iconography; published portraits of Charles the Second in 1649-1651": p. [321]-326.
The Clarendon



historical society's reprints. Series 1-11. Edinburgh, 1882-86. 2 v. 36. CLARENDON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, EDINBURGH. Five scarce books in English literature. [Edinburgh] [1883-86] 5 nos. in I V.

A reprint of tracts originally pub. in Clarendon soc. reprints.

37. CLARENDON HISTORICAL SOCIETY, EDINBURGH. Seven scarce books in English literature. [Edinburgh] [1884-86] 7 nos. in I v.

A reprint of tracts originally pub. in Clarendon soc. reprints.

38. A COLLECTION of state tracts, publish'd on occasion of the late revolution in 1688, and during the reign of King William III. To which is

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prefix'd, The history of the Dutch war in 1672. Translated from the French copy printed at Paris in 1682. which was supprest at the instance of the English embassador, because of the discoveries it made of the league betwixt the kings of France and England for enslaving Europe, and introducing the popish religion into these kingdoms, and the United Provinces... London, 1705-7. 3 v.

Title of v. 2: A collection of state tracts, publish'd during the reign of King William III ... with a table of the several tracts in this volume, and an alphabetical index of matters. 1706. Title of v. 3: A collection of state tracts, publish'd during the reign of King William III. vol. III and last. In which is inserted (being now first printed from the manuscript) A vindication of the late revolution, in answer to two memorials, and a protestaWith tion against the peace of Reswick, and to other papers publish'd in K. James's name. a table of the several tracts in this volume, and





39. An ENGLISH garner; Stuart tracts, 1603-1693, with an introduction by Westminster, 1903. [iii]-xxxvi, 514 p.

C. H. Firth

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"The texts




classified, under

in the present volume are reprinted with very slight alterations from the 'English garner' issued in eight volumes (1877-1890, London ...) by Professor Arber The contents of the original 'Garner' have been rearranged and the general editorial supervision of Mr. Thomas Seccombe. CONTENTS.-Sir Robert Carey. Account of the death of Queen Elizabeth.-The true narration of the entertainment of His Majesty from his departure from Edinburgh till his receiving at London. By T. M., 1603.-King James, his entertainment at Theobald's. By John Savile, 1603.-Time triumphant. By Gilbert Dugdale, 1604.-The commentaries of Sir Francis Vere. Published by William Dillingham, 1657.-Sir Thomas Overbury, his observations in his travels, upon the state of the Seventeen provinces, etc., 1626.-The interpreter, 1622. The famous and wonderful recovery of a ship of Bristol, called the Exchange, from the Turkish pirates of Argier, 1622.-Three to one: being an English-Spanish combat. By Richard Peeke, 1622.—A true relation of a brave stratagem practiced upon a sea-town in Galicia, 1626.-The sequestration of Archbishop Abbot from all his ecclesiastical offices in 1627. By John Rushworth, 1659.-Thomas, lord Fairfax. Short memorials of some things to be cleared during my command in the army, and A short memorial of the northern actions during the war there.-A true relation of Major-General Sir Thomas Morgan's progress in France and Flanders with the six thousand English in the years 1657 and 1658. 1699.England's joy, or, A relation of the most remarkable passages from His Majesty's arrival at Dover to his entrance at Whitehall, 1660.-A relation of the great sufferings and strange adventures of Henry Pitman, 1689.-A true and exact account of the retaking of a ship called the Friends' adventure of Topsham, from the French. By Robert Lyde, 1693. Cited as Stuart Tracts.

40. An ENGLISH garner; later Stuart tracts, with an introduction by George A. Aitken. Westminster, 1903. 29, 404 p.

CONTENTS.-Introduction.-Sir William Petty: Political arithmetic (1690)-Daniel Defoe: An appeal to honour and justice (1715) The true-born Englishman (1701) The history of the Kentish petition (1701) Legion's Memorial (1701) The shortest way with the Dissenters (1702) A hymn to the pillory (1703) The Review (prefaces and extracts) (170412) Papers from the Review (1704) The revolution of 1688 (1710) The education of women (1697)-John Arbuthnot: Law is a bottomless pit (1712) John Bull in his senses (1712) John Bull still in his senses (1712) An appendix to John Bull still in his senses (1712) Lewis Baboon turned honest, and John Bull politician (1712)

41. [GUTCH, JOHN.] Collectanea curiosa; or, Miscellaneous tracts, relating to the history and antiquities of England and Ireland, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a variety of other subjects. Chiefly collected, and now first published, from the manuscripts of Archbishop Sancroft... Oxford, 1781. 2 v.

Cited as Gutch.

42. HANSERD KNOLLYS SOCIETY FOR THE PUBLICATION OF THE WORKS OF EARLY ENGLISH AND OTHer Baptist wRITERS. [Publications] London, 1846-54. 10 v. illus., pl., port.

CONTENTS. [no. 1] Underhill, E. B., comp. Tracts on liberty of conscience. 1846. [no. 2] Broadmead church (Bristol, Eng.) Records. 1847. [no. 3] Bunyan, J. Pilgrim's progress. 1847. [no. 4] Williams, R. The bloudy tenent of persecution. 1848. [no. 5] Canne, J. A necessity of separating from the Church of England. 1849. [no. 6] Bracht, T. J. von. A martyrology of the Baptist. v. 1. 1850 [no. 7] Veil, C. M. de. Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. 1851. [no. 8] Bracht, T. J. von. A martyrology of the Baptist. v. 2. 1855. [no. 9] Underhill, E. B., comp. Records of the churches of Christ at Fenstanton, Warboys, and Hexham. 1854. [no. 10] Underhill, E. B., comp. Confessions of faith of the Baptist churches of England. 1854.

43. The HARLEIAN miscellany; or, A collection of scarce, curious, and entertaining pamphlets and tracts, as well in manuscript as in print, found in the late Earl of Oxford's library; interspersed with historical, political, and critical notes. London, 1808-11. 12 V.

Originally published 1744-46. The pamphlets were selected and edited by William Oldys. Dr. Johnson supplied the preface. cf. Dict. of nat. biog.

A reprint of the first edition, chronologically arranged by J. Malham.

v. 12 has complete index to the 12 v.

For contents see Catalogue of the library of the Boston athenæum, pt. 2, p. 1336-1340.
Cited as Harleian misc.

44. HAZLITT, WILLIAM CAREW, ed. Inedited tracts: illustrating the man-
ners, opinions, and occupations of Englishmen during the sixteenth
and seventeenth centuries: now first republished from the original
copies with a preface and notes. London, 1868. 7, 218 p.
Roxburghe library.

CONTENTS.-The English courtier, and the cutrey-gentlemen.-A health to the gentlemanly profession of seruingmen.-The court and the country by N. B. Gent.

Cited as Hazlitt, Inedited tracts.


45. HINDLEY, CHARLES, ed. The old book collector's miscellany: or, A collection of readable reprints of literary rarities, illustrative of the history, literature, manners, and biography of the English nation during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Ed. by Charles Hindley, esq. London, 1871-73. 3 v. illus., facsims.

Half-title: Miscellanea antiqua anglicana.

Cited as Hindley.

46. LIBRARY OF ANGLO-CATHOLIC THEOLOGY. Oxford, 1841-1863. 32 v. in 88. fronts. (ports.) fold. tables.

CONTENTS.-no. 1. Andrewes, L. Ninety-six sermons.

5 v. no. 2. Same. A pattern of catechistical doctrine. no. 3. Same. Tortura Torti. no. 4. Andrewes, L. Responsio ad Apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini. no. 5. Same. Preces privatae. no. 6. Same. Opuscula quaedam posthuma. no. 7. Same. Two answers to Cardinal Perron. no. 8-9. Beveridge, W., bp. of St. Asaph. Theological works. 12 V. no. 1o. Bramhall, J., abp. of Armagh. Works. 5 V. no. 11: 1. Bull, G., bp. of St. David's. Harmonia apostolica. no. II: 2. Same. Ex. amen censurae. no. 12. Same. Defensio fidei Nicaenae. 2 v. no. 13. Same. The judgment of the Catholic church. no. 14. Cosin, J., bp. of Durham. Works. 5 v. no. 15. Crakanthorp, R. Defensio ecclesiae anglicanae. no. 16. Forbes, W., bp. of Edinburgh. Considerationes modestae et pacificae controversarium. 2. V. no. 17. Frank, M. Sermons. 2 V. no. 18. Gunning, P., bp. of Ely. The Paschal or Lent fast. no. 19-21. Hammond, H. Miscellaneous theological works ... to which is prefixed the life of the author, by John Fell. 3 v. in 4. no. 22. Hickes, G. Two treatises on the Christian priesthood. 3 v. no. 23-24. Johnson, J. Theological works. 4 v. no. 25. Laud, W., abp. of Canterbury. Works. 7 v. in 9. no. 26. L'Estrange, H. The alliance of divine offices. no. 27. Marshall, N. The penitential

discipline of the primitive church. no. 28. Nicholson, W., bp. of Gloucester.

An exposi tion of the catechism. no. 29. Overall, J., bp. of Norwich. The convocation book of MDCVI. no. 30. Pearson, J., bp. of Chester. Vindiciae epistolarum S. Ignatii. 2 v. no. 31. Thorndike, H. Theological works. 6 v. in 10. no. 32. Wilson, T., bp. of Sodor and Man. Works. 7 v. in 8.


Select tracts relating to the civil wars in England, in the reign of King Charles the First; by writers who lived in the time of those wars, and were witnesses of the events which they describe ... London, 1815. 2 v.

Preface signed: Francis Maseres.


CONTENTS.-pt. 1. May, T. A breviary of the history of the Parliament of England. 1655. Lilly, W. Several observations on the life and death of King Charles I. 1651. Holles, D. Holles, 1st baron. Memoirs of Denzil, lord Holles. 1699. Walker, C. Relations and observations, historical and politick, upon the Parliament begun anno Dom. 1640. pt. 2. Berkeley, J. Berkeley, 1st baron. Memoirs of Sir John Berkeley. 1699. Huntington, R. Sundry reasons, inducing Major Robert Huntingdon to lay down his commission. 1648. Fairfax, T. Fairfax, 3d baron. Short memorials of Thomas, lord Fairfax. 1699. Hobbes, T. Behemoth: the history of the causes of the civil wars of England. 1679. Remarks on some particular passages in the preceding tract of Mr. Hobbes, which appear to the present editor to contain erroneous opinions. Fell, J., bp. of Oxford. The interest of England stated. 1659. Price, J. The mystery and method of His Majesty's happy restauration. 1680. Milton, J. Reflections on the civil war in England, between King Charles the First and the Long Parliament.

Cited as Maseres, Select tracts.

48. MASERES, FRANCIS, ed. Occasional essays on various subjects, chiefly political and historical; extracted partly from the publick newspapers, during the present reign, and partly from tracts published in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles 1., King Charles II., and from Bishop Burnet's History of his own times London, 1809. 16, 607 p.

Cited as Maseres, Occasional essays.


49. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. [Newcastle reprints. Nos. 1-2, 9-10, 17-18, 21, 26, 28-29, 34-35, 37, 54-57, 59-61, 67, 69, 71-73, 78. Newcastle, etc., 1817-32] 4 v. front., illus., pl., ports., fold. geneal. table. (no. 29 incomplete).

v. I contains nos. 54-57, 59-61, 78; v. 2, nos. 1-2, 9-10, 17-18, 21, 26, 28-29 (in part); v. 3, nos. 34-35, 72, 37, 67; v. 4, nos. 71, 69, 73.

For complete list see Lowndes, Bibliographer's manual. v. 4, apx., p. 159-64.
Cited as Newcastle reprints.

50. ORMEROD, GEORGE, ed. Tracts relating to military proceedings in Lancashire during the great Civil war, commencing with the removal, by Parliament, of James Lord Strange, afterwards Earl of Derby, from his lieutenancy of Lancashire, and terminating with his execution at Bolton. 1844. 31, 371 P.

Cited as Chetham soc. 2.

51. PECK, FRANCIS. Desiderata curiosa: or, A collection of divers scarce. and curious pieces relating chiefly to matters of English history; consisting of choice tracts, memoirs, letters, wills, epitaphs, &c. transcribed, many of them, from the originals themselves, and the rest from divers antient ms. copies, or the ms. collections of sundry famous antiquaries and other eminent persons, both of the last and present age the whole, as near as possible, digested into an order of time,

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