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primitive times to Jesus Christ, his apostles and other eminent persons: with several important remarks .. relating to the canon of Scripture. III. A complete history of the book entitul'd, Icon basilike, proving Dr. Gauden, and not King Charles the First, to be the author of it: With an answer to all the facts alledg'd by Mr. Wagstaf to the contrary; and to the exceptions made against my Lord Anglesey's Memorandum, Dr. Walker's book, or Mrs. Gauden's narrative which last piece is now the first time publish'd at large ... London, 1699. 172 p.

Preface signed J. T.

A reply to a criticism of his Life of Milton by Blackall. 365. TOLAND, JOHN. The Life of Iohn Milton; containing, besides the history of his works, several extraordinary characters of men, and books, sects, parties, and opinions: with Amyntor; or, A defense of Milton's life: by Iohn Toland. And uarious notes now added ... London, 1761. 259 p.

"Amyntor" has special t.-p.

A reprint of the edition of 1699.

366. [TOOTELL, HUGH.] Dodd's church history of England from the commencement of the sixteenth century to the revolution in 1688. With notes, additions, and a continuation by the Rev. M. A. Tierney London, 1839-43. 5 v. facsims.

Bibliography: v. 1, p. xxix-xxxviii.


With reprint of original title: "The church history of England, from the year 1500, to the year 1688, chiefly with regard to Catholics ..."

CONTENTS.-V. 1. General history. Henry VIII.

v. 2. Edward vi.

v. 3. Elizabeth. (cont.) v. 4. James 1. v. 5. James I. (cont.) Charles I.

367. TREVELYAN PAPERS London, 1857-72. 3 v.


Camden soc. v. 67, 84, 105.

pts. 1-2 ed. by J. Payne Collier.

Mary. Elizabeth.

pt. 3. ed. by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan ... and Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan pt. 3 contains an "Introduction to parts i., ii., and iii.”


368. TURNER, FRANCIS, bp. of Ely. Brief memoirs of Nicholas Ferrar, M.A. and fellow of Clare-Hall, Cambridge, founder of a Protestant religious establishment at Little Gidding, Huntingdonshire; collected from a narrative by Dr. Turner ... Now ed., with additions and biographical notices of some of Mr. Ferrar's contemporaries, by a clergyman of the established church [T. M. Macdonogh] Bristol, 1829. 7, 248 p.

369. TURNER, G. LYON, ed. Original records of early nonconformity under persecution and indulgence. Transcribed and edited by Prof. G. Lyon Turner ... London, 1911. 2 v. tables.

Paged continuously.

370. TURNER, WILLIAM. A compleat history of the most remarkable providences, both of judgment and mercy, which have hapned in this present age. Extracted from the best writers, the author's own observations, and the numerous relations sent him from divers parts of the three kingdoms. To which is added, whatever is curious in the works

of nature and art ... being a work set on foot thirty years ago by the Reverend Mr. Pool ... and since undertaken and finish'd, by William Turner ... London, 1697. v. p.

Arranged in 3 pts. and 7 paginations. pts. II and III have special t.-p.

371. [TYRRELL, JAMES.] Bibliotheca politica: or, An enquiry into the ancient constitution of the English government ... in thirteen dialogues. Collected out of the best authors, as well antient as modern. To which is added an alphabetical index to the whole work. London, 1694. 7 (i.e. 6, 9), 968, [32] p.

Each "dialogue" has special t.-p.

372. Urkunden UND ACTENSTÜCKE zur geschichte des Kurfürsten Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg. Auf veranlassung seiner königlichen hoheit des Kronprinzen von Preussen Berlin, 1864-1911. 20 V. in 21.

373. VAUGHAN, ROBERT, ed. The protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, and the state of Europe during the early part of the reign of Louis XIV. illustrated in a series of letters between Dr. John Pell, resident ambassador with the Swiss cantons, Sir Samuel Morland, Sir William Lockhart, Mr. Secretary Thurloe, and other distinguished men of the time. Now first published from the originals. Ed. by Robert Vaughan With an introduction on the character of Cromwell, and of his times. London, 1839. 2 v. front. (port.)


374. VERNEY, FRANCES PARTHENOPE (NIGHTINGALE), lady, comp. Memoirs of the Verney family ... Compiled from the letters and illustrated by the portraits at Claydon house ... London and New York, 1892-99. 4 v. fronts., illus., ports., facsim.

Title varies. A later ed. appeared under title: Memoirs of the Verney family during the seventeenth century

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CONTENTS.-V. 1-2. Memoirs of the Verney family during the civil war ... by Frances Parthenope Verney. v. 3. Memoirs of the Verney family during the commonwealth, 1650 to 1660 ... by Margaret M. Verney. v. 4. Memoirs of the Verney family from the restoration to the revolution, 1660 to 1696 by Margaret M. Verney.


375. VERNON, GEORGE. The life of the learned and reverend Dr. Peter Heylyn, chaplain to Charles I. and Charles II. monarchs of Great Britain ... London, 1682. 25, 292 p.

Ms. note regarding the Vernon and Barnard controversy inserted.

376. [WALKER, JOHN], ed. Letters written by eminent persons in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: to which are added, Hearne's journeys to Reading, and to Whaddon Hall, the seat of Browne Willis, esq., and Lives of eminent men, by John Aubrey, esq. The whole now first published from the originals in the Bodleian library and Ashmolean museum, with biographical and literary illustrations ... London, 1813. 2 v. in 1.

377. WALSINGHAM, EDWARD. Life of Sir John Digby, (1606-1645) now first printed from the ms. in the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris. Edited

for the Royal Historical Society by Georges Bernard ... London, 1910.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 18, p. 61-149.

Ms. has title "Hector britannicus."

378. Walton, IZAAC. Choice English biography. The lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hooker, George Herbert and Dr. Robert Sanderson ... With some account of the author and his writings by Thomas Zouch. New York, 1854. 8, 386 p.

379. [WATSON, JOHN.] Memoires of the family of the Stuarts, and the remarkable providences of God towards them; in an historical account of the lives of those His Majesty's progenitors of that name, that were kings of Scotland ... London, 1683. 185 p.

380. WELLWOOD, JAMES. Memoirs of the most material transactions in England, for the last hundred years, preceding the revolution in 1688. By James Welwood ... London, 1718. 6th ed. 12, 346 p.

Another ed. 7th ed. London, 1736.


381. WHITAKER, THOMAS DUNHAM. The history and antiquities of the deanery of Craven, in the county of York. London, 1805. 12, 437, 16 p. 32 pl. (partly col.) 2 port. (incl. front.) 4 facsim., 18 fold. geneal. tab.

p. 253 and 254* inserted after p. 253 and 254 respectively.

Wanting pl., Clithroe castle ("omitted in all the copies which the editor has examined."-Upcott)

382. WILBRAHAM, SIR ROGER. The journal of Sir Roger Wilbraham, solicitor-general in Ireland and master of requests for the years 1593-1616. Together with notes in another hand for the years 1642-1649. Edited for the Royal historical society by Harold Spencer Scott. London, 1902. 21, 139 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 4.

383. WILKINS, DAVID, ed. Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a synodo Verolamiensi A.D. cCCCXLVI. ad Londinensem A.D. MDCCXVI. Accedunt constitutiones et alia ad historiam Ecclesiae anglicanae spectantia: a Davide Wilkins ... Londini, 1737. 4 v.

Sub-title varies.

CONTENTS.-V. I. 446-1265. v. 2. 1268-1349. v. 3. 1350-1545. V. 4. 1546-1717. Memoirs of the most renowned Tr. from the Latin of the Rev. added, sundry original letters, 16, 530 p. front. (port.)

384. WISHART, GEORGE, bp. of Edinburgh. James Graham, marquis of Montrose. Dr. George Wishart... to which are never before published. Edinburgh, 1819. 385. WOOD, ANTHONY À. Athenæ oxonienses. An exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in the University of Oxford. To which are added the Fasti, or Annals of the said University. By Anthony A. Wood ... A new ed., with additions, and a continuation by Philip Bliss ... London, 1813-20. (port.: v. 1)

5 v. front.

Engr. initials and head pieces.

[v. s] in two parts. t.-p. read: Fasti oxonienses, or Annals of the University of Oxford... The first part, containing from the year 1500 to the year 1640 London, 1815; and Fasti oxonienses The second part, containing from the year 1641 to the year

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1691 London, 1820. 386. WOOD, ANTHONY À. The life and times of Anthony Wood, antiquary, of Oxford, 1632-1695, described by himself; collected from his diaries and other papers by Andrew Clark ... Oxford, 1891-1900. 5 v. col. front. (v. 3) illus., 6 pl., port., 3 plans, 18 facsim. Oxford historical soc. v. 19, 21, 26, 30, 40.

387. WORCESTER. ... Calendar of wills and administrations in the Consistory court of the Bishop of Worcester, 1451-[1652] Also marriage licenses and sequestrations now deposited in the Probate registry at Worcester. Ed. by Edw. Alex. Fry. London, 1904-10. 2 v.

British record soc. The Index library v. 31, 39.

CONTENTS.-V. I. 1451-1600. V. 2. 1601-52.

388. WOTTON, SIR HENRY. Reliquiæ Wottonianæ. Or, a collection of lives, letters, poems; with characters of sundry personages: and their incomparable pieces of language and art ... London, 1651. 30, 540 p.


CONTENTS.-The life of Sir Henry Wotton [by I. Walton].-Of Robert Devereux, earl of Essex; and George Villiers, duke of Buckingham: some observations by way of parallel ...The difference and disparity between the estates and conditions of George, duke of Buckingham, and Robert, earl of Essex ... [by Edward Hyde, 1st earl Clarendon].-A view of the life and death of Geo. Villiers, duke of Buckingham.-A panegyrick to King Charles A conceipt of some observations intended upon things most remarkable in the civil history of this kingdom... -The election of the new duke of Venice after the death of Giovanni Bembo.-The elements of architecture -A philosophicall surveigh of edu cation, or moral architecture.-The great action between Pompey and Cæsar -A meditation upon the xx11th chapter of Genesis.-A meditation upon Christmas-day -Letters, &c. and characters of sundry personages, found among the papers of Sr. Henry Wotton.Poems.




"The difference and disparity between the estates and conditions of George, duke of Buckingham, and Robert, earl of Essex" is attributed in this ed. to Sir Henry Wotton.

389. YORKSHIRE DIARIES and autobiographies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Durham, 1877. 12, 500 p.

Surtees soc. 65.

Contains papers of Adam Eyre, John Shaw, James Fretwell, John Hobson, Heneage


389a. YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. A catalogue of the inquisitions post mortem for the County of York, for the reigns of James 1. and Charles I. in the Courts of chancery and of wards and liveries. 1885.

Yorkshire arch. soc. Record ser. 1:1-47.

389b. YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. A catalogue of the Yorkshire wills at Somerset house, for the years 1649 to 1660. Compiled by Mr. Francis Collins, M.D. 1885.

Yorkshire arch. soc. Record ser. 1:49-296.

389c. YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Index of wills in the York registry. 1603 to 1636. Compiled by Francis Collins.

Yorkshire arch. soc. Record ser. 26, 28, 32, 35.


390. ADVERTISEMENTS of a loyal subject to his gracious soveraign, drawn from the observations of the peoples speeches. n. d.

Somers 2:144-48.


391. AMOS, ANDREW. The great oyer of poisoning: the trial of the Earl of Somerset for the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury ... and various matters connected therewith, from contemporary mss. London, 1846. 551 p. 2 ports. (incl. front.) 392. ANSTRUTHER, ROBERT, ed. La vraie chronicque d'Escoce. Pretensions des Anglois à la couronne de France. Diplome de Jacques vi. roi de la Grande Bretagne. Drawn from the Burgundian library by Major Robert Anstruther. Printed for the Roxburghe club. London, 1847. 18, 117, 29 p.

Roxburghe club [Publications. 65]

Added t.-p., engr.

393. BACON, FRANCIS, viscount St. Albans. Law tracts

Bacon [London,] 1737. 356, [16] p.


[blocks in formation]

CONTENTS.-1. A proposition for compiling and amendment of our laws. 2. An offer of a digest of the laws. 3. The elements of the common laws of England. 4. The use of the law for preservation of our persons, goods and good names. 5. Cases of treason, felony, praemunire, prerogative of the king, of the office of a constable. 6. Arguments in law in certain great and difficult cases. 7. Ordinances in chancery. 8. Reading on the statute of uses.

394. BIRCH, THOMAS. An historical view of the negotiations between the

courts of England, France, and Brussels, from the year 1592 to 1617. Extracted chiefly from the ms. state-papers of Sir Thomas Edmondes, knt. embassador in France, and at Brussels, and treasurer of the houshold to the kings James I. and Charles 1. and of Anthony Bacon, esq; brother to the Lord Chancellor Bacon. To which is added, A relation of the state of France, with the characters of Henry iv. and the principal persons of that court, drawn up by Sir George Carew, upon his return from his embassy there in 1609, and addressed to King James I. Never before printed. By Thomas Birch ... London, 1749. 24, 528 p.

395. COOPER, ELIZABETH. The life and letters of Lady Arabella Stuart, including numerous original and unpublished documents. By Elizabeth Cooper... London, 1866. 2 v. front. (port.)

396. COURT OF EXCHEQUER. An index to Bills of privy signet, commonly called Signet bills, 1584 to 1596 and 1603 to 1624, with a calendar of Writs of privy seal, 1601 to 1603. Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore ... London, 1890. 16, 234 p., I 1.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 4.

[Half-title: Signet bills and privy seals, temp. Elizabeth and James 1.]

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