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"The Bills of privy signet, with which we are now concerned, are preserved in the Public record office, and on the shelves of the Round search room."-Pref., p. v. 397. DAVIES, SIR John. Historical tracts: by Sir John Davies con

sisting of 1. A discovery of the true cause why Ireland was never brought under obedience of the crown of England. 2. A letter to the Earl of Salisbury on the state of Ireland, in 1607. 3. A letter to the Earl of Salisbury, in 1610; giving an account of the plantation in Ulster. 4. A speech to the Lord-Deputy in 1613, tracing the ancient constitution of Ireland. To which is prefixed a new life of the author, from authentic documents. London, 1786. 2 p. l., xxxii, 317 p.

The 2d, 3d, and 4th tracts have special t.-p.

Ed. by George Chalmers. 398. Davies, SIR John. State papers on Ireland 1604-1610. Speeches in

Ireland 1613.

Works 2:117-241. 399. Dort, SYNOD OF. Acta Synodi nationalis, in nomine Domini Nostri

Jesv Christi, autoritate illustr. et præpotentvm D D. Ordinum generalivm Foederati Belgii provinciarvm, Dordrechti habitæ anno MD CXVIII et MDCXIX. Accedunt plenissima, de Quinque articulis, theologorum judicia. Lvgdyni Batavorvm, 1620. 20, 360, 252, 292,

(2) p.


"Jvdicia theologorvm exterorvm" and "Judicia theologorum provinciarum" with special half-title. 400. Dort, SYNOD OF. Ivdicivm synodi nationalis, reformatarvm ecclesi

arvm belgicarvm, habitae Dordrechti, anno 1618 & 1619. Cui etiam interfuerunt plurimi insignes theologi reformatatum ecclesiarum Magnae Britanniae, Palatinatus Electoralis, Hassiae, Helvetiae, corresponcentiae wedderavicae, genevensis, bremensis & emdanae de quinque doctrinae capitibus in ecclesijs beligicis controversis ... Dordrechti,

1б19. 10, 128 р. 401. EDWARDS, EDWARD. The life of Sir Walter Ralegh. Based on con

temporary documents ... Together with his letters; now first collected. By Edward Edwards ... (London), 1868. 2 v. port. (front.,

v. I) 3 facsim. (incl. front., v. 2) geneal. tables. 402. THE EGERTON PAPERS. A collection of public and private documents,

chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James 1. from the
original manuscripts, the property of ... Lord Francis Egerton
Ed. by J. Payne Collier ... London, 1840. 8, 509 p. facsims.

Camden soc. v. 12. 403. ELIOT, SIR John. An apology for Socrates and Negotium postero

rum: by Sir John Eliot. (1590-1632.) Now for the first time printed : from the author's mss. at Port Eliot. Ed., with introduction and additions from other mss. at Port Eliot, notes and illustrations, &c. by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart ... (London), 1881. 2 v.

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2. The

100 copies printed. no. 37.

CONTENTS.—V. 1. Introduction. Apology for Socrates. Negotium posterorum, pt. 1. v. 2. Negotium posterorum, Pt. II. Index. 404. ELIOT, SIR JOHN. De jure maiestatis; or, Political treatise of govern

ment (1628-30) and The letter-book of Sir John Eliot (1625-1632), now for the first time printed: from the author's and other mss. at Port Eliot. Ed., with introduction, fac-similes and notes, etc., by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart ... In two volumes. (London), 1882. 2 v. fronts., facsims.

100 copies printed. no. 66.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. De iure maiestatis. v. 11. The letter-book. 405. ELIOT, SIR JOHN. The monarchie of man, by Sir John Eliot. (1590

1632.) Now for the first time printed: from the author's manuscript in Harleian collection. (No. 2,228.) Ed., with introduction, notes and illustrations, steel portraits and facsimiles, &c., by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart ... In two volumes ... (London), 1879. 2 v. fronts. (ports.) facsim.

100 copies printed. no. 22.

CONTENTS.V. 1. Preface. Introduction: 1. Biographical. 11. Critical monarchie of man. 406. ELIZABETH, QUEEN OF BOHEMIA. Original letters to the Tremoille

family chiefly from Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia. [1614-28]

Archaeologia 39:143-72. 407. EXCHEQUER. Issues of the Exchequer; being payments made out of

His Majesty's revenue during the reign of King James 1. Extracted
from the original records belonging to the ancient Pell office, in the
custody of ... Sir John Newport By Frederick Devon ...
London, 1836. 29, 448 p.
Pell records [2]

Published by the Record commission. 408. EXCHEQUER. Scotland. Documents and records illustrating the his

tory of Scotland, and the transactions between the crowns of Scotland and England, preserved in the treasury of Her Majesty's exchequer. Vol. 1. Collected and ed. by Sir Francis Palgrave .. Printed by command ... in pursuance of an address of the House of commons ... and under the direction of the commissioners on the public records [London] 1837. 224, 29, 434 p.

No more published. 409. The FORTESCUE PAPERS; consisting chiefly of letters relating to state

affairs, collected by John Bruce, secretary to George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. Ed., from the original mss. in the possession of ... G. M. Fortescue, by Samuel Rawson Gardiner ... London, 1871. 35, 225 P.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. I. 410. FRANCISCO DE JESU Y JODAR. El hecho de los tratados del matrimonio

pretendido por el Principe de Gales con la serenissima infante de Es

pana, Maria, tomado desde sus principios para maior demostracion de la verdad, y ajustado con los papeles originales desde consta, por el Maestro F. Francisco de Jesus Narrative of the Spanish mar


riage treaty, ed. and tr. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1869. 10, 349 p.

Camden soc. V. 101.

411. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON. Letters and other documents illustrating the relations between England and Germany at the commencement of the Thirty year's war ... Ed. by Samuel Rawson, Gardiner London 1865-68. 2 v.

Camden soc. v. 90, 98.


CONTENTS.-v. 1. From the outbreak of the revolution in Bohemia to the election of the Emperor Ferdinand 11. v. 2. To the close of the conference at Mühlhausen. 412. GOODMAN, GODFREY, bp. of Gloucester. The court of King James the First; by Dr. Godfrey Goodman, bishop of Gloucester; to which are added, letters illustrative of the personal history of the most distinguished characters in the court of that monarch and his predecessors. Now first published from the original manuscripts. By John S. Brewer... London, 1839. 2 v. 4 port. (incl. fronts.)

The "letters" comprise the whole of v. 2.


413. HACKET, JOHN, bp. of Coventry and Lichfield. Scrinia reserata; A memorial offered to the great deservings of John Williams, D.D. Ld. keeper of the great seal of England, Ld. bishop of Lincoln, and Ld. archbishop of York. Containing a series of the most remarkable occurrences and transactions of his life, in relation to church and state... London, 1693. 230 p. front. (port.)

414. [HAILES, SIR DAVID DALRYMPLE, lord.] Memorials and letters relating to the history of Britain in the reign of James the First. Published from the originals. The 2d ed., cor. and enl. Glasgow, 1766. 30, 191 p.

State trials of

415. HARRIS, CARRIE JENKINS, "MRS. C. W. HARRIS." Mary, queen of Scots, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Captain William Kidd. Condensed and copied from the state trials of Francis Hargrave ... London, 1776, and of T. B. Howell ... London, 1816, with explanatory notes. Chicago, 1899. 8, 260 p.

416. Howell, JAMES. Epistolae Ho-Elianae. The familiar letters of


Howell ... ed. ... by J. Jacobs. London, 1892. 103, 848 p. front.
Reprint of 10th ed. 1737.

417. JAMES I. Original letters relating to the ecclesiastical affairs of Scotland, chiefly written by, or addressed to, His Majesty King James the Sixth, after his accession to the English throne ... Edinburgh, 1851.

2 v.

Bannatyne club. [Publications. 92]

Ed. by David Laing.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. 1603-14. v. 2. 1614-25. 418. JAMES I. The dutie of a king in his royal office, shewing how it is to

be used in the administration of justice and politick government in his kingdomes. (From the Basilicon doron.)

Somers 3:359-81. 418a. JOHNSTON, ROBERT. Historia rerum britannicarum; ut et multarum

gallicarum, belgicarum & germanicarum, tam politicarum, quam ecclesiasticarum, ab anno 1572 ad annum 1628. Amstelaedami, 1655. 2,

737, 22 p. 419. KEMPE, ALFRED John. The Loseley manuscripts. Manuscripts and

other rare documents, illustrative of some of the more minute particulars of English history, biography, and manners, from the reign of Henry VIII. to that of James 1., preserved in the muniment room of James More Molyneux, esq. at Loseley house, in Surrey ... Now first edited, with notes, by Alfred John Kempe ... London, 1836.

24, 506 p., front., illus., facsim. 420. LETTERS PATENT of Elizabeth and James the First, addressed to the

University of Cambridge, with other documents, ed. (with a translation of the letters of Elizabeth) by John Willis Clark Cambridge,

1892. 5 p. l., [3]-70 p. 421. LEADER, John Temple. Life of Sir Robert Dudley, earl of Warwick

and duke of Northumberland ... Illustrated with letters and documents from original sources, collected by the author, and hitherto inedited. Florence, 1895. 234 p. front., illus., pl., ports., facsim.

Includes a reprint of Dudley's pamphlet written in 1612 "How to bridle the exhorbitances of Parliament," p. 70-79. 422. LODGE, EDMUND. Illustrations of British history, biography, and man

ners in the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward vi, Mary, Elizabeth, & James
I, exhibited in a series of original papers, selected from the mss. of
the noble families of Howard, Talbot, and Cecil; containing
great part of the correspondence of Elizabeth and her ministers, with
George, sixth earl of Shrewsbury, during the fifteen years in which
Mary, queen of Scots, remained in his custody. With numerous notes
and observations by Edmund Lodge ... 2d ed. with additions, rev.

and cor. ... London, 1838. 3 v. front. (port.) 423. Nichols, John. The progresses, processions, and magnificent festivi

ties, of King James the First, his royal consort, family, and court; collected from original manuscripts, scarce pamphlets, corporation records, parochial registers, &c., &c. ... Illustrated with notes, historical, topographical, biographical, and bibliographical. By John Nichols ... London, 1828. 4 v. fronts., pl., facsims.

"Bibliographical list of tracts on the accession and coronation of King James": v. 1, P. xxxvii.xli.


"Bibliographical list of miscellaneous eulogistic tributes to King James and his family, published during his reign in England”: v. 1, p. xlii-xlvi. 424. PAULE, SIR GEORGE. The life of John Whitgift, archbishop of Canter

bury, in the times of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. ... To which is added a treatise intituled, Conspiracy for pretended reformation, written in the year 1591, by Richard Cosin ... London, 1699. 124, 182 p. front. (port.)

The "Conspiracy" has special t.-p. and separate paging. 425. Pett, PHINEAS. Extracts from a ms. intituled “The life of Mr.

Phineas Pette, one of the master shipwrights to King James the First,
drawn up by himself."

Archaeologia 12:217-96. 426. PROTHERO, GEORGE WALTER, comp. Select statutes and other consti

tutional documents illustrative of the reigns of Elizabeth and James

1; ed. by G. W. Prothero 4th ed. Oxford, 1913. 125, 490 p. 427. RALEIGH, SIR WALTER. A discourse of tenures, which were before

the conquest.

Gutch 1:50-94.

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428. RALEIGH, SIR WALTER, supposed author. Observations touching trade

and commerce with the Hollander, and other nations. Presented to
King James. Wherein is proved that our sea and land commodities
serve to inrich and strengthen other countries against our own. Lon-
don, 1751. 28 p.
In McCulloch, J. R., Select collection of scarce and valuable tracts on

More probably by John Keymer.

Published 1650. 429. RALEIGH, SIR WALTER. The Prince, or Maxims of state. Written

by Sir Walter Rawley, and presented to Prince Henry. First printed 1648.

Somers 3:281-304. 430. REYCE, ROBERT. Suffolk in the xviith century: the Breviary of Suf

folk, by Robert Reyce, 1618; now published for the first time from the ms. in the British museum, with notes, by Lord Francis Hervey. London, 1902. 3 p. 1., 300 p. fold. tab.

"The manuscript of which a copy is (here] printed is numbered 3873 in the Harleian collection in the British museum.”—Pref, to the notes, p. (230)

Title of the ms.: A breviary of Suffolk or a plaine and familier description of the country, the fruits, the buildings, the people and inhabitants

Biographical note on Reyce: p. 232. 431. RYE, WILLIAM BRENCHLEY. England as seen by foreigners in the

days of Elizabeth and James the First. Comprising translations of the journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemberg in 1592 and 1610; both illustrative of Shakespeare. With extracts from the travels of foreign princes and others, copious notes, an introduction, and etchings. By

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