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471. GORDON, JAMES. History of Scots affairs, from MDCXXXVII to MDCXLI

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472. GORDON, PATRICK. A short abridgement of Britane's distemper, from the yeare of God M.DC.XXXIX. to M.DC.XLIX. by Patrick Gordon, of Ruthven. Aberdeen, 1844. 24, 241 p. I facsim.

Spalding club 10.

Preface signed by the editor, John Dunn.

473. THE HAMILTON PAPERS: being selections from original letters in the possession of His Grace the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, relating to the years 1638-1650. Ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1880. 6, 274 P.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 27.

474. HAMILTON PAPERS. Addenda. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1893. 42 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 53.

475. HENRIETTA MARIA. Letters of Queen Henrietta Maria, including her private correspondence with Charles the First. Collected from the public archives and private libraries of France and England. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green ... London, 1857 [1856]. 20, 429, [1] p. 476. [HEYWOOD, THOMAS.] The life of Merlin, sirnamed Ambrosivs. His prophesies, and predictions interpreted; and their truth made good by our English annalls. Being a chrongraphicall history of all the kings, and memorable passages of this kingdome, from Brute to the reigne of our royall soveraigne King Charles... London, 1641. 35, 376 p. Preface "To the reader" signed: Thomas Heywood.

476a. HICKSON, MARY AGNES. Ireland in the seventeenth century; or, The Irish massacres of 1641-2, their causes and results. Illustrated by extracts from the unpublished state papers, the unpublished mss. in the Bodleian library, Lambeth library, and the library of the Royal Dublin society, relating to the plantations of 1610-39; a selection from the unpublished depositions relating to the massacres ... and the reports of the trials in the High court of justice in 1652-4, from the unpublished mss. in Trinity college, Dublin. By Mary Hickson. With a preface by J. A. Froude ... London, 1884. 2 v. 2 fold. facsim. 477. HOPE, SIR THOMAS. A diary of the public correspondence of Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, bart. 1633-1645. [ed. by T. Thomson] Edinburgh, 1843. 234 P.

Bannatyne club.

478. HUGHES, JOHN, ed. The Boscobel tracts, relating to the escape of Charles the Second after the battle of Worcester and his subsequent adventures... Edinburgh, 1830. 347 p. front. map, plan.

CONTENTS.-Introduction.-Diary, comp. by the editor.-Extract from Lord Clarendon.Letter from a prisoner at Chester.-The king's narrative, ed. by Pepys.-Boscobel, pt. 1-11 by Thomas Blount.-Mr. Whitgreave's narrative.-Mr. Ellesdon's letter.-Mrs. Anne Wyndham's "Claustrum regale reseratum."-Genealogical appendix.

479. HUTCHINSON, MRS. LUCY (APSLEY). Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutchinson, governor of Nottingham castle and town. Written by his widow Lucy. Ed. from the original manuscript by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson. To which is prefixed the life of Mrs. Hutchinson written by herself. Also an account of the siege of Lathom House, defended by the Countess of Derby against Sir Thomas Fairfax. London, 1902. 20, 523 p. front. (port.)

480. JOHNSON, GEORGE WILLIAM], ed. The Fairfax correspondence. Memoirs of the reign of Charles the First. Ed. by George W. Johnson ... London, 1848. 2 v. 4 port. (incl. fronts.)

The last two volumes of the Fairfax correspondence, edited by Robert Bell, were published in 1849. See no. 520. 481. [L'ESTRANGE, HAMON.] The reign of King Charles: an history faithfully and impartially delivered and disposed into annals. London, 1655. 5, 266, [6] p.

Added t.-p., engr.: The history of King Charles, by H: L: esq.
The history extends to 1641 only.

482. LEYBURN, GEORGE. The memoirs of George Leyburn, Doctor of
Divinity, chaplain to Henrietta Maria Queen of England. Being a
journal of his agency for Prince Charles in Ireland in the year 1647.
Accompanied with original instructions and letters to the author, from
Prince Charles, Queen-Mother, the Duke of Ormond, Lord Digby,
Lord Clanriccard, the Pope's nuncio, &c ... to which is prefix'd an
account of the author's life. London, 1722. 82 p.
Clarendon historical soc. reprints 2:no. 10.

483. THE LIFE and death of Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, Queen to that blessed King and martyr, Charles 1, mother to his late glorious Majesty of happy memory, K. Charles II. and to our present most gracious soveraign, James II. London, 1685. 41 p.

Smeeton 1: no. 8.

484. LILLY, WILLIAM. Several observations on the life and death of King Charles I. By William Lilly, student of astrology. Published for the first time in July, 1651.

Maseres, Select tracts 1:129-82.

"The tract here re-printed forms the second part of a larger tract, entitled, 'Monarchy, or no Monarchy, in England,' that was published at London in the month of July, 1651." -p. 131.

485. LLOYD, DAVID. Memoires of the lives, actions, sufferings & deaths of those noble, reverend, and excellent personages, that suffered by death, sequestration, decimation, or otherwise, for the protestant religion, and the great principle thereof, allegiance to their soveraigne, in our late intestine wars, from the year 1637, to the year 1660, and from

thence continued to 1666.
Charles I. London, 1668.

With the life and martyrdom of King 12, 708 p. front.

486. [MENTEITH, ROBERT.] Histoire des troubles de la Grand' Bretagne. Paris, 1649. [22], 815 p.

487. MENTEITH, ROBERT. The history of the troubles of Great Britain: containing a particular account of the most remarkable passages in Scotland, from the year 1633 to 1650. With an exact relation of the wars carried on, and the battles fought by the Marquis of Montrose, (all of which are omitted in the Earl of Clarendon's History.) Also a full account of all the transactions in England during that time. Written in French by Robert Monteth, of Salmonet. To which is added, The true causes and favourable conjunctures which contributed to the restoration of King Charles II. Written in French by D. Riordan de Muscry. Translated into English by Captain James Ogilvie. London, 1735. 4, [4], 557, [20] p.

Original appeared in 1661.

The portion by Riordan de Muscry has special t.-p., with date, 1734.

488. MOTTEVILLE, FRANÇOISE DE. Memoir by Madame de Motteville on the life of Henrietta Maria. Ed. by M. G. Hanotaux. 1880. 31 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31.

489. NALSON, JOHN. An impartial collection of the great affairs of state, from the beginning of the Scotch rebellion in the year MDCXXXIX. to the murther of King Charles I. Wherein the first occasions, and the whole series of the late troubles in England, Scotland, & Ireland, are faithfully represented. Taken from authentick records, and methodically digested, by John Nalson, LL.D. Published by His Majesties special command. London, 1682-83. 2 v. front., port.

Narrative closes with 1641.

490. OXFORD. UNIVERSITY. The register of the

visitors of the University of Oxford, from A.D. 1647 to A.D. 1658. Ed., with some account of the state of the University during the commonwealth, by Montagu Burrows... London, 1881. 133, 593 p. tables.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 29.

491. PAPERS relating to Thomas Wentworth, first earl of Strafford. From the mss. of Dr. William Knowler. Edited by C. H. Firth. London, 1890. 12, 31 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 53.

492. [PERRINCHIEF, RICHARD.] The royal martyr: or, The life and death of King Charles I .. London, 1676. 12, 311 p.


Preface signed Rich. Perrinchief.

493. POYNTZ, SYDENHAM. The relation of Sydnam Poyntz, 1624-1636; ed. for the Royal historical society by the Rev. A. T. S. Goodrick ... London, 1908. 4, 155 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 14.

"The document from which the 'Relation' is now edited is preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale at Paris (Fonds anglais 55), where it was discovered and first transcribed by Dr. Maurice Ettinghausen of Munich."-Introd., p. 43.

494. ROE. Military memoir of Colonel John Birch, sometime Governor of Hereford in the civil war between Charles I. and the parliament: written by Roe, his secretary; with an historical and critical commentary, notes, and appendix, by the late Rev. John Webb ... Ed. by his son the Rev. T. W. Webb... London, 1873. 14, 240 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 7.

495. ROE, SIR THOMAS. Letters relating to the mission of Sir Thomas Roe to Gustavus Adolphus. 1629-30. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 1875. 98 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 14.

496. ROGERS, CHARLES. Rehearsal of events which occured in the north of Scotland from 1635 to 1645, in relation to the national covenant. Edited from contemporary ms.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. I ser. 5:354-79.

497. ROUS, JOHN. Diary of John Rous, incumbent of Santon Downham, Suffolk, from 1625 to 1642. Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green ... London, 1856. 12, 143 P.

Camden soc. v. 66.

498. SANDERSON, SIR WILLIAM. A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles, from his cradle to his grave. Collected and written by William Sanderson, esq. London, 1658. 6, 408, [24], 409-1149, [14] p. 2 port.

499. SCOTLAND. LAWS, STATUTES, ETC. The acts made in the second Parliament of our ... soveraigne Charles ... Holden at Edinburgh in the severall sessions thereof, according to the dates therein mentioned [11 June, 1640-17 November, 1641] Edinburgh, 1641. 160 p. 500. A SECRET NEGOCIATION with Charles the First 1643-1644. Ed. by Bertha Meriton Gardiner. London, 1883. 18, 38 p.


Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31.


501. SMYTH, RICHARD. The obituary of Richard Smyth, secondary of the Poultry Compter, London: being a catalogue of all such persons as he knew in their life: extending from A.D. 1627 to A.D. 1674. Ed. by Sir Henry Ellis ... London, 1849. 21, 124 p. illus. Camden soc. v. 44.

502. SPALDING, JOHN. The history of the troubles and memorable transactions in Scotland, in the reign of Charles 1. By John Spalding A new ed. Aberdeen, 1829. 8, 504 p.


503. SPALDING, JOHN. Memorialls of the trubles in Scotland and England. A.D. 1624-A.D. 1645 ... Aberdeen, 1840. 2 v.

Spalding club v. 20, 22.

Ed. by John Stuart.

504. STRAFFORD, THOMAS WENTWORTH, Ist earl. The Earl of Strafforde's letters and dispatches, with an essay towards his life, by Sir George Radcliffe. From the originals in the possession of his great grandson ... Thomas, earl of Malton, knight of the Bath. By William Knowler ... London, 1739. 2 v. in I. 2 pl. (ports., incl. front.) 505. STRAFFORD, THOMAS WENTWORTH, Ist earl. Four letters of Lord Wentworth, afterwards Earl of Strafford, with a poem on his illness. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1883. 8 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31.

506. STRAFFORD, THOMAS WENTWORTH, 1st earl. Private letters from the Earl of Strafford to his third wife. [written 1635-37, ed. R. M. Milnes, London, 1854] 24 p.

Philobiblion soc. misc. 1:no. 6.

507. TEMPLE, SIR JOHN. The Irish rebellion: or, An history of the beginnings and first progress of the general rebellion raised within the kingdom of Ireland, upon the three and twentieth day of October, in the year 1641 London, 1679. 176 p.


508. TOWNSHEND, DOROTHEA. Life and letters of Mr. Endymion Porter: sometime gentleman of the bedchamber to King Charles the First; by Dorothea Townshend ... with portraits. London, 1897. 12, 260 p. 2 pl., 4 port. (incl. front.)

509. TWYSDEN, SIR ROGER. Certaine considerations upon the government of England ... Edited from the unpublished manuscript by John Mitchell Kemble ... London, 1849. 85, 191 p.

Camden soc. v. 45.

510. A VIEW of the reign of King Charles the First, wherein the true causes of the civil war are impartially delineated by strokes borrow'd from Lord Clarendon, Sir Philip Warwick, H. L'Estrange, and other most authentick and approved historians. In answer to the libels lately publish'd against a sermon preach'd by the Reverend White Kennet ... London, 1704. 28 p.


511. WALKER, SIR EDWARD. Historical discourses, upon several occasions: viz. 1. The happy progress and success of the arms of K. Charles 1. ... from the 30th of March, to the 23d of November, 1644 Memorial of His said Majesty's unfortunate success in the year following. III. A journal of several actions performed in the kingdom of Scotland, after King Charles the Second's arrival there in 1650. IV. The life and actions of Thomas Howard, earl of Arundel and Surrey, earl-marshal of England. v. A full answer to a book entituled, Monarchy, or no monarchy; being a confused mixture of false, traiterous and contradictory observations concerning King Charles I. pub

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