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lish'd by William Lilly in July 1651. vi. Observations upon the inconveniences that have attended the frequent promotions to titles of honour and dignity, since King James I. came to the crown of England. VII. Observations on the annals of the reign of King Charles the First, publish'd by Hamond L'Estrange, esq. VIII. A short review of the life and actions of King Charles 1. By Sir Edward Walker ... Together with Perfect copies of all the votes, letters, proposals, and answers relating unto, and that passed in, the treaty held at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, in ... 1648. Between His Majesty King Charles the First, and a committee of the Lords and Commons of Parliament By the same Sir Edward Walker London, 1705. 8 p. 1., 369, 98 p. incl. port.


Ed. by Hugh Clopton.


"Perfect copies of all the votes [etc.]" have special t.-p. and separate paging, although the signatures are continuous.

512. WALLER, SIR WILLIAM. Vindication of the character and conduct of Sir William Waller, knight ... explanatory of his conduct in taking up arms against King Charles the First. (Written by himself.) And now first published from the original manuscript. With an introduction by the editor ... London, 1793. 15, 126 (i.e. 326), [14] p. 2 port. (incl. front.)

p. 321-26 numbered 121-26.

512a. WALLER, SIR WILLIAM. Recollections, printed from an original manuscript.

Printed as an app. to [Cowley, Hannah], The poetry of Anna Matilda. London, 1788.

pp. 103-39.

513. WALWORTH, NATHAN. The correspondence of Nathan Walworth and Peter Seddon of Outwood, and other documents chiefly relating to the building of Ringley Chapel. Edited, with notes, by John Samuel Fletcher. 1880. 27, 110 p.

Chetham soc. 109.

514. WARRISTON, SIR ARCHIBALD JOHNSTON, lord. Diary of Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston, 1632-1639; ed. from the original manuscript, with notes and introduction by George Morison Paul, LL.D. Edinburgh, 1911. 51, 427 p. fold. facsim.

Scottish history soc. v. 61.

"A fragment [of the diary] was issued in 1896 as part of a miscellaneous volume (XXVI.) presented to this Society by Messrs. T. and A. Constable. It covered the short period of thirty-six days from 21st May to 25th June 1639."—Introduction.

515. WARWICK, SIR PHILIP. Memoires of the reign of King Charles 1. Containing the most remarkable occurrences of that reign, and setting many secret passages thereof in a clear light. With impartial characters of many great persons on both sides, who chiefly govern'd the counsels and actions of that scene of affairs. Together with a continuation to the happy restauration of King Charles II. By Sir Philip

Warwick, knight. Published from the original manuscript with an alphabetical table. The 2d ed. London, 1702. 8, 437 p. front. (port.) 516. WHİTELOCKE, SIR BULSTRODE. Memorials of the English affairs from the beginning of the reign of Charles the First to the happy restoration of King Charles the Second. By Bulstrode Whitelock. New ed. ... Oxford, 1853. 4 v.

Reprint of the edition of 1732.

517. WILDRIDGE, THOMAS TINDALL, ed. The Hull letters, printed from a collection of original documents found among the borough archives in the Town hall. Hull, 1884 ... Period the reign of Charles I. until his imprisonment 1625-1646. Hull, [1887] 16, 199 p.

518. [WILLIAMS, ROBERT FOLKESTONE] ed. The court and times of Charles the First; illustrated by authentic and confidential letters, from various public and private collections; including Memoirs of the mission in England of the Capuchin friars in the service of Queen Henrietta Maria. By Father Cyprien de Gamache ... Ed., with an introduction and notes, by the author of ... "The court and times of James 1," etc. London, 1848. 2 v. front. (port.)

"The present series of letters form a sequel to "The court and times of James




"Memoirs of the Capuchin friars" now first translated from an unpublished ms.: v. 2, p. 289-501.

519. WREN, MATTHEW, bp. of Ely. Of the origin and progress of the revo

lutions in England.

Gutch 1:228-53.



520. BELL, ROBERT, ed. Memorials of the civil war: comprising the correspondence of the Fairfax family with the most distinguished personages engaged in that memorable contest. Now first published from the original manuscripts. Ed. by Robert Bell... Forming the concluding volumes of the Fairfax correspondence ... London, 1849. 2 v. 4 port. (incl. fronts.)

See no. 480.

520a. [BORLASE, EDMUND.] The history of the execrable Irish rebellion, traced from many preceding acts to the grand eruption, the 23. of October, 1641, and thence pursued to the Act of settlement, MDCLXII. London, 1680. [32] 327, 138, [14] p.

521. CARTE, THOMAS. A collection of original letters and papers, concerning the affairs of England from the year 1641 to 1660. Found among the Duke of Ormonde's papers by Tho. Carte, M.A. London, 1739. 2 v.


522. CASTLEHAVEN, JAMES TOUCHET, 3rd earl. The memoirs of James Lord Audley, earl of Castlehaven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of Ireland from the year 1642 to 1651. Written by himself. London, 1680. 76 p.

523. THE CHARACTER of the Parliament commonly called the Rump, &c. Begun November 23. in the year 1640. With a short account of some of their proceedings. London, 1721. 4, 38 p.

524. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. The records of the commissions of the General assemblies of the Church of Scotland holden in Edinburgh in the years 1646[-1652]. Ed. from the original manuscript by Alexander F. Mitchell... and James Christie, D.D., with an introduction by the former. Edinburgh, 1892-1909. 3 v. Scottish history soc. 11, 25, 58.

525. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, 1st earl.

The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, to which is added An historical view of the affairs of Ireland. By Edward earl of Clarendon. New ed. exhibiting a faithful collation of the original ms. with all the suppressed passages; also the unpublished notes of Bishop Warburton. Oxford; Reprinted, Boston, 1827. 6 v.

Paged continuously.

526. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE; Ist earl. The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England begun in the year 1641, by Edward, earl of Clarendon. Re-edited from a fresh collation of the original ms. in the

Bodleian library, with marginal dates and occasional notes, by W.
Dunn Macray Oxford, 1888. 6 v.


527. CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, Ist earl. State papers collected by Edward, earl of Clarendon, commencing from the year 1621. Containing the materials from which his History of the great rebellion was composed, and the authorities on which the truth of his relation is founded. Oxford, 1767-86. 3 v.

v. 2 ed. by Richard Scrope; v. 3, by Thomas Monkhouse.

528. A COLLECTION of acts and ordinances of general use made in the Parliament, begun and held at Westminster the third day of November, anno 1640 and since, unto the adjournment of the Parliament begun and holden the 17th of September, anno 1656, and formerly published in print, which are here printed at large with marginal notes, or abbreviated; being a continuation of that work from the end of Mr. Pulton's collection. In two parts: Together with several tables of the titles of, and principal matters contained in the said acts and ordinances; and likewise of such as being of more private and particular concernment, or less use, are omitted, by Henry Scobell ... Printed by special order of Parliament. London, 1657-58. 2 v.


529. COMMITTEE FOR COMPOUNDING. Index nominum to the Royalist composition papers. First and second series. ... Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore London, 1889- I v.


British record soc. The Index library. v. 3.

Series title also at head of t.-p.

530. COMMITTEE FOR COMPOUNDING. Records of the committees for compounding, etc., with delinquent royalists in Durham and Northumberland during the civil war, etc. 1643-1660. Durham, 1905. 34, 461 p. Surtees soc. 111.

530a. COMMITTEE FOR COMPOUNDING. Yorkshire royalist composition papers; or, The proceedings of the Committee for compounding with delinquents during the Commonwealth. Ed. by John William Clay. 1893-96.

Yorkshire arch. soc. 15, 18, 20.

531. [DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM.] A short view of the late troubles in England; briefly setting forth, their rise, growth, and tragical conclusion. As also, some parallel thereof with the barons-wars in the time of King Henry III. But chiefly with that in France, called the Holy league, in the reign of Henry III. and Henry IV. late kings of that realm. To which is added a perfect narrative of the treaty at Uxbridge in an. 1644. Oxford, 1681.

3 p. l., 1-136, 185-294, 361-439, 449-88, 553-650, 733-959, [6] p., 3 1. front. (port.) Covers the period 1639-59.

Published anonymously. Reissued the same year under author's name.

"The hiatusses in the above collation gave rise to the conjecture that the licenser had curtailed this work, but on comparing the printed book with the original manuscript, this supposition was found to be erroneous."-Lowndes.

"A full relation of the passages concerning the treaty for a peace, begun at Uxbridge, January 30, 1644" (p. 733-959) is a reprint of a pamphlet printed at Oxford in 1645. cf. Dict. of nat. biog. and Brit. mus. Catalogue.

532. [EGLESFIELD, FRANCIS.] Monarchy revived; being the personal history of Charles the Second, from his earliest years to his restoration to the throne. Reprinted from the edition of 1661. With fourteen portraits. London, 1822. 262 p. front., ports.

Dedication signed: Fr. Eglesfield.

Includes reprint of original t.-p.: Monarchy revived, in the most illustrious Charles the Second; whose life and reign is exactly described in the ensuing discourse. London, Printed by R. Daniel, for F. Eglesfield, MDCLXI.

533. GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON, ed. Letters and papers illustrating the relations between Charles the Second and Scotland in 1650. Ed., with notes and introduction, by Samuel Rawson Gardiner ... Edinburgh, 1894. 24, 201 p.

Scottish history soc. v. 17.

534. GILBERT, SIR JOHN THOMAS, ed. A contemporary history of affairs in Ireland, from 1641 to 1652. Now for the first time published, with an appendix of original letters and documents. Ed. by John T. Gilbert ... Dublin, 1879-80. 3 v. in 6. ports., fold. facsims.

The manuscript, entitled "An aphorismical discovery of treasonable faction," probably written between 1652 and 1660, is in Trinity college, Dublin. cf. Pref.

535. HEATH, JAMES. A chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. With the intervening affairs of treaties, and other occurrences relating thereunto. As also the several usurpations, forreign wars, differences and interests depending upon it, to the happy restitution of our sacred soveraign K. Charles II. In four parts, viz. The commons war, democracie, protectorate, restitution. By James Heath, gent. The 2d ed. To which is added a continuation to this present year 1675. Being A brief account of the most memorable transactions in England, Scotland and Ireland, and forreign parts. By J. P[hillips] London, 1676. 4 p. 1., 604, [18] p. front. (group of port.)

536. THE HISTORY of the commons warre of England. Throughout these three nations: begun from 1640. and continued till this present year 1662 ... By W. C. London, 1662. 6, 140 (i.e. 144) p. front. Paging irregular: no. 81-84 repeated, and 139 numbered 199. Dedication signed: W. C.

537. H[OBBES], T[HOMAS]. Behemoth. The history of the civil wars of England, from the year 1640, to 1660. By T. H. of Malmsbury. Purged from the errours of former editions ... [London] 1680.

286 p.

Paging irregular: 79, 127, 143-214 being numbered 76, 125, 97-168, respectively.

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