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second civil war. First written in Latin, and after done into English, by Thomas May, esq. Reprinted from the first edition, 1655. London, 1813.

Maseres, Select tracts 1:1-128.

The edition of 1655, of which this is a reprint, was the second, not the first as stated above, the tract having been originally published in 1650. cf. Maseres's Preface, p. ix-x. 563. MAY, THOMAS. The history of the Parliament of England, which began November the third, M.DC.XL.; with a short and necessary view of some precedent years. Written by Thomas May, esq., secretary for the Parliament. Published by authority London, 1647; reprinted, 1812. 31, 337 p. front. (port.) pl.


Edited, with an appendix, by Francis Maseres; the appendix contains "all the papers issued by the king and the Parliament, from the time of the king's return from Scotland to London in November, 1641, to the middle of March, in the year 1641-2, extracted from Mr. Husband's Collection, published in the year 1642-3." cf. p. xxvii. 564. MONTEREUL, JEAN DE. The diplomatic correspondence of Jean de

Montereul and the Brothers de Bellièvre, French ambassadors in England and Scotland, 1645-48. Ed., with an English translation, introduction and notes, by J. G. Fotheringham ... Edinburgh, 1898-99.

2 v.

Scottish history soc. v. 29-30.

565. PAPERS relating to proceedings in the county of Kent, A.D. 1642-1646. Ed. by Richard Almack. [London] 1854. 68 p.

Camden soc. v. 61.

566. PARLIAMENT. An exact collection of all remonstrances, declarations, votes, orders, ordinances, proclamations, petitions, messages, answers, and other remarkable passages betweene the Kings most excellent Majesty, and his high court of Parliament beginning at His Majesties return from Scotland, being in December 1641, and continued untill March the 21, 1643. Which were formerly published either by the Kings Majesties command or by order from one or both Houses of Parliament ... London, 1643. [6], 955 (i.e. 959), [20] p. front.

Known as Husband's Collection.

Paging irregular.

Documents extend to March, 1642, not 1643 as stated in title.

567. PARLIAMENT. A collection of all the publicke orders, ordinances and declarations of both houses of Parliament, from the ninth of March 1642. Untill December 1646. Together with severall of His Majesties proclamations and other papers printed at Oxford. Also a convenient table for the finding of the severall date and title of the particulars herein mentioned ... London, 1646. 1 p. l., [16], 5-943, 24 p. front.

Known as Husband's Collection.

568. PEACOCK, EDWARD, ed. The army lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers, containing the names of the officers in the royal and parliamen

tary armies of 1642. Ed. by Edward Peacock, F.S.A. ... London, 1863. 12, 67 p.

569. [RICRAFT, JOSIAH.] The civill vvarres of England briefly related, from His Majesties first setting up his standard 1641. to this present personall hopefull treaty. With the lively effigies and eulogies of the chief commanders Collected by John Leycester ... London, 1649. [London reprinted, 1818] 5, 174 p. 22 port. incl. front.


Falsely stated on the title-page to have been collected by John Leycester, who supplied "An addition of the late proceedings of the army to this present [Sept., 1648]" p. 167-74. cf. Dict. of nat. biog., v. 48, p. 268-69.

A reprint of the 1649 ed., incl. t.-p. of the original ed.: A survey of Englands champions and truths faithfull patriots; or, A chronologicall recitement of the principall proceedings of the most worthy commanders of the prosperous armies... By Josiah Ricraft ... London, Printed by R. Austin, 1647.


"A perfect list of the many victories obtained by the Parliaments forces under the command of ... Robert earl of Essex and Ewe 1642 to the 14 of June, 1645": P. 123-41.


"A perfect list of the many victories obtained by the Parliaments forces under the command of ... Sir Thomas Fairfax ... May, 1645, to ... June... 1646": p. 143-54. 569a. SPRIGG, JOSHUA. Anglia rediviva; England's recovery: being the his

tory of the motions, actions and successes of the army under ... Sir Thomas Fairfax, kt. ... Compiled for the public good by Joshua Sprigg. London, 1647. A new edition. Oxford, 1854. 16, 3, 336 p. 570. THE STRALOCH PAPERS [ed. by John Stuart].

Spalding club miscellany 1:1-58.

Correspondence of Robert Gordon of Straloch, most of the letters being dated from 1641 to 1649.

571. SUSSEX, THOMAS SAVILE, Ist earl. Papers relating to the delinquency of Lord Savile. 1642-1646. Edited by James J. Cartwright. London, 1883. 2, 33 P.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31.

572. SYMONDS, RICHARD. Diary of the marches of the Royal army during the great Civil War; kept by Richard Symonds. Now first published from the original ms. in the British Museum. Ed. by Charles Edward Long... London, 1859. 14, 296 p. table.

Camden soc. v. 74.

573. TRACT entitled True and faithful relation of a worthy discourse, between Colonel John Hampden and Colonel Oliver Cromwell. Preceded by an explanatory preface. London, 1847. 10, 61 p. incl. 2 port.

Printed in 17th century style.

"A modern fiction, to which [William] Spurstowe's name is attached."-Dict. of nat. biog.

573a. TWYSDEN, SIR ROGER. Sir Roger Twysden's Journal; from the Roydon Hall mss. 1641-48.

Archaeologia cantiana 1:184-214; 2:175-220; 3:145-76; 4:131-95. 574. [VICARS, JOHN.] England's worthies: under whom all the civil and bloudy warres, since anno 1642 to anno 1647, are related, wherein are described the severall battails, encounters and assaults, of cities, townes

and castles, at several times and places, so that the reader may behold the time, yeare, and event of every battle, skirmish and assault. Wherein London apprentices had not the least share. As also several victories by sea, by the noble Admiral Robert, earle of Warwick. London, 1647. Reprint 1845. 67 p. ports.

Another copy, Smeeton 2: no. 2.

575. VICARS, JOHN. Jehovah-Jireh. God in the movnt. Or, Englands parliamentarie-chronicle, containing a most exact narration of all the most materiall proceedings of this renowned and unparalelld Parliament; the armies which have been or are in the severall parts of this land; the manner of the battails and seiges of Keinton, Brainford, Stafford, Litchfield, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lin, Gloucester, Newbury, and of those other places in England where any have been, from the yeare 1641. to this present moneth of October, 1643. Concluding with the late covenant of Great-Britain and Ireland ... By... John Vicars .. London, 1644. 4, 434, [21] p.

576. VICARS, JOHN. Jehova-Jireh ... God in the mount. Or, Englands remembrancer ... In the most grateful commemoration of al the miraculous parliamentarie mercies .. 1641 and 1642 ... London, 1642. 6, 110 p.

Later pub. as pt. 1 of his Jehovah-Jireh. God in the movnt; or, Englands parliamentariechronicles. 1644.

Pub. also as pt. 1 of his Magnalia Dei anglicana; or, Englands parliamentary Lowndes.

577. WALLINGTON, NEHEMIAH. Historical notices of events occurring chiefly in the reign of Charles I. By Nehemiah Wallington ... Edited from the original mss. with notes and illustrations [by R. Webb] London, 1869. 2 v.

Life and writings of Nehemiah Wallington, by R. Webb: v. 1, p. ix-lvii.

578. WARBURTON, ELIOT, i.e. BARTHOLOMEW ELLIOTT GEORGE. Memoirs of Prince Rupert, and the cavaliers. Including their private correspondence, now first published from the original manuscripts. By Eliot Warburton ... London, 1849. 3 v. pl., 8 port. (incl. fronts.) 579. [WISHART, GEORGE] bp. of Edinburgh. The history of the Kings Majesties affairs in Scotland, under the conduct of the Most Honourable James Marques of Montrose, earle of Kincardin, &c. and generall governour of that kingdome. In the years, 1644. 1645. & 1646. The second edition corrected and much amended. Haghe [1648] [24],

184 P.

Tr. from the original Latin of G. Wishart which appeared in 1647. cf. British museum






580. BURTON, THOMAS. Diary of Thomas Burton, esq. member in the parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, from 1656-59 . With an account of the Parliament of 1654; from the journal of Guibon Goddard... Ed. and illustrated with notes historical and biographical by John Towill Rutt... London, 1828. 4 v. fronts. (v. 1-3) 581. COUNCIL OF STATE. Literae nomine senatus anglicani, Cromvvellii Richardique ad diversos in Europa principes & respublicas exaratae a Joanne Miltono, quas nunc primum in Germania recudi fecit M. Jo. Georg. Pritius. Lipsiae, etc., 1690. 14, 292 p.

A surreptitious publication of despatches written by Milton in his capacity of Latin secretary to the Council of state, between the years 1649 and 1659. First pub. in 1676 under title: Literae pseudo-senatus anglicani, Cromwellii, reliquorumque perduellium nomine ac jussu conscriptae. cf. Dict. of nat. biog.

582. CROMWELL, OLIVER. The letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell, with elucidations by Thomas Carlyle; ed. in three volumes, with notes, supplement and enlarged index, by S. C. Lomas. With an introduction by C. H. Firth, M.A. London, 1904. 3 v.

583. CROMWELL, OLIVER. Memoirs of the protector, Oliver Cromwell, and of his sons, Richard and Henry. Illustrated by original letters, and other family papers. By Oliver Cromwell, esq., a descendant of the family. With portraits from original pictures. 2d ed. London, 1821. 3 v. 6 port. (incl. fronts.)

584. DUNLOP, ROBERT, ed. Ireland under the commonwealth; being a selection of documents relating to the government of Ireland from 1651 to 1659, ed. with historical introduction and notes by Robert Dunlop ... Manchester, 1913. 2 v.

Publications of the University of Manchester. Historical series. no. 17-18.

Paged continuously.

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"The documents here printed ... are only a selection drawn from a number of volumes, known as the Commonwealth records, preserved in the Public record office, Dublin A few other documents drawn from mss. in the Library of Trinity college, Dublin, have been inserted with the object of elucidating some points."-Pref.


Scotland and the commonwealth. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland, from August 1651 to December 1653. Ed., with introduction and notes, by C. H. Firth, M.A. Edinburgh, 1895. 55, 383 p.

Scottish history soc. v. 18.

Followed by the editor's "Scotland and the protectorate," v. 31 of the Society's Publications. 586. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING, ed. Scotland and the protectorate. Letters and papers relating to the military government of Scotland from Jan

uary 1654 to June 1659. Ed., with introduction and notes, by C. H. Firth, M.A. Edinburgh, 1899. 62, 432 p. map, 3 fold. plans. Scottish history soc. v. 31.

Continuation of the editor's "Scotland and the commonwealth," issued 1895, as v. 18 of the Society's Publications.

587. GALARDI, FERNANDO DE. La tyrannie heureuse: ou, Cromwel politique, avec ses artifices & intrigues dans tout le cours de sa conduite. Par le sieur de Galardi. Leyde, 1671. 108 p. front.

588. GARDINER, Samuel RawSON, ed. Letters and papers relating to the first Dutch war, 1652-1654; ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner ... v. 1-5. [London] 1899-1912. 5 v. fold. map.

Navy record soc. Publications. v. 13, 17, 30, 37, 41.

v. 3 ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner and C. T. Atkinson. v. 4-5 ed. by C. T. Atkinson. 589. HAY, ANDREW. The diary of Andrew Hay of Craignethan, 1659-1660; ed., with introduction and notes, by Alexander George Reid ... Edinburgh, 1901. 29, 261 p.

Scottish history soc. v. 39.

590. [HEATH, JAMES.] Flagellum: or, The life and death, birth and burial of O. Cromwell, the late usurper: faithfully described with an exact account of his policies and successes not heretofore published or described. 4th ed., with additions ... London, 1669. 192 p.

591. LETI, GREGORIO. La vie d'Olivier Cromwel... Amsterdam, 1696.

2 v.

592. LLOYD, DAVID. Eikon Basilike; or, The true pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty Charls the II in three books. Beginning from his birth 1630, unto this present year, 1660. Wherein is interwoven a compleat history of the high-born dukes of York and Glocester London, 1660. 3 v. in I. front. (ports.)


Title of v. 3 reads: The restauration of His Sacred Majesty Charles the 11 hopefully begun upon the death of Oliver Cromwell, and happily perfected upon that incomparable expedition of the renowned Lord General Monck, with the several mysteries of state tending thereunto discovered.

593. MANASSEH BEN JOSEPH BEN ISRAEL. Menasseh ben Israel's mission to Oliver Cromwell: being a reprint of the pamphlets published by Menasseh ben Israel to promote the re-admission of the Jews to England, 1649-1656; ed. with an introduction and notes by Lucien Wolf ... London, 1901. 88, 190, [1] p. 3 port.

CONTENTS.-Introduction: The return of the Jews to England. "The hope of Israel, written by Menasseh ben Israel" (1652)-"To His Highnesse the lord protector of the common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, the humble addresses of Menasseh ben Israel" (1655)-"Vindicia Judæorum, or, A letter in answer to certain questions propounded by a noble and learned gentleman, wherein all objections are candidly, and yet fully cleared, by Rabbi Menassah ben Israel" (1656)—Notes.-Index.

594. [MANLEY, SIR ROGER.] The history of the late warres in Denmark. Comprising all the transactions, both military and civil during the differences betwixt the two northern crowns in the years 1657, 1658, 1659, 1660, by R. M. London, 1670. 4, 146 p.

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