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595. NETHERLANDS. Verbael gehouden door ... H. van Beverningk, W. Nieupoort, J. van de Perre, en A. P. Jongestal, als gedeputeerden

van de heeren Staeten genereal der Vereenigde Nederlanden, aen de republyck van Engelandt. Waer in

Waer in ... gevonden werdt de vredehandelinge met gemelde republyck onder het protectoraet van Cromwel ... omtrent de berugte Acte van seclusie des Prince van Oranje Vervullende ... de brieven van J. De Witt ...

omtrent de Engelsche negociatie ... 's Gravenhage, 1725. 20, 716 p. 596. NICKOLLS, JOHN, comp. Original letters and papers of state, addressed

to Oliver Cromwell; concerning the affairs of Great Britain. From the year MDCXLIX to MDCLVIII. Found among the political collections of Mr. John Milton. Now first pub. from the originals. By John

Nickolls ... London, 1743. 4, 4, 164, [8] p. 597. PEACOCK, MABEL. GERALDINE WOODRUFFE, comp. An index of the

names of the Royalists whose estates were confiscated during the commonwealth. With a reprint of the three confiscation acts of 1651 and 1652, from Scobell's "Collection of acts and ordinances of general use, from 3rd of November, 1640, to 17th of September, 1656." Comp. by Mabel G. W. Peacock. London, 1879. II, III p.

Index soc. Publications, 1878. 2. 598. THE PERFECT POLITICIAN; or, A full view of the life and actions

(military and civil) of O. Cromwel ... 2d ed. Whereunto is added his character; and a compleat catalogue of all the honours conferr'd by him on several persons

London, 1680. 3 p. 1., 294 p. front. (port.)

Title in black and red.
Paging irregular.
Dedication signed: I. S.

The work is ascribed by Halkett and Laing to Henry Fletcher, a bookseller.
599. [PERRINCHIEF, RICHARD.] The Sicilian tyrant: or, The life of

Agathocles ... London, 1676. 14, 268 p. fold. pl.

Previously issued under title: The Syracusan tyrant.

Intended as a parallel to Oliver Cromwell. cf. Allibone. 600. [RAGUENET, FRANÇOIS.] Histoire d'Olivier Cromwel. Paris, 1691.

II p. I., 433 p. front. (port.) pl. 601. RUMBOLD, SIR HORACE. Notes on the history of the family of Rum

bold in the seventeenth century. [containing a print of Add mss. 17018 ff. 149-151.] “A particular of the services performed by me Henry Rumbold for His Majesty” during the Commonwealth.

Royal historical soc. Trans. 2 ser. 6:145-65. 602. TEMPLE, DOROTHY (OSBORNE) lady. Letters from Dorothy Osborne

to Sir William Temple, 1652-54 ; ed. by Edward Abbott Parry New York, 1888. 4 p. 1., 332 p. 2 port. (incl. front.)



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603. TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD, ed. The Cromwellian union; papers relating

to the negotiations for an incorporating union between England and
Scotland, 1651-1652, with an appendix of papers relating to the
negotiations in 1670. Ed., with introduction and notes, by C. Sanford
Terry, M.A. Edinburgh, 1902. 97, 239 p. fold. tab.

Scottish history soc. v. 40.
604. WHITELOCKE, SIR BULSTRODE. A journal of the Swedish embassy

in the years 1653 and 1654. Impartially written by the ambassador
Bulstrode Whitelocke. First published from the original manuscript
by Dr. Charles Morton ... New ed. rev. by Henry Reeve ...

don, 1855. 2 v.
604a. WITT, JOHAN DE. Brieven, geschreven ende gewisselt tusschen den

Heer Johan de Witt ... ende de gevolmaghtigden van den staedt der
Vereenighde Nederlanden, so in Vranckryck, Engelandt, Sweden,
Denemarcken, Poolen, enz. Beginnende met den jaere 1652 tot het
jaer 1669 incluys. 's Gravenhage, 1723-25. 6 v. front. (port.)

CONTENTS.—1, deel. Negociatien van de Heeren W. Boreel en C. van Beuningen, in
Vranckryck. 2. deel. C. van Beuningen, in Vranckryck; ende die van den Heer P. de Groot,
in Sweden. 3. deel. W. Nieupoort, in Engelandt; 18. dec. 1654-29. may 1660. 4. deel. L. de
Nassau, S. van Hoorn, M. van Gogh, J. Meerman en J. Boreel, in Engelandt; 1. july 1660-
27. dec. 1669. 5. deel. C. van Beuningen, N. Kaiser, G. van Slingelandt, P. Vogelsangh en
F. van Dorp, in Sweden, Denemarcken ende in Poolen. 6. deel. G. van Slingelandt, P.
Vogelsangh, P. de Hubert, W. van Hearen, I. van den Honert, J. Ysbrandts, N. Heyns, en

G. van Reede van Ameronge, in Sweden, Denemarcken ende in Poolen.
604b. YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Abstracts of Yorkshire wills

in the time of the Commonwealth, at Somerset House, London, chiefly
illustrative of Sir William Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire in 1665-6.
Ed. by John William Clay. 1890.
Yorkshire arch. soc. Record ser. 9.


1660-1689 605. AUBREY, John. Wiltshire. The topographical collections of John Au

brey, F.R.S., A.D. 1659-70, with illustrations. Corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson ... Pub. by the Wiltshire archäological and natural history soc. London, 1862. 13, 491 p., front., illus., 44 pl.,

port., plans, fold. facsim., fold. geneal. tab. 606. AILESBURY, THOMAS BRUCE, 2d earl, 3d earl of Elgin. Memoirs of

Thomas, earl of Ailesbury. Written by himself ... Westminster,
1890. 2 v. col. front.
Roxburghe club. [Publication 122]

Added t.-D., engr.

Preface signed: W. E. Buckley. 607. AULNOY, MARIE CATHERINE JUMELLE DE BERNEVILLE, comtesse d'.

Memoirs of the court of England in 1675, by Marie Catherine, ba-
ronne d'Aulnoy; tr. from the original French by Mrs. William Henry
Arthur, ed., rev., and with annotations, including an account of Lucy
Walter, evidence for a brief for the defence, by George David Gilbert.
London, 1913. 30, 450, [1] P. front., pl., ports.

Appendix A. Lucy Walter, some evidence for a brief for the defence: p. 343-425. 608. BLUNDELL, WILLIAM. Crosby records. A cavalier's note book; being

notes, anecdotes, & observations of William Blundell of Crosby, Lancashire, esquire, captain of dragoons ... in the royalist army of 1642; ed., with introductory chapters, by the Rev. T. Ellison Gibson.

London, 1880. 8, 312 p. front. (facsim.) 609. BOYER, ABEL. Memoirs of the life and negotiations of Sir W. Temple;

containing the most important occurrences, and the most secret springs of affairs in christendom, from the year 1665 to the year 1681 ; with

an account of Sir W. Temple's writings. London, 1714. 424 p. front. 610. BRISTOL, JOHN HERVEY, Ist earl. The diary of John Hervey, first

earl of Bristol. With extracts from his book of expenses, 1688 to
1742. With appendices and notes. With five illustrations. Wells,
1894. 4, 312 p. 5 pl. (incl. fold. front.)
Suffolk green books. no. 2.

Preface signed: S. H. A. H. [i.e. Sydenham Henry Augustus Hervey) 611. BRISTOL, JOHN HERVEY, ist earl. Letter-books of John Hervey, first

earl of Bristol. With Sir Thomas Hervey's letters during courtship
& poems during widowhood. 1651 to 1750 ... Wells, 1894. 3 v.
fronts., ports.
Suffolk green books. no. 1.

Preface signed: S. H. A. H. [i.e. Sydenham Henry Augustus Hervey)

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612. BULSTRODE, SIR RICHARD. Original letters written to the Earl of

Arlington by Sir Richard Bulstrode, envoy at the court of Brussels from King Charles II, &c., containing the most remarkable transactions, both in court and in camp, during his ministry, particularly the famous battel of Seneff, between the Prince of Orange and the Prince of Conde. With a preface giving an account of the author's

life and family [by E. Bysshe] ... London, 1712. 27 p. 1., 176 p. 613. BURNET, (GILBERT) bp. of Salisbury. Bishop Burnet's history of his

own time ... London, 1724-34. 2 v.

First edition.
Ed. by his son, Sir Thomas Burnet.
"A list of Bishop Burnet's works": v. 2, p. 727.

Ms. note on verso of t.-p. of v. 3: “The original manuscript of both volumes of this
history will be deposited in the Cotton library by T. Burnett."

"In the second volume Burnett (the editor] ... promised to deposit the manuscript of both volumes in the Cotton library, but failed to fulfil his promise."-Dict. nat. biog.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. From the restoration of King Charles II, to the settlement of King William and Queen Mary at the revolution: to which is prefix'd a summary recapitulation of affairs in church and state from King James 1. to the restoration. v. 2. From the revolution to the conclusion of the treaty of peace at Utrecht, in the reign of Queen Anne. To which

is added, the author's life, by the editor.
614. BURNET, GILBERT, bp. of Salisbury. Some unpublished letters of Gil-

bert Burnet the historian. Edited from an eighteenth-century tran-
script in the possession of Earl Spencer by Miss H. C. Foxcroft.
London, 1907

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 13. p. 3-45.
615. CHARLES II. Copies of two papers written by the late King Charles

the Second, of blessed memory [confessing his adherence to the Ro-
man church). Subscribed "This is a true copy of a letter, I found in
the King my brother's strong-box, written in his own hand. James R.”

Harleian misc. 9:159-61.
616. CHARLES II. Some familiar letters of Charles II and James, Duke of

York, addressed to their daughter and niece, the Countess of Litch-
field. (1681-84]

Archaeologia 58:153-88.
616a. CLARENDON, HENRY HYDE, 2nd earl. Correspondence, and that of

his brother Lawrence Hyde, Earl of Rochester, with the diary of
Lord Clarendon from 1687 to 1690. Edited by S. W. Singer. London,

1828. 2 v.
617. A COLLECTION of original letters from the Right Honourable the Earl

of Sandwich, the Earl of Sunderland, and Sir William Godolphin,
during their embassies in Spain. Wherein the maxims and the most
memorable affairs of the Spanish court are fully laid open. Together
with several curious papers from Don John of Austria, the Conde de
Peneranda, and other chief ministers there. As also a treatise by my
Lord Sandwich, concerning the advantages of a nearer union with

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that crown; and another by Sir William Godolphin about the woolls

of Spain. London, (170-?] [16), 416 p. 618. THE COMPLEAT STATESMAN, demonstrated in the life, actions, and politicks, of that great minister of state, Anthony earl of Shaftesbury

London, 1683. 160 p. front. (port.) 619. CORRESPONDENCE of the family of Haddock, 1657-1719. Edited by Ed

ward Maunde Thompson. London, 1881. 9, 58 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 31. 620. Essex, ARTHUR CAPEL, Ist earl. Selections from the correspondence

of Arthur Capel, earl of Essex, 1675-1677; ed. for the Royal historical society by Clement Edwards Pike ... London, 1913. 15, 162 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. V. 24. 621. ESSEX PAPERS. Ed. by Osmond Airy ... London, 1890. I v.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 47.

Selections from the Essex correspondence in the Stowe mss. in the British museum.

CONTENTS.-v. 1. 1672-79. 622. FLAGELLUM PARLIAMENTARIUM; being sarcastic notices of nearly two

hundred members of the first Parliament after the restoration, A.D. 1661 to A.D. 1678. From a contemporary ms. in the British museum.

London, 1827. 12, 34 P. 623. FoxCROFT, HELEN CHARLOTTE. The life and letters of Sir George

Savile, bart., first marquis of Halifax, &c. With a new edition of his works, now for the first time collected and revised, by H. C. Foxcroft. London, 1898. 2 v. fronts. (ports.) fold. geneal. tab.

Works, and Appendix of attributed works: v. 2, p. 269-541. 624. GIFFARD, MARTHA (Temple), lady. Martha, lady Giffard: her life

and correspondence (1664-1722). A sequel to the Letters of Dorothy Osborne, ed. by Julia G. Longe, with preface by Judge Parry and twenty-one full-page illustrations. London, 1911. 16, 370 p. front.,

pl., ports., facsim., fold. geneal. tab. 625. [GUY, HENRY.] Moneys received and paid for secret services of

Charles II. and James 11. from 30th March, 1679, to 25th December, 1688. Edited from a ms. in the possession of William Selby Lowndes ... by John Yonge Akerman ... London, 1851. 10, 240 p.

Camden soc. v. 52. 625a. Halifax, GEORGE SAVILE, Ist marquis. A character of King Charles

the Second: and political, moral, and miscellaneous thoughts and re

flections. London, 1750. 6, 183 p. 626. Hamilton, Anthony. Mémoires du comte du Grammont, par Antoine

Hamilton. Nouvelle éd ... précédée d'une notice biographique sur le comte Hamilton, et enrichie de soixante-quatre portraits gravés par Edouard Scriven, &c ... Londres, 1811. 2 v. front., ports.

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