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MYER. Manual of Signals, for the use of Signal officers in the Field, and for Military and Naval Students, Military Schools, etc. A new edition enlarged and illustrated By Brig. General Albert J. Myer, Chief Signal Officer of the army, Colonel of the Signal Corps during the War of the Rebellion. 12mo, 48 plates, full Roan................

WILLIAMSON. Practical Tables in Meteorology and Hypsometry, in connection with the use of the Barometer. By Col. R. S. Williamson, U. S. A. 4to, cloth...


Containing directions

for the use of all kinds of tools, and for the construc-
tion of Steam Engines and Mechanical Models, in-
cluding the Art of Turning in Wood and Metal. By
the author "The Lathe and its Uses," etc.
the English edition with corrections.
12mo, cloth...


PICKERT AND METCALF. The Art of Graining. How Acquired and How Produced, with description of colors, and their application. By Charles Pickert and Abraham Metcalf. Beautifully illustrated with 42 tinted plates of the various woods used in interior finishing. Tinted paper, 4to, cloth...


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HUNT. Designs for the Gateways of the Southern Entrances to the Central Park. By Richard M. Hunt. With a description of the designs. 4to. cloth...... LAZELLE. One Law in Nature. By Capt. H. M. Lazelle, U. S. A. A new Corpuscular Theory, comprehending Unity of Force, Identity of Matter, and its Multiple Atom Constitution, applied to the Physical Affections or Modes of Energy. 12mo, cloth... 50 PETERS Notes on the Origin, Nature, Prevention, and Treatment of Asiatic Cholera. By John C. Peters, M. D. Second edition, with an Appendix. 12m0, cloth..

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BOYNTON. History of West Point, its Military Im-
portance during the American Revolution, and the
Origin and History of the U. S. Military Academy.
By Bvt. Major C. E. Boynton, A.M., Adjutant of the
Military Academy. Second edition, 416 pp. 8vo,
printed on tinted paper, beautifully illustrated with
36 maps and fine engravings, chiefly from photo-
graphs taken on the spot by the author.



WOOD. West Point Scrap Book, being a collection of
Legends, Stories, Songs, etc., of the US Military
Academy. By Lieut. Ŏ. E. Wood, U. S. A.
trated by 69 engravings and a copperplate map.
Beautifully printed on tinted paper. 8vo, cloth.....
WEST POINT LIFE. A Poem read before the Dia-
lectic Society of the United States Military Academy.
Illustrated with Pen-and-Ink Sketches. By a Cadet.
To which is added the song, "Benny Havens, oh !"
oblong 8vo, 21 full page illustrations, cloth... . . . . . . .
GUIDE TO WEST POINT and the U. S. Military
Academy, with maps and engravings, 18mo, blue
cloth, flexible...

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HENRY Military Record of Civilian Appointments in
the United States Army By Guy V. Henry, Brevet
Colonel and Captain First United States Artillery,
Late Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General, United
States Volunteers Vol. 1 now ready. Vol. 2 in
press. 8vo, per volume, cloth.
HAMERSLY. Records of Living Officers of the U.
S. Navy and Marine Corps. Compiled from official
sources. By Lewis B. Hamersly, late Lieutenant
U. S. Marine Corps. Revised edition, 8vo, cloth...
MOORE. Portrait Gallery of the War. Civil, Military
and Naval. A Biographical record, edited by Frank
Moore. 60 fine portraits on steel. Royal 8vo,



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