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Worth the read. I'm still not sure if I agree with the fluidity of IQ but there is something to be said for Dweck's research and findings. I believe having a growth mindset is critical for our own success and for us to promote in others as educators. For me this was the key take away. How can I promote a growth mindset in the people involved in my training. I also think you should read the book and examine your own practices. Check to see if your caught in a fixed mindset and decide now how to change to a growth mindset. Everyone around you will benefit.
Allen Fuller, Adult Educator

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It is a really nice book. I suggest everyone to read it. Not only one times...
by Mohsen Behnam

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success is Carol Dweck’s reflection and application of her findings from much research. Carol suggests humans can be categorized by the ways they view the world and its challenges. A fixed mindset denoting one who views their position at any point as static and unable to improve. This applies highly to academics as many people feel they are genetically intelligent or not. This is contrasted by a growth mindset in which an individual sees their abilities as dynamic and able to grow and expand with effort.  

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One of the frequent topics motivational speaker Mr Wong Teck Yenn touches on in his school speeches in Singapore is that of success. He quoted from this book which emphasis the importance of psychology to achieving greatest success. Some of our friends went ahead to buy this book thereafter. 

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