A Select Collection of Old Plays: Gammer Gurton's needle; Alexander and Campaspe; Tancred and Gismunda; Cornelia; Edward II

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Septimus Prowett, 23, Old Bond Street., 1825 - English drama

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Page 131 - At cards for kisses — Cupid paid ; He stakes his quiver, bow and arrows, His mother's doves, and team of sparrows...
Page 401 - And there, in mire and puddle, have I stood This ten days' space; and, lest that I should sleep, One plays continually upon a drum; They give me bread and water, being a king; So that, for want of sleep and sustenance, My mind's distemper'd, and my body's numb'd, And whether I have limbs or no I know not.
Page 397 - And when I frown, make all the court look pale. I view the prince with Aristarchus' eyes, Whose looks were as a breeching to a boy. They thrust upon me the protectorship, And sue to me for that that I desire. While at the council-table, grave enough, And not unlike a bashful puritan, First I complain of imbecility, Saying it is
Page 386 - I might, but heavens and earth conspire To make me miserable! Here receive my crown; Receive it? No, these innocent hands of mine Shall not be guilty of so foul a crime.
Page 342 - Tis not a black coat and a little band, A velvet caped cloak, faced before with serge, And smelling to a nosegay all the day, Or holding of a napkin in your hand, Or saying a long grace at a table's end, Or making low legs to a nobleman, Or looking downward with your eyelids close, And saying, " Truly, an't may please your honour...
Page 385 - But, hapless Edward, thou art fondly* led; They pass* not for thy frowns as late they did, But seek to make a new-elected king; Which fills my mind with strange despairing thoughts, Which thoughts are martyred with endless torments, And in this torment comfort find I none, But that I feel the crown upon my head ; And therefore let me wear it yet awhile.
Page 400 - LIGHT. To murder you, my most gracious lord ! Far is it from my heart to do you harm. The queen sent me to see how you were us'd, For she relents at this your misery : And what eyes can refrain from shedding tears, To see a king in this most piteous state ? EDW. Weep'st thou already ? list awhile to me, And then thy heart, were it as Gurney's is, Or as Matrevis', hewn from the Caucasus, Yet will it melt, ere I have done my tale.
Page 405 - And, seeing there was no place to mount up higher, Why should I grieve at my declining fall? — Farewell, fair queen; weep not for Mortimer, That scorns the world, and, as a traveller, Goes to discover countries yet unknown.
Page 384 - I am lodged within this cave of care, Where sorrow at my elbow still attends, To company my heart with sad laments, That bleeds within me for this strange exchange.

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