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1905, O. 3.

1453, D. 2.

Considérations sur la Revolution Sociale. A Londres, 1794. Les Loix de la Morale et de l'Honneur, liées à la politique des Souverains entre eux, et justifiées par la conduite des Rois de France. 1795. 1900, O. 2. Essay on Civil and Religious Liberty. Glasgow, 1768. 1585, D. 3. Discours sur la Question, s'il est permis d'echaffauder en chaire le Magistrat. Paris, 1758.

2222, D.

Sonderbare Kirchen- Staat- und Welt-Sachen. Nürnburg, 1778. 2231, D. The Constitutions of the several States of America. New York, 1786.

1844, & 1845, D. 5. Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania 1776. Philadelphia, 1777.

1830, O. 3. The French Constitution of 1791. London, 1791.



Adams, 2149, O. Report upon Weights and Measures. By John Q. Adams. Washington, 1821.

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Bentham, 1735, D. Defence of Usury; also, a Letter to Adam Smith, LL. D. on the Discouragement of Inventive Industry. By Jeremy Bentham, Esq. Philadelphia, 1796.

Bingham, 721, 4. & 1839, O. 3. Strictures on Lord Sheffield's pamphlet on the commerce of the American States. By William Bingham. London, 1784.

Binney, 2016, D. 4.

Bollman, 1843, D. 8.
phia, 1811.


Opinion of Horace Binney, Esq. on the Columbia Bridge
Columbia, Pennsylvania, 1820.

Paragraphs on Banks. By Erick Bollman. Philadel

Bouchand, 1583, O. De l'Impôt du Vingtieme sur les Successions, et de l'Impôt sur les Marchandises, chez les Romains: Essais historiques, par M. Bouchand. A Paris, 1766.

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Carey, 1138, O.

Letters to Dr. Adam Seybert, by M. Carey. Philadelphia,

Carey, 1844, O. 8. On the Non-Renewal of the Charter of the Bank of the United States. By M. Carey. Philadelphia, 1810.

1847, D. 11. Letters to the Directors of the Banks of Philadelphia. By M. Carey. Philadelphia, 1816.

2225, O. 6. Facts in relation to the Bank of Pennsylvania, published by the State Directors. Philadelphia, 1829.

2225, O. 7. Remarks on the Bank of Pennsylvania. By M. Carey, Esq. Philadelphia, 1829.

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2251, O. 2. An Essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African, by Thomas Clarkson. Philadelphia, 1787.

2251, O. 8. & 9. Thoughts on the improvement of the Slaves in the British Colonies, with a view to their ultimate emancipation, by T. Clarkson, New York, 1823.

Coxe, 1839, O. 14. An Address to an Assembly of the Friends of American Manufactures, August 9, 1787. By Tench Coxe, Esq. Philadelphia,


Daunou, 1184, Q. Ensayo sobre las garantias individuales que reclama el estado actual de la Sociedad. Por R. C. F. Daunou. Traducido por D. Gregorio Funes. Buenos Ayres, 1822.

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Epremesnil, 1827, D. 2. Sur le Commerce du Nord. Par M. d'Epremesnil. A Amsterdam, 1762.

Fisher, 2498, O. An examination of the new system of Society, by Robert Owen, showing its insufficiency to reform mankind. By W. L. Fisher. Philadelphia, 1826.

Fleming, 1826, O. 2. Six Essays on Taxing Dogs. By Joseph Fleming. Philadelphia, 1807.

Ganilh, 1194, O. An Inquiry into the various Systems of Political Economy, &c. by Charles Ganilh. Translated from the French by D. Boileau. New York, 1812. Hamilton, 1839, O. 4. A Second Letter from Phocion to the Citizens of New York, containing Remarks on Mentor's Reply. By Alexander Hamilton. Philadelphia, 1784.

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1847, O. 8. Remarks on the Address of the Delaware and Schuylkill Canal Company, in answer to their notice of his pamphlet. By B. H. Latrobe. Philadelphia, 1799.

Lavicomterie, 1331, D. Republique sans Impôt. Par L. Lavicomterie. A Paris,

Locke, 51, D. Papers relating to Money, Interest and Trade. By John Locke. London, 1696. L.

Long, 2165, O. Narrative of the Board of Engineers of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. By Col. S. H. Long and Capt. M'Neill. Baltimore, 1830.

Lowndes, 399, O. A Report, containing an Essay for the amendment of the Silver Coins. By Wm. Lowndes. London, 1695. L.

Macpherson, 670, Q.

Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Navigation, with brief notices of the Arts and Sciences, as connected with them, and a large Appendix. By David Macpherson. 4 vols. London, 1805.

Maffei, 2545, O. De l'emploi de l'argent par M. le Marquis Maffei A Avignon, 1787.

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Morris, 751, O. 3. A letter on the present scarcity of our silver coin, and the means of immediate remedy and future prevention of this evil. By Corbyn Morris. London, 1757.

Mun, 1764, O. England's Treasure by Foreign Trade; or, the Balance of our
Foreign Trade is the Rule of our Treasure. By Thomas Mun of
London, Merchant. First published in 1664. Glasgow, Foulis, 1755.
Muratori, 2322, D. Traité sur le Bonheur Public, par M. Louis Antoine Mura-
tori traduit de l'Italien avec sa vie. 2 tomes. A Lyon, 1772.
Neveu, 2542, 0. Cours théorique et pratique des opérations de Banque, et des
nouveaux poids et mesures, titres et monnoies, par J. J. C. J. Neveu.
A Paris, 1797.

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Parrish, 2410, O. 1. Remarks on the Slavery of the Blacks. By John Parrish. Philadelphia, 1806.

Patinus, 690, D. Caroli Patini, Introductio ad historiam numismatum ex Gallico Sermone in Latinum versa. Amstelodami, 1683. L. Polexfen, 574, O. A discourse of trade, coyn and paper credit; and of the means to gain and retain riches. With the argument of the case brought by the East India Company against Mr. Sands, an interloper. By Sir Henry Polexfen. London, 1697. L.

Raguet, 1843, O. 2. Report on Roads, Bridges, and Canals, read in the Senate of Pennsylvania, March 23, 1822. By C. Raguet, Chairman. Harrisburgh, 1822.

Ramsay, 2525, O. 3. Examination of the Rev. Mr. Harris's Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slave Trade. By the Rev. James Ramsay. London, 1788.

Richter, 676, Q. Editio nova Axiomatum æconicorum, a Gregorio Richtero,

Gorlico. Jenæ, 1618.

Roberts, 1018, F. The Marchants mappe of Commerce: wherein the universal manner and matter of trade is compendiously handled. By Lewis Roberts. London, 1638. Gift of Mrs. Deborah Logan.

Rodet, 2561, O. 1. Questions Commerciales, par M. D. Rodet. Paris, 1828. Gift of John Penington, Esq.

Rowlet, 1076, Q. Rowlett's Tables of Interest. Philadelphia, 1802. Salzade, 785, Q. Recueil des Monnoies tant anciennes que modernes, ou Dictionaire Historique des Monnoies qui peuvent être connues dans les quatre parties du Monde, avec leur Poids, Titre et Valeur, &c. Mr. de Salzade. A Bruxelles, 1767. M.


Scaligerus, 176, D. Josephi Scaligeri, de re nummaria, dissertatio, liber posthumus. Raphelengii, 1616. L.

Sharp, 2525, O. 4. Letter from Granville Sharp, Esq. to the Maryland Abolition Society. Baltimore, 1793.


Sheffield, 721, O. 3. Observations on the Commerce of the American States with Europe and the West Indies; including the several articles of import and export. By Lord Sheffield. London, 1783. Silvestre, 1907, O. 1. Essai sur les Moyens de perfectionner les Arts Economiques en France. Par A. F. Silvestre. A Paris, 1801.

Sismondi, 2505, O. Nouveaux principes d'economie politique ou de la Richesse dans ses rapports avec la population, par J. C. L. Simonde de Sis

mondi, 2 tom. A Paris, 1819.

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1548, & 2390, O. Political Essays on the nature and operation of
Money, Public Finances and other Subjects: published during the
American War and continued up to the present year, (1791.) By
Peletiah Webster, A. M. Philadelphia, 1791.

Xenophon, 1551, D. L'Economie de Xenophon, et le Projet de Finance du même Auteur, traduits en François, avec des Notes du M. Dumas. A Paris, 1768.

1819, O. 6. Political Economy: founded in Justice and Humanity. Washington, 1804.

2562, O. Crie de Colons contre un ouvrage de M. l'Evêque Gregoire, ou refutation des inculpations calomnieuses faites aux colons par l'auteur et par les autres philosophes negrophiles. A Paris, 1810.

1828, 6. 1807, O. 2. Examination of Lord Sheffield on the Commerce of the United States; with Supplementary Notes, &c. Philadelphia, 1791, and London, 1792.

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1843, D. 7. Debtor and Creditor. Philadelphia, 1810.

139, O. The act of tonnage and poundage, and rates of merchandize. London, 1702. L.

1828, D. 4. Lettres à un Ami, sur les Avantages de la Liberté du Commerce des Grains et le Danger des Prohibitions. A Amsterdam, 1767.

1906, O. 3. Rapports et Comptes rendus de la Societé Philanthropique de Paris, pendant l'an XII. A Paris, 1805.

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1350, O. A Reply to the Essay on Population, by the Rev. T. R. Malthus. Also, Extracts from the Essay; with Notes. London, 1807.

2301, D. Discursos sobre el Fomento de la Industria popular, tomos VI. Madrid, 1774, 1777.

1888, O. 2. Address to the Governors of Charitable Institutions, &c. Birmingham, 1792.

2241, O. 4. Report of the Committee of the Pennsylvania Society for the promotion of public economy. Philadelphia, 1817.

1845, D. 11. Essay on Money, as a Medium of Commerce, &c. &c. Philadelphia, 1786.

1837, O. 14. Observations on Paper Credit &c. With proposals for founding a National Bank. Philadelphia, 1781.

1839, O. 9. An Essay on credit, &c. With remarks on the present state of the Bank of North America. Philadelphia, 1786.

2251, O. 11. Abstract of the proceedings of the Chamber of Commerce, from 1774. Liverpool, 1777.

1839, O. 10. Debates and proceedings of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, on the Memorials praying a Repeal of the Law Annulling the Charter of the Bank. Philadelphia, 1786.

1839, O. 11. The true interest of the United States considered, with respect to the advantages resulting from a State Paper Money, &c. Philadelphia, 1786. 1839, O. 12. Cool Thoughts on the subject of the Bank. 1786.

1855, O. 8. To the Stockholders of the Bank of North America, on the Old and New Banks. Philadelphia, 1791.

1803, O. 8. Observations on incorporating New Banks. Philadelphia, 1812. 1859, O. 6. Letters to Bank Directors on the Curtailment of Discounts, &c. Philadelphia, 1816.

1859, O. 12. Essay on the extraordinary rise of the United States' Bank Stock. Philadelphia, 1818.

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1859, O. 4. Supplement to the act to incorporate the Philadelphia Bank, and Act to extend its charter. Philadelphia, 1814.

1902, O. 1. Compte rendu de la Banque de St. Charles, à la quatrieme Assemblée générale de ses Actionnaires, le 29 Décembre, 1785. Traduit de l'Espagnol, avec un Preface, &c. A Amsterdam, 1786.

720, Q. Real Cedula por la qual se aprueban los Estatutos de la Sociedad Economica de Amigos del Pais. de Valencia, 1785.

922, F. Real Cedula de S. M. y Señores del Consejo, en los Estatutos de la Sociedad economica de Amigos del Pais.

que se aprueban Madrid, 1775.

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