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Bolingbroke, 1611, O. A Letter to Sir William Windham. Some Reflections on the present state of the Nation. A Letter to M. Pope. By the late Rt. Hon. Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. London, 1753. Borlase, 614, O. The reduction of Ireland to the crown of England; with the governours since the conquest by king Henry II. in the year 1172; a brief account of the rebellion in the year 1641; and the Universitie of Dublin and the Colledge of Physicians. By Edward Borlase. London, 1675. L. Boswell, 751, O. 2. A Letter to the people of Scotland, on the present state of the nation. By James Boswell, Esq. Edinburgh, 1783. Brady, 427, F.

An introduction to the old English history, and the history of the lives and reigns of Edward I. II. and III. and of Richard II. By Robert Brady. 2 vols. London, 1684. Savoy, 1700.


1004, F. A complete history of England to the reign of Richard II. By Robert Brady. 2 vols. London, 1685, 1700.

428, F. An historical treatise of English cities and boroughs, with an account of their constitutions, and a brief view of the burgh-laws of Scotland, &c. By Robert Brady. Second edition. London, 1732. L. Bristed, 1185, O. The Resources of the British Empire, with a view of the probable result of the present contest between Britain and France. By John Bristed. New York, 1811. Brougham, 1801, O. 5. Speech on the Orders in Council, April 1, 1808. By Philadelphia, 1808.

Henry Brougham.

1803, O. 9. Speech on Commerce, June 16, 1812. By Henry Brougham. Philadelphia, 1812.

1843, O. 10. Speech in the House of Commons, February 7, 1828, on the present state of the Law. By Henry Brougham. Philadelphia, 1828.

Buchanan, 602 & 928, O. Rerum Scoticarum Historia, auctore Georgio Buchanano, Scoto, ad Jacobum VI. Scotorum Regem. Accessit de Jure Regni apud Scotos Dialogus, eodem G. Buchanano auctore. Ultrajecti, 1668. Francofurti, 1594. M.

- 834, Q. 4 & 527, O. De Jure Regni apud Scotos; or, a dialogue concerning the priviledge of government in the kingdom of Scotland: betwixt George Buchanan and Thomas Maitland. By the said George Buchanan. Francfort, 1689. Pictavi, 1580. M.

191, O. An Impartial account of the affairs of Scotland, from the death of King James V. to the tragical exit of the Earl of Murray, Regent of Scotland. By George Buchanan. London, 1705. L. Burke, 1811, 1814, & 1825, O. 1. An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs. By Edmund Burke. New York, 1791. London, 1791. 1279, & 1840, O. 1. Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the proceedings of certain societies relative to that event, &c. By the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. Philadelphia, 1792. New York, 1791.

1840, O. 2. A Letter to a member of the National Assembly, in answer to some objections to his book on French Affairs. By Edmund Burke. New York, 1791.

1813, 1850, 5. & 2549, O. 2. A Letter on the Attacks made upon him and his pension by the Duke of Bedford, &c. By E. Burke. London, 1796.

1822, 1850, 6. & 2532, O. 4. Two Letters on the Regicide Peace.

By E. Burke. London, 1796. Philadelphia, 1797.
1812, 10, & 1820, O. 2. A Letter to the Duke of Portland, &c.
the Articles of Impeachment against Fox. By Edmund Burke.
don, 1797.


Burn, 1810, O. 5. Reply to Dr. Priestley's Appeal, &c. By the Rev. Edward Burn. Birmingham, 1792.

Burnet, 245, & 1707, D. Bishop Burnet's History of his own Time; containing an account of the affairs of England and Scotland, both in Church and State, from the beginning of the troubles which preceded the restoration of Charles II. to the year 1689. 6 vols. London, 1725. L.

718, O. Historical and Critical remarks on Bishop Burnet's history of his own time. By B. Higgons. London, 1725. L. Burnett, 2107, O. 1. A Letter on the necessity of Impeaching the late Ministry

By Thomas Burnett, Esq. London, 1714.

2107, O. 2. An Answer to a Letter. By Thomas Burnett. London, 1714.

Callender, 1812, O. 2. Political Progress of Great Britain, &c. By J. T. Callen

der. Philadelphia, 1795.

Camden, 238, F. Anglica, Normanica, Hibernica, Cambrica a veteribus scripta, cum operibus aliorum de iis regionibus ex bibliotheca Gulielmi Camden. Francofurti, 1603. L.

621, Q. Britannia; sive florentissimorum regnorum Angliæ, Scotia et Hiberniæ Geographica descriptio. Authore Gulielmo Camden. Londini, 1600. L.

339, F. Britannia, sive regnorum Angliæ, Scotia, Hibernicæ et in-
sularum adjacentium ex intima antiquitate, chorographica descriptio;
chartis chorographicis illustrata, auctore Gul. Camden.
1607. L.


478, D. Gulielmi Camdeni Britannia in Epitomen contracta et tabulis Geographicis illustrata à Regnero Vitellio. Amstelodami, 1617. L. 58, F. Britannia; or, a chorographical description of Great Britain and Ireland, together with the adjacent Islands. By William Camden. Translated by Edmund Gibson. 2 vols. London, 1722. L.

651, F. Britannia; or, a geographical description of the flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Islands adjacent; from the earliest antiquity. By William Camden. Translated and enlarged. By Richard Gough. Second edition. 4 vols. London,


639, Q. Remaines concerning Britain, written by William Camden. Sixth edition. London, 1657. L.

516, O. Annales rerum Anglicanarum et Hibernicarum Regnante Elizabetha. Auctore. Gul. Camden. Lugduni Batavorum, 1625. L. 413, Q. Gulielmi Camdeni et illustrium virorum ad G. Camdenum epistolæ; cui accedunt annalium regni Regis Jacobi I. apparatus, et commentarius de antiquitate, dignitate et officio Comitis Marescalli Angliæ. Londini, 1691. L.

Campbell, 1498, O. A Political Survey of Britain: being a series of reflections on the situation, Land, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies and Commerce of this Island, &c. &c. By John Campbell, LL. D. 4 vols. Dublin, 1775.

Capel, 652, Q. Letters written by Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the year 1675; with an historical account of his life. London, 1770. L.

Carpenter, 1805, O. 1. A Letter to Mr. Foley, relating to the Riots in Birmingham.

By Benj. Carpenter. London, 1792.

Cary, 537, O. An essay on the state of England, in relation to its trade, its poor, and its taxes, for carrying on the present war against France. By John Cary. Bristol, 1695. L.

Chalmers, 2162, O. An estimate of the comparative strength of Great Britain.

By George Chalmers. London, 1794.

Charles, I. 1008, O. Eikon Basilike. The Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majesty in Solitudes and Sufferings. Plates. Reprinted in R. M. A. D. 1648. M.

England, begun in 1641.

Clarendon, 344, & 1580, O. The History of the rebellion and the civil wars in With the precedent passages, and actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy end and conclusion thereof by the King's blessed restoration and return, upon the 29th of May, 1660. By the Rt. Hon. Earl of Clarendon. Oxford, 1707,

6 vols.


2086, O. 2. Mr. Le Clerc's account of the Earl of Clarendon's History of the Civil Wars. London, 1710. Cobbett, 1998, O. A collection of facts and observations relative to the peace

with Bonaparte. By William Cobbett. Philadelphia, 1802.

1819, O. 5. Letters to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, on the finances, &c. By William Cobbett. London, 1803.

1803, O. 10. An Address to the people of England. By William Cobbett. Philadelphia, 1812.

1826, O. 8. Letter from the King to his People. Philadelphia, 1821. 1826, O. 9. The Queen's Answer to the King's letter, &c. Philadelphia, 1821.

1818, 0, 3. An Answer to the speech of the Attorney General on the Queen's Trial. By William Cobbett. Philadelphia, 1820. Combe, 1848, O. 2. Remarks on the Statement of Dr. Charles Combe. Lon

don, 1795.

Comelinus, 516, F. Britannicarum rerum scriptores vetustiores ac præcipui.
Per Henricum Comelinum. Heidelbergæ, 1587. L.
Courtenay, 1828, O. 4. On the French Revolution, the Dissenters, &c. By John
Courtenay, Esq. London, 1790.

Crawford, 1825, O. 8. Observations on the French Revolution. By Charles

Crawford. Boston, 1793.

Dalrymple, 2511, O. Considerations on a pamphlet entitled "Thoughts on our Acquisitions in the East Indies." By Alexander Dalrymple, Esq. London, 1772.

2511, O. 2. The rights of the East India Company. By Alexander Dalrymple. London, 1775.

Daniel, 591, F. The Collection of the history of England. By Samuel

Daniel. London, 1626.

656, Q. The collection of the history of England, by Samvel Daniel. Fourth edition. To which is added, a continuation of the history to the reigne of Henry VII. By John Trvssell. London, 1650. L.

Dart, 61, F. The history and antiquities of the Abbey Church of St Peter's, Westminster; with plates. By John Dart. 2 vols. London, 1742. L.

Defoe, 2107, O. 6. An appeal by Daniel Defoe, being an account of his conduct.

London, 1715.

Drummond, 498, O. The history of Scotland, from the year 1423 to 1542. By William Drummond. London, 1680. L.

Dugdale, 767, F. Monasticon Anglicanum, or the History of the Ancient Abbies and other Monasteries in England and Wales. By Sir William Dugdale. Translated into English and abridged, with plates. London, 1693. M.

231, F. The antiquities of Warwickshire, illustrated; with plates. By William Dugdale. Coventry, 1765. L.

887, F. A perfect copy of all summons of the nobility to the great councils and parliaments of this realm from the XLIX of King Henry to the present times. By Sir William Dugdale. London, 1685. Eadmer, 538, F.

Eadmeri historia sui sæculi, continens res gestas sub Guliel

mis I. & II. et Henrico I. regibus Angliæ, cum notis Joannis Seldeni. Londini, 1623. L.

Edwards, 1805, O. 2. Letters to the British Nation on the Riots in Birmingham. By John Edwards. London, 1792.

Enfield, 1889, O. 1. Letter to Dr. Priestley. By Wm. Enfield. London, 1770. Erskine, 1822, 2. & 2532, O. A view of the causes and consequences of the present war with France. By the Hon. Thomas Erskine. Philadelphia, 1797.

Field, 1888, O. 9. Letters to the Inhabitants of Warwick. By Wm. Field, Esq.

Birmingham, 1791. Fletcher, 1286, D.

The Political Works of Fletcher of Salton: with Notes. Also, a Sketch of his Life with Observations. By R. Watson, M. D.


Flower, 1815, O, 3. National Sins Considered, &c. By Benjamin Flower; with

Hall's Letter, and Law on War. London, 1796.

Fox, 1828, O. 3. Two Speeches, March 2, 1790, on the Corporation and Test

Acts. By the Hon. Charles James Fox. London, 1790.

1815, O. 6. A Speech on the State of the Nation, March 24, 1795. By

London, 1795.

the Hon. Charles James Fox. Fulman, 448, F. Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores Veteres. Editore Gul. FulL.

mano. Oxoniæ, 1684. Gale, 340, F. Britannicæ, Saxonicæ et Anglo-Danica historiæ scriptores viginti, viz. Gildas, Eddius, Nennius, Asserius, Ran. Higden, &c. opera. Thomæ Gale. Tomi II. Oxoniæ, 1691. L.

Geddes, 1850, O. 3. A Defence of the present War. By Alexander Geddes,

LL. D. London, 1798.

Gerrald, 1817, 1. & 1997, O. 3. A Convention, the only Means of Saving us from Ruin, &c. by Joseph Gerrald. London, 1793. Gibson, 81, Q. Saxonicum Cronicon ex MSS. codicibus editum ac latine versum ab Edmundo Gibson. Oxoniæ, 1692. L.

Gifford, 2532, O. 5. A letter to the Hon. Thomas Erskine containing strictures on his view of the war with France. By John Gifford, Esq. Philadelphia, 1797.

Godwyn, 612, F. Annales of England, containing the
eighth, Edward the sixth, and queene Mary.
Latin of Henry Godwyn, Bishop of Hereford, by Morgan Godwyn.
London, 1630. L.

reignes of Henry the
Translated from the

Goldsmith, 2430, O. An abridgment of the history of England. By Dr.

Goldsmith. London, 1824.

1819, O. 1. The Crimes of Cabinets. By Lewis Goldsmith. Dublin, 1801.

Gough, 633, F. Sepulchral monuments in Great Britain, applied to illustrate the history of families, manners, habits, and arts, from the Norman conquest to the seventeenth century. By Richard Gough. With plates. London, 1786. L.

Grafton, 1118, O. 1. Grafton's abridgment of chronicles of England, newly and diligently corrected and finished the last of October, 1570. London, about 1571. M.

Granger, 1484, O. A Biographical History of England, from Egbert the Great

to the Revolution: consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British heads. Interspersed with anecdotes, memoirs, &c. By the Rev. James Granger. Portrait. 4 vols. London, 1775.

Grattan, 2531, O. 3. Mr. Grattan's address on retiring from Parliament. Phila

delphia, 1797.

Graunt, 304, D. Natural and political observations on the bills of mortality of the city of London; with a reference to the government, religion,

trade, air, diseases, &c. of the said city. By John Gravnt. Third
edition. London, 1665. L.

Grevill, 594, Q. 2. The five yeares of king James; or, the condition of the
state of England. By Foulk Grevill. London, 1643. L.
Hardyng, 72, O. The chronicle of John Hardyng, from the firste begynnyng
of Englande, vnto the reigne of king Edward the fourth, in verse; and
from that tyme is added a continuation of the storie, in prose, to this
our tyme. London, 1543. L.

Hartley, 2034, 0. 6. An address to the Committee of the County of York, on

the state of public affairs. By D. Hartley. London, 1781.

Hay, 1258, O. The History of Chichester; and of the County of Sussex in general; with Notes, an Appendix, &c. By Alexander Hay, A. M. &c. Chichester, 1804.

Herbert, 553, F. The life and reign of King Henry VIII. By Lord Herbert of
Cherbury. London, 1672. L.

Heron, 1269, O. The Letters of Junius.

With notes and illustrations, by Robert Heron, Esq. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1804. Hobbes, 1146, D. Behemoth. The History of the Civil wars of England, from the year 1640 to 1660. By T. H. (Hobbes,) of Malmsbury. London, 1680. M.

Holcroft, 1816, O. 2. A Narrative of facts relating to his prosecution, by
Thomas Holcroft, with his defence, &c. London, 1795.

1815, O. 9. A Letter to Mr. Windham. By Thomas Holcroft. Lon-
don, 1795.

Holland, 2526, O. An Inquiry into the state of the Nation at the commence-
ment of the present Administration. (By Lord Holland.) London,

Holt, 1806, O. 6. A Vindication of the Newark Herald. By John Holt. London, 1794.

Hooper, 649, Q. An impartial history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, during the reign of Charles the first; with the actions that contributed thereto, and the conclusion thereof by the restoration of Charles the second, with plates. By Jacob Hooper. London, 1738. L. Horsley, 178, F. Britannia Romana; or, the Roman antiquities of Britain; by

John Horsley. With plates. London, 1732. L.

Hoveden, 562, F. 3. Rogeri de Hoveden annales. Londini, 1596. Z.
Howes, 457, F. Annales; or, a Generall Chronicle of England, begun by John
Stow, continved and avgmented vnto the end of the yeere 1631, by
Edmund Howes. London, 1631. L.
Hume, 902, Q. The History of England under the House of Tudor. By

David Hume, Esq. London, 1759.

Hunt, 553, O. Mr. Hunt's Postscript for rectifying some mistakes mischievous
to our government and religion; with discourses about the succession
and bill of exclusion. London, 1682. L.
Huntingdon, 562, F. 2. Henrici Archidiaconi Huntingdoniensis Historiæ.
Londini, 1596. L.
Ingulphius, 562, F. 4. Chronicorum Ethelwerdi lib. IV. Ingulphi Abbatis
Croylandensis historia. Londini, 1596. L.

Jefferys, 1846, O. 10. A Review of the Conduct of the Prince of Wales to-
wards Mr. Jefferys. By Nathaniel Jefferys. With an Answer, by a
friend of a Prince. Philadelphia, 1806.

Johnson, 1334, O. Political Tracts: containing, False Alarm.-Falkland's Is-
lands.-The Patriot, and Taxation no Tyranny. By Dr. Johnson.
London, 1776.

Johnstoun, 568, D. Memorialls for the Government of the Royall-burghs in
Scotland; with the survey of the city of Aberdeen, and the epigrams


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