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of Arthur Johnstoun upon our chief burghs. Translated into English by I. B. Aberdeen, 1685. L.

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Defence against the Bill inflicting Pains, &c. on him.

George Kelly.
London, 1723.

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lando. Oxoniæ, 1709. L.

1508, O.

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Anne's accession to the throne, to the commencement of the union of England and Scotland, in May, 1707; with reflections on the ancient state of Scotland. By George Lockhart, Esq. London, 1714. L. Lodge, 1396, O. Introductory Sketches towards a Topographical History of the County of Hereford. By the Rev. John Lodge, B. A. London. Lucas, 2037, O. 5. An address to the Lord Mayor. By Charles Lucas. Dub

lin, 1768.

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Madan, 1810, O. 8. A Letter to Dr. Priestley. By Spencer Madan. Birmingham,


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The case of his grace the duke of Marltwo and half per cent. bread and bread L.

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III. By Guy Miege. Third edition. London, 1699. L.
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tlement of the Saxons in Britain to the accession of the House of

Stewart. By John Millar, Esq. Dublin, 1789.

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110, D. An answer to Exwv Badiλın, or a Portraictvre of king Charles I.

in his solitudes and sufferings. By John Milton. Amsterdam, 1690. L. Molyneux, 102, D. The case of Ireland's being bound by acts of the English

Parliament, stated. By William Molyneux. Dublin, 1698. L. Morgan, 1815, O. 2. Facts respecting the expense of the War, and the State of the National Debt. By William Morgan, Esq. London, 1796. Morris, 2017, O. 7. A Letter to Sir Richard Aston. By Robert Morris of Lincoln's Inn, London, 1770.

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Parisiis, 1610. L.

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937, O. The English Historical Library: or, a short View and Character of most of the Writers now extant, either in Print or Manuscript; which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a General History of this Kingdom. By William Nicholson, A. M. &c. 3 vols. London, 1696--1699. M.

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James Otis. London, 1765.

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Parker, 2007, O.
his life.

Bishop Parker's history of his own time, with an account of
London, 1728.

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London, 1792.

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Thomas Pennant. London, 1796.

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Phillips. London, 1793.

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February, 21, 1783. London, 1783. L.

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Burke, occasioned by his "Reflections."
New York, 1791.

Raguenet, 1126, D.

Histoire d'Olivier Cromwell, par Raguenet.-portr. A Paris, 1691. M. Ranulph, 616, F. Polychronicon. By Ranulph, Monk of Chesterfield. London,

1495. L.

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French by N. Tindal.

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Rous, 1811, O. 3. A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke, in reply to his ap

peal. By George Rous, Esq. London, 1791.

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Rymer, 2109, O. 4. The Power, Antiquity and Decay of Parliaments.

By Thomas Rymer, Esq. London, 1714. Sacheverell, 1651, O. 1. The Perils of False Brethren, &c. A Sermon. By

Henry Sacheverell, D. D. Preached, Nov. 5, 1709.

1651, O. 2. Dr. Sacheverell's Answer to the Articles of Impeachment, &c. With the Articles of Impeachment. London, 1710.

1651, 3. & 2085, O. 5. The Speech of Dr. Sacheverell on his Impeachment, March 7, 1710.

1651, O. 4. The Bishop of Salisbury, his Speech upon the first article of the Impeachment, &c. London, 1710.

1651, O. 5. A List of the Lords who protested against some proceedings, &c. London, 1710.

1651, O. 6. The Laity's Remonstrance to the late Representation of the Lower H. of Convocation. With a Turn of the Tables. London,


2085, O. 1. The Modern Fanatick. With an Account of the Life of Dr. Sacheverell. London, 1710.

2085, O. 2. Character of Don Sacheverellio. London, 1710.

2085, O. 3. Answer of Henry Sacheverell to the Articles of Impeachment. London, 1710.

2085, O. 4. Defence of Doctor Sacheverell. London, 1710.

2085, O. 6. Speeches in the House of Lords on the Articles of Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell. London, 1710.

Salmasius, 797, 1152, & 1235, D. Defensio Regia, pro Carolo I. ad Sereniss.

Magnæ Britanniæ Regem Carolum II. Filium natu majorem, Hæredem et Successorem legitimum. A Cl. Salmasio. Rothomagi, 1649— 1650. M.

Historical Collections, relating the originals, conversions and revolutions of the inhabitants of Great Britain to the Norman Conquest. By Thomas Salmon. London, 1706. L.

Sammes, 157, F. Britannia Antiqua Illustrata; or, the antiquities of ancient

Britain; with a chronological history of that kingdom, from the first

Sulmon, 123, O.

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