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traditional beginning, until the year of our Lord 800. By Aylett Sammes. London, 1676. L.

Saville, 124, F. Anglicarum rerum Scriptores post Bedam præcipui, nimirum Malmesburiensis, Huntingdoniensis. Rogerus de Hoveden, Ethelwerdus et Ingulphus Croylandiensis, per Henricum Saville. Francofurti, 1601. L.

Scott, 260, F. The History of Scotland: containing all the historical transactions of that nation, from the Year of the World 3619, to the Year of Christ 1726. By David Scott. Westminster, 1727. L. 1894, O. 7. The best New Year's Gift for a Prime Minister, &c. dedicated

to Lord North. By the Rev. Wm. Scott. Philadelphia, 1774. Servell, 2105, O. 2. The Reasons for writing against the Bishop of Sarum. Mr. Sewell. London, 1714.


Sharp, 2551, O. 2. A Declaration of the People's natural right to a share in the Legislature. By Granville Sharp. London, 1774.

Sheringham, 599, O. De Anglorum origine dissertatio, qua eorum migrationes, variæ sedes et ex parte res gesta a confusione linguarum et dispersione gentium, usque ad adventum eorum in Britanniam investigantur. Auctore Roberto Sheringhamo. Cantabrigiæ, 1670. L. Skinner, 949, O. Motus Compositi: or, the History of the Composing the affairs of England by the Restauration of K. Charles II. and the Punishment of the Regicides, &c. From the Latin of Th. Skinner, M. D. With a preface and several original papers. London, 1685. Smelt, 909, Q. 2. Speech of Leonard Smelt, Esq. with Notes Variorum. 1780. Smith, 909, D. Thomas Smith de Republica Anglorum. Lugd. Bat., 1641. Somerville, 1463, O. The History of Political Transactions and of Parties,

from the Restoration of King Charles II. to the Death of King William. By Thomas Somerville, D. D. Dublin, 1793.

Speed, 13, F. The History of Great Britaine, under the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans, with their coins and seals, from Julius Cæsar to King James I. By John Speed. London, 1611. L.

Spence, 1826, 6. & 2527, O. Britain Independent of Commerce. By Wm. Spence.

Philadelphia, 1808.

Stanhope, 1815, O. 1. Earl Stanhope's Speech, relating to the Trials for High
Treason, &c. 1795.

Steele, 2026, O. 5. A Letter to the Earl of O- -d. By Sir Richard Steele.
London, 1719.
Stephen, 1300, D.

War in Disguise; or the Frauds of Neutral Flags. By
James Stephen, Esq. New York, 1806.

2227, O. 1. The Dangers of the Country, by the Author of War in Disguise. Philadelphia, 1807.

Stow, 457, F. Annales; or, a Generall Chronicle of England, begun by John Stow, continved and augmented vnto the end of the yeere 1631, by Edmund Howes. London, 1631. L.

363, F. The Survey of London, contayning the Estate and Government of that City, and the Monuments erected in the Churches; with cuts. By John Stow. London, 1633. L.

Stuart, 737, O. An Historical Dissertation concerning the Antiquity of the En

glish Constitution. By Gilbert Stuart. Edinburgh, 1768. L. Swift, 1489, O. The History of the four last years of the Queen, (Anne.) By

the late Jonathan Swift, D. D. &c. London, 1758.

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1922, D. 9. Law is a Bottomless Pit, exemplified in the case of Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog and Lewis Baboon. London, 1712. Sydney, 880, F. Letters and Memorials of State in the reigns of Queens Mary

and Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, part of the reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's usurpation. Written and

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collected by Sir Henry Sydney, Sir Philip Sydney, and others. Edited by Arthur Collins. 2 vols. London, 1746. Tanner, 185, F. Notitia Monastica; or, an Account of all the Abbies, Priories and Houses of Friers heretofore in England and Wales; also, of all the Colleges and Hospitals founded before the year 1540. By John Tanner. London, 1744. L.

Temple, 565, Q. The Irish Rebellion; or, an History of the beginnings and first progress of the general Rebellion, raised within the Kingdom of Ireland, on the twenty-third of October, 1641. By John Temple. London, 1646. L.

Thelwall, 1804, O. 1. Reflections on Mr. Burke's Letter. By John Thelwall.

London, 1796.

2002, O. The Tribune; consisting chiefly of extracts from the political lectures of John Thelwall. London, 1795.

Thompson, 1848, O. 1. Slavery and Famine, Punishments for Sedition; or, an Account of the Miseries and Starvation at Botany Bay. By G. Thompson. With Remarks by G. Dyer, B. A. &c. London, 1794. Thorne, 748, F. Chronica Guill. Thorne, Monachi St. Aug. Cant. de rebus gestis Abbatum Sancti Augustini Cantuariæ. Cui accessit Chronologia quondam spectans ad prædictum Cænobium Augustinense. Item, Henr. Knighton Canon. Leycest. Chronica de Eventibus Angliæ a temp. Regis Edgari usque ad mortem Regis Ricardi Secundi. Londini, 1652. M.

Thuanus, 872, Q. 2. A True Narration of that horrible Conspiracy against
King James, and the whole Parliament of England, commonly called
the Gunpowder Treason. Translated from the Latin of Thuanus.
London, 1761. M.

Towers, 1807, O. 3. Thoughts on the commencement of a New Parliament.

By Joseph Towers. With an Appendix, &c. London, 1790.
Turner, 731, Q. The History of the Reign of Henry VIII. comprising the political
history of the commencement of the English Reformation. By Sharon
Turner. London, 1826.

Twysden, 198 & 748, F.

Anglicanæ historiæ Scriptores decem, nimirum Simeon Monachus Dunelmensis, Ricardus et Joannes Priores Hagustaldenses, Ailredus Abbas, Rodolphus de Diceto, Joannes Brompton, Gervasius Monachus Dorabornensis, Thomas Stubbs, Gulielmus Thorn, et Henricus Knighton ex veteribus MSS. cura Rogeri Twysden. Londini, 1652. L.

Tyrell, 484, F. General History of England, both Ecclesiastical and Civil, from the earliest accounts, to the reign of King William III. By James Tyrell. London, 1700. L.

Usher, 412, F. Antiquitates Britannicarum ecclesiarum; historia Pelagianismi et de ecclesiarum occidentis continua successione, a Jacobo Usserio. Londini, 1687. L.

Vergil, 477, F. Polydori Vergilii Urbinatis historiæ Anglicæ libri 26. Basileæ,

1546. L.

Verstegan, 619, & 865, Q. A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities: concerning the most noble and renowned English Nation. By the study and travell of Richard Verstegan. Plates. London, 1634. L. & M.

Villemain, 2463, O. Histoire de Cromwell d'apres les memoires du temps, par

M. Villemain. II. tom. Paris, 1819.
Wakefield, 1815, O. 7. Remarks on the Duke of York's

Army, June 7, 1794. By Gilbert Wakefield.

1804, O. 2. A Reply to Mr. Burke's Letter. London, 1796.

General Orders to his London, 1794.

By Gilbert Wakefield.

Walker, 1816, O. 1. A Review of Political Events in Manchester. By Thomas
Walker. London, 1794.

Wallace, 1102, O. 1. A Description of the Isles of Orkney. By Master James
Wallace, late Minister of Kirkwall. To which is added an Essay
concerning the Thule of the Ancients. Plates. Edinburgh, 1693. M.
Walpole, 903, Q. Historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard the
Third. By Horace Walpole. Plates. London, 1768.
2096, O. 1. Mr. Walpole's Case. London, 1712.
Walsh, 410, D.

A Prospect of the State of Ireland, from the year of the World
1756, to the year of Christ 1652. By Peter Walsh. London,
1692. L.
Walsingham, 2022, O. 9. Review of British affairs. By Francis Walsingham.

London, 1730.

604, F. Historia brevis Thomæ Walsingham ab Edwardo primo ad Henricum quintum. Londini, 1574. L.

Ware, 107, D. De Hibernia et antiquitatibus ejus disquisitiones, authore Jacobo

Ware. Londini, 1614. L.

628, O. Disquisitiones de Hibernia et antiquitatibus ejus, authore Jacobo
Ware. Londini, 1654. L.

515, F. The Antiquities and History of Ireland. By Sir James Ware.
With the life of the author. London, 1705. L.
Watson, 1820, O. 4. Bishop Watson's Address to the People of Great Britain.
Philadelphia, 1798.
Weaver, 624, F.

Ancient fvneral monvments in Great Britaine, Ireland and the adjacent islands; with an account of the dissolued monasteries, and their founders; as also the death and buriall of several of the bloud roiall and other great personages. By John Weaver. London,

1631. L.

Welwood, 322, O. Memoires of the most material transactions in England, for the last hundred years preceding the revolution in 1688. By James Welwood. Third edition. London, 1700. L.

Whitlock, 202, F. Memorials of the English affairs, from the beginning of the reign of Charles I. to Charles II. containing the public transactions and private consultations of the cabinet. By Sir B. Whitlock. London, 1682. L.

442, F. The History of England; or, memorials of the English affairs, from the expedition of Brute to this island, to the end of the reign of King James I. By Sir B. Whitlock. Published from the original manuscript, by William Penn, Governor of Pennsylvania ; with the life of the author by James Welwood. London, 1713. L. William III., 677, O. The history of the life and reign of William III. king of England, prince of Orange, and hereditary stadtholder of the United Provinces; with a brief history of his family. London, 1744. William of Malmsbury, 562, F. Willielmi Monachi Malmesburiensis de gestis regum Anglorum. Londini, 1666. L.

Williams, 1849, O. 3. The Case of Lieutenant Williams, as stated by Mr. Burgess in the House of Commons, March 11, 1788. London, 1790. Winwood, 879, F. Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and King James I. from the original papers of Sir Ralph Winwood. 3 vols. London, 1727.

Woodfall, 1990, O. An Impartial Sketch of the Debate in the House of Commons of Ireland, on a bill for effectuating the intercourse and commerce between Great Britain and Ireland. By William Woodfall. London, 1785.


Wyvill, 722, O. 3. A summary explanation of the principles of Mr. Pitt's intended bill for amending the representation of the people in Parliament. By Christopher Wyvill. Second edition. London, 1785. L.

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Wyvill, 1821, O. 3. A Defence of Dr. Price and the
By Christopher Wyvill. 1st and 2d edition.
1821, O. 4. State of the Representation, &c.
London, 1793.

Reformers of England.
London, 1792.

By Christopher Wyvill.

1809, 1815, & 1821, O. 2. Letters to Mr. Pitt. By Christopher Wyvill. London, 1793, 1796.

Yorke, 1813, O. 2. Reason urged against Precedent, by Henry Yorke. London, 1793.

910, D. Respublica sive status regni Scotia et Hibernicæ diversorum auctorum. Lug. Bat. 1627. L.

1152, Q. Miscellanea antiqua Anglicana, or a select collection of curious tracts illustrative of the History of the English Nation. London, 1816.

945, O. The whole series of all that hath been transacted in the House of Peers, concerning the Popish Plot. London, 1681. M.

317, F. 8. A vindication of the rights and prerogatives of the House of Lords. London, 1701. L.

1989, O. The history and proceedings of the House of Lords from the Restoration in 1660 to the present time. 8 vols. London, 1742.

891, F. Votes of the House of Commons in the fourth session of the fifteenth Parliament of Great Britain from October 1780 to Nov. 1783. London, 1783. 890, F. Votes of the House of Commons in the first session of the sixteenth Parliament of Great Britain from May 1784, &c. London, 1784.

889, F. Votes of the House of Commons in the third session of the sixteenth Parliament of Great Britain from May 1784 to January 1786. 2 vols. London, 1786.

594, Q. 3. A remonstrance of the state of the kingdom, by the House of Commons. London, 1641. L.

594, Q. 4. A remonstrance of the state of the kingdom, by the lords and commons. London, 1642. L.

594, Q. 5. A declaration of the lords and commons, in answer to the declaration of the King. London, 1642. L.

594, Q. 6. Votes and resolutions of both Houses of Parliament. London, 1642. L.

594, Q. 7. A relation of the answers and replies of Thomas, Earle of Stafford, to the articles exhibited against him by the House of Commons, April 13, 1641. London, 1647. L.

594, Q. 8. England's appeal from the caballe at Whitehall to the lords and commons, in Parliament assembled. London, 1673. L.

888, F. Reports from the Committee of Secrecy appointed by the House of Commons on the condition of the British possessions in the East Indies. 4 vols. London, 1781, &c. 1773, &c.

1814, O. 3. Reports of the Committees of Secrecy of the Houses of Commons and of Lords, on the papers of the Corresponding Society, &c. With an appen

dix, &c. London, 1794.

1824, O. 7. Report of the Committee of Secrecy of the House of Commons, March 15, 1799. London, 1799.

631, F. Speeches in the British parliament in the year 1640. Manuscript. L. 456, F. 10. The speech of the King and of the Lord Chancellor to the two Houses of Parliament, September 13, 1660. London, 1660. L.

978, O. An exact collection of the Debates of the House of Commons, held at Westminster, October 21, 1680; prorogued the tenth, and dissolved the eighteenth of January following. With the Debates of the House of Commons at Oxford, assembled March 21, 1680. Also, a just and modest Vindication of the Proceedings of the said Parliament. London, 1689. M.

545, O. A collection of the debates of the House of Commons, from October 21, 1680, to March 28, 1681; with a vindication of the proceedings of the said Parliament. London, 1689. L.

754, F. 6. A Speech in the House of Lords on the bill inflicting Pains, &c. on Francis, late Bishop of Rochester.


754, F. 2. Several Speeches in the House of Commons against repealing the Triennial Act, April 24, 1716. M.

2022, O. 6. Speeches in Parliament. London, 1733.

722, O. 7. An accurate account of the important debate, in the House of Commons, July, 9, 1782; in which the cause of Mr. Fox's resignation, and the great question of American Independence came under consideration. Second edition. London, 1782. L

723 & 1838, O. 5. Debates in both houses of Parliament, on the seventeenth and twenty-first of February, 1783, on the articles of peace. 1783. L.


666, F.

Reports from the Commissioners appointed by his Majesty, to execute the measures recommended in an address of the House of Commons respecting the public records of the Kingdom. 2 vols. London, 1800-1819. 667, F. Reports from the Commissioners appointed by his Majesty to execute the measures recommended in an address of the House of Commons respecting the public records of Ireland, with supplements and appendices. 2 vols. London, 1810-1820.

1005, Q.

Miscellaneous State Papers from 1501 to 1726. 2 vols. London,


1027, Q. State Papers published under the authority of his Majesty's Commission. 3 vols. London, 1827, &c.

1988, O. A collection of the State Papers relative to the war against France, now carrying on by Great Britain and the several other European Powers. 5 vols. London, 1796.

562, F. 5. Fasti Regum et Episcoporum Angliæ usque ad Wilhelmum seniorem. Londini, 1596. L.

1118, O. 2. A Table collected of the yeares of our Lord God, and of the yeares of the Kings of England, from the first yeare of William Conqueror: shewing how the yeares of our Lord God, and the yeares of the Kings of England concurre and agree together, &c. London, 1571. M.

921, Q. A selection from the Harleian Miscellany of Tracts, which principally regard the English History; of which many are referred to by Hume. London, 1793.

836, Q. A compleat collection of Papers, in twelve Parts relating to the great revolutions in England and Scotland, from the time of the seven Bishops petitioning King James II. against the Dispensing Power, June 8, 1688, to the coronation of King William and Queen Mary, April 11, 1689. London, 1689.

1009, O. Treason's Master Piece: or, a Conference held at Whitehall, between Oliver, the late Usurper, and a Committee of the then pretended Parliament, who desired him to take upon him the title of King of England, &c. with an Intent to exclude the royal line, &c. London, 1680. M.

497 & 752, F. Cabala; or mysteries of State and Government; in letters of illustrious persons, in the reigns of King Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth, King James and King Charles I. London, 1663-1691. L.

489, D. The tragick history of Edward the second; with political reflections and moral observations on each passage thereof. Manuscript. L.

908, Q. 10. Account of the Ancient Painting representing the Procession of Edward VI. Feb. 19, 1547. London, 1790.

6, D. Ireland's case briefly stated; or, a summary account of the most remarkable transactions in that kingdom since the reformation. 1695. L.

456, F. 8. Instructions to the officers of the British navy. London, 1685. L. 456, F. 6. A further account of the proceedings against the rebels in the West of England. London, 1685. L.

1809, O. 4. Sketch of the Revolution in 1688. By Lælius. London, 1793.

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