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a view of the effects of the vices which now prevail, &c. Fifth edition. London, 1748.

2026, O. 9.

2021, O. 2.


Some Thoughts on the Constitution. London, 1748.
An Apology for a late Resignation. London, 1748.
The Resignation discussed. London, 1748.

2021, O. 3.

2021, O. 4.

The Conduct of the Two Brothers. London, 1749.
A Second Series of Facts. London, 1749.

2021, O. 5.

2021, O. 6.

Conduct of the Brothers vindicated. London, 1749.

2031, O. 1. Considerations of the late Bill, for payment of the remainder of the National Debt of Ireland. Dublin, 1754.

2031, O. 2. A letter to a Member of the House of Commons of Ireland. Dublin, 1755.

2031, O. 3. Ireland in Tears. By Major Sawney M'Cleaver. London, 1755. 2031, O. 4. Common Sense. Dublin, 1755.

2031, O. 5. The State of Ireland. London, 1755.

2031, O. 6. Proceedings of the House of Commons of Ireland in rejecting the Money Bill. Dublin.

2031, O. 7. Account of the Revenue and Debt of Ireland.

London, 1754. 2031, O. 8. A Critical Review of the Liberties of British Subjects. 1750.


2017, O. 5. An Infallible Remedy for the High Prices of Provisions. London, 1768.

2017, O. 4. An attempt to pay off the National Debt, by abolishing the East India Company of Merchants. London, 1767.

2033, O. 2. The regulations lately made, concerning the Colonies, and the taxes imposed upon them considered. London, 1765.

2017, O. 1. A Letter from a Member of the Opposition to Lord Bute. London, 1763.

2017, O. 2. A Critical Review of the New Administration. London, 1765. 2017, O. 3. The Objections to the Taxation of the American Colonies. London, 1765.

2017, O. 4. Considerations on behalf of the Colonies. London, 1765. 2015, O. 1. Letters to the Earl of Bute on the late Resignation. London, 1761.

2015, O. 2. An Answer to the Letters to the Earl of Bute. London, 1761. 2015, O. 3. Impartial Reflections upon the Present State of Affairs. London, 1761.

1889, O. 2. Letters to the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Dawson, &c. by Philalethes. London, 1771.

1839, D. 6. An Answer to the Appeal, &c. Dublin, 1772.

1179, Q. Political Essays concerning the present state of the British Empire. London, 1772.

1075, Q. 3. An Authentic Account of the part taken by the late Earl of Chatham in 1778. 2d edition. London, 1778.

908, Q. 2. Debate relative to the Stamp Act. London, 1770.

1835, O. 13. The Crisis. London, 1775.

723, O. 3. A Speech on the Nomination of Candidates to represent the County of Middlesex, September 9, 1780.

722, O. 4. The saddle put on the right horse; or, an enquiry into the reason why certain persons have been denominated nabobs; including reflections on the present state of our Asiatic affairs. London, 1783. L.

1814, O. 4. Conferences between Lord George Gordon and his Majesty. Part II. London, 1783.

1810, O. 9. Letter to Dr. Priestley, by Somebody. Birmingham, 1787. 2551, O. 4. A Letter on the present state of Public Affairs. London, 1789. 1875, O. 1. The Spirit of the Constitution and that of the Church of England, compared, &c. London, 1790.

1805, O. 3. Spirit of the Times. London, 1790.

1840, O. 5. Lessons to a Young Prince, by an Old Statesman, on the disposition in Europe to a General Revolution, &c. With Plates. New York, 1791. 1805, O. 5. An Authentic Account of the Riots in Birmingham; with the Evidence, &c. London, 1791.

1810, O. 1. Accounts of the Riots in Birmingham, &c. With an Appendix, &c. Birmingham, 1791.

1810, O. 2. Life of Turn-about, &c. London, 1791.

1888, O. 8. A Welsh Freeholder's Thoughts on the Riots at Birmingham. Bath, 1791.

1828, O. 5. State of the Controversy respecting the Corporation and Test Acts. London, 1791.

1809, O. 8. Remarks on the Sugar Bill, Slave Trade, &c. London, 1792. 1825, O. 4. Vindication of the Revolution Society, against Mr. Burke. London, 1792.

1830, O. 1.

Letter to Mr. Burke. London, 1792.

1809, O. 1. Present State of the British Constitution. London, 1793. 1811, O. 2. The Universal, or British Society. London, 1792.

1809, O. 3. Address of the London Corresponding Society, &c. London, 1792.

1829, O. 4. Answer to the Declaration of the King of England respecting the War with France. London, 1793.

1809, O. 7. Proceedings of the Friends of the People, &c. London, 1793. 1825, O. 6. Papers relative to Great Britain, 1791-1794. Philadelphia, 1794.

1815, O. 5. Case of the War considered; in a letter to Henry Duncombe, Esq. London, 1794.

1813, O. 4. Peace and Reform, against War and Corruption; in answer to Young's "Example of France," &c. Philadelphia, 1794.

1813, O. 1. Red Book; being a list of Pensions, &c. New York, 1794. 1806, O. 1. Proceedings at Hickes' Hall, October 2, 1794.


1815, O. 10. Scylla more dangerous than Charybdis. London, 1794. 2135, D. Revolutionary Justice Displayed; or, an inside view of the prisons of Paris under Robespierre and the Jacobins. Philadelphia, 1795.

1844, D. 9. Letter to the Prince of Wales on a second application to Parliament to discharge his debts, &c. Boston, 1795.

1812, O. 5. Letters to Paley on his objections to a Reform, &c. London, 1796.

2227, O. 3. A Letter on the present causes of discontent in Ireland. Dublin, 1796.

1842, D. 1. The Complaints of the Poor People of England; containing remarks on Government, on the Poor, &c. London, 1798.

1821, O. 5. Secession from Parliament vindicated. York, 1799.

2019, D. 15. Correspondence between the inhabitants of the Moon and the natives of Old England. London, 1800.

915, Q. 3. Pieces Officielles relatives aux Preliminaires de Londres et au Traité d'Amiens. A Paris, 1803.

1819, O. 2. A Letter from a Chancellor out of Office to a King in Power. London, 1801.

1824, O. 13. Letters of Sulpicius on the Northern Confederacy: with an Appendix, &c. London, 1801.

2527, O. 2. Hints to both parties, or observations on the petitions against the Orders in Council. London, 1808.

1296, D. The Colonial Policy of Great Britain considered in relation to the North American Provinces, and West India Possessions, &c. Philadelphia, 1816.


Abilfeda, 1036, Q. Abilfedæ Annales Moslemici Latinos ex Arabicis fecit Jo. Jacobus Reiske. Lipsiæ, 1778.

Abul-Pharagius, 363, Q. Historia Dynastiarum authore Gregorio Abul-Pharagii, res Orientalium a mundo creato, usque ad tempora auctoris describens, Arabice, Latineque versa ab Edwardo Pocockio; item ejusdem Pocockii supplementum historiæ Dynastiarum à Gregorio AbulPharagio ad nostra usque tempora. Oxoniæ, 1663. L.

625, Q. Gregorii Abul-Pharagii narratio de origine et moribus Arabum, Latine versa notisque illustrata studio Edwardi Pocockii. Oxoniæ, 1650.


Archenholtz, 1425, D. L'Anglais aux Indes, d'après Orme. Par J. W. Archenholtz, traduit de l'Anglais. 3 tom. A Lausanne, 1791.

Bandurus, 49, F. Imperium orientale sive antiquitates Constantinopolis, ex variis Scriptorum Græcorum operibus, adornatæ, opera Anselmi Banduri. Tomi II. Parisiis, 1711. L.

Bernier, 1055, O. 1. The History of the late Revolution of the Empire of the Great Mogul: together with the most considerable passages, for five years following, in that Empire. To which is added, a letter to the Lord Colbert, touching the extent of Indostan, &c. By Monsr. F. Bernier, M. D. &c. Englished out of French. With a Map. London, 1671. M.

1055, O. 2. A Continuation of the Memoirs of Monsieur Bernier, concerning the Empire of the Great Mogul, &c. London, 1672. M. Bizarus, 323, F. Rerum Persicarum historia, auctore Petro Bizaro, cum aliorum tractatibus de rebus Persicis. Francofurti, 1601.


Bongars, 322, F. Gesta Dei per Francos, sive orientalium expeditionum et regni Francorum Hierosolymitani historia, edente Jacobo Bongars. Tomi II. Hanoviæ, 1611. L.

Bosman, 347, O. An Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea, divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts. With plates. Translated from the Dutch of William Bosman. London, 1705. L. Brisson, 34, D. De regio Persarum principatu ex adversariis Barnabæ Brissonii. Heidelbergæ, 1595. L.

Brussius, 908, F. 2. Gulielmi Brussii de Tartaris diarium. Francofurti, 1598.

Burigny, 1018, D. Histoire des Revolutions de l'Empire de Constantinople, depuis la Fondation de cette ville, jusqu'a l'an 1453, que les Turcs s'en rendirent Maitres; par M. De Burigny. 3 tom. A Paris, 1750. M. Camerarius, 503, & 908, F. De Rebus Turcicis, commentarii duo accuratisimi Joachimi Camerarii. Francofurti, 1597.

Cardonne, 1543, D. Histoire de l'Afrique et de l'Espagne, sous la Domination des Arabes; composée sur differens MSS. Arabes de la Bibliotheque du Roi. Par M. Cardonne. 3 tom. A Paris, 1765.

Courayer, 1081, O. Relation des Deux Rebellions arrivées a Constantinople en MDCCXXX. et XXXI. dans la Deposition d'Achmet III. et l'Elevation au Trone de Mahomet V. Composée sur des Memoires originaux reçus de Constantinople, par le R. P. Courayer. A la Haye, 1737. Cousin, 1932, D. Histoire de Constantinople, depuis le régne de l'ancien Justin, jusqu'a la fin de l'Empire. Traduite sur les originaux Grecs.

(Procope, Menandre, Nicetas, Ducas, &c.) Par M. Cousin. tom. X. A Paris, 1785. Cuspinianus, 806, D. Joannes Cuspinianus, de Turcarum origine, religione ac in Christianos tyrannide, deque viis eos profligandi. Lugduni Batavorum, 1654. L.

Dubois, 1172, O. Description of the Character, Manners, and Customs of the People of India; and of their Institutions, Religious and Civil. By the Abbé J. A. Dubois. Translated from the French MS. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1818.

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Kracheninnikow, 2338, D.

Histoire et description du Kamtchatka, avec une Carte. Par M. Kracheninnikow. Traduit du Russe. A Amsterdam, 1770.

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descriptio regni Habessinorum. Francofurti ad Monum, 1581. Gift of Dr. George Logan.

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historicos, politicos, eticos, y religiosos de la monarquia de China. Por Fernandez Navarette. En Madrid,


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Rycaut, 547, F. & 393, O. The present state of the Ottoman empire, its politie,

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