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Malvezzi, 537, D. 2. Il Davide persiquitato. Del. Sig. Marchese Malvezzi.

Venezia, 1635.

Marchant, 743, O. 1. The bloody tribunal; or, an antidote against popery. Being a review of the horrid cruelties of the inquisition, as practised in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the East and West Indies; with plates. By John Marchant. London, 1756. L.

Marquez, 2480, O. El Gobernador Christiano deducido de la vida de Moyse y

de Josue. Por Juan Marquez, II. tom. Madrid, 1783.

Martyr, 1104, O. A treatise of the Cohabitacyon of the faithful with the unfaithful. Whereunto is added a sermon of the confessing Christe and his gospell, and of the denyinge of the same, by Peter V. Martyr. London, 1555. M.

Marsh, 1884, O. 4. Speech in the House of Lords, on a petition against his

examination questions, by Bishop Marsh. London, 1822.

Marshall, 1836, D. A theological dissertation on removing from the seat of pestilence, by the Rev. William Marshall. Philadelphia, 1799.

Mason, 1652, D. A treatise on self-knowledge, by John Mason, A. M. Wil

mington, 1801.

Mather, 975, D. 20. The grounds and principles of Christian Religion, a cate

chisme; by Richard Mather. London, 1650.

Molinæus, 888, D. De cognitione Dei tractatus, authore P. Molinao, Latine et Italice. Hagæ-Comitis, 1631. L.

Middleton, 2557, O. A free inquiry into the miraculous powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian church, from the earliest ages, by Conyers Middleton, D. D. Dublin, 1749.

More, 1537, O. Practical piety, or the influence of the religion of the heart on

the conduct of life, by Hannah More. Burlington, N. J. 1811.

1844, D. 7. On religion and public education;-with remarks on M. Dupont's speech, by Hannah More. Dublin, 1793.

Morgan, 1589, O. The moral philosopher. In a dialogue between Philalethes, a Christian Deist, and Theophanes, a Christian Jew. In which the grounds and reasons of religion in general, and particularly of Christianity, are fairly considered and debated; a further vindication of moral truth and reason; superstition and tyranny inconsistent with Theocracy, by Thomas Morgan. 3 vols. London, 1738-1740.

Moulin, Du, 2162, D. 1. Vre deder Zicle, en Vergenoegenge des Gestes, door

Pierre du Moulin, de jonge. t'Amsteldam, 1705.

2162, D. 2. Overdenkingen engebeden op elken dag van de weke, door Pierre du Moulin, de jonge. t'Amsteldam 1705.

Mornay, 591, Q. Mysterium iniquitatis; seu historia papatus, auctore Philippo
Mornayo. Goricheni, 1662. L.

Mosheim, 967, Q. A Mosheim de odio Theologico. Goettinge, 1752.
Müller, 2081, D. 2. Die gantz unlaugbare verschlimmerung der Christlichen
lehre durch ihre neueste Verbesserungen. Von Dr. Joh. Dan. Müller.
Frankfort, 1774.

Murray, 2249, O. 4. Universalism vindicated, by John Murray. Charleston,

Mass. 1795.

Nelson, 817, Q. 7. Transubstantiation contrary to Scripture; or, the Protestant's answer, by R. Nelson. 1688. M.

Nicolas, 1878 & 1891, O. 3. The Divinity of Jesus Christ considered, from Scripture evidences, by L. Nicolas. Philadelphia, 1795-1791. Nowell, 595, Q. 6. A catechisme; or, first instruction and learnyng of Christian children. Translated from the Latine of A. Nowell. London, 1577. L.

Ochinus, 212, D. Bernardini Ochini dialogorum liber secundus, cum aliis de

rebus variis tum potissimum de trinitate. Basilea, 1563. L.

Osiander, 980, Q. Conjecturæ de ultimis temporibus, ac de fine mundi ex
sacris literis, authore Andrea Osiandro. Norimburgiæ, 1544.
Oswald, 1488, O. An appeal to common sense in behalf of religion, by the
Rev. James Oswald, D. D. 2 vols. London, 1768.

Pallavicino, 674, D. Le divorce celeste, causé par les desordres et les dissolutions de l'epouse Romaine, traduit de l'Italien de Ferrante Pallavicino. A Cologne, 1696.

Parker, 117, Q. Disputationes de Deo et providentia divina. Auctore Samuele Parkero, S. T. P. Londini, 1678.


Parry, 1878, O. 7. Vindication of public and social worship, by the Rev. William Parry. London, 1792.

Pascal, 868, O. Les Provinciales, ou Lettres escrites par Louis de Montalte, (Pas

cal,) à un Provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP. Jesuites, sur la morale et la politique de ces peres. Traduites en Latin par Guil. Wendrock, en Espagnol, par Gratien Cordero, et en Italien par Cosimo BrunettiFranç. Lat. Espagnol et Italien. A Cologne, 1684. M.

Patten, 1833, D. 5. Christianity the true theology, in answer to Thomas Paine, Warren, 1795.

by William Patten. Paulmann, 2114, D. 3. Die Gerechten anforderungen Gottes auf die bezahlung der sündenschulden unseres landes, von Joh. Lud. Paulmann. Braunschweig, 1763.

2114, D. 4. Erweckungen zum lobe und danke Gottes; von Joh. Lud. Paulmann. Braunschweig, 1763.

Payne, 820, Q. 1. A discourse of the communion in one kind; in answer to a treatise of the Bishop of Meaux's of communion under both species, by William Payne. London, 1687. M.

820, Q. 2. A discourse concerning the adoration of the host, as it is taught and practised in the church of Rome; wherein an answer is given to T. G. on that subject, and to Monsieur Boileau's late book, De Adoratione Eucharista, by William Payne. London, 1685.

Pearson, 343, O. The great case of tithes truly stated; with a defence of the principles held by the people called Quakers, by Anthony Pearson. London, 1730. L.

Penn, 990, O. The Christian Quaker and his divine testimony stated and vindicated from scripture, reason and authority, by W. Penn. London, 1699. M.

2329, O. No Cross no Crown, by William Penn. 12th edition. London, 1782.

1884, O. 8. The sandy foundation shaken, by William Penn, with

extracts from the writings of primitive friends. Philadelphia, 1825. 49. D. The invalidity of John Faldo's vindication of his book, called Quakerism no Christianity," being a defence of the doctrine of the people called Quakers, by William Penn. London, 1672. L.


Pennington, 975, D. 6. A catechisme common place book, and textual for young and old, learned and unlearned, by Robert Pennington. London, 1619.

Perquino, 498, D. Catolico reformado, por Guillermo Perquino, Licenciado en

santa theologia. 1599. L.

Plenderleath, 752, O. 3. The principles of religion, by way of question and answer, fit for instructing old as well as young persons, by Mr. P. Plenderleath, 1777.

Plitts, 2134, D. D. Johann J. Plitts unterricht in der glaubens und sitten.
lehre der Evangelischen religion. Franckfurt, 1768.
Pontanus, 451, D. Jacobi Pontani, colloquiorum sacrorum libri quatuor.
Ingolstadii, 1610. L.

Pope, 1874, O. 1. Divine worship founded in nature and supported by scripture

authority. With remarks on Gilbert Wakefield, by John Pope. London,


Porteus, 1881, O. 5. The beneficial effects of Christianity, on the temporal concerns of mankind, by Bishop Porteus. London, 1806.

Pratje, 2000, D. Aufmunterungen zur redlichen Entrichtung des evangelischen predigtamts in einigen Einführungsreden mitgetheilet, von Joh. Henr. Pratje. Hamburgh, 1764.

Priestley, 1491, O. Letters to a philosophical unbeliever, by Joseph Priestley,

LL. D. Birmingham, 1787.

1426, O. 6. & 1651, D. Letters to the Jews, by Joseph Priestley, LL. D. New York, 1794.

1406, O. The doctrines of heathen philosophy, compared with those of Revelation, by Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Northumberland, 1804. 1410, O. A comparison of the institutions of Moses with those of the Hindoos and other ancient nations; with remarks on Mr. Dupuis' origin of all religions; and an address to the Jews, by Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Northumberland, 1799.

1417, O. An history of early opinions concerning Jesus Christ, compiled from original writers, by Joseph Priestley, LL. D. 4 vols. Birmingham, 1786.

1411, D. The smaller tracts of Joseph Priestley, LL. D. London. -1423, O. 1. Reply to the animadversions on the history of the corruptions of Christianity, in the Monthly Review. By Joseph Priestley. London, 1783.

-1423, Q. 2. Remarks on the Monthly Review of the letters to Dr. Horsley, by Joseph Priestley. London, 1783.

-1423, O. 3. Letters to Dr. Horsley, in answer to his animadversions on the history of the corruptions of Christianity. Parts 1, 2, and 3. By Joseph Priestley. London, 1783.

-1424, O.

Letters to Dr. Horne, Dr. Price, Mr. Parkhurst and others on the subject of the person of Christ. By Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Birmingham, 1787.

-1425, O. 2. & 1426, O. 7. A letter to Mr. Pitt, on toleration and church
establishments. By Joseph Priestley. London, 1787.
-1425, O. 3. Defences of Unitarianism for 1787; containing letters to
Dr. Geddes and Dr. Price. By Joseph Priestley. London, 1787.
A view of the principles of the dissenters.

-1426, O. 1. & 1427, O. 6.
London, 1769.

-1426, O. 2. & 1427, O. 7. An address to dissenters on the Lord's
Supper. London, 1768.

-1426, O. 3. & 1427, O. 10. An address to dissenters on church discipline. London, 1776.

-1426, O. 4. & 1427, O. 2. Letter on Lindsey's proposal for a reformed English church. London 1774.

Letters to Dr. Newcome on the duration

-1426, O. 5. & 1427, O. 3.
of our Saviour's ministry.
-1427, O. 1. Letters to the author of remarks relative to dissenters.
London, 1770.

Birmingham, 1780.

-1427, O. 4. Letters to the Rev. Mr. Palmer on the doctrine of necessity. London, 1779.

-1427, O. 5. Letters to Jacob Bryant, Esq. on the doctrine of necessity. London, 1779.

-1427, O. 8. On giving the Lord's Supper to children. London, 1768. -2427, O. 9. A discourse on the spirit of Christianity. London, 1771. -1866, O. 1. Socrates and Jesus compared. By Dr. J. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1803.

Priestley, 1866, O. 3. Letter to Dr. Linn, in defence of Socrates and Jesus com

pared. Philadelphia, 1803.

-1866, O. 5. Second letter to Dr. Linn, in reply to his defence. Philadelphia, 1803.

-1872, O. 1. Letters to Volney. By Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1797.

-2516, O. 2. Volney's answer to Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1797. -1872, O. 2. Observations on the increase of infidelity; on the writings of several modern unbelievers, and Volney's Ruins. By Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1797.

-1873, O. 2. Letters to the philosophers of France, on the subject of religion. By Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1794.

-1873, O. 3, & 4. & 1883, O. 4. Continuation of letters to the philosophers of France, in answer to Paine's Age of Reason. Northumberland, 1794, 1795.

-1873, O. 8. & 2531, O. 6. Unitarianism explained and defended. By Joseph Priestley. Philadelphia, 1796.

-1877, O. 1, & 2. Letters to a young man, occasioned by Mr. Wakefield's essay on public worship. With a reply to Mr. Evanson's ob

jections. London, 1792.

-1878, O. 1. Letters to the members of the New Jerusalem church. By Dr. Priestley. London, 1791.

-1882, O. 9. Address to the Unitarian congregation at Philadelphia. By Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1797.

-1883, O. 5. & 2516, O. 1. Observations on the increase of infidelity. Northumberland, 1795. Philadelphia, 1797.

-1832, D. 3. Extracts from Dr. Priestley's catechism. Salem, 1796. -1833, D. 3. General view of arguments for the unity of God. By Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1794.

-1833, D. 4. Appeal to the professors of Christianity. Philadelphia, 1794.

Prokopowiez, 1723, O. Historia, in qua de ortu et profectu Controversiæ Græcos inter et Latinos de processione Spiritus Sancti agitatæ narratur. Theophane Prokopowiez, Archiep. Novogrod, &c. 1767.


Purves, 1415, D. An humble attempt to investigate and defend the scripture doctrine concerning the Father, and Son and the Holy Spirit. By James Purves. Edinburgh, 1784.

1833, D. 1. Review of the Age of Reason. By James Purves. Edinburgh, 1795.

Ram, 975, D. 12. The souldier's catechisme, composed for the parliament's

army. By R. Ram. London, 1645.

Ray, 1890, O. 1. A vindication of our Saviour's miracles, in answer to Woolston. With an appendix for scripture revelation. By T. Ray. London, 1729-1731.

Reeve, 595, Q. 8. The commvnion book catechisme expovnded, for the furtherance of youth. By Edmvnd Reeve. London, 1636. L. Renolds, 140, O. The state of the greatest king, set forth in the greatness of Solomon, and the glory of his reign. By G. Renolds. Bristol, 1721. L.

Richmond, 1834, D. 7. The dairyman's daughter. By the Rev. Leigh Rich


Roennberg, 2395, O. D. Jacob Frederich Roennberg, über Symbolische bücher in bezug aufs Staatsrecht. Rostock, 1790.

Rogers, 1505, O. A discourse of the visible and invisible church of Christ.

By John Rogers, B. D. London, 1720.

975, D. 15. The chief grounds of Christian religion, set down by way of catechising. By Ezekiel Rogers. London, 1648.

Ross, 143, D. 2. Apocalypsis; or, the revelation of certain notorious advancers of heresie; wherein their visions and revelations are discovered to be blasphemies. Also, an account of their lives, actions and ends; with plates. Translated from the Latine of Alexander Ross, by J. Davies. London, 1664. L.

2003, D. Catechismus Westmonasteriensis, accurante Jac. Ross. Philadelphia, 1813.

Rotheram, 1384, O. An essay on faith, and its connection with good works.

By John Rotheram, M. A. London, 1772.

Roustan, 1830, D. 3. Reponse aux difficultés d'un Theiste, ou supplement aux lettres sur l'etat présent du Christianisme. Par A. J. Roustan. Amsterdam, 1772.


Rush, 1836, D. 6. On the character of Christ. By Judge Jacob Rush. Phila

delphia, 1806.

1836, D. 7. An answer to Judge Rush. Philadelphia, 1807.

1884, O. 1. On Christian baptism. By Judge Jacob Rush. Philadelphia,


1884, O. 2. Observations on Christian baptism, addressed to Judge Rush, by a Christian Layman. Burlington, 1819. Saavedra, 943, F. Didaci Saavedra, Symbola Christiano-Politica. Bruxellæ,


Sacks, 2088, D. Aug. Fried. W. Sacks vertheidigter glaube der Christen. Berlin, 1748.

Saint Amans, 1905, D. 2. Vœux d'un solitaire des Pyrénées pour la reunion des Cultes. Par M. de Saint Amans. A Paris, 1809.

Sanderson, 868, Q. 2. Reasons of the present judgment of the University of Oxford concerning the solemn league and covenant, the negative oath. The ordinances concerning discipline and worship. By Bishop R. Sanderson. London, 1647. M.

tophori Chr. Sandii.

Sandius, 1068, O. Bibliotheca anti-trinitarianorum, opus posthumum ChrisAccedunt quædam alia Scripta. Quæ omnia simul juncta compendium historiæ ecclesiasticæ unitarianorum, qui Sociniani vulgo audiunt, exhibent. Freistadii, 1684.

Sandhagen, 2163. D. C. Hermann Sandhagens kurtze einleitung in der geschichte unser Herrn Jesu Christi und der heiligen Apostel. Berlin, 1710.

2225, D. C. Herm. Sandhagens theologischen sendschreiben. Jena, 1711.

Sandys, 246, D. Europa speculum; or, a view of the state of religion in the western parts of the world; wherein the Roman religion is notably displayed. By Edwin Sandys. London, 1687. L.

Say, 1841, D. 11. The visions of Thomas Say, with another vision. By Isaac Watts, D. D. Philadelphia, 1774.

Scheurman, 949, & 957, D. M. A. Scheurman Melioris partis electio. Altonæ, 1573. L.

Scott, 2256, O. 2. Salvation by Christ, to which is added remarks upon the nature of salvation by Christ. By Job Scott. Philadelphia, 1824. Shutte, 975, D. 9. A compendious form and sum of Christian doctrine, called

the testimonie of a true faith. By C. Shutte. London, 1637.

Simpson, 1874, O. 4. Christian arguments for social and public worship. By

John Simpson. Bath, 1792.

1880, O. 7. On the meaning of the words Satan, Diabolus, in the Old and New Testament. By John Simpson. London, 1804.

Skinner, 752, O. 2. An answer to a late inquiry into the powers of ecclesiastics. By Mr. Skinner. London, 1770.

Smith, 1897, O. 2. & 1838, D. 9. Designed end to the Socinian controversy.

By John Smith. London, 1805.-1793.

387, O. 3. The doctrine of Christianity, as held by the people called

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