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for ever. Williams, 817, Q. 9. The Protestant's answer to the Catholick letter to the seeker; or, a vindication of the Protestant's answer to the seeker's request. By Bishop John Williams. 1688. M.

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875, Q. MS. on Vellum. Cy est ung traittie des fruits de tribulacion fait par ung religieux de l'ordre des celestines pour consoler les desolez. Illuminated on first page. 1538. (This is probably of earlier date.)

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2012, O.

A Chinese fragment containing an inquiry into the present state of religion in England. London, 1786.

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1865, O. 2.

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Testimonies in favour of religious liberty. London, 1790.

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1888, O. 5.


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Address to the protestant trinitarians on the trinity. London,

High church politics. London, 1792.

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Short principles of religion. London, 1644.

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996, D. The christian confession of the faith of the harmless christians, known by the name of Menonists. Amsterdam, 1727.

975, D. 10. tian doctrine. 975, D. 3.

Scripture milk and gospel honey, being a brief summe of chris-
London, 1649.

An help to communicants; or some part of the ordinance concerning suspension from the sacrament. London, 1647.

2540, O. 1785.

Catechismus pro Barmanis, addita Latina interpretatione. Romæ,

1133, D. Recueil de diverses Pieces concernant le Quietisme et les Quietistes, ou Molinos, ses Sentimens et ses Disciples. A Amsterdam, 1688.

1194, D. An heavenly chariot.-The way to everlasting life; containing sixe treatises, &c.-Sixe cunning and cruell Robbers, having the heads of doves, but the tailes of scorpions, sent from the bottomlesse pit, by the arch-enemie of God's babes, &c.-Three most fearefull rockes laid in the way of God's babes, &c.-That one glorious inne, &c. towards the which the babes of God do journey in time laboriously, &c. London, 1625. M.

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