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1834. D. 3. St. Paul's opinions of Jesus Christ stated. Philadelphia, 1814. 1834, D. 4. Pastoral advice to a young person, lately confirmed. Philadelphia, 1813.

1834, D. 5. Pastoral advice to young persons, in order to their being confirmed. Philadelphia, 1813.

1834, D. 14. The Christian's daily devotion. Philadelphia, 1816.

1838, D. 1. A dissertation on man's fall. From the High-German. Ephrata, 1765.

1838, D. 2.

1838, D. 8. 1839, D. 8. don, 1783.

Answer to a letter of Enthusiasm. London, 1764.

A Plain Man's Creed. Birmingham, 1791.

Address to serious and candid professors of Christianity. Lon

1841, D. 4. The uncertainty of a death-bed repentance. Philadelphia, 1784. 1862, D. 3. Dr. Langhorne on the superiority of religious views. Dr. Moir's choice, &c. of religion. Pleasures of religion. Humble stations superior to grandeur and riches. Dr. Goldsmith on religion, life and futurity. London, 1794.

1887, D. Saxonia Catholica. Coloniæ, 1621. 1954, D. phia, 1823.

The Scripture doctrine of Materialism, by a Layman. Philadel

1954, D. 2. A view of the metaphysical and physiological arguments in favour of materialism, by a Physician. Philadelphia, 1824.

2081, D. Untersuchungen der neuesten Theologischen Streitigkeiten. Wismar, 1774.

1620, D. The grounds of the old religion; or arguments in favour of the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Communion. Augusta, 1742.

467, D. Confutatio determinationis doctorum Parisiensium contra Martinum Lutherum. Paris, 1522. L.

817, Q. 1. A dialogue between a new catholic convert and a protestant, shewing the doctrine of Transubstantiation to be as reasonable to be believed, as the great mystery of the Trinity, by all good Catholics. London, 1686.

817, Q. 2. An answer to the same. London, 1687.

817, Q. 3. A second dialogue between the same, on the same subject. London, 1687. M.

817, Q. 5. A seeker's request to catholic priests aad protestant ministers, respecting the Lord's Supper. London, 1687. M.

817, Q. 6. The Catholic answer to the same. 1687. M.

817, Q. 8. The catholic letter to the seeker; or a reply to the protestant answer. 1688. M.

2081, O. 1.

Account of the Romish clergy of France. London, 1710. 820, Q. 4. The necessity of Reformation, with respect to the errors and corruptions of the church of Rome. The second part. London, 1686.

817, Q. 10. A plain representation of Transubstantiation as it is received in the church of Rome, with the sandy foundations it is built upon, &c. &c. By a country divine. 1687. M.

1220, D. Meditations collected and ordered for the use of the English Colledge of Lisbo. By the superiors of the same Colledge. At Doway, 1663. M.

1849, O. 7. Innocence vindicated and the intrigue of Popery and its abettors displayed, &c. London, 1783.

1102, Q. Rules and Christian advices of the yearly meeting of Friends, for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Philadelphia, 1797.

2217, D. Christian advices published by the yearly meeting of Philadelphia, 1808.

655, F. Epistles from the yearly meeting of the people called Quakers, held in London, to the quarterly and monthly meetings in Great Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere, from 1675 to 1757. London, 1760.

2018, D. & 2263, O. 10. Address of the monthly meeting of Friends of Philadelphia to their members. Philadelphia, 1812-1827.

2263, O. 12. Address of the sufferers in the Eastern District of the city of Baltimore, to the yearly meeting. Baltimore, 1822.

2263, O. 8. Extracts from the minutes of the yearly meeting held at Baltimore. Baltimore, 1828.

2018, D. 14. Remarks upon Christian discipline and church government, extracted from the writings of the members of the Society of Friends. Philadelphia, 1827.

2263, O. 13. A declaration of the Ohio yearly meeting. Philadelphia, 1829. 2263, O. 15. The epistle from the yearly meeting of friends in London. Philadelphia, 1830.

1888, O. 1. Summary of the history and doctrines of Friends. London, 1790. 1968, D. Rules of discipline of Friends in Philadelphia. 1825.

2018, D. 10. Extracts from the minutes of the yearly meeting held in Baltimore in 1828.

2018, D. 11. An epistle from the yearly meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia, in 1829.

2124, D. A catechism and confession of faith of the people called Quakers. Philadelphia, 1773.

2018, D. 8. Extracts from the primitive writings of primitive Friends concerning the divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Philadelphia, 1823. 2018, D. 4. A statement of facts relative to the dissolution of the connexion which existed between Philadelphia quarterly and the monthly meeting of Friends, held at Green Street, Philadelphia.

2018, D. 5. An epistle from the yearly meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia, 1827.

2018, D. 6. The third general epistle of Peter to the rulers of the visible church. Philadelphia, 1827.

2018, D. 7. An epistle to Friends of the yearly meeting of Philadelphia, from Green Street. Philadelphia, 1827.

2018, D. 9 & 12. Addresses to Friends within the compass of the yearly meeting held at Philadelphia. 1827-1829.

2263, O. 1. The light of truth in the mind of man, the only rule of faith and practice. Philadelphia, 1824.

1867, O. 7. A candid address to the Episcopalians of Pennsylvania, by Plain Truth. Philadelphia, 1827.

1867, O. 8. Three letters in support of a candid address by Plain Truth. Philadelphia, 1827.

1867, O. 9. Another candid address, by Plain Truth, junior. Philadelphia, 1827.

1867, O. 10. An answer to the pamphlet by Plain Truth. By Plain Fact. Philadelphia, 1827.

1867, & 2235, 0. 5. Review of the answer to the remonstrance sent to the bishops of the Protestant Episcopal church. Philadelphia, 1827.

1867, & 2235, O. 6. A reply to a letter remonstrating against the consecration of the Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, D. D. with a copy of the letter. Philadelphia, 1827.

1885, O. A collection of pieces and tracts, chiefly intended to establish the doctrines of the unity of God, and the salvation of sinners by his free grace in the gospel. Philadelphia, 1810.

1897, O. 3. Address to unlearned persons on the doctrine of the trinity. London, 1805.

1874, O. 3. Reasons for Unitarianism, by a Welsh freeholder. London, 1792. 1877, O. 6. Letter to the Bishop of St. David's, by a Welsh freeholder. London, 1791.

1877, O. 7. The Welsh freeholder's farewell epistles to the Bishop of Rochester. London, 1794.

1889, O. 5. Letter to the Bishop of Landaff. Marlborough, 1774.

1699, D. Hints and essays, theological and moral, intended to expose the corrupt principles of Calvinism, and to offer others better corresponding with reason and scripture. 2 vols. London, 1775.

1900, O. 1. The cause of the petitioners examined. With an answer to the work entitled "the doctrine of the trinity examined." London, 1773.

1839, D. 5. The doctrines of orthodoxy recommended. Birmingham, 1782. 1839, D. 3. Martin Luther to Socinus. Birmingham, 1783.

1839, D. 4. Melancthon to Martin Luther, &c. &c. Birmingham, 1783. 1837, D. 2. Remarks on a paragraph, &c. in the Christian's Magazine. 1810. 1876, O. 5. Primitive candour; or, the moderation of the earlier fathers towards the Unitarians. London, 1785.


Ainsworth, 1001, D. The book of Psalmes; englished by H. Ainsworth.

sterdam, 1644.


Albertus, 813, Q. Tractatus de Horis Canonicis, cum tabula Alberti de Ferrariis de Placentia. Sine loco-circa 1480. M.

Barruffaldus, 838, F. Ad rituale Romanum commentaria, auctore H. Barruffaldo. Venetiis, 1763.

Bourn, 1621, D. The Christian-family prayer book, &c. By Samuel Bourn. London, 1738.

Buchanan, 978, D. Paraphrasis psalmorum Davidis poetica. Auctore G. Buchanan. Edinburgi, 1764.

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1666, O. G. Buchanan's paraphrase of the psalms of David, translated into english prose, with the latin text and the order of construction on the same page. By Andrew Waddell, M. A. &c. Edinburgh, 1772.

Cramer, 2426, O. Poetische übersetzung der Psalmen mit abhandlungen, von Jo. Andr. Cramer. Leipzig, 1763.

Diodati, 854, D. Sacri Salmi messi in rime Italiane, da Giovanni Diodati. 1631. L.

Duthenus, 402, D. 2. De CL. Psalmen des propheten Davids met eenige andre lossagen, door Petrum Duthenum. Amsteldam, 1657.

Duportus, 530, Q. Metaphrasis libri Psalmorum versibus Græcis contexta, cum versione Latinâ. Per Jacobum Duportum. Cantabrigiæ, 1666. Grancolæs, 937, Q. Commentarius historicus in Romanum Breviarum, auctore J. Grancolæs. Antverpiæ, 1734.

Hacker, 2187, D. Formulaire zu kleinen Amtsreden, von D. J. G. A. Hacker. Leipzig, 1806.

Marot, 1231, D. Les Pseaumes de David, mis en rime Françoise par Clement Marot, et Theodore de Beze. Avec la prose en marge, et une oraison à la fin d'un chacun pseaume, par M. Augustin Murlorat. Avec la musique. A Geneve, 1577. M.

Merrick, 1508, D. The Psalms; translated or paraphrased in English verse. By James Merrick, M. A. &c. Reading, 1766.

Miller, 2094, D. Johann Peter Millers grundsätze einer weisen und Christlichen erziehungskunst. Göttingen, 1769.

Seager, 1183, D. Certayne psalmes select out of the Psalter of David, and

drawen into englyshe metre, wyth notes to every psalme, in iiij parts to synge. By Francis Seager. London, 1553. M.

Serranus, 1324, D. Psalmorum aliquot Davidis Metaphrasis Joannis Serrani et precationes ejusdem Græcolatinæ. Accessere H. Stephani, et Græcorum quorundam lyricorum poëmata sacra. Edidit Franciscus Okely, A. B. &c. Londini, 1770.

Scaliger, 844, D. Julii Cæsaris Scaligeri, hymni. Colon, 1600. L.

Smart, 1011, Q. A translation of the Psalms of David. By Christopher Smart. London, 1765.

Sternhold, 503, O. 2. The whole book of psalms collected into english meeter. By Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others; with apt notes to sing them withal. London, 1632.

Taylor, 1893, O. 2. Scripture account of prayer. By John Taylor, D. D. London, 1761.

1254, D. restitutum.

1946, O. 1475, D.

Breviarium Romanum, ex decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini
Pii V. Pont. Max. Jussu editum. Antverpiæ, 1479. M.
Rituale Romanum Pauli V. jussu editum. Antverpiæ, 1652.

Breviarium Noviomense, ad usum Regalis Ecclesiæ S. Quintini. 4 tom. Parisiis, 1774.

1114, O. Horarium secundum usum Leodiensis dyocesis-cum permultis figuris. Antwerpie, MCCCCXCIIII.—Item, orationes Sanctæ Brigittæ, &c. liber MS. M.

1229, D. Horarium. 2 tom. An illuminated MS. on Vellum, probably of the XIV. century. M.

992, O. Heures Gothiques en Latin. Contenant un calendrier pour 18 ans. Des passages des evangelistes sur la nativité et la passion de Notre Seigneur : l'office de la Vierge; les sept pseaumes penitentiaux: les litanies des saints: les vigiles des morts: &c. &c. A Paris, chez Antoine Verard, 1508. Printed on Vellum with cuts and illuminations.


1091, O. Exercitio spirituale de gli Christiani: el quale contiene el rosario de la gloriosa Virgine Maria, ordinato per san Dominico e per gli frati predicatori e approbato per la sedia apostolica. Venetia, 1524. M.

1757, O. & 1708, 1752, D. The book of common prayer, according to the use of the protestant episcopal church. Philadelphia, 1790, 1793, & 1817.

963, D. Liber precum communium secundum usum ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, Græce. Cantabrigiæ, 1665.

1137, D. Il libro delle Preghiere Publiche, secundo l'uso della chiesa Anglicana. Londra, 1685. M.

915, Q. 2. The liturgies used in the churches of Neufchatel: with Jablonski's letter on the nature of liturgies. Also, the form of prayer of the church of Geneva. London, 1712.

1569. O. A form of prayer, and new collection of psalms, for the use of a congregation of protestant dissenters in Liverpool. London, 1763.

1007, D. 4. A selection of psalms and hymns for private and social worship. London, 1798.

2139, D. Vermehrtes Hanoverisches kirchen Gesang buch. 1781. 169, D. Gesangbuch das Gellische. Lunebourg, 1709. L.



Abercrombie, 1872, O. 5. Fast-day sermon, May 9, 1798. By the Rev. James Abercrombie, Philadelphia, 1798.

1881, O. 2. A sermon on the death of Major General Alexander Hamilton. By the Rev. James Abercrombie. Philadelphia, 1804. 1881, O. 12. A sermon on the liturgy, June 15, 1808. By the Rev. James Abercrombie. Philadelphia, 1808.

1868, O. 3. Two sermons, July 30 and August 20, 1812. By the Rev. James Abercrombie. Philadelphia, 1812.

1880 O. 3. A funeral sermon on Dr. Fothergill, by the Rev. James Abercombie, D. D. Philadelphia, 1814.

Alden, 2208, O. 8. A century sermon delivered in Portsmouth, N. H., January, 1801. By Timothy Alden. Portsmouth, 1801.

Alison, 1312, D. Sermons, chiefly on particular occasions. By Archibald Alison, LL. B. Hartford, 1815.

Andrews, 1891, O. 1. A sermon, at Bristol, November 1, 1789. By the Rev. John Andrews. Philadelphia, 1789.

1901, O. 15. Two sermons, on mutual love and on the Gospel Ministry. By the Rev. John Andrews. Philadelphia, 1788.

Atterbury, 1541, O. Sermons on several occasions. By Francis Atterbury, D. D. bishop of Rochester. 2 vols. London, 1734.

Auchmuty, 1488, D. 4. & 5. Sermons for the benefit of the fund for the widows of clergymen; preached October 2, 1770 & 1771. By Samuel Auchmuty, D. D. New York, 1771.

Barelete, 1094, O. Fructuosissimi atque amenissimi sermones F. Gabrielis Barelete, a toto verbi satorum cetu, diu desiderati. Parisiis, 1527. M. Belsham, 1299, D. A vindication of certain passages, in a discourse, on occasion of the death of Dr. Priestley. With the discourse. By Thomas Belsham. Boston, 1809.

Bentley, 1614, O. in 1692.


Eight sermons preached at the Hon. Robert Boyle's lecture
By Richard Bentley, M. A. To which are added, three
Cambridge, 1735.

Beveridge, 1834, D. 13. The excellency and usefulness of the common prayer.
A sermon. By William Beveridge. Philadelphia, 1816.
Bissett, 1891, O. 2. A sermon, at Baltimore, June 19, 1791. By the Rev.
Richard Bissett. With an Appendix. Philadelphia, 1791.
Blair, 1375, O. Sermons. By Hugh Blair, D. D. &c. 2 vols. London, 1784.
1862, D. 2. On the duties of the young, a sermon. By Hugh Blair, D. D.
London, 1793.

1872, O. 6. A fast-day sermon. By the Rev. Samuel Blair. Philadelphia,


Blake, 2030, 0. 5. Religion and its temporal promises considered. A sermon. By Edward Blake, D. D. Oxford, 1756.

Bonnet, 1882, O. 5. On the nature of future happiness. A sermon. From the French of Charles Bonnet. York, 1785.

Booth, 1007, D. 3. Sermon on the slave trade. By Abraham Booth. Philadelphia, 1762.

Bourdaloue, 1734, D. Sermons du Pere Bourdaloue, pour l'Avent. A Lyon,


Bowen, 1867, O. 2. A sermon, preached November 7, 1826, before the general convention, at Philadelphia. By Bishop Bowen. Philadelphia, 1826. Buchanan, 1868, O. 1. The star in the east, by the Rev. Cl. Buchanan. Philadelphia, 1809.

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