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Bulkley, 2030, O. 4. A sermon on occasion of the dreadful earthquake at Lis-
bon, Nov. 1, 1755. By C. Bulkley. London, 1756.
Cappe, 1873, O. 7. Fast-day sermons. By Newcome Cappe. York, 1795.
Chalmers, 1868, O. 9. The doctrine of Christian charity, &c. a sermon. By Dr.

Chalmers. Glasgow, 1818.

Chrysostom, 446, D. Joannis Chrysostomi Homiliæ ad populum Antiochenum, cum versione Latina decimæ nonæ earundem, studio Joannis Harmari. Londini, 1590.


860, D. Chrysostomi, Homilia sex, græce per Jo. Harmarum. Oxoniæ, 1586. L.

Clarke, 1572, O. Sermons, by Samuel Clarke, D. D. Published from the author's MS. by John Clarke, D. D. With a preface, giving some account of the life, writings and character of the author: by Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Salisbury. Portrait. 10 vols. London, 1732. Colman, 1502, O. ractical discourses on the parable of the ten virgins. By Benjamin Colman, D. D. &c. Boston, N. E., 1747. 2179, O. Sermons on various subjects. 1820.

By Henry Colman. Boston,

Crabb, 1873, O. 6. A sermon on the death of the Rev. H. Crabb. By Rev. Samuel Palmer. With the funeral oration, by Robert Hall, M. A. and an elegy. London, 1795.

Croes, 1868, O. 7. A sermon before the general convention, May 23, 1814.

By Bishop Croes. Philadelphia, 1814.

Croft, 1810, O. 6. The test laws defended; a sermon, by Dr. Croft, &c.

Birmingham, 1790.

Philadelphia, 1794.

Davidson, 1877, O. 5. A sermon on the freedom of the United States, October
5, 1794. By Robert Davidson.
Davies, 1488, D. 1.
ver Co. Va.
Douglass, 915, Q. 1.

The curse of cowardice, preached to the militia, of Hano-
May 8, 1758. By Samuel Davies, A. M.

A sermon before the House of Lords, Jan. 30, 1790. By
John Douglass, Bishop of Carlisle. London, 1790.

Duché, 1901, O. 2. A sermon on the death of the Hon. Richard Penn, Esq.

April 21, 1771, by Jacob Duché, M. A. Philadelphia, 1771.
1901, O. 6. The duty of standing fast in our spiritual and tempo-
ral liberties, a sermon, July 7, 1775. By the Rev. Jacob Duché, M. A.
Portrait. Philadelphia, 1775.

1901, O. 7. The American vine; a sermon before congress, July 20,

1775. By the Rev. Jacob Duché, M. A. Plate. Philadelphia, 1775. Dwight, 1891, O. 3. A sermon on the genuineness of the New Testament. By Timothy Dwight. New York, 1794.

Eddowes, 1846, & 2247, O. 6. On the early treatment of children, a discourse delivered by Ralph Eddowes. Philadelphia, 1809.

Ely, 2249, O. 5. The duty of Christian freemen to elect Christian rulers, a discourse delivered July 4, 1827, by Ezra Stiles Ely, D. D. Philadelphia, 1828.

Enfield, 1224, 0. Sermons on practical subjects, by the late W. Enfield, LL. D. prepared for the press by himself. With memoirs of the author, by J. Aiken, M. D. 3 vols. London, 1798.

Flechier, 1768, D. Oraisons funebres de Flechier, Evêque de Nismes. 2 tom.

A Paris, 1802.

Fletcher, 1837, D. 1. The new birth; a discourse. By the Rev. John Fletcher. Washington, 1808.

Foster, 73, & 1545, O. Sermons on various subjects, by James Foster. Third edition. London, 1736. 2 vols. Dublin, 1735.

Fothergill, 1862, O. 2. The necessity of a life of purity and holiness, in seven discourses, with prayers, by Saml. Fothergill. Philadelphia, 1780.

Fuero, 964, F.

D. Francisco Fabian y Fuero Arzobispo de Valencia á la reverenda madre Maria Escolastica, &c. Valencia, 1792. Gibson, 60, D. Pastoral letters, in defence of the gospel-revelation. By Edmund

Gibson, Bishop of London. London, 1732. L.

Goddard, 2082, O. 1. A sermon at Windsor. By Thomas Goddard. London,


Green, 1894, O. 1. A sermon before the society for the propagation of the gospel, February 19, 1768. By John Green, Bishop of Lincoln. With proceedings. London, 1768.

1891, O. 4. A sermon on the death of Dr. Sproat. By Rev. Ashbel

Green. Philadelphia, 1794.

Hall, 1836, D. 4. A sermon on modern infidelity. By Rev. Robert Hall. Phila

delphia, 1800.

Hamilton, 1894, O. 5. A sermon on the late disturbances in Ireland. By
Hugh Hamilton, Bishop of Ossory. Dublin, 1772.
Hicks, 2269, O. A series of sermons. By Elias Hicks.

Philadelphia, 1825.

2282, O. The quaker, being a series of sermons by members of the society of friends, (Hicksites.) Philadelphia, 1827. Hoadly, 1434, O. Sermons. By Benjamin (Hoadly) Bishop of Winchester.

London, 1754.

Hobart, 1868, O. 11. The corruptions of the church of Rome. A charge, by

Bishop Hobart. New York, 1818.

1868, O. 6. A sermon at the consecration of Bishop Moore. By Bishop Hobart. Philadelphia, 1814.

1884, O. 9. The United States and England; a discourse, by Bishop Hobart, October, 1825. New York, 1825.

1038, O. Par Nobile. Two treatises, the one concerning the excellent woman, a discourse on the death of Lady Hobart: the other on that of Lady Courten, March 27, 1652. With the narratives of the holy lives and deaths of these two noble sisters. London, 1669. M. Holland, 850, Q. Publica Celebritas. D. Elizabethæ, Dei Gratia Angliæ, &c.

Reginæ. A sermon preached at Paul's, in London, the 17th Nov. A. D. 1599, the 41st yeare of her majestie's raigne, &c. &c. Whereunto is adjoyned a apologeticall discourse. By Thomas Holland, D. D. Oxford, 1601. M.

Humphrey, 795, O. 10. A sermon delivered at the ordination of the missionaries to the Sandwich Islands. By H. Humphrey. Boston, 1819. Hutchins, 1881, O. 3. A sermon at the opening of the Franklin College. Lancaster, July 17, 1787. By Joseph Hutchins, D. D. Philadelphia,


Jervis, 1876, O. 4. A sermon, by Thomas Jervis; and a charge at the ordina-
tion of Mr. Kenrick. By Thomas Belsham. London, 1785.
Jones, 1901, O. 4. Defensive war, &c. sinless; a sermon. By the Rev. David
Jones. Philadelphia, 1775.

Sermons on different subjects. By the late Rev. John Jortin,
D. D. 4 vols. Dublin, 1778.

1353, O. Discourses concerning the truth of the Christian religion, and remarks on ecclesiastical history. By the late Rev. John Jortin, D. D. Portrait. 3 vols. London, 1805.

Kennedy, 1868, O. 10. The gospel mason, a sermon. By N. Kennedy. Downington, 1818.

Kennet, 2104, O. 1. Sermon before the House of Commons. By Bishop White Kennet. London, 1706.

Jortin, 1437, O.

Kentish, 1832, D. 6. A sermon at Exter, July 6, 1796, in answer to Mr. Fuller. By the Rev. John Kentish. London, 1898.

Keppel, 1893, & 1894, O. 2. A sermon, preached February 16, 1770. With proceedings. By Frederick Keppel, Bishop of Exeter. London, 1770.

Latimer, 600, & 870, Q. Sermons, preached by the right reverend father in

God, Maister Hugh Latimer. London, 1571. M.

Law, 1894, O. 4. A sermon, February 18, 1774. By Edmund Law, Bp. of Carlisle. With proceedings, &c. London, 1774.

Linn, 1880, O. 5. A funeral discourse on the Rev. Dr. Ewing. By the Rev.

John Blair Linn. Philadelphia, 1802.

Litius, 742, F. Sermones Roberti de Litio. Conradus Sweynheym et Arnoldus Pannartz Rome impresserunt, MCCCCLXXII. M.

808, F. Sermones per adventum Domini, cum multis aliis inclusis, sermocianti perutiles, famosissimi predicatoris Magistri Ruberti de Licio. Sine anno aut loco, circa 1490. M.

Madan, 1810, O. 7. A sermon, February 14, 1790. By Spencer Madan, D. D. Birmingham, 1790.

Magaw, 1891, O. 5. A sermon, December 27, 1793. By Samuel Magaw, D. D.

Philadelphia, 1794.

1901. O. 13 & 14. Sermons. By Samuel Magaw, D. D. July 4th, 1786,
and May 28th, 1787. Philadelphia, 1787.

1881, O. 6. Sermons on the opening of the African church. By Sa-
muel Magaw and James Abercrombie, D. D. Philadelphia, 1794.
1882, O. 8. Discourse on the death of Mr. Andrew Brown, his wife
and three children, February 5, 1797. By Samuel Magaw, D. D.-
Philadelphia, 1797.

1872, O. 3. A funeral sermon on Mrs. Mary White. By Samuel Magaw, D. D. Philadelphia, 1798.

Maillard, 971, O. Quadragesimale Opus declamatum Parisiorum urbe ecclesia Sancti Johannis in gravia: per venerabilem patrem sacre Scripture interpretem et divini verbi preconem eximium: fratrem Oliverium Maillardum, ordinis fratrum minorum. Parisiis, 1523. M.

1073, O. Novum diversorum sermonum Opus, hactenus non impressum, Reverendi patris Oliverii Maillardi. 2 tom. Parisiis, circa 1498. M.

Massillon, 1189, Q. Petit Careme de M. Massillon. Paris, (Didot) 1789. Menoti, 1033, O. Reverendi Patris Fratris Michaelis Menoti zelantissimi predicatoris ac sacre theologie professoris ordinis minorum perpulcher tractatus: in quo tractatur perbelle de federe et pace ineunda media ambassiatrice penitentia. Parrhisiis, 1519. M.

More, 924, O. Discourses on several texts of Scripture. By the late pious and learned Henry More, D. D. London, 1692. M. Morse, 1872, O. 4. Thanksgiving sermon, Nov. 29, 1798. By Jedediah Morse,

D. D. Boston, 1799.

Munning, 1737, O. Three sermons preached at Norfolk Assizes in 1788 and 1789; with notes. By the Rev. William Munning. London, 1790. Murray, 1844, D. 1. New sermons to Asses. By the Rev. James Murray.

Philadelphia, 1774.

1855, D. 6. Sermons to doctors of divinity; being the second volume of sermons to Asses. Philadelphia, 1774.

Parrish, 1881, O. 9. Ruin or separation from Antichrist, a Sermon. By the

Rev. A. Parish. Newburyport, 1808.

Peters, 1901, O. 1. The two last sermons preached at Christ's church, in Philadelphia, July 3, 1737. By Richard Peters. Printed by Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia, 1737.

Porteus, 1398 & 1282, O. Sermons on several subjects. By the Right Rev. London, 1783. Hartford, 1806.

Beilby Porteus, D. D. &c.

1838, D. 4. Bishop Porteus' letter to the clergy. London, 1782. Price, 1384, D. Sermons. By Richard Price, D. D. Boston, 1794.

1876, O. 6. Appendix to Dr. Price's sermons on Christian doctrine, London, 1787.

Price, 1876, O. 7. Sermon on the future improvement in the state of mankind,
April, 25, 1787. By Richard Price, D. D. London, 1787.
Priestley, 1409, O. Discourses on the evidences of revealed religion. By Jo-
seph Priestley, LL. D. London, 1794.

The same. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1797.

1412, O.
1414, O. Discourses on various subjects, intended to have been de-
livered in Philadelphia. By Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Northumberland,

1873, O. 1. Two sermons, on fast-days. By Joseph Priestley, LL. D. Philadelphia, 1794.

Reyner, 52, O. Select sermons upon practical subjects, by Kirby Reyner. Lon

don, 1745. L.

Rogers, 1898, O. 2. Five sermons. By the Rev. George Rogers. London,


Rich, 2030, O. 6. A sermon against profaning Christmas day, Good Friday, &c. By the Rev. Charles Rich. London.

Richardson, 743, O. 2. Christian liberty and love represented, in a sermon preached at Little St. Helen's, August 1, 1752. By John Richardson. London, 1752. L.

Sacheverel, 1922, D. 4. A sermon, by H. Sacheverel, D. D. London, 1713. Saurin, 2447, O. Sermons, par Jaques Saurin. A Lausanne, 1759.

1428, D. Eleven select sermons of the late Rev. James Saurin, on various important subjects. Boston, 1808.

Shipley, 1894, O. 3. & 1838. D. 3. Bishop of St. Asaph's (Jonathan Shipley,) Sermon, February 19, 1773. With proceedings, &c. London,


Skinner, 2249, O. 3. Human depravity, or man a fallen being, a sermon by
Thomas H. Skinner, D. D. New York, 1830.
Smith, 1404, O. Sermons, by Samuel Stanhope Smith, D. D. &c. Newark,


1894, O. 8. Four discourses,

September 1, 1754, June 24, 1755, May 21, 1756; and April 5, 1757. By William Smith, D. D. Philadelphia, 1757.

1488, D. 2. The great duty of public worship, preached at Philadelphia, September 4th, 1761. By William Smith, D. D. Philadelphia,


1901, O. 10, An address to the members of the Protestant Episcopal church of Maryland, with an account of the proceedings of some late conventions. Also, a sermon, by William Smith, D. D. Baltimore, 1784.

1901, O. 5. & 1488, D. 7. A sermon on the present situation of American affairs, preached at Philadelphia, June 23, 1775. By William Smith, D. D. Philadelphia, 1775.

1488, D. 8. A sermon before the general convention, October 7, 1785. By William Smith, D. D. Philadelphia, 1785.

1891, O. 7. A sermon, February 19, 1795. By William Smith, D. D. Philadelphia, 1795.

Smyth, 743, O. 4. The Church of Rome's claim of authority and infallibility examined; in a sermon, preached January 30, 1734. By George Smyth. Third edition. London, 1735. L.

South, 913, & 938, O. Sermons, preached upon several occasions. By Ro

bert South, D. D. portr. 2 vols. London, 1692. M. Stennett, 743, O. 3. The Lord was there; a thanksgiving sermon for the suppression of the rebellion. Preached October 9, 1746, by Joseph Stennett. London, 1746.


Sterne, 1677, D. The sermons of Mr. Yorick (Laurence Sterne.) Portrait. 7

vols. London, 1771.

Stilling fleet, 1646, O. Miscellaneous discourses on several occasions. By the Rt. Rev. Edward Stillingfleet, D. D. late Bishop of Worcester. London, 1735.

Stone, 1881, O. 6. Discourse, preached before the
July 8, 1806, by the Rev. Francis Stone.
Swift, 2249, D. The Sermons of Jonathan Swift.
Taylor, 1832, D. 2. Dominion over the faith of Christians discountenanced, a
sermon, by Mr. Taylor. London, 1796.

Tennent, 387, O. 2. The late association for defence encouraged; or, the lawfulness of a defensive war, represented in a sermon, preached at Philadelphia, December 24, 1747. By Gilbert Tennent. Philadelphia, 1747. L.

387, O. 3. The doctrine of Christianity, as held by the people called Quakers, vindicated; in answer to Gilbert Tennent's sermon on the lawfulness of defensive war. By John Smith. Philadelphia, 1748. L. 387, O. 5. A sermon preached on the seventh of January, 1747; being the day appointed to be observed as a general fast in Pennsylvania. By Gilbert Tennent. Philadelphia, 1747. L.

1901, O. 3. Address on the late invasion of the liberties of the American colonies, &c. delivered in Charlston, S. C. by William Tennent, A. M. Philadelphia, 1774.

Thomas, 839, Q. Le sermon de charité; avec les reprobations des erreurs de

Luther. Fait et composé par frere Thomas Illyricque. Translaté du Latin en François par le poligraphe humble conseillier: secretaire : et hystorien du noble prince d'amour regnant au parc d'honneur. A Sainct Nicolas du Port, 1525.

M. Thompson, 2105, O. 4. A sermon before O. Cromwell. By James Thompson.

London, 1714.

Thorndike, 968, O. Of religious assemblies, and the publick service of God: a discourse according to apostolicall rule and practice. By Herbert Thorndike. Cambridge, 1642. M.

Rev. Dr. William Gretton,
London, 1809.
Glasgow, 1776.

Toulmin, 1832, D. 5. A sermon, in answer to Fuller, July 5, 1797, &c. letter

to Wilberforce. By Joshua Toulmin, D. D. London, 1797. Towers, 1854, & 1876, O. 1. Charity sermon, January 1, 1777. By Joseph Towers. London, 1777.

Tritemius, 517, F. 2. Sermones et exhortationes ad monachos Joannis Tritemii Abbatis Spanhemiensis. Augusti, 1486.

Turchi, 2023, D. 5. Homilia dicha al Pueblo por Monseñor Fr. Adecodate Turchi, traducida del Italiano. Madrid, 1788.

Turner, 1867, O. 4. Discourse at the opening of the theological seminary. By Hartford, 1820.

C. Turner.

795, O. 3. Sunday schools recommended in a sermon, preached June

13th, 1786. By Rev. W. Turner. Newcastle, 1786.

795, O. 4. Fast sermon preached by the Rev. W. Turner. Newcastle,


Vernon, 918, Q. 6. A sermon, preached February 16, 1798. By Edward Vernon, Bishop of Carlisle. London, 1798.

Walker, 1880, O. 2. On the right of individual judgment in religion, a sermon. By George Walker. Manchester, 1800.

Watson, 1488, D. 3. On occasion of the brief for the American colonies. By Daniel Watson. London, 1763.

Webster, 838, Q. Sermons by James Webster. Edinburgh, about 1690. M. Whaley, 2082, O. 8. A sermon at Oxford. By Nathaniel Whaley. London,

White, 1346, O. Sermons (nine) and charges delivered by the Rt. Rev. Wil

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