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Second Thoughts concerning Human Soul, demonstrating
the Notion of Human Soul, as believed to be a Spiritual and Imma-
terial Substance, united to the Human Body, to be an Invention of the
Heathens, &c. not consonant to the Principles of Philosophy, Reason,
or Religion. By Wm. Coward. London, 1704.

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Tomi II.

1688. L.

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Synesius sur le mesme sujet. Paris, 1612.

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Cognom. Hermetis. Cum figuris. Amstelodami, 1675. M.
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hommes sont capables de produire par leur communication et leur
vertu. Par Balthasar Bekker. Traduit du Hollandois. 4 tom. A
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By George

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ing the Ingress, Progress, and Egress, of the Secret Hermetick Science, out of the choicest and most famous authors. Whereunto is added, The Arcanum, or Grand Secret of Hermetic Philosophy. Both made English by James Hasolle, Esquire, qui est Mercuriophilus Anglus. London, 1650. M. Hieronimus, 775, F. Aureola ex suavissimis salutiferisque floribus gloriosi Confessoris atque Doctoris Hieronimi ad fabre contexta. Sine loco1470. M.

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Authour, but explained in Italian by John Baptista Lambye, Venetian.
Lately translated into English. London, about 1620. M.

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