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Academy of Sciences, French, 328.

Flora, practical, Willis, 77.'
National, on electrical measure-

1 Mycetozoa, Lester, 243.
ments, 236, 316.

Pflanzen-Teratologie, Pepsig, 78.
Washington meeting, 428.

Plants, Practical Physiology, Darwin Acton, E. H., Practical Physiology of

and Acton, 77.

Water, absorption by roots, Lecomte, Plants, 77. Adams, F. B., the Laurentian, 159.

167. Agassiz, A., on the Florida Reef, 154;

· Bower, F. O., Practical Botany, 78. Bahamas and the Reefs of Cuba, 425.

Brigham, A. P., drift bowlders in cenAir, diselectrification, Kelvin, 470. i

tral New York, 213. liquefaction of, by Perkins, David

son, 235. Association, American, 327. Astronomy, Kennedy, 484.

California, gold ores, Turner, 374, 478. Astrophysical Journal, 168.

mineralogical report, 242. Call, R. E., Life of Ratinesque, 247.

Carhart, H. S., Physics for University B

Students, 238. Bahama Expedition of the State Univ. Cayeux, L., pre-Cambrian Radiolarians,

of Iowa, Nutting, 428. Bahamas and the Reefs of Cuba, Chalmers, R., glacial Lake St. Lawrence Agassiz, 425.

of Upham, 273. Barbour, E. U., on daimonelix, 239. Chemical Analysis of Inorganic SubBarker, G. F., chemical abstracts, 56, stances, 316. 148, 228, 311, 421, 467.

Chemischen Dynamik, Stettenheimer, Battery, new storage, Caillelet and 469. Collardeau, 61.

, Chemistry, Short History, Venable, 230. Beecher, C. E., structure of Trinucleus, Theoretical, Sernt, 315. 307

CHEMISTRYBehrens, H., Microchemical Analysis, Acetylene, commercial synthesis, 74.

Lewes, 314. Birds, North American, H. Nehrling, Argon, Rayleigh and Ramsay, 275. 484.

combined with benzene vapor, Botanik, Lehrbuch der, Frank, 75; Berthelot, 422.

Giesenhagen, 75; Pax, 75; Stras and helium in uraninite, Ramsay burger and Schimper, 75.

and Crookes, 421. Botany, Gray's, Bailey, 325.

lines in the spectrum of atmosPractical, Bower, 78.

phere, Newall. 424. Text-book, Vines, 76, 481.

and Proul's hypothesis, Hill. BOTANY—

405. Australian narcotics, 483.

spark spectrum, Hartley, 425. Berberis, movements of the stamens, Bismuth, atomic mass, Schneider, 313. Chauveaud, 165.

Borneol and isoborneol, crystal forms, Blaschka glass models of plants at Hobbs, 449.

Harvard Botanical Museum, 242. B-Bromvalerianic-acid, Spenzer, 110. Cellulose, Cross, Bevan and Beadle, Cæsium, etc., double halides with 482.

thallium, etc., Pratt, 397. Dissemination, interesting method, Carbazide and di-urea, Curtius and Dusén, 483.

Heidenreich, 151.

• This Index contains the general heads, BOTANY, CHEMISTRY, GEOLOGY, MINERALS, OBITUARY, and under each the titles of Articles referring thereto are mentioned.


Day, D. F., Mineral Resources of the
Carbon chlorides, production, V. United States, 73.
Meyer, 312.

Derby, 0. A., Cañon Diablo meteorite,
Carbonyl compounds, constants of 101.

refraction, Nasini and Anderlini, 58. Documents, Study of, Frazer, 327.
Chloroform, effect of low tempera- Dolomite, origin of, Klement, 426
tures, Pictet, 150.

Duane, W., velocity of electric waves,
Copper sulphate, electrolysis, in vacuo, 297.
Gannon, 58.

Dynamics, Glazebrook, 484
Diammonium, Curtius, 56.
Di-ethyl hydrazine, Harries, 151.
Dihydroxytartaric acid as a reagent
for sodium, 313.

Echinoderms of Northeastern America,
Ethane and propane, Hainlen, 149. Verrill, 127, 199.
Fusing points, high, V. Meyer, Rid- Electric waves, double refraction, Mack,
dle and Lamb, 228.

Hydrate of sodium trioxide, Tafel, 148. velocity, Trowbridge and Duane,
Hydrazine, inorganic preparation, 297.
Duden, 311.

Electrical measurement, National Acad-
Hydrogen peroxide, anhydrous, emy of Sciences, 316.
Wolffenstein, 229.

Electricity and Magnetism, Thompson,
phosphide, Retgers, 148.

physical constants, Olzewski, 469. Electromagnetic waves in ice, Blondlot,
Metals, fuidity below their melting 59.

points, Spring, 467.
Nickel and cobalt, atomic masses,
Winkler, 312.

Fairbanks, H. W., analcite-diabase, San
Nitrogen group, new element, Bayer, Luis. Cal. 478.

Fairchild, H. L., glacial lakes in West-
monoxide, Villard, 57.

ern New York, 156.
trioxide, Lunge and Porschnew,

Florida Reef, Agassiz, 154.
Oxygen, two-fold spectra, Baly, 468.

Fouqué, F., feldspaths des roches vol-
Perchloric acid, preparation, etc., Frank, Lehrbuch der Botanik, 75.

caniques, 477.
Kreider, 443.
Solubility, law of, applied to solutions

Frazer, P., Study of Documents, 327.
of salts, Linebarger, 48.
Solution and pseudo-solution, Linder

and Picton, 467.
Stannic sulphide, Schmidt, 149.

Galvanometer, sensitive, Weiss, 470.
Cloudland, Ley, 168.

Geikie, J., glacial succession in Europe,

Cohen, E., Meteoritenkunde, 324.

Color photography, Newhaus, 469.
relations of atoms, ions and mole.

Alabama, 1894, 72.

Canada, 248.
cules, Lea, 357.
Crawford, J. J., report on Mineralogy

Ilinois, vol. iv, Keyes, 475.

Iowa, vol. iii, 1893, 476.
of Calif., 242.
Crystallization, light emitted during,

Minnesota, 1893, 241.

New Jersey, 1894, 475.
Bandrowski, 468.

Ohio, vol. vii, 240.
Geological Society of America, Balti-

more meeting, 155.
Dana, J. D., notice of Manual of Geology of London, 248.

72, 161; biographical sketch of, 329. Geology, bulletin of Univ. of Califor-
Daniell, A., Principles of Physics, 472.) nia, Lawson, 72.
Darton, N. H., newly discovered dike at Geology as historical Science, Walther,
DeWitt, N. Y., 456.

Darwin, F., Practical Physiology of Geology of Canada, chemical contribu-
Plants, 77.

tions, Hoffman, 324.
Dawson, G. M., elevation of the Rocky of India, Medlicott and Blanford,

Mt. range in British America since 164.
the Cretaceous, 463.

Manual, Dana, notice of, 72, 16 1.


Appalachian type of folding, Walcott, Radiolarians, pre-Cambrian, Cayeux,
159, 169.

Cambrian, lower, of Eastern Califor. Rocky Mt. range in British America,
nia, Walcott, 141.

elevation, since the close of the Cre.
Champlain, subsidence and re-eleva taceous, Dawson, 463.

tion of the St Lawrence River Silurian, lower, limestone, Tennessee,
basin, Upham.

Shaler, 160.
Cheyenne sandstone, dicotyledonous Terraces of the inner gorge of the
flora, Hill, 473.

upper Ohio, Hice, 112.
Daimonelix of the Lacustrine Miocene, Tripucleus, Beecher, 307

Variation, geological aspects, Gosse-
Devonian, Bohemian and Eifilian let, 473.
divisions, 238.

West Indian region, charge of level,
fossils in the Carboniferous, Wil Stimpson, 321.
liams, 94, 160.

Giesenhagen, Lehrbuch der Botanik, 75.
Devonische Pflanzen aus dem Donetz Gilbert, G. K., formation of lake basins
Becken, Schmalhausen, 476.

by wind, 153.
Dike at DeWitt, N. Y., Darton and Glass, silvering, Lumière, 470.
Kemp, 456.

Glazebrook, R. T., Dynamics, 484.
Diplograptus, graptolitic genus, Rue- Goodale, G. L., botanical abstracts, 75,
demann, 453.

165, 242, 325, 481.
Drift bowlders in Central New York, Gosselet, geological aspects of variation,
Brigham, 213.

Dolomite-making, Högbom, 427; Kle- Gravity, direction in the Hawaiian
ment, 426.

Islands, Preston, 271.
Feldspaths des roches volcaniques, relation to continental elevation, Men.
Fouqué, 477.

denhall, 81.
Fossil faunas at Springfield, Missouri, Gray, A., Field, Forest and Garden
Weller, 185.

Botany, Bailey, 325.
Geology of Angel Island, Ransome, Groth, P. Physikalische Krystallo.

graphie, 74.
Glacial Lake St. Lawrence of Upham,
Chalmers, 273.

lakes in Western New York,

Harvard Botanical Museum, 166.
Fairchild, 156.

Hice, R. R , inner gorge terraces of the
land-forms of the margins of the Upper Ohio, 112.
Alps, Mill, 121.

Hill, E. A., argon, Prout's hypothesis,
period, Upham, 305.

phenomena of Newfoundland,

Hill, R. T., dicotyledonous flora in the
etc. Wright, 86, 156.

Cheyenne sandstone, 473.
phenomena west of Hudson Bay, | Hintze, C., Handbuch der Mineralogie,
Tyrrell, 322.

succession in Europe, Geikie on, Hobbs, W. H., crystal form of borneol
Great Lakes, changes of level in the Hoffman, G. C., chemical contributions

and isoborneol, 149.
region of, Taylor, 69.

to the Geology of Canada, 324.
Ice-ages, recurrence, Hughes, 164.
Ice limit, southern, in East Pennsyl. |

vania, Williams, 174.
Lake basins, formation by wind, Gil. Ice, dielectric power, Blondlot, 59.

bert, 159.
Laurentian, Adams, 159.
New Jersey, surface formations of
southern, Salisbury, 157.

Jupiter's orbit, plane of, etc., Newton,
Niagara and the Great Lakes, Taylor,

Paleozoic corallines, Whitfield, 323.

Pithecanthropus erectus. Marsh, 144. Kemp, J. F., petrographic description
Post glacial origin, faults of, Matthew, at De Witt, N. Y., 456.

Kennedy, C., Astronomy. 484.

Keyes, C. R., Paleontology of Illinois, MINERALS-

Gold ores of California, Turner, 374.
Kidwell, E., rock cutter and trimmer, ! in serpentine, 478.

Hydrocalcite, Silesia, 479.
Kreider, D. A., preparation of per Kauaiite, Hawaiian Islands, 480.
chloric acid, etc. 443.

Kylindrite, Bolivia, 479.
Krystallographie, Physikalische, Groth, Lorandite, Macedonia, 479.

Magnetostibian, Sweden, 479.
Sodalite, anal., 465.
Stibiotan talite, Australia, 479.

Tænite, Derby, 101.
Lathrop, C. L., Elements of Mineralogy,

Uraninite containing argon, 421.

Xiphonite, Sicily, 480.
Lea, M. C., color relations of atoms,

Mitchell's comet, 1847, orbit of Miss.,
ions and molecules, 357.

Newton, 430.
Lester, A., Monograph of the Mycet.

Moses, A. J., Elements of Mineralogy,
ozoa. 243.

Ley, W. C., Cloudland, 168.
Linebarger, C. E., application of law of

solubility to solutions of salts, 48;
relations between temperature, pres.

Nehrling, N A., Birds, 484.
sure, etc., 380.

Nernst, W., Theoretical Chemistry, 315.
Luquer, L. Mcl., three new analyses of Newton, H. A., plane of Jupiter's orbit,
sodalite, 465.

etc., 420; orbit of Miss Mitchell's

comet, 1847, 430.

Nutting, C. C., Bahama Expedition of

the State Univ. of Iowa, 428.
Mach, E, Science of Mechanics, 484.
Magnetic lines, rotation, Lecher, 61.

permeability, Klemencic, 61, St. Ostwald's Klassiker der exakten Wis.
John, 236.

1 senchaften, 79.
Magnetization of iron and nickel wire,

e, Owen, Richard, Life of, 247.
Klemencic, 61.

Marsh, 0. C., Pithecanthropus erectus,

Cayley, A., 248.

Dana, James D., 329.
Matthew, G. T., faults of post-glacial

Deuza, Father, 80.
origin, 322.

Gibbes, L. R., 80.
Mechanics, Science of, Mach, 484.
Mendenhall, T. C., relation of gravity to

Haushofer, K. von, 248.

Johnstrup, F., 168.
continental elevation, 81.

Meyer, L., von, 485.
Mercury vacuum pump. Pupin, 19.

Moore, G. E., 430.
Meteorite, Cañon Diablo, Derby, 101.

Oliver, J. E., 430.
Plymouth, Ward, 53.

Redfield, J. H., 485.
Meteoritenkunde, Cohen, 324.

Rex, G. A., 328.
Microchemical Analysis, Behrens, 74.

Sansoni, F., 430.
Mill, H. R., glacial land-forms of the
Alps, 121.

Saporta, Marquis de, 328.

Thomson, M., 248.
Mineral collector, 248.
Resources of the U.S., Day, 73.

Vogt, C., 485.
Mineralogie, Handbuch der, Hintze, 74.

White, F. B., 248.
Mineralogy, Crystallography and Blow-

pipe Analysis, Moses and Lathrop,

Pax, F., Lehrbuch der Botanik, 75.

Penck's Morphologie der Erdoberfläche,
Analcite in diabase, San Luis, Cal. 429.

Pensig, O., Planzen-Teratologie, 78.
Andorite, 479.

Periodic law discussed, Hill, 405.
Bauxite, containing a supposed new Petrographie, Lehrbuch, Zirkel, 323.
element, 230.

Phosphorescence at low temperatures,
Cohenite, Derby, 101.

Raoul, Pictet and Allschul, 152.
Crossite, Lawson, 73.

Photographic Spectrum of the Great
Feldspars, Fouqué, 477.

Nebula in Orion, Lockyer, 153.

Physics, new work on, Carhart, 238. | Thermodynamics, graphical, R. de Principles of, Daniell, 472. •

Saussure, 21. Planets, new tables for, Newcomb, 79. Thompson, S. P., Electricity and MagPratt, J. H., double halides of cæsium, netism, 153. etc., with thallium, etc., 397.

Trowbridge, J., physical abstracts, 59, Preston, E. D., direction of gravity in 152, 231, 469; velocity of electric the Hawaiian Islands, 271.

waves, 297. Prize-question of Schnyder von War. Turner, H. W., gold ores of California, tensee foundation, 326.

374; gold in serpentine, 478. Pupin, M. I., automatic mercury vac- Tyrrell, J. B., glacial phenomena west uum pump, 19.

of Hudson Bay, 322.

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Rafinesque, Life of, 247.

Upham, W., Champlain subsidence and Ramsay, w., on argon, 275.

re-elevation of the St. Lawrence Rayleigh, Lord, on argon, 275.

River basin; glacial period, 305.
Refractive index for critical tempera-

tures, Chappuis, 57.
Resonance, multiple, Bjerknes, 231.
Rock cutter and trimmer, Kidwell, 417.
Ruedemann, R., graptolitic genus Dip-

Vacuum pump, mercury, Pupin, 19. lograptus, 453.

Venable, F. P., Short History of Chem

istry, 230. Verrill, d. E, Echinoderms of North

eastern America, 127, 199. Salisbury, R. D., surface formations of

Vines, S. H., Text-Book of Botany, 76,

481. Southern New Jersey, 157.

Visibility, minimum temperature of, Saussure, R. de, graphical thermody.

y Gray, 232. namics, 21. Schmalhausen, devonische Pflanzen aus

Volckening, G. J., three new analyses

of sodalite, 465. dem Donetz-Becken, 476. Science, 167. Self-induction, small coefficients of, 152.

in iron wires, Klemencic, 152. Shaler, N. S., lower Silurian limestone, Walcott, C. D., lower Cambrian rocks Tennessee, 160.

in eastern California, 141; AppalachSmithsonian Geographical Tables, ian type of folding, 159, 169. Woodward, 327.

Waldo F., wind velocities in the Sorauer, P., Physiology of Plants, 325. ! United States, 431. Spectrum analysis of the color of water, 'Ward, H. A., Plymouth Meteorite, 53. Vogel, 231.

Weller, S., fossil faudas at Springfield, of argon, see CHEMISTRY.

Missouri, 185. Spenzer, J. G., B-bromvalerianic Acid, Whitfield, R. P., Paleozoic corallines, 110.

323. Soap film figures, Quincke, 62.

Williams. E. H., southern ice limit in Stelzner, A. W., 328.

Eastern Pennsylvania, 174.
Stimpson, C. T., change of level in the Williams, H. S., Devonian fossils in the
West Indian region, 321.

Carboniferous, 94, 160.
Willis, O. R.; Practical Flora, 77.
Wind velocities in the U. S., Waldo,


Wright, G. F., glacial phenomena of Taylor, F. B., changes of level in the

Newfoundland, etc., 86, 156. region of the Great Lakes, 69; Niag.

ara and the Great Lakes, 249. Telegraphing without wires, 152. Temperature, pressure, etc., relations between, Linebarger, 380.

| Zirkel, F., Lehrbuch der Petrographie, of minimum visibility, Gray, 232. 1 323.

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