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N UM B. I.

To be continued MONTHLY.

Totum inquirit in Orbem.


Printed for J. ROBERTS, near the Oxford- Arms
in Warwick-Lane. MDCCXXVI.

(Price One Shilling.)

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A LIST of those who have been declared Bankrupts

during the Month of January.

Yonathan Cowling, late of Tower-Hill, London, Corn Factor.

Simon Parker, late of the City of Worcester, Vintner.
William Flower, late of Andover in Hampshire, Merchant.
Robert Tate, late of Goudhurst in the County of Kent, Clothier."
Thomas Sheepy, of the Borough of Leicester, Hosier.
Edward Evans, of Henley upon Thames in Oxfordshire, Innholder and Dealer.
Richard Brooke, of the City of Worcester, Mercer.
Fobn Hogg, of the City of Bristol, Chapman.
Robert Meadows, of Colchester in Essex, Merchant.
Francis Nixon, of the Parish of St. Leonard Foster-Lane, London, Glover and

Henry Plaistow, of the Parish of St. Clement's Danes in Middlesex, Haber-

dasher of Hats.
James Holt, late of Bury in Lancashire, Chapman.
Fobn Parsons, of Spittle-fields in Middlesex, Silk-man and Silk-thrower. '
George Vickery, of Great Queen-street in St. Giles's in the Fields in Middle sex,

Coach and Coach-Harness Maker.
Pilkington Robinson, late of Charles-street, Westminster, Chapman.
Fobn Ball, of Horton-street, in the Parish of St. Clement's Danes in Middlesexy

James Angleras, of London, Merchant.
George Airey, late of Gateshead in the County of Durham, Mercer.
William Howard, of Great James-street, in the Parish of St. Andrew's Holborn

in Middlesex, Baker and Cornchandler.
Benjamin Peele, late of Manchester in Lancasbire, Shopkeeper. ... .
Peter Priest, of Colchester in Essex, and late of London, Goldsmith.
Fokn Bowen, of Leigh in Essex, Victualler.
Abraham Baker, of Falkingham in Lincolnsbire, Mercer. .
Ifaac Bedford, of Hampstead in Middlesex, Carpenter.
Henry Wood, of Whitecross-street in the Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate,

in Middle fex, Vintner. .
Thomas Parsons, late of Lincoln's-Inn Fields in Middlesex, and since of Holborn,

Richard Marryott, of Market-street in the Parish of St. James in Middlesex,

John Arnold, of the Parish of St. Bride, alias Bridget, London, Apothecary.
Owen Williams and Joseph Bolton, of St. John-ftreet in Middlesex, Whalebone

Cutters and Partners.
Thomas Wild, of the City of Norwich, Worsted-Weaver.
John Mills, late of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields in Middle fex, Corn-
· chandler. !
Foseph Huntman, o Bishop/gatestreet, London, Mealman.


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Universal Mercury For the Month of JANUARY, 1725-6.

P O divert and to instruct are the Ends every

new Writer promises the Publick to pursue; but the great Difficulty lies in the Manner of doing it: Our Minds are generally unapt to be taught, especially by any one who assumes a magisterial Air; and on the other Hand, we soon consider those Works as trilling and impertinent, which are only calculated to please our Imaginati

ons, without conveying proper Instructions. - As the Authors of the Universal Mercury therefore are satis

fied, that the Generality of Mankind are foon weary of any -one Thing, however amiable or useful in it felf; they design to entertain their Readers with Variety, and to be . as unconfin'd in their Subjects as in their Title. The Learned, in the Course of this Work, will meet with Philosophical Transactions, Memoirs of Literature, Physical Controverfies, and Lists of Books, printed both at Home and Abroad ; the Gay Part of the 'Town shall have News from the Court, the Park, the Masquerade,


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