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35 Nassau “Dwight St., New


York City

of Instruction FOR GIRLS Albany, N. Y. 35th Year.

Day School ; also Evening School. LL.B. in two years ; LL.M. in MISS SEABURY, Head of School.

three years. High Standards. Prepares for bar of all States.

Send for catalogue. Rt. Rev. W. C. DOANE, LL. D., President of Trustees.

GEORGE CHASE, Dean. A school established and conducted solely in the interest of higher education. Entire income expended | CLASSICAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS.

Resident and Day pupils. Regular and Elective Courses. in support of school. Religious training. Teachers

Special Music, Art, Literature, and Language. College certificates. devoted solely to work of instruction. Separate staff Summer travel in Europe. Gymnasium. Home care, and social reof chaperons. Strong Music department. Modern

creation. Mrs. HELEN M. SCOVILLE, 2042 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. City. buildings, built for school purposes. Separate department for younger pupils. Location ideal for health. Miss Anne Brown

Boarding and Day Preparation given for leading colleges. Extra year

School for Girls. required for St. Agnes diploma. Native teachers of Formerly 711-713, 715-717 Fifth Avenue. Reëstablished at modern languages. Exercise in gymnasium and out

Park Hill, Yonkers ( 30 minutes from New York City.)

For circulars, address door games under specialist. Catalogue on request.

Miss ANNE BROWN, Highcliffe Hall, Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y.


Collegiate Institute

For Young Women and Girls. Fort Edward, N. Y. Fiftieth year opens September 27. $350 to $450. Choice of graduating courses. Special course for High School graduates. Certificates admit to Colleges. Music, Art, Elocution, Physical Culture, Modern I anguages. Intelligent care and culture of mind, manners and character. Electric

lights, steam heat. Address, JOS. E. KING, D.D., President.

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Peekskill Military



Miss Founded 1833. Peekskill, N. Y.

C.E. COURSES : Classical, Scientific, Commercial. Diploma admits to many of the leading universities. Terms $600. 15 scholarships

Mason's from $100 to $100. Testimonials of character required. Limit 150.

Suburban U.S. Army officer detailed. New gymnasium with running track. Healthful situation. References : FRANCIS L. PATTON,



Girls. THE CASTLE, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N. Y.

An ideal school. Advantages of New York City. ΑΙ LYNDON HALL

departments. College preparatory, graduating and special

courses. For illustrated circular W," address Poughkeepsie, N. Y. A Home School for Girls.

Miss C. E. MASON, LL.M.
Vassar Preparation a specialty.

Preparation for Bryn Mawr and all colleges for Women Se PUTNAM HALL SCHOOL Vassar Preparation Gymnasium. Unexcelled opportunity for winter out-door life

a specialty. Frances A. Welbasky


Heads {EDITH ROCKWELL HALL, A.B. Ellen C. Bartlett


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Mrs. Chapman and Miss Jones

Boarding and Day School for Girls


Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. offers four-year courses of study leading to the

degree of S. B. in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical PENNSYLVANIA, George School, Bucks Co.

Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, ArchitecGeorge School.

ture, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Chemistry, Under management of Friends.

Geology, Biology, Anatomy and Hygiene (preparaModern equipment. New buildings.

tion for medical schools), Science for Teachers, Over 200 acres of grounds. JOSEPH S. WALTON, Ph.D., Prin.

and a course in General Science. Students are admitted to regular standing by examination aud

by transfer from other Schools or Colleges. ApOgontz School for Young Ladies. Twenty minutes from Philadelphia, two hours from New York.

proved Special Students may be admitted without Mr. Jay Cooke's fine property. For circulars address

examination. The Catalogue will be sent on apMISS SYLVIA J. EASTMAŃ, Principal, Ogontz School P. O., Pa.plication to the Secretary, J. L. LOVE, 16 Univer

sity Hall, Cambridge, Mass. PENNSBURG

N. S. SHALER, Dean. Perkiomen Seminary Coeducational, new buildings, li

New HAVEN. field. Honor men in 30 of the best colleges. Strong moral tone. Personal attention given to students. Rates reasonable. Scholarships.Sheffield Scientific School of Yale UniIllustrated catalogue free. Rev. 0. S. KRIEBEL, A.M., Principal versity. Courses in Chemistry, Pure and Applied ; in Civil,

Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Engineering; in Botany, ZoROSEMONT, near Bryn Mawr College.

ology, Mineralogy, and Geology ; in studies preparatory to Mining

and Metallurgy; in Biology, with special reference to preparation The Misses Kirk formerly connected with

for a Medical Course; and in general Scientific Studies, with Eug.

lish, French, Spanish, and Gerinan, Political Economy, History, etc. will begin the sixth year of their College Preparatory School for Girls on Oct. 5th, 1904. Number of boarders limited to twelve. For programme address Careful individual instruction,


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Established 1890. MISS E. F. FOSTER, Manager. Select party of ladies, limited to ten in number, will leave Nes TELEPHONE CONNECTION.

York under the personal conductorship of a professor of modern languages the last week in June for a tour of 65 days. The its

erary, which will include every point of interest in the places vs ) EXCHANGE ited, is as follows: The first land sighted after New York is Gil

braltar. Then follow Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento, and 101 Tremont St.

Amalfi. After this Rome, where we shall visit the Vatican, S. BOSTON, MASS.

Peter's Church, the Colosseum, the Forum, the Baths of Nero, and Long established. Direct nomination. Y.M.C.A. BLDG., PORTLAND, ME, many beautiful art galleries. From Rome we proceed to Florence,

then Venice, Milan, Falls of the Rhine, Heidelberg, May

ence, Cologne, Brussels, Paris, Oxford, Royal Leamingten THE FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES

Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon, Shottery, EVERETT O. FISK & CO., PROPRIETORS. Chester, and Liverpool. Exceptional privileges. Terms reason

able. For particulars address without delay 4 Ashburton Place, Boston. 533 Cooper Building, Denver. 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 622 Hyde Block, Spokane. HYACINTHE RINGROSE 203 Michigan Bldg., Chicago. 94 Seventh St., Portland. 1505 Penn. Ave., Washington. 518 Parrott Bldg., San Francisco. 414 Century Bldg., Minneapolis. 525 Stimson Blk., Los Angeles.

343 Fifth Avenue, New York



The TEACHERS' EXCHANGE of Boston, 120

Select two months' tour. Sail

Boylston St. EUROPE ing by The Largest Steamer Recommends Teachers, Tutors and Private Schools. Cor

in the world. Apply at once. respondence invited. Telephone.

Rev. L. D. Temple, Flemington D, N... LBANY TEACHERS' AGENCY,

"EUROPE ON $4 A DAY," The little book that tells you just ha

to 81 Chapel St., Albany, N. Y. - Provides schools of all tour comfortably, including every detail of expense, for $288. Postres

25 cts. ROLLING STONE CLUB, 34 National Bank Bldg., MEDINA, ST. grades with competent teachers. Assists teachers in obtaining positions. Send for new manual.

The Pratt Teachers' Agency New York.
Recommends teachers to colleges, schools, and families.
Advises parents about schools.
Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr.

Party absolutely deaf 15 years
expert at Lip Reading ; familia:

all methods of teaching; spe: A Forty Years' History of

hundreds of dollars learning

more oral pupils offered than car the Atlantic,

accept; will teach hard of hearing

persons most accurate and practical method known; to Sent free upon application.

mail at trifling expense, address “Lip-Reader **

care The Atlantic Monthly. HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO., Boston.


The Provident Life & Trust Co.

Insurance in Force, $159,550,000 Assets, $51,150,000.00

Low Death Rate; Small Expense Rate; Conservative Management.


The Atlantic Monthly has been for many years a standard medium for high grade school and college advertising, and in 1904 continues to maintain its high position. A large increase in circulation among people of means during the past year, and the very moderate charges for advertising service should prove particularly strong inducements to educational advertisers to insert their announcements for the coming school year.

EDUCATIONAL ADVERTISING RATES Single insertion, per inch


Six insertions, per inch Three insertions, per inch

Twelve insertions, per inch


3.78 each


The Atlantic Monthly Advertiser



X Check the books you wish us to send you.

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A Texas Matchmaker
By Andy Adams

In the casual but vigorous manner of a cowboy,
the author of "The Log of a Cowboy," nar-
rates the life and adventures of a veteran ranch-

man. Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith. $1.50. The Penobscot Man By Fannie H. Eckstorm

* She knows the lumbermen of the Penobscot
better than they know themselves and they
know her as their true historian and poet."
C. H. Ames, 20th Century Club, Boston. With

Frontispiece. $1.25.
High Noon
By Alice Brown

“ These little love stories are very charmingly
told by one who writes thoughtfully and well.

Philadelphia Telegram. $1.50. Kwaidan By Lafcadio Hearn

“ Any one who takes up this book will read it to the end. Mr. Hearn has a style that equals that of Robert Louis Stevenson.". San Fran

cisco Chronicle. Illustrated. $1.30. Violett By Baroness von Hutten

" Exquisite in conception, dainty in execution, and heart-stirring in its effect. “Violett'exhales artistic atmosphere from cover to cover.”

Boston Herald. $1.50. Henderson By Rose E. Young

"Miss Young deserves to stand with Miss Alice Brown for her exquisite literary equipment."

- St. Louis Globe-Democrat. $1.25. A Country Interlude By Hildegarde Hawthorne

"It is infused with a nature sentiment, a delight in the expression of beauty and peace which the summer woods and hills bring to the

receptive soul.” Brooklyn Eagle. $1.25. The Horse-Leech's

By Margaret Doyle Jackson

“ The startling analysis of the extravagance of
the modern American woman of a certain

type.” Boston Herald. $1.50. The Frontiersmen By Charles Egbert Craddock

* This book has the flavor of rude, new life that to many readers will recall Cooper, for it holds to the quality of the soil, and is genuinely American.' Chattanooga Times. $1.50.

By Kate Douglas Wiggin

“If you know any one who is ill or downcast,
send that one a copy of Rebecca,' for she is
better than a whole pharmacopæia of medi-

cine." Chicago Interior. $1.25. Jewel By Clara Louise Burnham

"Her story reads charmingly and is extremely interesting, both as a story and as an exposition of Christian Science in its most attractive dress.” Chicago Record-Herald. Illustrated.

$1.50. Daphne By Margaret Sherwood

"A charming little idyl of Italy and Italian life - airy, full of grace and sunshine.” New


York Sun. $1.00.
John Percyfield
By C. Hanford Henderson

“ Here is a book to live with companionably.
It is one of those musing, discursive writings in
which the meditative mind takes great de-

light.” – Milwaukee Free Press. $1.50.
The Log of a Cowboy
By Andy Adams

" Andy Adams tells a picturesque story much
richer than most sea voyages in adventure.",
Springfield Republican. Illustrated by E.

Boyd Smith. $1.50.
His Daughter First
By Arthur Sherburne Hardy

“ The tale is fascinating from first to last -
an unusually pleasant story of American life.”

- Philadelphia Ledger. $1.50. Cap'n Simeon's Store By George S. Wasson

"Cap'n Simeon's Store' has a tonic vigor like
the bracing air that blows from the salt water.
It holds the interest on every page." Sylves-
ter Baxter. With Frontispiece. $1.50.

A Sea Turn
By Thomas Bailey Aldrich

“ A half-dozen stories told delicately and en-
tertainingly, with a lot of fresh fun and hu-

mor.” – New York Sun. $1.25.
Joan of the Alley
By Frederick Orin Bartlett

* Mr. Bartlett has caught the dialect of the
tenement district more accurately than any
other person.

* Joan of the Alley' is distinctly the best book of its kind.” – Washington Post. Illustrated. $1.50.


4 Park Street, Boston, 85 Fifth Avenue, New York

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