Ācārya Nemichandra's Dravyasaṃgraha आचार्य नेमिचन्द्र विरचित "द्रव्यसंग्रह": With Authentic Explanatory Notes

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Vikalp Printers, Apr 13, 2013 - Religion - 216 pages
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 Dravyasamgraha is one of the finest classical Jaina texts, composed by His Holiness Acarya  Nemichandra (c. 10th century CE). It deals primarily with the Realities (tattvas) that contribute to world process. The conduct required for attaining the ultimate goal of liberation follows from the knowledge of these Realities. Both, the transcendental and the empirical points of view, have been considered while explaining the nature of substances, souls and non-souls.

It will be of much use to scholars worldwide interested in pursuing the study of Jaina epistemology.


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1/3, 2/3, '3/3'.
The Challenge is NOT the Environment, it is The acquiescent and/or rebellious Nature of Physical reality.
Therefore, Dream your Physical Purpose, and let your Inner Voice whisper
your Direction and Campaigns.
Act Responsibly. Breath and Meditate with Balance and Moderation.
For you Have Chosen This Path, and your allied Friends Beforehand.
Nourish Empathy.

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Excellent compilation of profound literature on Jainism in English language. It is perhaps due to the auspicious blessings of Acharya Vidyanandji that such a work has come to light. Highly useful for the new generation.


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About the author (2013)

Having had his schooling from Mhow and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Vijay K. Jain (b. 1951) did his graduation in Electronics Engineering from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, and Post-Graduation in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

An independent researcher, Vijay K. Jain has authored several books, and translated into English a number of profound Jaina Scripture:

Marketing Management for Small Units (1988).

Jain Dharma : Mańgala Paricaya – जैन धर्म : मंगल परिचय – (1994).

From IIM-Ahmedabad to Happiness (2006).

Āchārya Umāsvāmi’s Tattvārthsūtra – with Hindi and English Translation (2011).

Āchārya Kundkund’s Samayasāra – with Hindi and English Translation (2012).

Shri Amritchandra Suri’s Purusārthasiddhyupāya – with Hindi and English Translation (2012).

Ācārya Nemichandra’s Dravyasamgraha – with Authentic Explanatory Notes (2013).

Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Istopadeśa – The Golden Discourse (2014).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Svayambhūstotra – Adoration of the Twenty-four Tīrthankara (2015).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Āptamīmāmsā (Devāgamastotra) – Deep Reflection On The Omniscient Lord (2016).

Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Ratnakarandaka-śrāvakācāra – The Jewel-casket of Householder’s Conduct (2016).

Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Samādhitantram – Supreme Meditation (2017).

Ācārya Kundakunda’s Pravacanasāra – Essence of the Doctrine (2018).

Ācārya Umāsvāmī’s Tattvārthasūtra – With Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Sarvārthasiddhi (2018).

Ācārya Kundakunda’s Niyamasāra – The Essence of Soul-adoration (With Authentic Explanatory Notes) (2019).

Ācārya Guņabhadra’s Ātmānuśāsana – Precept on the Soul (2019).

Ācārya Kundakunda’s Pańcāstikāya-samgraha – With Authentic Explanatory Notes in English (The Jaina Metaphysics) (2020).

आचार्य समन्तभद्र विरचित स्तुतिविद्या (जिनशतक अथवा जिनस्तुतिशतं) – Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Stutividya – In Sanskrit and Hindi (2020).

आचार्य समन्तभद्र विरचित युक्त्यनुशासन – Ācārya Samantabhadra’s Yuktyanuśāsana – In Sanskrit and Hindi (2020).

English translation of: दिगम्बराचार्य विशुद्धसागर विरचित सत्यार्थ-बोध – Ācārya Viśuddhasāgara’s Satyārtha-bodha – Know The Truth (2021).

Ācārya Māņikyanandi’s Parīkşāmukha Sūtra – Essence of the Jaina Nyāya (2021).

Mr. Jain is the proprietor of Vikalp Printers, a small, high-end printing and publishing firm, based in Dehradun, India.

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