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Presented to the Massachusetts Historical Society,

JULY 30, 1856.







1 ABELARD AND HELOISE. Letters, Lives, Amours, and Misfor

tunes; with Poems by Pope, Madan, Cawthorne, &c. 1 vol. 18mo, calf gilt. C. Whittingham, Chiswick Press,

1824. 2 History of the Lives of Abelard and Heloisa ; with

their genuine Letters; from the Collection of Amboise. By the Rev. Joseph Berington. 1 vol. 4to, dark morocco, marble edges; fine edition. Printed by M. Swinney.

Birmingham, 1787. 3 ABERNETHY (John). Discourses on the Being and Natural

Perfections of God. 2 vols. crown 8vo, calf supr. Lon

don, H. Whitridge, 1746. 4 Acosta (Joseph). Natvrall and Morall Historie of the East

and West Indies. Translated from the Spanish, by E. G. (Edward Grimestone). 1 vol. small 4to, calf supr., gilt.

London, Blount and Aspley, 1604. 5 ADAIR (James). History of the American Indians ; giving

an account of their Origin, Language, Manners, Customs, Diseases, &c. Map. 1 vol. 4to, half russia. London, E, and C. Dilly, 1775.

NOTE. — Adair was a trader with the Indians, and a resident in their

country for forty years. 6 ADAMS (John). Defence of the Constitutions of the Govern

ment of the United States of America against the attack of M. Turgot, in his Letter to Dr. Price. Portrait. 3 vols. 8vo, old calf. London, J. Stockdale, 1794.

7 ADAMS (John). Novanglus and Massachusettensis ; or, Politi

cal Essays on the Controverted Points between Great Britain and her Colonies. By John Adams and Jonathan Sewall; with Letters by President Adams to the Hon. William Tudor. Portrait. 1 vol. 8vo, calf supr., marble

edge. Boston, Hews and Goss, 1819. 8 ADAMS (Amos). A Concise, Historical View of the Perils,

Hardships, Difficulties, and Discouragements which have attended the Planting and Progressive Improvements in New England; and a particular Account of its long and destructive Wars. 1 vol. 12mo, red morocco, richly gilt ; an extremely rare book. Boston, Kneeland and Adams,

1769. 9 ADDISON (Joseph). Evidences of the Christian Religion.

1 vol. 12mo, calf supr., richly gilt. Oxford, Clarendon

Press, 1827. 10 Miscellaneous Works. 4 vols. crown 8vo, calf supr.,

richly gilt. Printed by Talboys and Browne, Oxford.

London, Lewis, 1830. 11 — Works. With plates after Grignon, and a complete

Index. Large paper, 4 vols. royal 4to, superbly bound in red morocco, elegantly tooled. Birmingham, Basker

ville edition, 1761. 12 ÆSCHYLUS. Tragedies; translated by R. Potter. 1 vol.

8vo, calf supr., marble edge. Oxford, Bliss and Baxter,

1812. 13 Æsop's Fables, embellished with emblematical devices. 1 vol.

12mo, calf supr., marble edges. C. Whittingham, Chis

wick Press, 1813. 14 — Fables, with a Life of the Author, and embellished

with one hundred and twelve plates. 2 vols. imperial 8vo, red morocco, richly gilt; a splendid edition. Lon

don, J. Stockdale, June 4, 1793. 15 AIKIN (Lucy). Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth ;

Portrait of the Queen. 2 vols. 8vo, russia, marble edges.

London, Longman, 1819. 16 Memoirs of the Court of King James the First ; Por

trait of the King. 2 vols. 8vo, russia, marble edges. London, Longman, 1822.

17 AIKIN (John). Essays on Song-Writing, with a collection

of the most eminent English Songs. 1 vol. crown 8vo,

calf supr., marble edges. London, R. H. Evans, 1810. 18 Select Works of the British Poets, with Biographical

and Critical Prefaces. 1 vol. 8vo, calf supr. London,

Longman, 1820. 19 AKENSIDE (Mark). Pleasures of the Imagination, with a

Critical Essay by Mrs. Barbauld. Frontispiece and plates.

1 vol. 12mo, calf. London, Cadell, 1794. 20 ALCEDO (Antonio de). Geographical and Historical Dic

tionary of America and the West Indies ; translated, with large additions and compilations, by G. A. Thompson. 5 vols. 4to, calf supr., marble edges. London, Longman,

1812-15. 21 ALCIPHRON's Epistles, giving a Description of the Domestic

Manners, Courtesans, and Parasites of Greece; translated from the Greek by Revs. Munro and Beloe. 1 vol. 8vo,

calf supr. London, Robinson's, 1791. 22 ALEMAN (Mateo). Life and Adventures of Guzman d’Al

farache, or the Spanish Rogue; translated from the French of M. Le Sage, by John Henry Brady. 3 vols. 12mo,

calf supr. London, Longman, 1823. 23 ALEMBERT (J. Le Rond d'). Select Eulogies of Members

of the French Academy; translated by J. Aikin, with Notes, &c. 2 vols. crown 8vo, calf. London, Cadell,

1799. 24 ALFIERI (Vittorio). Tragedies; translated from the Italian

by Charles Lloyd, with Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Alfieri. Portrait. 4 vols. 12mo, green calf, gilt.

London, Baldwin's, 1821. 25 ALFRED THE GREAT. Anglo-Saxon Version of Boëthius

De Consolatione Philosophiæ, with an English Translation and Notes by J. S. Cardale.

1 vol. 8vo, calf supr., marble edges. London, Pickering, 1829.

“ In his Boëthius . . . . he aspires to the character of an original author ; exercises his own judgment; amplifies some parts, abridges others, and adds a variety of remarks and illustrations." — Editor, Preface.

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