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"A Journal for the Scholar, the Antiquarian, and the Collector."




HE confident anticipations expressed by us a year since, in our proposal to establish a Magazine of American History on a broad and national basis, to fill a want long felt in the United States, have been fully realized. From the outset the enterprise has received a more hearty welcome than our most sanguine expectations had led us to hope for, and our list of subscribers has since steadily increased.

Our contributors have been drawn from every walk and profession of life. Their articles have covered a wide field of investigation, and the first volume brings together, in permanent form, a large and exceedingly interesting amount of valuable historical material.

The appreciation with which our enterprise has been met by the historical students and scholars of the country, is shown by the fact that the numbers issued do not now appear in the market, and when found, command a liberal premium on the cost.

Under this substantial encouragement we have been able not only to fulfill our promise to subscribers of twelve numbers of sixty-four pages each, but have added a number of choice engravings illustrative of the text. The publishers, in looking forward to the second volume, can but point to the contents of the volume just closed. as an indication of their purpose, and while they believe in the old adage that "performance is better than promise," they will say, that they have a high ideal of what such a periodical should be, and with proper encouragement, they will spare no effort to realize that ideal. The paper and press work will be of the first quality.


From the New York World.

The Magazine of American History felicitates itself very warrantably upon a successful year just closed. The first volume, which the December number completes, is a valuable repository of interesting matter relative to the history of the United States, from the pens of contributors admirably qualified to treat of the subjects upon which they have written.

From the Commercial Advertiser.


This most admirable publication has completed its first year, and starts out on its second with the most brilliant prospects. Among those who have contributed to its pages in the year past are some of the most eminent writers in the country, and the result is a large and exceedingly interesting amount of valuable historical material.

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From the Wilmington Commercial.

The disquisition on Verrazano (in the February No.) is of the kind to go straight to the heart of an antiquarian.

All communications relating to the editorial management should be addressed to the Editor, JOHN AUSTIN STEVENS, Box 100, Station D, New York City.

Persons desiring to subscribe, will kindly send their names and addresses to us. Subscribers are respectfully cautioned against sending money through the mail otherwise than by check, post-office order or registered letter. Subscription Price, $5.00 a year. Single Numbers, 50 cents.

A. S. BARNES & CO., Publishers,

JANUARY, 1878.

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