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OCCASION of the Meditations
Solitary walk in a church
Handsome altar-piece; gratitude celebrated
Solomon's temple ; his uoble sentiments at the dedi-
cation; the passage ulustrated
The Holy Ghost dwelling in our hearts ; a pri-

vilege; an obligation to holiness

The floor covered with funeral inscriptions

Wisdom of meditating on our latter end

Promiscuous lodgment and amicable agreement of

corpses suggest humility and concord

Monument of an infant; its fortunate circumstances;
superior felicity of survivors
Monument of a youth ; grief of the parents ; miti-
gated or aggravated by the prospect of the in-
visible state; exhortation to educate children


Monument of a young man, cut off in bis prime;

how unexpected and afflictive tk stroke; the

frailty of all sublunary happiness

Reflection on the three preceding exits; the uncer-

tainty of life; call to be always ready

This farther urged from the instance of a person
killed by a misfortune ; nothing casual, but all
ordered by Providence

Case of a lady, who died in childbed; her character:

with regard to earthly things, we know not what

is really desirable, or truly good ; remarks on

Mrs. Stonhouse's monument, in the great church

at Northampton

A religious father taken from his young family; his

behaviour on a dying bed; their support in a fa-

therless state

Monument of a middle-aged person, immersed in

business ; disappointment of his schemes, his dy-

ing acknowledgments; the folly of worldly-mind-

edness; very bitterness in the end

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The graves of the aged; the difficulties and hazard

of a late repentance; youth entreated to enter
upon a course of holiness without delay

The singular wisdom and felicity of the righteous ;

the rest of their bodies; the calmness of their de-

parture; the safety of their disembodied souls

their delightful situation till the judgment-day

Monument of a warrior, slain in battle ; reflections

on the death of Christ, that it was voluntary, fore-

seen, undergone for enemies; was inost torturous,

lingering, and ignominious

The meanness of being obliged to a monument for

perpetuating our names: author's wish for himelf;
true method of eternizing our characters

The vault; its awful aspect; grandeur in abase-

ment; the vanity of pleasures, honours, and riches

The clock strikes ; a warning to redeem the time

The wonderful change which takes place in the tomb,

displayed in several particulars

Soliloquy of a lover ; admonition to the ladies ; true

beauty of the fair sex

Sin the cause of our dissolution

Subject of mortality brought home to our own case;

incitement to improve life; this the best embalming

View of our Saviour's sepulchre ; his lying in the

grave has softened it for his people ; faith in his

dying love disarms death

The resurrection of the righteous; their meeting the

Judge; their acceptance at the great tribunal

Sickness, sin, and death destroyed ; bliss or misery

unchangeable ; observation on eternity

The wicked; the anguish of their last sickness: no

hope but from the religion they despised; that

very precarious ; the horror of their dissolation ;

this the beginning of sorrows; their treatment in

the invisible world ; réserved to the judgment of

the great day

They rise, though reluctant; are distracted with

terror; covered with contempt; condemned to

endless woe

To be instrumental in saving our fellow-creatures

from this misery, the truest exercise of benevolence

A reflection on the vast importance of these truths ;

a persuasive to act under the believing consider-

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ation of them; enforced by the inexpressible ne-
cessity of preparing for them

The whole closes with a view of the present security,

and future glory of the righteous


Walk in the garden ; summer nuorning; a soaring
lark; invitation to early rising


Vastness of the heavens ; greater extent of divine



The sun; its rising glories ; emblem of Christ, in

its enlightening, fructifying, cheering, and ex-

tensive influences


Dews; their transient brightness; their refreshing

nature; their immense number : difficult passage

in the Psalms cleared up


The various, but harmonious, procedure of Provi-

dence and grace


View of the country, and its principal productions ;

particularly of an orchard, and kitchen garden;

chiefly characterised as useful


Christ made and recovered, upholds and actuates

all; address to mankind on this occasion


Observations contracted to the garden; fields of

literature left for the study of the Bible


Fragrance of flowers; its fugitive nature, another

motive to shake off sloth; the delightful situation,

it creates, faint representation of Christ's sacri-

fice; all our performances polluted, this the cause.

of our acceptance


Colours of flowers, how perfect in every kind; with

what skill disposed; fineness of the flowery tex-
ture ; inducement to trust in Providence


The folly of pride in dress ; our true ornaments dis-


Flowers naturally inspire delight; what pleasure

must arise from the beatific vision


Solomon pictures out the blessed Jesus by the most

delicate flowers; beauties in the creature lead us

to the Creator


Diversity of flowers, in their airs, habits, attitudes,

and lineaments; wisdom of the Almighty Maker ;

the perfection and simplicity of his operations

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Difference between individuals of the same species;

emblem of the smaller differences among Pro-



Regular succession of flowers; some of the choicest

sets described ; pleasing effects produced by this
economy; a benevolent Providence apparent in
conducting it

This beautiful disposition, and all that is admirable

in the creation, referred to Christ as the author ;

to consider the things that are made, in this view,

has excellent influence on our faith and love


The structure of flowers so correct, could not be

altered, but to their prejudice; the time of their

appearing, chosen with the nicest precantion :

these circumstances a striking argument for re-

signation to the disposals of heaven


Quotations from Casimir and Juvenal translated 125, 126

A favourite tenet of Mr. Pope's rightly stated


The brute creatures unaffected with flowers : their

fine qualities peculiarly intended to delight man-
kind : all things constituted with a particular re-
gard to our advantage ; this an endearing obliga-
tion to gratitude; but a more engaging motive is,

the gift of an immortal soul
Remark on the notion of a great poet


The cultivated garden, an image of a well-nurtured

mind; address to persons concerned in the edu-

cation of yonth


Flowers in the bud, figurative of a niggard ; flowers

in full expansion, expressive of a benevolent dis-



Sun-flower ; its remarkable attachment to the sun ;
such should be our adherence to the Saviour


Passion-flower; its description ; with a religious



Sensitive plant; shrinks from every touch ; such

should be our solicitous care to avoid sin


The delicacy of flowers, and coarseness of their

roots; the ennobling change of our bodies at the

resurrection; this should reconcile us to the

thoughts of dissolution


Passage from Theocritus


The perfections of flowers soon decay; the charms

of complexion scarce more lasting


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