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The Gothic arch, where ivy in its pride,
Clusters around the porch I dearly love;

There let me muse alon at eventire, .
And thence my peaceful thoughts be borne above.

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As an old man I may be allowed a little quaintness in giving a title to a book, and a considerate reader will not quarrel with me for choosing that of “Thoughts for the Thoughtful,” inasmuch as it is the best that has occurred to my mind. Some of the following pieces have already appeared in the “Tract Magazine;” and, indeed, the whole volume itself is of a very unpretending character, claiming no attention either for the novelty of its design, the brilliancy of its wit, the extent of its information, or the depth and solidity of its wisdom. But as we expect not the common architect to erect a pyramid, so my humble design may escape the censure of all who prefer usefulness to grandeur. . In thus collecting together a few of my fugitive thoughts, it has been my wish to excite the reflections, and calf forth the thankfulness and kindheartedness of the thoughtful on a

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