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45. 6d.

Trench (Archbishop).-Works by R. C. TRENCH, D.D.,

Archbishop of Dublin. HOUSEHOLD BOOK OF ENGLISH POETRY. Selected and

Arranged, with Notes. Extra fcap. 8vo. 55. 6d. Second Edition. The Archbishop has conferred in this delightful volume an important gift on the whole English-speaking population of the world.”—PALL MALL GAZETTE. ON THE STUDY OF WORDS. Lectures addressed (originally)

to the Pupils at the Diocesan Training School, Winchester.

Fifteenth Edition, revised. Fcap. 8vo. ENGLISH, PAST AND PRESENT. Ninth Edition, revised

and improved. Fcap. 8vo. 55. A SELECT GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH WORDS, used formerly

in Senses Different from their Present. Fourth Edition, enlarged.

Fcap. 8vo. 45. 6d. Vaughan (C. M.) A SHILLING BOOK OF WORDS

FROM THE POETS. By C. M. VAUGHAN. 18mo. cloth. Whitney.-Works by WILLIAM D. WHITNEY, Professor of San

skrit and Instructor in Modern Languages in Yale College ; first President of the American Philological Association, and hon. member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland ;

and Correspondent of the Berlin Academy of Sciences. A COMPENDIOUS GERMAN GRAMMAR. Crown 8vo. 6s. A GERMAN READER IN PROSE AND VERSE, with Notes and

Vocabulary. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. Yonge (Charlotte M.)-THE ABRIDGED BOOK OF

GOLDEN DEEDS. A Reading Book for Schools and General Readers. By the Author of “The Heir of Redclyffe.” 18mo. cloth.

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Freeman (Edward A.)-OLD - ENGLISH HISTORY.

By EDWARD A. FREEMAN, D.C.L., late Fellow of Trinity
College, Oxford. With Five Coloured Maps. Fourth Edition.

Extra fcap. 8vo. half-bound. 6s. I have, I hope,the author says, shown that it is perfectly easy to teach children, from the very first, to distinguish true history alike from legend and from wilful invention, and also to understand the nature of historical authorities and to weigh one statement against another. I have throughout striven to connect the history of England with the general history of civilized Europe, and I have especially tried to make the book serve as an incentive to a more accurate study of historical geography.In the present edition the whole has been carefully revised,

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and such improvements as suggested themselves have been introduced. The book indeed is full of instruction and interest to students of all ages, and he must be a well-informed man indeed who will not rise from its perusal with clearer and more accurate ideas of a too much neglected portion of English History."--SPECTATOR. Historical Course for Schools.-Edited by EDWARD

A. FREEMAN, D.C.L., late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. The object of the present series is to put forth clear and correct views

of history in simple language, and in the smallest space and cheapest form in which it could be done. It is meant in the first place for Schools; but it is often found that a book for schools proves useful for other readers as well, and it is hoped that this may be the case with the little books the first instalment of which is now given to the world. The General Sketch will be followed by a series of special histories of particular countries, which will take for granted the main principles laid down in the General Sketch. In every case the results of the latest historical research will be given in as simple a form as may be, and the several numbers of the series will all be so far under the supervision of the Editor as to secure general accuracy of statement and a general harmony of plan and sentiment; but each book will be the original work of its author, who will

be responsible for his own treatment of smaller details. 1. GENERAL SKETCH OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. Ву

EDWARD A. FREEMAN, D.C.L. Fourth Edition. 18mo. cloth.

3s. 6d.

25. 6d.

It supplies the great want of a good foundation for historical teaching:

The scheme is an excellent one, and this instalment has been executed in a way that promises much for the volumes that are yet to appear.”—EDUCATIONAL Times. II. HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By EDITH THOMPSON. Fourth

Edition. 18mo. Freedom from prejudice, simplicity of style, and accuracy of statement, are the characteristics of this little volume. It is a trustworthy text-book and likely to be generally serviceable in schools."--PALL MALL GAZETTE "Upon the whole, this manual is the best sketch of English history for the use of young people we have yet met with.—ATHENÆUM. III. HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. By MARGARET MACARTHUR.


'An excellent summary, unimpeachable as to facts, and putting them in the clearest and most impartial light attainable.—GUARDIAN.

Miss Macarthur has performed her task with admirable care, clearness, and fulness, and we have now for the first time a really good School History of Scotland.—EDUCATIONAL TIMES. IV. HISTORY OF ITALY. By the Rev. W. Hunt, M.A. 18mo.

3s. It possesses the same solid merit as its predecessors .... the same scrupulous care about fidelity in details. It is distinguished, too, by


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Historical Course for Schools--continued. information on art, architecture, and social politics, in which the writer's grasp is seen by the firmness and clearness of his touch."-EDUCATIONAL TIMES. V. HISTORY OF GERMANY. By J. SIME, M.A. 18mg. 35.

"A remarkably clear and impressive History of Germany. Its great events are wisely kept as central

figures, and the smaller events are carefully kept, not only subordinate and subservient, but most skilfully woven into the texture of the historical tapestry presented to the eye.”-STANDARD. The following will shortly be issued :


History Primers.-Edited by J. R. GREEN, M.A. Author

of “A Short History of the English People.” ROME. By the Rev. M. Creighton, M.A,, Fellow and Tutor of

Merton College, Oxford. With Eleven Maps. 18mo.' 15. The Author has been curiously successful in telling in an intelligent way the story of Rome from first to last."-SCHOOL BOARD CHRONICLE. GREECE. By C. A. Fyffe, M.A., Fellow and late Tutor of Uni

versity College, Oxford. With Five Maps. 18mo. We give our unqualified praise to this little manual."-SCHOOL



In preparation :



lated from the French of M. Michelet, and continued to the Present

Time, by M. C. M. Simpson. Globe 8vo. 45. 6d. We are glad to see one of the ablest and most useful summaries of European history put into the hands of English readers. The translation is excellent."-STANDARD. Yonge (Charlotte M.)- A PARALLEL HISTORY OF

FRANCE AND ENGLAND : consisting of Outlines and Dates.
By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE, Author of “The Heir of Redclyffe,

Cameos of English History," &c. &c. Oblong 4to. 35. 6d. We can imagine few more really advantageous courses of historical study for a young mind than going carefully and steadily through Miss Yonge's excellent little book."-EDUCATIONAL TIMES. }

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Yonge (Charlotte M.)-continued.

II. By the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe.” Extra fcap.

8vo. Third Edition, enlarged. 35. 6d. A book for young people just beyond the elementary histories of England, and able to enter in some degree into the real spirit of events, and to be struck with characters and scenes presented in some relief.

Instead of dry details, we have living pictures, faithful, vivid, and striking.' NONCONFORMIST. A SECOND Series OF CAMEOS FROM ENGLISH HISTORY.

THE WARS IN FRANCE. Third Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 5s.

Though mainly intended for young readers, they will, if we mistakes not, be found very acceptable to those of more mature years, and the life and reality imparted to the dry bones of history cannot fail to be attractive to readers of every age.”- JOHN BULL. EUROPEAN HISTORY. Narrated in a Series of Historical Selec

tions from the Best Authorities. Edited and arranged by E. M. SEWELL and C. M. YONGE. First Series, 1003—1154.

Third Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. Second Series, 1088—1228. Crown Svo. 6s. Third Edition.

We know of scarcely anything which is so likely to raise to a higher level the average standard of English education.—GUARDIAN.




* For other Works by these Authors, see THEOLOGICAL CATALOGUE. Abbott (Rev. E. A.)—BIBLE LESSONS. By the Rev.

E. A. ABBOTT, M.A., Head Master of the City of London School.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d. Wise, suggestive, and really profound initiation into religious thought.GUARDIAN. I think nobody could read them without being both the better for them himself, and being also able to see how this difficult duty of imparting a sound religious education may be effected.—BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S AT ABERGWILLY. Arnold.— A BIBLE-READING FOR SCHOOLS. The

40—66). Arranged and Edited for Young Learners. By MAT.
THEW ARNOLD, D.C.L., formerly Professor of Poetry in the
University of Oxford, and Fellow of Oriel. Fourth Edition. 18mo.

cloth. " There can be no doubt that it will be found excellently calculated to further instruction in Biblical literature in any school into which it may be introduced ; and we can safely say that whatever school uses the book, it will enable its pupils to understand Isaiah, a great advantage compared with other establishments which do not avail themselves of it.—TIMES.


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Mr. Arnold has done the greatest possible service to the public. We never read any translation of Isaiah which interfered so little with the musical rhythm and associations of our English Bible translation, while doing so much to display the missing links in the connection of the parts.SPECTATOR. Golden Treasury Psalter.-Students' Edition. Being an

Edition of “The Psalms Chronologically Arranged, by Four

Friends," with briefer Notes. 18mo. 34. 6d. Hardwick.-A HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

Middle Age. From Gregory the Great to the Excommunication of Luther. Edited by WILLIAM STUBBS, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of Oxford. With Four Maps constructed for this work by A. KEITH JOHNSTON. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo.

Ios. 6d. For this edition Professor Stubbs has carefully revised both text and notes, making such corrections of facts, dates, and the like as the results of recent research warrant. The doctrinal, historical, and generally speculative views of the late author have been preserved intact.

As a manual for the student of ecclesiastical history in the Middle Ages, we know no English work which can be compared to Mr. Hardwick's book."-GUARDIAN. A HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.DURING THE


Edition. Edited by Professor STUBBS. Crown 8vo.
Maclear.--Works by the Rev. G. F. MACLEAR, D.D., Head

Master of King's College School.

Eighth Edition, with Four Maps. 18mo. cloth. 45. 6d. A careful and elaborate though brief compendium oy all that modern research has done for the illustration of the Old Testament. We know of no work which contains so much important information in so small a compass.”—British QUARTERLY REVIEW. A CLASS-BOOK OF NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY, including

the Connexion of the Old and New Testament. With Four Maps. Fifth Edition. 18mo. cloth. 55. 6d.

'A singularly clear and orderly arrangement of the Sacred Story. His work is solidly and completely done.—ĂTHENÆUM. A SHILLING BOOK OF OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY,

for National and Elementary Schools. With Map. 18mo.

cloth. New Edition. A SHILLING BOOK OF NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY, for National and Elementary Schools.

With Map.

18mo. cloth. New Edition. These works have been carefully abridged from the author's larger manuals.


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