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Page 12 - In addition to the Dictionary of Words, with their pronunciation, etymology, alternative spellings, and various meanings, illustrated by quotations and numerous woodcuts, there are several valuable appendices, comprising a Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World ; Vocabularies of Scripture, Greek, Latin, and English Proper Names ; a Dictionary of the noted Names of Fiction ; a Brief History of the English Language ; a Dictionary of Foreign Quotations, Words, Phrases, Proverbs, &c. ; a Biographical Dictionary...
Page 37 - Questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present; and in case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
Page 630 - From the legacy of Dr Vintner, formerly Fellow, an Exhibition of 70 a year to be awarded for proficiency in Natural Science has been founded. Two Exhibitions have been established from the benefactions of Dr Price and other former members of the College. These Exhibitions are open to all Undergraduates of the College in their first or second year of residence.
Page 497 - Prize, for the best English Essay on a subject of General Literature, such subject to be occasionally chosen with reference to the history, institutions, and probable destinies and prospects of the Anglo-Indian Empire.
Page xxix - Each candidate is to send his exercise privately: each is to have some motto prefixed; and to be accompanied by a paper sealed up, with the same motto on the outside, which paper is to enclose another, folded up, having the candidate's name and college written within.
Page 111 - Composition, the name of which is announced by the Examiners at least six weeks before the day for Examination.
Page 789 - Park, in this county; who, by a will, dated 20th December, 1717, devised his estates in the counties of Cambridge, Bedford, and Suffolk, first to Sir Jacob Garrard Downing, and afterwards to other relations in succession, and in failure thereof to build and found a College in this University, upon a plan to be approved by the two Archbishops and the Masters of St John's and Clare Hall.
Page 89 - Divinity shall give public notice of the Examination by fixing on the door of the University Schools, eight days at least before the assigned time, a written paper specifying the name and College of the Candidate, the...
Page 57 - Newton's Principia. First Three Sections, with Appendix, and the Ninth and Eleventh Sections. By the Rev. JH EVANS, MA Fourth Edition. 8vo. 6.
Page 446 - THE sum of 1000. given by the SUBSCRIBERS to Mr PITT'S STATUE, for the purpose of founding the Pitt Scholarship, and which has since been augmented by a donation of 500. from the Pitt Club in London, shall be placed in the public funds, until the Syndics shall be able to vest it in land : and the clear annual income arising from it shall be paid to the Pitt Scholar.

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