Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volume 16

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The Society, 1877 - Electronic journals
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Page 284 - All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord; and thy saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power; to make known to the sons of men his mighty acts and the glorious majesty of his kingdom.
Page 257 - It is quite manifest that the thing most needed to produce the glaciers is an improved condenser ; we cannot afford to lose an iota of solar action ; we need, if anything, more vapour, but we need a condenser so powerful that this vapour, instead of falling in liquid showers to the earth, shall be so far reduced in temperature as to descend in snow. The problem, I think, is thus narrowed to the precise issue on which its solution depends.
Page 655 - XVIII. That, in clearing the ground, care be taken to leave one acre of trees for every Jive acres cleared, especially to preserve oak and mulberries, for silk and shipping.
Page 248 - ... and other marine or estuary mollusks. In due time the continental elevation which brought all the country west of the Mississippi up out of the widespread cretaceous sea, raised these lake basins altogether above the sea level, and surrounded them with a broad expanse of dry land.
Page 287 - This is so manifest, that all the great inequalities of long period which occur in the solar system depend upon these ratios, and they are interwoven with all the most important irregularities of motion of the primary planets. Whence could this extraordinary coincidence have arisen but from the action of a single mind ? and what does it indicate but that the same Word which created the planet, is expressed in the plant...
Page 328 - Wishing to recognize the services and good reception and the cordial hospitality which my father and myself, together and separately, have received during our long and often perilous travels, in all the extent of the United States ; as a mark of my lively gratitude, and also to contribute in that country to the extension and progress of agriculture, and more especially...
Page 232 - This great sheet of land-ice levelled 'up the valleys of Britain, and stretched across our mountains and hills down to low latitudes in England. Being only one connected or confluent series of mighty glaciers, the ice crept ever downwards and...
Page 531 - ... slickensides, giving evidence of some contortion and slipping of the strata. The first well defined and massive sandstone (No. 155 of the series) occurs below the shale ; is 9 feet thick, and is separated by 2 inches of black carbonaceous slate (No. 154) from 113 feet (Nos. 153, 152, and 151) of hard massive and conglomeritic sandstone showing a greater amount of false bedding than any other part of the section.
Page 19 - ... possessing their confidence, representing their sovereignty, and no more to be restrained in the spirit of jealousy within less than the fair dimensions of its authority, than to be extended beyond them in the spirit of usurpation. These were his constitutional principles, and he interpreted the Constitution by their light.
Page 330 - Mayor and community of Philadelphia the sum of $5,000, in trust, as a perpetual fund, the income of which I desire shall be annually, forever, expended in planting and renewing shade trees, especially in situations now exposing my fellow citizens to the heat of the sun.

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